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How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes! what's up guys it's your boy jordan,back with a

Jordan Welch

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

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How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

what's up guys it's your boy jordan,back with another ecommerce video and in,this video i'm going to be showing you,exactly how i found a 10,000 a day product on my shopify store,and we're even going to be going out and,finding one together live in under five,minutes,i'm going to go over the simple criteria,that i look for in a winning product i'm,going to share the exact strategy,that i use to find these products and,how i go out there and validate the,products to make sure,that they have potential if you're,trying to start your own online business,and you want to see more content like,this,give me a thumbs up and hit that,subscribe button down below and without,further ado let's get started with the,video,now before we get started i just want to,show you some results that i'm,generating,using this exact same strategy so you,can see that it is the 12th of january,and i have already generated over 94,dollars,in sales with my online store found this,product using the exact strategy we're,going to be going over in this video and,i'll do a quick refresh for you as well,so you can see that this is,100 legit before we find a product,together live,i just real quick want to talk about the,four criterias,that i look for in any winning product,every single successful product that,i've seen in my journey has these,and you cannot have a winning product,without having all four of these so make,sure you listen,very closely the first criteria is look,for,products that are already selling well,on amazon,or on other dropshipping stores the,logic behind this,is very simple we don't have to reinvent,the wheel,we want to look for trends that are,already happening in the market,and figure out how to add our own unique,twist on them so we can capitalize off,of what is already working the second,thing that i look for,in any winning product is the,opportunity to mark up the product for,three times the cost,that we get it from our supplier this,makes running facebook ads so much,easier because it gives you a healthy,margin to spend a good amount to acquire,a customer,every single winning product that i've,ever sold has had a 3x markup,and if you're trying to sell something,with less it is extremely difficult so,make sure that you can sell it for at,least 3x,the total cost of goods plus shipping,the next thing you should always be,looking for,is room for improvement on that existing,competition,this is just simple business 101 let's,say you wanted to start a burger,restaurant in your neighborhood but,there was already somebody selling the,same exact food,the only way that you would be able to,make a business out of this,is if you improved on the service that,they were providing,the quality of food that they were,providing or perhaps the ambiance inside,of the restaurant itself it's no,different with an online store,if somebody else is already selling a,product at scale you need to think about,how you can do a better job marketing,that product,how you can make a better website or,maybe just find a product that's a,little different than the one they're,selling,so you can capitalize off of that trend,and the last thing you want to look for,is find products that improve the,quality of your customer's life,it's so much easier to get somebody to,spend money on a product if they can,see a clear benefit of purchasing that,item so make sure when you're picking,products,you find things that clearly have a,benefit in the eyes of the customer,and it's going to be so much easier to,sell those products that's the four,criterias i look for,make sure it's already selling well make,sure you can mark up the price,at least 3x make sure that there is some,room for improvement or a unique angle,that you can take,and also make sure that the product,improves the customer's life in some,type of way,all right so now let's hop onto the,computer and let me show you exactly how,we can find one of these products,and let's try to find one together and,see how fast we can do it,alright so there's a ton of ways to go,out there and find these winning,products,this is not the only method but this is,the exact method that i use to find,my winning product so we're gonna go,through that now if you're looking for,more methods to find winning products,like if this one isn't working for you,for example,i'll link one of my other videos down,below where i share a few other methods,that you can use but you guys should,start out on,amazon as i believe that this is one of,the best tools to find winning products,on so you want to go to amazon you want,to go to the top left and you want to,click on best sellers,when you're on the best sellers tab you,want to click on this right here the,movers and shakers tab,if you're not familiar with this it's,basically just showing the products,that have grown the most in the last 24,hours so you can find products and,trends that are on the rise now,there's a couple categories in here that,i like more than others and i'm gonna,share those with you now,every category that i'm about to share,with you i found a winning product,in so the first one is baby the next one,is beauty and personal care,the next one is health and household,there's a lot of really good products,there,you have home and kitchen as well and,for the last one we have electronics now,a lot of these products have potential,like pet supplies sports and outdoors,tools but those categories are just my,favorite so for today we're gonna pick a,random one,i say we'll go with health and household,and we're just gonna scroll and look for,something that fits on our criteria so,something that's selling well something,that improves the life of the customer,and i'm gonna look for something a,little more expensive as well so we can,mark up the price,so obviously like we can't dropship,garbage bags and,uh what do you call this mouthwash and,wipes like we can't do anything with,that,but we're looking for a product that i,know i can find on aliexpress like we,have this,water floss teeth cleaner i don't,necessarily like this product that much,it's not very unique,um what is this one here this one,actually looks pretty cool,this is a scale and on the scale it,actually connects to your app,so you can see like how you're doing,with your fitness goals this is,something that,i would even buy myself and you know,funny enough it's january right it's a,new year,and everybody's trying to get their,fitness on everybody's trying to change,their,their bodies going into the new year new,year new me you know what i mean,so i think that this product could,actually be pretty sick let's,go through the rest of the process and,see if it checks off the other boxes so,obviously they're selling it for 20,bucks now we're not going to be selling,this for 20 bucks on our store we could,definitely get away with selling this,for more,the first thing i like to do when,validating a product is going to google,trends so,you want to go to google trends here and,you want to type in,this type of product that you're looking,at so um we would probably want to call,this,yeah a smart scale i think that would do,very well so we'll go ahead and put that,in the search bar,and look at that guys you can see that,this thing is at its highest right now,it's at 99.,if we go scale in general let's see what,a scale is looking like,it's still pretty good it's around 75,it's around 80,uh every single every single month and,that's all year long so that's a great,sign,and then if we go to gym you know it's,january you can see that that as well is,doing just fine in this time,but the main term that we're looking at,is smart scale and you can see that is,at a hundred so,this product is actually looking really,good let's go to aliexpress and see what,we can find,for this product and maybe think about,how we can mark this up so let's go,ahead and search,smart scale we're gonna go ahead and get,rid of these pop-ups,sort by orders and see what comes up so,this one actually looks quite nice,right here so does this one we'll open,up both of them,i don't like how this one looks i i like,how this one looks more this one looks,more clean i would put this in my house,and shipped from china it's 25 bucks so,if we go,25 times 3 that's 75,so we could sell this product for around,70 bucks and i think that,it could actually sell we're gonna do,some validation on that shortly,let's see what the other one costs yeah,this one we can sell for around 60 bucks,so 60 to 75 is the price range that,we're looking for,so we found it on amazon we validated on,google trends,now we know what price range we're,looking for the last step in validating,a product is going to google,and seeing if there's people selling it,for that price point and you can see,boom,90 bucks here 90 bucks here 80 bucks,here,this product really has potential guys i,think that something like this can do,extremely well you look at this brand,right here,we'll see what numbers they're bringing,in selling the product for ninety,dollars,click on similar web right here and boom,you can see that these guys are doing,around two hundred thousand dollars,i mean two hundred thousand visitors a,month on their store,so i think that we could absolutely sell,this product i think it's a great,product for the new year,something like this is unique i've never,seen it at a store personally,and it's a great marketing angle you,know start your new year off,right track your fitness goals with the,smart fitness scale,something like this could absolutely,crush so i would totally believe that,you can get this product to ten thousand,dollars a day,i mean let's do some simple math here,right ten thousand,divided by ninety you'd only have to,sell like a hundred of these a day,to get to that level which is a very,achievable goal,for me with my product right now we sell,around 200 to 300 of them a day,to get to around 10k so this is a pretty,simple product to get to that level,and i think that we have absolutely,found ourselves a banger here,there you go that is exactly how i found,my 10 000,a day drop shipping product step by step,with everything revealed,and before i end this video i want to,show you one more thing that can really,help you out in starting your own online,store,but wait dashboard so the method that i,shared with you today,is the same exact strategy that my,product research team uses,inside of my software the viral vault,every single day,inside of this software my team is,delivering two high quality winning,products,with everything that you need to sell,them so let's take a quick look real,quick,so if we go to the trending products tab,you can see that literally two new,products are being added every single,day,and all of these products are products,that are actually going viral,and selling well right now so you can,see this one here has eleven dollar cost,of goods,you can mark this up for thirty dollars,if we click on the competitors ad,once this loads up you can clearly see,that this is something that is going,viral and selling right now,you can see it has 82 comments 6 000,likes and 200 shares,we provide you with the suppliers some,amazon listings,and even a video ad so you can go out,there and start marketing this product,yourself,so if you ever want to start your own,drop shipping store this tool is going,to really help you,accelerate the process along with the,products,there is a crash course sharing a,step-by-step beginner strategy to,getting your first store,up and running so you can click the link,down below to check out viral vault,it's very cheap compared to the amount,of value that you get and you even get,to hop,on a weekly coaching call with me inside,of our private facebook group,that's all for this video thank you so,much for watching make sure you like,comment and subscribe for more content,like this and i'll see you guys,in my next video,you

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