how to enable ads on chrome

how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome hi friends and welcome to technical cheez a

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome

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how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome

hi friends and welcome to technical cheez and name is avaneesh kumar ,and talk about chrome browser send the popup,notification or adds,and how to block or terminate the popups,notification and adds,so lets start the video,and subscribe to my channel because we post these type and tricky video,so lets start the video and open your chrome browser,and after that click on 3 dot,and you have get many option but only click on setting,after setting .... go to site setting,and in site setting can see kind of other option,now you can see the notification option,because we subscribe the site and get notify,so now learn about how to block notification,and click on that,and how to get the notification of site,as can you see,block the 7 site and allow 2 site get permitted,and you can see the tow site ...... which is and,so now block these site notification,so.... let... click here and after that,as you can see that permission and down side notification and sound,now we click the notification and after that ,and get tow option allow and block,and click on block,and also block the sound option,and now this site have been block and did not get any notification,now see,block section have 8....,site blocked,and allowed are only 1,because... blocked the,so this the site topic that how to block notification,and now talk about .... adds,you can see here ads and pop-ups option,and now simply click on ads,and ads are allowed .... and block them,and back again,and see here popup,if popup are allowed then blocked,and back,and apart from this you... the sound,the notification sound ........ are blocked by this option,and all option are muted,and the sound recommendation are ...... to be.... blocked,so sound blocked by here or into the site option,so friends.. have this video .... how to block notification.... popup.... or ads... in your chrome browser,i hope...... these liked by you .... and share this video with other person ,so this video over and meet in next video .... bye

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