how to fid suppliers for hgih ticket dropshipping

5 Ways How To Find High-Ticket Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers For Beginners since i started talking

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

5 Ways How To Find High-Ticket Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers For Beginners

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how to fid suppliers for hgih ticket dropshipping catalogs

5 Ways How To Find High-Ticket Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers For Beginners

since i started talking about high,ticket wholesale drop shipping on this,youtube channel one of the main,questions has always been tom,how do i find a supplier so be sure to,smash that like button because in this,video we're going to talk about just,that but before we get started i did in,fact as i've mentioned in other videos,get banned on my big 90 000 follower,instagram account so i started a new one,at ecom tom check it down below in the,description and in the pinned comment,give it a follow if you have any,questions ask them there it's a much,easier way to connect with people that,are following me as opposed to the,comments on youtube i don't know why,youtube doesn't have a chatting dm,feature yet they're kind of messing up,so i'm gonna give five reasons or five,ways to find suppliers like this no,particular order this is just kind of,ways that i've found them and before i,wanna preface this when you're finding a,supplier in the past you know i talked,about retail suppliers where you're just,selling retail onto ebay or amazon then,wholesale suppliers well some of the,whole like mentioning cwr a lot cwr is,more of a wholesale um,you know just a re they're a wholesale,dropshipping supplier but they don't own,any of the brands they have a like 28,000 skus and they will give them to you,for wholesale price most always yes,they'll be about the same price as,the manufacturer but you might not get,them as cheap as from the manufacturer,and then again also,you want to be dealing with if they're,high ticket a lot of them aren't going,to have tons and tons and tons of items,you know the reason why cwr is good for,what it does is because there's a lot of,items but if you want to find specific,manufacturers get real deals you want to,go straight to the manufacturer most,manufacturers will be doing this for you,but yeah some of them will say hey we,don't we don't distribute or we don't do,anything check out this wholesale like a,cwr but most won't most will do it for,you so you want to be going straight to,the manufacturer the brand the brand of,this item so it's a specific brand this,is a brand name like wilson basketballs,you'd be contacting wilson i don't know,why that just came in my head i barely,ever played basketball in my life but,that's that or like on grills traeger,grills you want to be going to traeger i,don't know if you can drop ship those,but so that's the difference but you,want to be going straight to the brand,and then,finding your way back from there if need,be but most of these that i've ever,dealt with have always been going,straight to the brand they haven't,become the dealer portal or you call,them or whatever and you're good to go,so number one's just gonna be a simple,google search if you want to find,basketballs you'd search basketball,brands or basketball manufacturers or,search basketballs and see what brands,show up from there you can go through,the entire google search and you just do,your own research is this gonna be very,targeted met it'll be targeted will it,be the best way to go about it probably,not but sometimes you can find suppliers,through google search if you go to,multiple pages back that you wouldn't,find through some of these other methods,and those will be the less popular ones,which i always say you probably want to,start with the less popular ones,you know because of the fact that you,you will have less competition if you do,a google search for whatever you're,looking for if you're niched if you're,not niche it's whatever do the google,search,it should probably be a high ticket in,basketballs aren't high ticket oops,dropped my pen aren't high ticket items,but you know like i said grills,something like that those are high,tickets sell those not all of them will,drop ship for you not all of them will,let you become a dealer,some of them will be like oh we only,allow people if you have a storefront or,if you're dick's sporting goods or,whatever but it is what it is it's a,numbers game let's be honest here number,two is using google shopping itself,you're gonna be running ads on google,shopping why wouldn't you want to check,google shopping itself,you type in the same search phrase that,you would type in on google search or,even just do it on google search and the,shopping ads pop up if you want to be a,real ass you could click the ad and,charge somebody some amount of money,with no intention of actually buying the,item or if you want to be nice you could,click on the shopping tab then type in,your search,and then you'll be good to go from there,you can see all these other brands and,if if you click on some of the brands,that people are selling then you'll be,like oh wow these aren't just like all,walmart home depot wayfair whatever,there's other people selling it,at that point maybe that's a brand that,you would want to put some effort or,some work into finding out can i drop,ship their items can i become a dealer,of their items and,i mean that's pretty much that that's,going to be a good way to find some,suppliers here i'm not saying you should,just snipe every single thing out there,but i'm saying it is it is definitely a,way to find suppliers and if you are,going niched you should probably i mean,you don't always have to again nothing's,finite you don't always have to know,your niche but if you do know your niche,and you're going niche and you know it,well then you probably already know a,lot of these brands or you know which,brands are going to be good which aren't,going to be good but this is a way to,find potentially new brands that maybe,you've never heard of,or are less popular or anything like,that number three is going to be i'd say,a pretty damn good method it's going to,be tedious you probably want to hire a,virtual assistant for this,and that's just going on to a retail,site you could do amazon you could do,walmart you could do home depot people,pick wayfarer you could do whatever you,want and then you just want to do a,search for high ticket items you can,always sort by price or whatever in,whatever niche you're looking for and,then at that point just literally make a,list you could have a va make a list of,all the different brands you could make,your lit you could put whatever you want,on this list you know do they have,become a dealer portal do they have this,do they have that do they have items,over a thousand dollars or whatever and,then from there you would,again you don't really want to be doing,this by hand yourself but you could and,then you probably don't want to call,them one at a time you probably want to,get a list and then go through and just,make a bunch of phone calls from there,you know it's picking up the phone i've,said this,for years now it's the way to find good,suppliers you know anybody can apply on,a website where it says become a dealer,anybody can do that and if you're afraid,to pick up the phone then you're,probably going to do that,but not everybody's going to pick up the,phone and call because oh well this one,doesn't say become a dealer on it so i,don't i don't know if they'll want me to,become a dealer or if they even allow it,pick up the phone and call,why would you not like it's it's,honestly it's stupid if you don't i'm,gonna tell you that right now because,there's so many out there that will that,will accept you that will dropship for,you that don't mention it anywhere on,their website and those are probably the,ones that have much less people,advertising about it or putting or,selling their items on their website,because a lot of them will go for the,low-hanging fruits and you know then,those are the ones that have 50 60 70,people selling it and the other ones,have you know 10 or 5 or less so pick up,the phone that's one of the big things,to take away from this video but also,check out retail,websites you know it doesn't really,matter which one if if your items would,probably be found more on home depot or,your niche then you go check out home,depot if it's more home goods or,whatever maybe go check out wayfair if,it's something you know just it doesn't,really matter walmart has everything,pretty much amazon has everything pretty,much and then just make sure if you're,on like the amazons or the walmarts,well wayfair has its own brands and has,a bunch of like weird ones so watch out,for that but same thing with walmart and,amazon you could be dealing with like a,private label brand that only sells on,like amazon or walmart,so you won't like find a website for,them or you won't really find,anything so just make sure not to really,waste your time on those number four is,going to be trade shows this is going to,be more tedious but if you go to a trade,show website or the advertiser trade,show you can find the past year or the,current future trade shows itinerary,just the whole layout of the entire,trade show usually and then all the,different brands on there you can go,through one by one,and then check it out also to mention,with the retail website those are four,big ones that i mentioned there's,retailers out there for more specific,things and they're not as big,and then you'll be able to find better,brands that are more specific if you are,in the same niche as that retail website,take for example if you wanted to do,something in the restaurant niche then,if you went to you're,mostly going to find more more suppliers,that are up your alleyway than if you,just went straight to to walmart or,something you know,so trade shows again you're going to,find a trade show in the niche that,you're looking for or the niche that you,sell in and then from there you can find,you know restaurant trade shows and then,at that point in time,you can then look through the entire,itinerary again you probably want to,hire a virtual assistant for this,and then just go through the websites is,why not pick the easier ones first the,ones that have become a dealer on it,just make sure that that's a niche that,you know sometimes if you're just,finding out the niche you don't know if,some niches have are more likely to,allow like dealers and drop shipping,stuff than others i've noticed,um so just go through,find some suppliers and that's probably,where you're gonna find some ones that,are very obscure as well or ones that,you didn't know about because,like any supplier can go there and put,their name on it and if they're newer or,just getting started out they want to,make a name for their self they would go,there and then last but not least,there's going to be directories again,there's like worldwide brands inventory,source has its own directory but,it's worldwide brands will give you some,decent brands um and i think it's worth,checking out but again you want to make,sure i wouldn't say this is the number,one for if you're finding high ticket,because high tickets gonna be a little,bit more niched or specific high ticket,wholesale drop shipping than if you're,just looking for like wholesale drop,shippers you know so,yes do they have a ton,of suppliers on their website yes they,do,when i say it's my number one way of,finding them no it's not not at all it's,probably my least common way of finding,them have i found suppliers with them,before yes is it something that i,actively really do no i'd say some of,the best is going to be trade shows,retail websites and then just going,through google shopping or doing some,form of a google search is probably the,best way to go about it so,hopefully these five tips helped um,again my computer will absolutely,overheat if i try to go inside of my,computer and show all this stuff,um i'm trying to get my full computer,set up that's in the united states down,here somewhere i'm trying to buy a house,so i can actually like have a full setup,and i don't just like live out of my,backpack and suitcase 24 7 like i have,for the last year almost,but yeah so that's five tips if you have,any questions about any of them ask it,down below if you think i missed,anything let me know check out the new,instagram follow that and that's um it's,it's going to be big it's going to be,huge it's going to be bigger than what,it once was before i got banned i'm,going to show mark zuckerberg that i can,do it again,and then uh yeah be sure to like the,video,and i think that's that,thank you very much hit the subscribe,button if you haven't already and i'll,see you in the next video,you

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