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[TRICK] How to Edit Facebook Ads and Keep Social Proof!hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

[TRICK] How to Edit Facebook Ads and Keep Social Proof!

hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing in this video i'm going to,show you a facebook ads trick where you,can edit your facebook ads and still,keep your social proof,now there's a little technicality to,this deal right here,and that is that this ad has to be live,on a facebook page so if you have it,posted on your actual business facebook,page or maybe you create a little secret,facebook page,to host all your ads it does have to be,a live,posted ad or page post on a page it,can't be like a dark post okay so that's,a little caveat here but we'll go,through the process so if you don't,understand what i'm saying right now,you'll understand in a few seconds but,let's go ahead and get into it so here i,am,in the facebook ads manager and i have,this dark post here,and that's just what we call it a dark,post basically is a post that is on the,ad,side of things but it's not posted on,any sort of,facebook page or anything like that so,it's a dark post or,you just went into the ads manager and,you created an ad,and and you're using that ad and so,maybe you have some social proof on that,ad so we see right here i have,you know hero and 11 others you know,like this,post right here right and if you went in,here and you're like you know what i,want to go ahead and edit,this post so you go in here and you're,like and blah blah,blah so you make some sort of edits to,it and then you go ahead and you publish,the post,what facebook does is it creates like a,brand new post okay it's not the same,post so your social media or social,proof is gone now so this is a brand new,post,and yeah you lost all your social proof,now if you don't want to,use lose your social proof you can go,ahead and create a post on your facebook,page and use that post,as an ad and again you might want to do,it on a,secret facebook page like you have your,regular business,page uh that you you know you post your,engagement content on all that type of,stuff and then you might have like a,little secret,facebook page where you're not really,trying to get people to like and follow,and stuff,but that's where you can post your ads,and commercial content and all that type,of stuff that you're you're running,so anyway let's say that i want to take,this post right here we see that i have,eight likes on it and i want to turn,it into an ad so we'll go ahead and do,that real quick i'll come in here,and let's go ahead and close out of this,real quick and i want to go ahead and,i'm just going to go ahead and create a,new post right in this area,and this will be a boosted post or we,call just a page,post and continue and now i'm going to,come into this ad setup real quick and,just do use existing post,and then i'll go ahead and select my,post right here and so here's my learn,how to target your one and it's got the,eight likes and all that other stuff so,i'm going to select this one,and continue and facebook will go ahead,and pull it in and i see that i got,caffrey francis and seven others that,like this,you know post right here and you know i,go ahead and do all my settings and all,that other stuff and go ahead and,publish it,and so now this ad is live and it has a,social proof on it right,so if i come back to my facebook page,and i'm going to go ahead and refresh it,real quick and if i scroll on down to,that post,and i click on it i don't see an option,to edit the post okay i can't edit this,post right now because it's been turned,into an ad,but what i can do is essentially delete,the ad and create a brand new one,so let's come back into the ads manager,real quick and i'm actually going to go,ahead and duplicate this real quick,and we'll leave all the default settings,here so i'll go ahead and duplicate,so we have page post copy and it's,currently in draft mode now what i want,to go ahead and do is actually delete,out my,original one so let's go ahead and,delete this ad,delete and now i want to go back to my,facebook page i'll go ahead and refresh,it real quick,and let me scroll on down to that post,and click on my three little dots here,and now i see the option to edit posts,so here i can go ahead and edit this,post real quick,and let's say i want to go ahead and add,another bullet here and,more and i'll go ahead and save it and,we can see that the social proof has,stayed on my page so the social proof is,still here so let's come back over to,the ads manager real quick,let me go ahead and refresh it as well,real quick just to make sure we have the,most up-to-date data or information and,now looking at my page post copy here we,can see that my ad is over here and i,still have that social proof on it if i,go ahead and expand it,make sure that it did actually update my,ad so there we go we see that and more,there and we still got that social proof,so now i could go ahead and publish it,with the,you know updated text on my ad while,still maintaining that social proof,and so that's pretty much how you do it,again really the only downside is that,this post has to be live,on a facebook page whether you want to,put it on your your main,business page or you want to create a,little secret business page just for,running ads,up to you entirely but at least you now,know a way where you can go ahead and,edit your ads while still maintaining,that,precious social proof have a great rest,of the day

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1 Useful Hack To Edit Facebook Ads That Have Been Published

1 Useful Hack To Edit Facebook Ads That Have Been Published

hey everyone michael here and in this,video we're going to talk about a very,useful hack on facebook that not a lot,of people talk about but it's actually,one of the most frequently asked,questions that i see in groups and for,my students as well so i thought might,as well record a video for you all to,show you how it's done now have you ever,wondered how to make an edit to a,facebook ad post that have been,published already,normally you can right that edit button,is not there or it's screened out and,you get really frustrated but if you,want to keep all the social proof you,need to know how to make edits if you,made a mistake or if you just want to,make some changes to the ad copy so i'll,show you how to do that in this video,if you have not subscribed to my youtube,channel go ahead and subscribe right now,and also click on that notification bell,to get all my latest updates with that,let's get started alright so if you ever,want to make an adjustment to add posts,that have been published already this is,what you have to do first you have to go,into your ad manager so here is a demo,campaign that i just set up it's,currently active and if we go to the at,creative level you see that's active and,this is how the add post looks like,all right so let's go to the page post,section and click on that post,and once it's loaded top right corner,click on the three dots and here are,some options but the edit post link is,not here,and that's because it's tied to an ad,right now and we can edit it and if we,go to another post that's not tied to an,ad we can edit the post,so again there's no edit button here now,what we want to do is go back to our ad,manager and switch out this add post to,another one that's not running alright,so let's go ahead and click on that post,id over here grab it and then enter over,here,submit so we can change it out,and then publish,once that post is not tied to an ad we,can go back and make edits to it so,let's go back to our original post,and click on the option button and then,edit post is right there,now we can make our adjustments,and done editing,okay,so let's go back to our ad manager,let's just take a look,so the previous one is in review,now what we want to do is click on edit,and switch back to our original ad,so let's go ahead and grab our post id,post it right there submit,all right so that is our new ad we can,publish it,and that is how it's done but sometimes,it may take a while for your campaigns,to become active just because facebook,might go through its review process all,right but that is how you adjust the,campaign that's been published and if,you want to make edits to it it's a very,useful hack i use all the time to keep,my social proof so i hope you enjoyed,this video and if you like it give me a,thumbs up also comment below let me know,what you think and also let me know what,kind of topics you want me to talk about,all right so subscribe to my youtube,channel and also click on that,notification bell and i'll see you on,the next one,you

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