how to fill out amazon shipping address for dropshipping

How To Find The Amazon FBA Warehouse Address For Shipping 🚚 hey friends it's tatiana and today i'm,g

Tatiana James

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Find The Amazon FBA Warehouse Address For Shipping 🚚

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how to fill out amazon shipping address for dropshipping catalogs

How To Find The Amazon FBA Warehouse Address For Shipping 🚚

hey friends it's tatiana and today i'm,going to be sharing with you exactly how,to find out,which amazon fba warehouse you will need,to ship,your products to from your manufacturer,so this is something that seems to cause,distress in people concern,not knowing what address they need to,ship their products to,but it's actually very simple so the way,that you find,out is once your supplier has completed,manufacturing your products meaning that,the products are complete,they've been packaged and the supplier,can now provide you with,the number of boxes how many units are,in each box the box dimensions the box,weight,or pallets depends if you're doing boxes,or pallets,when they can provide you with all of,that information then you're ready to go,into your amazon seller central account,click on inventory,select your listing and click on create,a shipping plan,and so it's when you are creating the,shipping plan that amazon will,then tell you an address they will tell,you where to ship your goods to,so you're gonna have to input all of,that information into your shipping plan,and then based on that information,amazon will offer you,an address and so they might tell you to,ship it to,a specific fba warehouse uh in,california,maybe in ohio who knows it could be,anywhere in the u.s or,if you're in a different marketplace,than different marketplace but they also,might give you two addresses so they may,split up your shipment depending on how,big it is,and the idea for them is that they want,to make sure that the customers are,going to have the fastest shipping,possible,and if they think that moving your,inventory um,to a different location can help with,that then they may request that you,split up the shipment,so that's how you will get the address,you will not get the exact address,before that moment and once you have,that address you can then give it to,your supplier,and you'll also be able to get your box,labels once you've completed your,shipping plan,you can give your box labels to your,supplier have your supplier place the,box labels on the boxes so that,they can be received by amazon there are,instructions on the box labels telling,you exactly how to,put them on the boxes or the pallets so,i think one of the biggest,struggles that people have is they're,trying to figure out what address to,use uh prematurely before they've even,placed an order with amazon before they,even have,uh but before they place an order with,their manufacturer or their orders,complete,and the reason being is because they're,trying to get a shipping quote,so if you're trying to communicate with,the freight forwarder and the freight,forwarder is,asking you well what's your destination,address,and you're like well i don't know amazon,didn't tell me where i'm going to be,shipping my goods to,well you're not going to know you're not,going to know until you do the shipping,plan,so in that case you're only going to be,able to get a rough estimate from your,freight forwarder and you can just give,them like a random address in the us,a random amazon fba fulfillment center,you can just google it,amazon fba fulfillment center california,or you know whatever state and then just,use that address and give that to your,freight forwarder and then they can,provide you with a quote based on that,but until then you're not going to know,for sure so to summarize one last time,for those who are not clear you will,only get the exact shipping address,after your manufacturer has completed,the manufacturing process,because then they're going to be able to,provide you with the details that amazon,requires in order for you to complete,your shipping,plan once you have that information from,your supplier you can go ahead and,create your shipping plan in amazon,seller central,and then amazon will provide you with,the amazon fulfillment center's address,and they will provide you with the,shipping labels box labels,which you can pass on to your supplier,or your freight forwarder,and have them apply to the boxes or,pallets,so you're not going to know before then,and if you want to get a rough quote,from a freight forwarder,you can just google try and find any,amazon fba warehouse from the u.s if,you're going to be selling in the us and,that's going to help you get,a rough quote but you're not going to,know before then,all right guys so hopefully this,clarifies everything thank you so much,for watching,if you do have questions about this,please feel free to comment below,but it would actually also be really,helpful for me to know,um what other things are you challenged,with right now with your amazon fba pro,business are there any like small,details that you need to me to clarify,anything that's really causing some,frustration for you right now that you,just can't figure out,i'm happy to create these short little,videos for you to just,cut to the point and cut to the chase,and and give you the information you,need,so let me know in the comments section,what you're struggling with,thanks bye

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