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How to Manage the Inventory in Your Shopify StoreHello and welcome to another episode my name is Chr


Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Manage the Inventory in Your Shopify Store

Hello and welcome to another episode my name is Christian from BitBranding and,today we're gonna go over how to manage your inventory and Shopify first thing,one do is head over to products and then inside of products you'll see this,drop-down list you may have already added some of the products and I've,already created this products with inventory in mind,so think about inventory as you know you have physical goods and these physical,goods live in a storage maybe your garage maybe you have in an actual you,know facility the handles a lot of these things but you want to make sure that,you tracking the inventory because Shopify automatically deducts,inventory based off of when someone purchases the product so that part is,automatic what's not automatic is actually adding inventory into your,store so I'm just gonna walk through really quickly how to do that now if you,see here the colorful bones already have a 12 inventory 1212 in stock as far as,inventory now if I click on that under scroll down here to the bottom you'll,see that under inventory I have a check mark to track inventory and then the,quantity have 12 available if you have variants and then we can go ahead and,add that right here so you'll see maybe we sell this buy the,box so maybe small medium and large now because we did that we only had 12 in,inventory it will just assign it to that first one so let's say maybe we just,have six of these we have six of these and six and it's safe that's how you add,inventory and at inventory to your variant at the same time if you don't,have variants then all you have to worry about is just the regular inventory now,when it comes to changing some of these once you have your variants set up then,you just hit on the arrows up and down to let it know that you have new,shipments or more quantity of that particular item now I'm gonna go ahead,and save that and I'm gonna show you when you create brand new products so I,add a new product you would go through the same process of adding the name,description images pricing and things like that now when it comes to inventory,here this will probably be are already automatically checked for you track,quantity if you don't want to track quantity obviously you would just,uncheck that but when you click on track quantity it gives you the option for you,to add the quantity that you have on hand another thing if you receive,shipments pretty often then you can probably check mark this one which is,continues to sell the products even when they're out of stock from your Shopify,store maybe you're during a busy season you actually have shipments coming in,and you know that you will have these shipments coming in then you can,probably check mark that because you'll probably be able to turn those orders,around pretty quickly that's about it once you click on track quantity the,quantity will be there now like just like I said previously if you add the,variants this product has multiple options like different sizes or colors,then you would have to do that individually for each variants so we did,the size maybe we can change this to color and we have blue red green and it,works the same way as before you would have to manually come in here and change,the quantity of those variants within here that's it you just saved the,product and I'm gonna cancel out of that or discard that new product discard,changes and then here at a glance you will be,able to see in Shopify is kind of cool because it shows you on yellow that,you're running low in stock for this particular item and it will just show,you right here within the inventory if you're not tracking the inventory it,will just show you an an A so that you're not tracking inventory for that,particular item you can also go to the inventory tab over here and if you deal,with large and volumes of different products and different things like that,you can just go straight to inventory and add your inventories as that they,come in essentially so you can add let's say you getting 20 of these you can,click on save and I'll switch it to you have those available now when it comes,to those variants it will break it down here to a small large medium on those,variants so you can add those individually within the inventory tab so,the inventory tab is very useful if you have large amount of product within your,store so that's it very important to keep track of your inventory just to,make sure that you don't sell out and like I said Shopify automatically takes,care of deducting those items once people actually purchase on your store,thank you for watching this tutorial on how to manage your inventory within your,Shopify store if you enjoyed this episode or want to learn a little bit,more about inventory tracking then let me know in the comments down below also,leave a like on our video and subscribe if you enjoy this and you want to learn,more about Shopify as we'll be releasing new videos on Shopify on our channel,thank you.

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The Secret to keeping PERFECT Shopify Inventory 2021

The Secret to keeping PERFECT Shopify Inventory 2021

what's up guys in this video i'm going,to be going over how to keep track of,all of your inventory,inside of your shopify store i'm going,to be going over,just the beginners how to keep track of,inventory what goes on when you are,making sales and your inventories being,deducted or how you can add,inventory as well as how you can also,set up bundles inside of your shopify,store setting up bundles is something as,simple as,you selling one sku multiple times on,different listings and making sure that,all those singular skus are being,tracked at the same time,i will also be revealing the application,that i actually,use that helps me do bundling inside of,my shopify store all the basics,everything that you need to know about,keeping track of your inventory inside,of,your online store,by the way my name is hannah garner and,if you are new the channel i talk about,everything and anything that has to do,with digital entrepreneurship and,e-commerce building brands online so if,that is something that you're into,make sure that you do go ahead and,subscribe to the channel,yeah all right guys we're live so,i am going to show you the inside of my,computer screen right now and,basically give you a breakdown of how,you can keep track of your inventory,inside of shopify,so as you can see in here in all,products i have selected a product here,and where you actually go to see your,inventory inside shopify is,from the product listing itself so as,you can see,you add your price this is where you add,your photos your description i'm sure,you're familiar,when you scroll down here you're going,to see something that says quantity,available,now you have an option here one to track,quantum,quantities which you want to make sure,that that's filled,as well as inputting a skew so you want,to make sure that,you on your back end have individual,skus for all of,your items there's a lot of information,on the internet of how you can actually,set up skus that make it,intuitive and make sense for your,business model this is,an example of what a sku may look like,and then if you,want to select continue when selling out,of stock,if you know that you're you can make,infinity of the item,or you can get the product super fast or,if,whatever it is you want to oversell even,if you go out of stock you want to make,sure that this is selected right here,again you don't want to over sell and,not,have the stock available so this option,right here is really,only for people that know that they're,going to have infinity inventory so even,though they sell out,on the website it's not going to put it,sold out there'll still be an option to,buy,if you uncheck this then obviously when,the inventory,goes to zero it will say sold out live,on your website,now this is where you can add in your,quantity here now a few things,to note is that when something,is bought from your store it,automatically is deducting the inventory,live in real time,for you in the case someone wants to,return an item when you come in here,as you can see um this is a refund page,it's a little bit cut off the top but,basically you would go to the order you,can click refund at the top of the page,it's going to bring you to a page that,looks like this you're going to say how,many items they're returning so you,would say one,and then you just want to make sure that,this is checked here that so it's going,to actually restock the item for you,and in real time it's going to put that,inventory back into,the overall quantity so then you can go,back and resell it,all right so we're back into the product,page here and as i mentioned before you,want to make sure that you do have a sku,you want to make sure you're keeping,track of quantity and you want to decide,based off your own,store if you're going to continue to,sell without a stock so you come in here,and you literally can just adjust the,quantity,by however many that you want so you can,go 20,you can adjust it by whatever it is here,and then you just want to save it at the,top,right corner of the page one thing that,is really really important is that say,you're setting up this product here,and this product has different variants,so to do that you want to scroll down,here and,select this product has multiple options,so if you,say you're selling you know these arrow,studs in a pack of one,or a pack of two or a pack of three so,and you want to set up a variation for,that you would come down here,and you would select the variation type,that you're selling so i'm going to say,style,one pack,then you have a two pack and then a,three pack,right and so when you do that it drops,it down here,now remember that even though you're,technically selling the same,product but you're bulking or you're,bundling things together which is a,really really good way to sell and adds,more,value to your listing when you see that,they can buy two of the same item for,maybe a slightly cheaper price,it's a really really big selling point,and i always recommend for people to do,that if it makes sense for their,products,but what you have to remember is that,when you bundle a product together,so shopify doesn't know the difference,between this and this and this shopify,thinks that these are all three,different variants which means they're,three different products,but what they don't know is that it's,actually the same product being sold in,three different ways so the,problem with this is that you can come,in here and give quantities to each one,of these,but when someone buys from the two pack,it's not going to deduct it from the one,pack so your inventory is always going,to be miscalculated from your back end,so if you have a hundred of these and,you sell,you know 22 packs that means that you,just had 40 get deducted from your,inventory but these two,options to buy don't know that so this,causes a lot of overselling inside your,shopify store,and one thing that i actually used to,combat this is something,called some tracker so some tracker it,looks like,this this is the inside of my sum,tracker application it is a shopify app,i do have the link in the description,and this lets me do a lot of things it,lets me sync different stores together,so it lets me sync my etsy my shopify,store together so i'm not only keeping,track of bundles but i'm also keeping,track,of bundles and duplicate listings inside,of etsy that i also have inside,my shopify store because it's the same,store so everything is very very,you know happening in real time and,because i use this,i actually don't ever have to come into,my shopify store to adjust my quantity,because i control,all of my inventory inside of my sum,tracker app,so when i set my stock here so if i go,to adjust stock and set,stock and i basically come here and i,hit add new,and i add a line and i look up i look up,a skew here i come in here and i set the,stock from here,and then it sets the stock on my shopify,store,and any duplicate listing where i may,have you know,i'm selling the same product but in,multiple different types of ways on my,store,between shopify and etsy that is now,the next level of that is when you're,trying to bundle so like in the example,over here,where we have a one pack a two pack and,a three pack,so if i come here and i get one say this,is the same skew,but we're selling two and then we're,selling,the same skew again but three and say we,just,we're gonna make this an active product,we're not gonna put any pictures in,there we're just gonna we're gonna save,it here,and we're gonna make this live on the,store for one second,we're gonna come down here and we're,gonna look up this item inside of our,sum tracker,so this is the bundle so this this,bundle is comprised of,three one packs so to set this inside of,some tracker,we would come in here and hit bundles we,would say,add new bundle it's going to say what,are you trying to bundle,so we have this product here okay here,it is,and now we want to say what is this,bundle comprised of,so this is comprised of it is comprised,of,this three times,all right and we're going to save it,here,cool so if we want to now set the,inventory for,now all we have to do is set the,inventory for the one pack,for it to adjust the inventory amongst,the one in the three pack,we still haven't made the bundle for the,two pack which we can set up right now,as well,i'll just show you in real time so this,all makes sense,we're gonna make a bundle for the two,pack,all right and what is the two pack,comprised of it's comprised of two,one packs so we're gonna go here,and we're gonna put two and we're gonna,save it,very good so now all we need to do is,set the stock,for the one pack let's say we have 500,in stock of the one pack,all right so we're gonna grab oh we're,going to grab,this code here and we're going to come,back into here and we are going to set,stock,we're going to set stock for,the one pack we're going to add a line,we're going to look it up,we're going to say that there's 500 in,stock,and then we are going to save it up here,now what you'll see in a moment here it,will adjust the stock from my shopify,store it will tell,the inventory that it just went to 500,and it's going to already do the,calculation since we set up the bundles,so you can never over sell when you,finish here you do have to come up here,and there will be a button that says,mark as complete,and then once it turns green to complete,it it is going to update the inventory,so now you will see that the quantity,for the one pack is 500,the 2-pack is 250 and the 3-pack is 166.,so it's calculating this,based off the max quantity that you have,available inside of your inventory,so you can never oversell your inventory,and remember every time that i go now to,manage my inventory i do do it through,this app,now if you don't bundle items like if,you don't have this,issue keeping track of your inventory,is as simple as just giving it a skew,and updating the quantity and making,sure that if you are,taking returns that you do have that,restock button,highlighted so that when that return,comes in,that stock does go back into your,inventory as far as,bulk adjusting stock you do have that,option as well when you come into,products over here,you can select options here and you can,believe you can do a bulk,edit,here you go you can add fields pricing,inventory,inventory quantity,and there you go you can come in here,and make,adjust in bulk the amount of inventory,that you have so if i put 10 here,and say i wanted to,pull this down here you can come down,here,i believe you can control c,oh there it goes so just to show you how,i just did that,what i just did was i controlled c on a,macbook so copy,and then you're gonna pull the arrow so,it's pointing down,you're gonna pull it down like this and,then you're gonna control,v on a mac um so copy and paste and then,you're just gonna wanna save it,up here at the top so you can bulk edit,all your quantities,at once but it's pretty much as simple,as that,when it comes to managing inventory on,inside of the shopify,platform again if you do plan on,bundling your inventory do go check out,some tracker,best app by far when it comes to keeping,track of inventory for bundles and on,multi-platform multi-channel,or multi-location which is another level,of inventory management that it offers,it also shows you things in there such,as like your low stock inventory so like,you can just go to the low stock,and you'll see everything that is low in,stock without having to physically go,into your inventory and check,what's low in stock so that is basically,how i do,all of my inventory management these,days inside of my shopify stores,so yeah if you guys got any value out of,this video please do go ahead and like,this video comment any questions down,below and subscribe to the channel if,you got any value,from this video right

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