how to enable facebook ads account

How to Enable Facebook Ads Account - Reactivate Ads Accounthello everyone welcome to master cookies,


Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Enable Facebook Ads Account - Reactivate Ads Account

hello everyone welcome to master cookies,step by step,social media marketing is the one of the,most effective and reliable marketing,platform in these days,facebook is the one of the most popular,and used for marketing to grow the,business,facebook may disable the ads accounts at,any time for the verification purposes,facebook disables the ads accounts due,to many possible reasons like,insufficient balance in the accounts,trying facebook policy violations at,unusual activities etc in this video,tutorial i will show you how to process,account verification and reactivate the,disable ads accounts,please don't forget to like and,subscribe to the channel if you haven't,already,let's see how you would know that your,ad accounts is disabled by facebook post,open facebook and from pages options,open your facebook page,as you can see in the post button option,the option is disabled,it's showing boost on available,your advertising access is resting let's,move to our solution,in the new tab open the ads manager,,class add slash manager,enter as you can see all my ads are,disabled,warning only active accounts can create,or edit ad,add account disable click on see detail,status is disabled,navigate to the what you can do sections,and click see restriction,the account is restricted what you can,do,we can take you through a few steps to,request of review of your access to,advertising once you start the request,for review,you have 30 days to finish the process,before your account get permanently,registered,make sure to process verification before,30 days of the account disabled,order wise accounts will permanently,restrict,let's process request review,starting process to request a review,continue,secretary check i am not a robot,continue to help us check that,this account belongs to you we need a,photo of your official id,this could be your driving license,passport or,other types of official identification,if there are any issues,we will send you an email upload your id,here,continue,review requested thank you for the,completing the identity,confirmation process we are always,looking out for the security of our,community,so while we are reviewing your,information you won't be able to,advertise in this way you can process,the identity verification to verify your,identity,and enable your ads accounts make sure,to process before 30 days off at this,level,i hope this helps you if you have any,questions or comments please make sure,to leave your comments in the comment,section below,also please be sure to like this video,and subscribe to my channel if you,haven't already,thank you very much for watching check,us out for more in it tutorial and guide,on website master to and we'll,see you again soon,bye,you

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Facebook Ad Account Disabled NOW WHAT? | How To Recover Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Facebook Ad Account Disabled NOW WHAT? | How To Recover Disabled Facebook Ad Account

so your facebook ad account is also,banned welcome to the club because this,happens almost with everyone it has,happened with me multiple number of,times and i get queries almost every,single day where people ask me nikhil my,facebook ad account is banned how can i,recover it what are the steps to recover,it we will jump into the steps there are,four or five steps depending upon what,level of restriction you have got so,i'll tell you all of those but before,that you need to understand you need to,understand the root cause of your you,know disablement why facebook has,disabled your account so that it never,happens next time so you need to,understand those policies you need to,understand what is that you are doing,wrong uh from your ads perspective from,your you know uh throughout what are the,policy violations which you have done so,that you do not do that next time for,that i'll create a video which will be a,separate video uh i'll put a link,you know in the description of this,video itself uh check that video out and,please understand that video so that you,do not make the same mistakes next time,okay but for this video let's understand,what are the next steps after your,facebook ad account is disabled so i,have one of the facebook ad account,disabled you can see on the screen,and uh you know it says ad account,disabled and you can't really run the,ads right now okay so this is what,usually the message we get so what i,want you to do it,you know once you are in your ad manager,account you,just go to all tools and then you just,need to go to account quality you can,see it here or you can see it here as,well account quality so we'll click on,account quality,and we'll go to account quality after,that usually once you go here what,happens is that it gives you this button,of request review so you can,take your account or put your account,into review and,manually uh people you know from,facebook side will review your account,sometimes what happens these accounts,get flagged uh by the algorithm and once,you review it you know once you request,the review manually people will look,into your account and see if there are,any policy violation and then you know,they release the account if,if there are no policy violation and if,there are very uh you know small policy,violation then also they will,you know uh unblock your account so,usually that happens so if you see,this level of,you know account restriction it says,disabled you know so it's not,permanently disabled it is just,temporarily disabled if it says,permanently disabled then there's mostly,nothing i can do you know in that case,if the account is permanently disabled,then for me there's only option to,create another ad account so i'll show,you that also how you can do that,but uh this is one step you can put your,account into review second is um you,know you can come to this section and,click on help you know if you are in ad,manager this is the button you will get,help button just click on that and on,the left side you will see this option a,window up here and when you scroll down,you will see this um you know button,here uh contact support team,okay so you can um go uh here and chat,with your uh facebook uh team facebook,manager whoever you know comes support,team and uh sometimes they will call you,also you can explain them you know uh,directly on the call that what has,happened or you know why your account is,disabled and all those things you can,explain it to them uh from here itself,so this is pretty simple but most of the,time what happens is that people do not,have this option contact support team,uh,why um,so it's not mentioned anywhere why that,happens but what i have seen is that if,you give it some time if you keep,checking it,you know,after one day two days or three days you,might get this option so this option,keeps coming and going what i believe is,it is because uh based on the you know,amount spent you have done in the,last couple of,you know months or days,uh it depends upon that but that's just,my theory uh so keep checking it if you,don't have this option there's another,way you can do it is go to google search,for facebook business support okay and,go with the organic uh option first one,and i'll click on this meta business,uh support and you can see you know uh,the button in the last you can see their,finance or contact support so i'll click,on get started from here and uh it'll,take me the same process and uh you know,finally i'll be able to chat with the,person okay,so this is also how you can do it uh and,uh you know ask,or talk to people okay explain it to,them uh you know that if there are any,policy violation uh just uh you know you,can ask them what are them and uh you,are a new advertiser and you will not be,able like next time you will not be,doing that all those things so just,explain it to them and uh you know if,there are no major policy violation,they'll release your accounts okay,next thing if your account is,permanently disabled in that case what,you need to do is you just go to,business settings,this account will not work now if it is,permanently disabled uh you need to,create a new ad account so for that,you just need to go to settings business,setting in your business manager,uh and after that you just come to add,account section and click on you know,add new account or create new account,from,this step so from here you can create a,new account a new ad account and run the,ads from there make sure uh you,understand what are the policy violation,you have done in the previous account,and you do not do the same here,otherwise,next time what is going to happen is,that your page is also going to get,banned if your facebook page is also,going to get banned you will have to,create a new page new facebook page if,that also gets banned your facebook id,will get banned,that's a you know next level i would say,you know that and that's if your,facebook id is you know banned then you,are not able to run any ad account uh,like any ad,with any business manager or any ad,account you will have to create a new,facebook id and from there you know you,will have to run the ads then or you,will have to take your you know,relatives or friends uh facebook id and,run the ads from there so,that's the you know only solution for,that,uh if this business manager is,uh done you know if sometimes it says,that your business manager is disabled,and this business manager can't create a,ad account so you will have to create a,new business manager for that you can go,to face sorry,create,if you go here,you can create a new business manager,from uh here and then create a new ad,account,but this will not solve your problem,until and unless you understand what is,the main problem why the ads got,disabled uh what what is that you are,doing wrong so that next time it does,not get flagged please understand that,point for that as i said i will create a,video i'll put the link in the,description check that video out,understand what are the policy violation,mainly or majorly most of the people do,i'll make uh the videos on that,and please check that video if you want,to learn advanced facebook and instagram,ads you can check the link in the,description for the course,for this video that's all i will meet,you in the next video very soon

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