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HOW TO CREATE FACEBOOK AD REPORT FOR CLIENTShey what's up guys alina come back,social you got come a

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 22,2023


hey what's up guys alina come back,social you got come and welcome back to,my channel in this video today we're,gonna see how to create an export,Facebook ad reports for yourself and,maybe for your clients and you don't,need any extra tool or website you don't,have to pay anything this will give you,all the data for free Before we jump,into the demo you know what you do,subscribe Isobel icon and like this,video,now let's jump into this and Here I am,first of all log in to your Facebook Ads,account and I'm logged in to one of my,ad accounts that I manage and once you,are logged in what you want to do is let,me resize okay there you go you're gonna,click on this section right here called,ads manager or those three bars I think,we explore him very good icon and then,from this drop-down you're gonna select,add the potent right here and then once,you do that it's loading there we go and,I'm gonna show you how to so there's a,here's a report that I had saved and,actually he's inconsistent based airs on,monthly basis or sometimes every every,two weeks depending on what's our,agreement with our client oh but all,right so let's create and brand new,reports I'm gonna click on this blue,button create report and by the way this,is very self-explanatory Facebook makes,it super super easy and obviously you,know you can first of all you can name,their support whatever you want so I'll,just kind of call it Japan and then from,the filters obviously I had had delivery,selected,basically I didn't want to include,anything that did not run in the time,period right and also from here let's go,back here I can select let's say last 30,days because I'm looking to create a,report for lecture last 30 before for,this example or for this client all,right now the breakdown so how do you,want to break this down so first up I,have campaign name that's great so,that's right here someone bring me,everything's down by these are all like,different campaign and then also I'm,further breaking it down by these ads,right sometimes I don't include her,address so you can kind of let's check,that off you it really depends on you,know how much data you want to provide,to your client or even if you,downloading these reports for yourself,you know how much data you want to look,and then also you can break it down by,day by you know there's so much you can,do by objective so there's so much stuff,that you buy even like call to action,all right so that's the breakdown let's,look at the master the metrics basically,is what metric do you want to see the,data on so for example if you look at,this right here so I'm looking at,something data on the reach impressions,frequency results let's go,Casta results amongst and schedule stuff,like that right and this is all under,the metrics obeyed sound we look at the,breakdown and you can kind of like you,know go to this if you want sort of you,know select for example a Kiko and I,want to let I'm trying to find something,that I want to say one asset purchases,not sure if you had any conversion,campaign maybe you did yeah we did so we,have six conversions like cost per,conversion or you can also just done a,search for example let's say I want to,include CPC cost per click I can include,that as well look at that,now you pause one let's go back so again,you know you can go back I'm gonna clear,this and go through there and select the,thing that you want to include in your,report and then deselect the ones for,example if you were running page,engagement campaign you could select the,page engagement there's a lot of data if,you were running video campaigns there's,a lot of data about the video place,three second video plays and so forth,let's go back yet I'm gonna go back to,the breakdown and the case I want to,include the ad for now I'm gonna include,the s energy so here's a something of,action some juice right now if it's,grouped by the breakdown so if I undo,place to watch what happens if I under,this it's just gonna be you know hope,just list of all the all the campaign's,right it's not grouped by different like,campaigns and the address but if I click,by breakdown now look at this so now,it's profile is one campaign here are,all the access under that campaign and,then or leaving the data for all yeah,that's right,and I actually I can even do into the ad,name as well and now it's gonna include,the ad name which is right here right,and again you know you obviously like I,said you want to see what type of data,how much how much based on you wanna,have in your reports for you or for your,class totally up to you but it's very,very customizable,what I love about Facebook page to give,all these access to all these free tools,and we're able to customize these two to,our needs basically all right now so,once you're happy with all the data that,you was I will just kind of click on,research obviously make sure you have,the right timeframe and they click the,refresh now I like to save it so I can,come back and my selection for the,breakdown sectors and a message will be,saved and then I can run the same before,next month and after that you know on,the ongoing participation,now here is if you want to export this,data by the way there's a share icon you,can share this report to people who have,access to disk at account which is,sometimes we do it because normally,these at accounts are owned by let's say,our clients and they give us the user,access right so we won't have access so,you can also share this link with them,or let's say if you wanted to export the,report or the MIS data you can have,different options here see that rotted,or the formatting I try to do I believe,to format it in the past once you export,I'm not going to do it right now cuz I,already have an example so I'm gonna,open that up and show you what it will,look like and basically she's gonna be,Excel file,look at that that's a campaign name day,result is always cost results so again,you know based on when we ran that,campaign when you said they were,exported it those are the columns of the,matrix that we wanted to see the data on,so very very straightforward very very,simple to access this add reporting,inside your Facebook ad manager you can,create you can get all kinds of raw data,for your ad account for your campaign,for your ad set for you and it's super,important here's a lot of people don't,look at the ad reports or the numbers on,frequent basis I think that's a mistake,because once you look at the data you,can learn a lot you can see what's,working in your at account you can see,what type of images look at the,campaigns what's have creative a lot of,stuff and then you can use that data,turn that data into insight and improve,your performance in the future of your,ad account on your campaign now thank,you so much for watching before you go,make sure you subscribe I like on and,like this video if you have any,questions leave your question in the,comments below and thanks again for,tuning in I'm gonna see you in the next,one bye for now

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Creating Facebook Ad Report for Clients | Free Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

Creating Facebook Ad Report for Clients | Free Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

hey young guys it's luke mead here and,today in this video i'm gonna be walking,you through,how to create a facebook ad report for,your,clients that you're doing as an agency,let's get straight into it guys,so today in this video we're gonna start,off in facebook business manager,and ads manager within them you can see,we've got,some facebook ad campaigns that have,completed in here,and we're going to be creating a report,on one of these ad campaigns,just enough to our client now,we're going to do that by going to the,old tools section,and finding the,part of business manager that,says what am i looking for,it's a bit silly we're looking for ads,reporting,that would make sense but no now,once we're in here we're gonna,uber turn off the ad blocker guys in,case you haven't already,there we go now we're going to hit,create report,facebook gives us a few options of which,accounts we want to choose from,i'm going to choose my account and call,it facebook,ads report,for client,and hit create now from here,we can do a heap of things we can create,and adjust our tables to suit our needs,in here,now this looks a little bit complicated,in the beginning but let's start by,breaking it down,in the right hand side here we can,customize,our table so we can have a look at what,ad sets we're going,by clicking the breakdown section here,and we can,choose to include campaign ad set name,age and you can see how this works by if,i click on the age,actually wait a minute i'll show you,this works in a minute we'll get a,metrics first,and you can see that you can adjust the,metrics you want to show,whether it's amount spent impressions,reach frequency they're all appearing,on the top bar here if you select them,and if we scroll across we can see more,of them,so the first thing you really want to do,when creating a report for your client,is decide what metrics,you're going to be looking at in this,case let's choose the most important,ones so the amount spent,probably not the impressions necessarily,in this video the reach for sure,the results for sure delivery not,important,frequency not so important,we can also have a look at attribution,setting no,cost per result no and schedule,you definitely don't need we can also,search up here if we're going to find a,bit faster,here we go and we can turn that off and,there we go now you can see we've got,three important settings are three,important metrics here,and we've got our breakdowns here now,let's,adjust the filter here and you can see,in this filter bar,we've got the time so we can look at,this month,last month and we can select,a campaign now if we clear the filters,all our can campaigns fall into this,table but if we change the time to,maximum,and select campaign and look at,lead generation and collect,campaign name contains lead generation,because there's a few lead generation,ads so let's,pull in this ad here we can copy that,delete that and put in that,put in the name and you can see that,campaign,is now pulling through,so now let's have a look at the,breakdowns so we can see in the,breakdowns,we've got the campaign name selected so,we're always going to show the campaign,name we can turn that off,and hide that we can have the ad set,showing,so we can hide that if we want and just,have the whole campaign,and then we can break that down by other,things like age,gender so on and so forth as you already,understand,let's hit age and we can have a look at,how each age is performing,now that is the basics of creating,a cool ad let's say this is what we want,to share with our clients,now how do we go about doing that that's,a few options we can do,we can first off hit save,and that's going to save this report in,my facebook ads account manager,under this name we can then also,hit save as if we want to save it as a,custom name,and create a duplicate and have multiple,versions of it just like you have in,word and microsoft excel and that sort,of thing,we can also share this report with,anyone else,out there so we can copy a link,if we want,and paste that to share it now they will,have to have a facebook,account to access this data and look at,it,so that's probably not the best way to,do it,in my opinion the best way to do it is,to,have a look at here and go export,and we can export the data in a few,options we can look at that,in an xlsx which is an excel,format or a csv or as an image,in this case here let's have a look what,an image looks like,i don't think it looks brilliant if i'm,honest i prefer the csv,the image itself just takes a screen,capture,so i would recommend you go export,and do it as a csv and include the,summary row which is that bottom row,and that way it's a bit easier to look,at and a bit prettier,now we can also do some funky things,with this,by going save,and exiting out that report and having a,look,at the report that we've got in here so,you can see my other reports that i have,got created in this account,we can then go into here select the,report,and there's even more options of what we,can do with it,so we can go in duplicate it if we want,and create another report from it,and duplicate it that way we can have,multiple reports on very similar things,and that is the overall,of how you create a facebook ads report,let's have a look at the csv that we've,generated,from this report,and you can see as it opens up in,numbers,here we go this is the data that's been,pulled in,you can see we've got the end date and,the start date we've got the amount,spent,the reach and the age it's pretty cool,now and then you can then use this to,share this information,with people outside your organization,or from here we can go and start to,create,tables using this data,and we can insert graphs,and the likes using this data,there you go you can see we can start to,play with this,in a really comfortable format like,numbers and excel which makes it really,powerful,so that's how i recommend you go about,creating a facebook ad reports,for your clients it's super easy,and it works really really well i hope,you guys enjoyed this video,if you did don't hesitate to like and,subscribe i really appreciate the,support,thank you all so much have a great day,i'll speak to you soon,ciao

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