how to find a winning products for dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Find $1000+ A Day Winning Products (BEGINNERS GUIDE) you could be maki

Ac Hampton

Updated on Jan 11,2023

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Find $1000+ A Day Winning Products (BEGINNERS GUIDE)

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how to find a winning products for dropshipping catalogs

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Find $1000+ A Day Winning Products (BEGINNERS GUIDE)

you could be making over a thousand,dollars a day with your drop shipping,store but that's only gonna happen if,you know exactly what products that you,need to be selling that can generate,that type of money for your online store,on a day-to-day basis so with that being,said grab your pins grab your paper,strap in because i'm gonna show you,exactly how you can do that what's going,on everyone if you do not know me my,name is ac hampton i'm an eight figure,marker that teaches people how to start,build and scale profitable e-commerce,businesses if you do know who i am,welcome back and thank you for always,showing love and because you all show so,much love each and every single week,i'll be giving out a free one-on-one,consulting call giveaway so that you can,get all of your questions answered and,streamline your success and i'll be,announcing the winner from last week,somewhere inside this video so make sure,to stay tuned the entire way through but,if you want the chance to win this week,all you need to do is in the comment,section below comment the word winner,with your biggest take away from this,video now before we head into these,step-by-step strategies don't forget,that if you're having any questions,about how to get started with your,online business successfully or any,questions about this video you can head,over to my instagram ac underscore,hampton dm me the word youtube so i can,reach out and help out in any way,possible so with that being said without,further ado let's go ahead and jump,right into this video now in order to be,capable of finding winning products that,could be making you a thousand dollars,or more a day you have to understand,exactly what a winning product is and,what it looks like some of the key,factors i look for when searching for my,winning products is number one is it has,to solve a problem which is key because,that's going to allow me to continue to,sell a product year long rather than,just a specific season if it is,something i can see people needing all,year long then it's definitely something,that piques my interest now secondly the,next thing that i'm looking for with the,winning product is that it's being sold,for more than 25 and people ask me all,the time why that is and it's because,you want to be making some profit off of,the product that you're selling if you,sell everything that's extremely cheap,then what you're going to find out is,that you're spending a lot more on ads,then you're getting a return for people,purchasing your product by selling a,product that is above 25 and always,focus on increasing your average order,value with upsells you're likely going,to profit with the sales that are coming,in the third and next thing that you,should be looking for is for the product,to have some sort of wow factor behind,it what this means is when you see the,advertisement surrounding the product it,catches your attention this is based on,the features and benefits the product,provides and it makes you go wow i wish,i had that without a wow factor going,hand in hand with the product it's going,to be hard to bring traffic into your,store because they simply feel like they,don't need that product right then and,there and they can go find it from,walmart target or any local store your,job is to make the customer feel like,they need the product and not just want,it now the fourth thing that you should,be looking for in a winning product is,that you have some type of competition,with this product and that competition,is doing well based on likes comments,and shares on their advertisements i see,so many people get scared to sell a,product because there's some good,competition happening but that's exactly,what you should be looking for by seeing,competitors selling the exact same,product that you want to sell what that,means is that you have the potential to,do even better with the product as long,as you look at how they're marketing the,product and find ways to out market them,so that you can wipe out any competition,out the way it's also just a really good,indicator that customers are interested,in the product and that means there's a,market available for you to take full,control over now fifth and lastly and,arguably the most important thing that,you should be looking for when it comes,to understanding a winning product is,that it has to have the potential,rebranded if you checked out my last,video right here you'll know that,branding is the overall goal of creating,a drop shipping store so that you can,continue to keep bringing in income over,an extended amount of time to know and,be confident if a product has the,ability to be branded you need to,understand if it is a high quality,product that can be marketed in a couple,different ways and push through a couple,different demographics to put it simply,the broader the product is and the more,people it has the potential to help the,more brandable it is,now okay okay okay wait a minute because,you might be thinking you're good to go,with all that information and you can go,find a winning product that you can sell,right now but let me tell you product,research takes a lot more time than you,think i'm about to show you a platform,that's going to make finding these,wedding products as simple as possible,without spending hours just looking for,products that are not going to be useful,for you so make sure you stay tuned the,product research tool that you need to,be utilizing is called pizza when i tell,you all that pizza is going to change,the product research game for you all,i'm not playing around one of the best,things about this product research tool,is it was created by another,professional dropshipper who understands,what it means to struggle to find a,winning product and this is what the,dashboard of pizza looks like you can,see they have winners they have product,spy tick spy explorer suppliers,advertisements and so much more within,pizza they give you an entire section,that's called winners like you can see,right here that you're able to go into,and search for products that are,specifically some of the most training,products on the market right now so for,example if i click on this winners tab,right here and i scroll down it's going,to show me a handful of products that,can be making some serious profit right,now but it does not stop there pizza,literally does the work for you for,whatever product that you decide to use,as will give you the aliexpress,thumbnail a product description and even,thumbnails with facebook interest that,would be the most fitting for the,product that you're selling so let's say,i scroll down this product right here,and i go to details you can see it's,going to give me a thumbnail right here,from aliexpress a product description,and a thumbnail that i can use on,facebook and these winners are being,updated every single day so that you've,never run out of options on what you're,able to sell and you always have new,options to look through when you're,doing your product research pizza does,have other features like facebook ads,library that will show you the most,trending facebook ads on the market,right now with the ability to filter,down to exactly what you're looking for,so say i came over here to spy and i,came over here to product spot you can,see all these facebook ads right here,and you can use all these filters right,here to make finding products even,easier this product research tool is,going to cut your product research time,in half while helping you find the exact,type of products that i just broke down,in the beginning of this video and,they're letting you all get one month,free with the link down in my,description so make sure that you all,test it out and let me know what you,think now before we head into the next,part that plays a major role in how,you're going to be able to make over a,thousand dollars a day with your online,store based on the products that you're,selling if you're looking for more,one-on-one guidance towards your success,and ready to learn exactly how to find,winning products and scale your online,business in depth with my team and i by,your side i got you covered make sure,that you head over to my instagram ac,underscore hampton and dm me the word,mentorship or reply with the link down,in the description and i'll reach out,and help you get started 10 new spots,have now just opened up for my,one-on-one mentorship for the month of,august so make sure that if you're ready,to take action you apply as spots are,going to be filling up quickly,when it comes down to it understanding,what a winning product looks like and,where to find it is truthfully only half,the battle when it comes to product,research the next thing is where and how,you source the product let's go ahead,and jump right into it now there's a lot,of hate when the words aliexpress are,said out loud but that's exactly where i,like to source my products but only when,i'm in the testing phase and let me stop,you right there just because you're,sourcing from aliexpress doesn't mean,that the product is going to take months,to get to your customer and you have to,take action to make sure that it doesn't,take months otherwise that money you're,making without a thousand dollar a day,product that you're selling is going to,be lost in chargebacks and refunds from,unhappy customers let me go ahead and,break down and show you how to make sure,that you're sourcing your products from,the right supplier and a little bit of,validation i'd like to take the,suppliers through now let's take this,product right here of this knee brace,that i'm telling you has been going,crazy over the internet and it's a very,viral product to be selling right now so,the first thing that i'm looking for is,a 4.7 star rating or more as you see,this product has a 4.8 star rating so we,already know that the quality is there,the next thing is seeing that it has,over 500 orders and over 500 reviews,just to show the credibility of the,product being sold on a mass level and,again this one checks that off the list,as well now as i scroll down i love to,see if they have other shipping options,so you see how it says free shipping,with orders being delivered on september,24th i can actually click on this and,see more options for shipping and as you,can see with this product we have,multiple different options i can do this,shipping of five dollars and be,delivered by august 24th shipping of,four dollars between four and thirteen,days and so on and so on another thing,that i'm looking for is at least a,ninety percent positive feedback from,the supplier who's actually giving this,product out so if you want to figure,that out all you have to do is look at,the very top of the page and it's going,to show the supplier's name and as you,see it has over a 97 positive feedback,which is actually great showing the,quality standards behind this product,and i can actually reach out to the,supplier and request to see a proof of,shipment and delivery along with proof,of inventory so that you're able to see,exactly how long it will take for this,product to get to the customer you want,to know how all you have to do is,actually click on the supplier name and,then after clicking on the supplier name,you can go to contact now right here,then it's going to bring you to this,screen right here which is considered,the message center and then right here,i'm going to ask all those questions,that i just mentioned so i know that,this is a legitimate supplier that i,should be working with aren't you glad,that you watched this entire video not,only did you learn exactly what a,winning product that has the potential,to be making you over a thousand dollars,a day looks like and exactly what you,should be looking for in it but you also,learn what platform you could be,searching them on that will give you,endless options of winning products and,exactly how to reach out and validate,that your supplier is going to get the,job done for you and get it done right,if you put these exact strategies into,use you'll be hitting over a thousand,dollars a day with your winning product,in no time but before i leave you all to,searching you know i couldn't leave,without announcing the free one-on-one,consulting call winner from last week's,video and the winner of the,pre-consulting call from last week's,video is,pranav rayo pranav congratulations on,winning reach out to me on my instagram,my ac underscore hampton let me know,that you won we can hop on a one-on-one,zoom call look over your products look,over your ads and help you out with,anything you feel confused over and if,you want the opportunity to win next,week do not forget all you have to do is,comment the word winner in the comment,section below with your biggest take,away from this video if you took some,information from this video that you're,going to be putting to use make sure you,smash that like button below subscribe,to my channel so you never miss out on a,single week of value i'll see you all,next week this is ac with supreme com,and i'm out,fast

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