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How Much Money Can You Make As A Facebook Ads Managerhow much can you earn per,month as a facebook a

Jody Milward

Updated on Jan 23,2023

How Much Money Can You Make As A Facebook Ads Manager

how much can you earn per,month as a facebook ad manager that's,what we're going to be talking about,today in this episode of online,confidential where i take,you behind the scenes of secret ad,manager business,so hold on to your shorts we're going to,be talking about some crazy numbers here,today that you,might just think would be an annual,income rather than a monthly income,as a facebook ad manager you are a rain,maker you are essential to businesses,increasing their revenue and so,therefore,the service that you provide is super,valuable,and a lot of ad managers that i talk to,who are just starting out,have their mind absolutely blown,at the amount that they can make per,year or,per month running ads for clients,even myself i was talking to a colleague,recently,who by themself is managing a handful of,clients like maybe 10,and they're making about 100 000,per month and they're actually on their,way to 200,000 per month just with 10,or they're maybe getting another couple,of clients on board so 12 clients,gunning for 200 dollars a month insane,right,who would have ever thought going to,school,that you're going to be making 200 000 a,month sure there are some people that,may have thought that,kudos to them but it's certainly not,something that we are taught at at,school,how to be an ad manager this could be a,career path and what your income,possibilities are,so that is obviously one big,extreme and that's not obviously what,you're going to be starting,out with right if you are starting out,as an ad manager,we need to start we're at a level where,um that suits us and our confidence at,some point okay because if you are going,to be pricing someone even two thousand,dollars a month,and you try and pitch that price and,you've never actually launched a,campaign before,chances are you're going to choke and,you're going to feel a lot of,pressure delivering for your client,charging that amount,so many ad managers do start out at a,lower rate get some experience on board,i tell people you need to be 100,transparent right i've never run,campaigns before i am just learning,facebook ads,i'd love to give this a go for you and,you know a nominal rate of 500,per month where i'll go in and i'll do,xyz and rather than,you mr client or potential client um,wasting time trying to figure out,facebook ads on top of everything else,that you're already doing,i'll take care of all that for you,brilliant please do,i don't want to waste my time in there,i'm too busy as it is right,so starting off at a bit of a nominal,fee getting some runs on the board,is super valuable for you get those case,studies together,and build your confidence before you,know it,three months down the track you can be,charging a thousand dollars fifteen,hundred dollars even two thousand,dollars per,client okay now when people,join my elite ad manager program if they,get in,in a certain window we have an ad,manager,action plan meeting okay a 30 minute,call,where we look at their strategies to hit,their income goals now for a lot of,these people that are joining,they're mums or they're trans they've,got little kids or they've got older,kids,and chances are they're not really,looking for full-time work,some of them are which is great which,means a maximum of 10 clients or so,but others they're juggling little kids,and homeschooling and various things,so five to six clients is enough for,them,and maybe they only need um to earn five,thousand dollars a month,or that's their first goal when we sit,down and we actually look at the,lifestyle that they want,they only want to work part-time and the,actual income,that's required for that their eyes,light up and they see,how it is possible to actually hit five,thousand dollars per month,without having to go off to that nine to,five,and work all these long crazy hours and,worry about all the commuting,one of my friends who's another amazing,ad manager we've been um,had best buddies for years now marsha,i re recently did an interview with her,to hear her story of coming from,corporate america,to having kids and then working from,home learning how to run,funnels build funnels for people and,then going into ad management services,and how she first charged someone like,50 for,the first funnel or whatever and she,thought wow this is amazing,and so from there she's earning well in,excess of ten thousand dollars,per month running ads for clients making,six figures,per year working from home part-time,with her three little kids,so it's completely possible so if you,were to just have,five clients paying you one thousand,dollars per month for facebook ads which,is,completely um like a base level price,totally achievable that's five thousand,dollars,per month now what i do want you to,consider and this is what i point out in,our ad manager action plan,is that you do still have expenses on,that which you need to consider,you'll have typically like a 30 tax that,needs to be put aside,you might want to get a va on board to,just relieve some time for yourself so,that could be,you know 10 hours a week that you might,have someone that's coming in and doing,the reporting,and various other administrative aspects,you might want to pay for bookkeeper,you may have some subscriptions that,you're paying for as well,so we actually have a calculator that,looks at all these other expenses,so that you can see what you actually,need to bring in,so that revenue each month so that you,can actually,take home that income goal into your,pocket each month,so depending on those expenses if you,have va's if you're outsourcing,copywriting,if you're outsourcing graphic design,work etc,to bring home five thousand dollars per,month,you may need to actually make nine,thousand dollars in revenue,i know you might go what where does that,four thousand dollars go,well hello mr taxman right they they,like to take their cut so you want to,make sure,that you've earned it and you've put it,aside so you don't have to dig it out of,your pocket,okay so super important there so even if,you do need to make nine thousand,dollars a month to bring in five,thousand dollars per month,if you have again just five clients who,are paying you two thousand dollars per,month,that's ten thousand dollars and you've,got there okay,even if you had clients at fifteen,hundred dollars per month,that's like what let me do the math,three six,nine that's like six clients at fifteen,hundred dollars per month,now another thing to consider when,you're running ads for clients,is the ad spend that you're managing,managing three thousand dollars a month,in ad spend a hundred dollars a day,i was going to say it's easy but it's,actually not as easy as running a,thousand dollars a day,there's all sorts of different,challenges when you're working with,smaller budgets,but if you've got a client that's,running three thousand dollars a day um,three thousand dollars a day that is,awesome but three thousand dollars a,month,with their facebook ads you can also be,charging,10 that's a pretty typical nominal,amount of ad spend percentage of that,spent to charge your clients,so you may have like a a thousand just,to keep my numbers nice and even,a thousand dollar a month retainer plus,10 of ad spend so if they're spending,3 000 a month on ad spend that's another,300,that you would be charging them at the,end of the month so your,monthly fee from that client isn't just,a thousand dollars,it's thirteen hundred dollars and then,if you're getting them amazing results,and they're scaling up because sales are,coming through,and they scale up to five thousand to,ten thousand dollars per month,then you'll get that ten percent of ten,thousand dollars,which is an extra thousand dollars so,that one thousand dollar client,is now a two thousand dollar client and,again,so if you're charging two thousand,dollars per client you've got five,clients on board,that's ten thousand dollars per month,but,you'll be taking some out for all those,expenses so you might make,it be bringing home six thousand a month,but if each of those clients are also,paying that ten percent of ad spend,that ten thousand dollars per month can,very quickly be,fifteen thousand dollars per month or,more okay,so that's how as an ad manager,you can be making those five ten fifteen,thousand dollar months,that income that for so many people,may be the equivalent of a year's income,you have the potential to make that in,one month,running ads for clients because you,provide such a valuable,service i really want you to get that so,many ad managers get caught up in their,own mind and caught up in their own,securities,and caught up in their own money stories,that they may believe,and so therefore they don't charge,what they are worth you are a rain maker,for businesses,they need you your value is in the,services that you provide,all those hours that you spend learning,how to run facebook ads,and continuing to learn the latest tips,or strategies,or changes on the platform you provide,such a valuable service and it really is,a,premium service that businesses should,be paying you for,so recognize that own that if you are,only charging 500 uh per month for,clients and you've been running ads for,longer than six months,you need to increase your prices if,you're charging a thousand dollars per,month,and you've been running ads for clients,for you know more than six months and,you are getting results for your clients,you need to increase your prices you're,not doing yourself all your clients a,favor by,charging you know prices that see you,struggling and therefore needing to be,on a constant chase to get more clients,if you're trying to work with 10 clients,at a thousand dollars per month,you're going to wear yourself very thin,your clients may not get results because,you may drop the ball,and therefore you're on a constant,hustle,by using the model that's like what i,call a boutique,agency where you're working closely with,clients in a one-on-one method where,they're not feeling like they're just,like in a cattle crush just all coming,in,that they feel that they have your,attention and that premium service,you can charge premium prices so if you,want to learn more about that,increasing your prices and providing,that botig,agency service by working intimately,with your clients,then i invite you to check out the elite,ad manager,that's my certification program where we,help you to do exactly that,to increase your prices get systems in,place and provide a premium level of,service for your clients,as well as learning the most up-to-date,comprehensive ad strategies out there,so if you want to learn more about that,head to elite ad,and i look forward to seeing you there,so that's it for me today,i look forward to seeing you next time,bye for now,bye

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Full Facebook Ads Course For SMMA 2022

Full Facebook Ads Course For SMMA 2022

alright so over the past months i,probably had over a hundred requests,from people on my channel that wants me,to make a tutorial on facebook ads for,smma that works in 2022. so in today's,video i did just that now if you're not,into smma social media marketing agency,this facebook ad strategy is still gonna,apply to you so if you're running for,example let's say an e-commerce store or,a local business this advertising,strategy is still gonna work for you so,what i did today is i spent two hours,setting up a powerpoint going over how,to run facebook ads step by step and,it's gonna be a complete beginner,tutorial so in the beginning of it it's,gonna be ridiculously simple and basic,but the further we get into it the more,advanced the video is gonna get and once,we get to the end of this video we're,actually gonna get into some really,advanced advertising strategies that the,gurus are charging two thousand dollars,or more for but as you know on my,channel we're keeping it real so i'm,gonna give you all the information for,completely free i don't have any course,i have absolutely nothing to sell you,and over the past year i've been,operating a marketing agency that's,producing over a hundred thousand,dollars profit every single month and,i'm using this channel to document my,journey and i'm trying to be as,transparent as possible on this channel,i show you my results i show my mistakes,i pretty much just show like everything,on how to run this business but i'm not,going to waste your time so let's get,into the powerpoint but before we get,into it i just have to tell you that,this video is gonna be life changing,there is just no doubt this is one of,the best videos on facebook ads out,there so you have to grab your notepad,and set aside some time you should,really just not be the guy that just,skips through the whole video and just,notes down some weird stuff like this,video is really about to change your,game so if you have clients or you're,looking to get clients this is the exact,strategy that you can use to get results,for your clients so do not click off and,just set aside 15 minutes or 20. i'm,going to be honest just say this at 30,minutes because you just have to watch,this like it's literally gonna change,your game but let's get inside of my,computer and actually look at the,presentation all right welcome to my,complete facebook ads tutorial for smma,but as it says i mean works for any type,of business and as you also say it says,complete facebook in one word maybe i,think that that's weird but anyways this,is a step-by-step guide that's gonna,teach you literally everything on how to,run facebook ads in 2022 whether you,have an agency which this video is,directed towards energy owners but even,if you have an e-commerce stores or a,local business this advertising strategy,is still going to apply to you so grab,your notepad because this is going to be,one of the best videos you have seen,about facebook marketing and i'm still,here my camera just doesn't really fit,the presentation all right so before you,run facebook ads there's a couple of,things you need to know and these are,absolutely must know things so make sure,that these things are prepared if you're,working with a client make sure the,client already got all this set up so,the first thing is going to be the,facebook pixel the facebook pixel has to,be installed on the client's website and,the facebook pixel is the thing you use,to track conversions and the thing is to,track data so if you don't have a,facebook pixel you're not going to be,able to see what's make the sales and,you're just not going to get any data,the second thing you need is to figure,out how to use their ad account and what,i recommend to do here is to be an admin,on the client's ad account you do not,want to run the ads on your own personal,account you don't want to risk a ban or,anything like that so what you want to,do is just to have the client open a,business manager and they probably will,have a business manager already and what,you then need to do is you need to give,your email out to the business so that,they can add your email as an admin to,their ad account and their business,manager and once you have admin access,there you can run their ads now the next,thing you need to know is how you're,going to pay for ads and what i,recommend here and this is just a must,do you have the client put in his card,or paypal or whatever he or she chooses,to pay for ads with into their ads,managers you're not going to spend any,of your own budget if the client pays,you 2k you just profit that money you're,not going to spend any of that money on,the advertising you want to make sure,that the client is actually paying for,the ads and have their card inside of,their ad account the next thing you want,to have prepared and this is going to be,very easy especially if you're working,with a business so if you're doing sma,it's going to be pretty simple i would,assume at least in most cases you want,to have a verified business manager and,a verified business manager means that,the client has been putting in their,documents into the facebook manager,which means you know they've been,putting in their business documents onto,the ads manager because if you don't,have a verified business manager you are,risking getting banned and if you get,banned it's just going to be a headache,you can always solve a ban it's not,really a big deal but you just really,want to have a verified business manager,so just check that with your client you,can run without it but just know that,that's on your own risk verified,managers doesn't really get banned,unless you're breaking the rules and i,know the powerpoint is a little bit,boring because you can't see me but this,is a study session all right if you're,serious about your business you should,watch this even though it's a little bit,boring but anyways let's go through the,ads manager structure so when you first,get into the facebook business manager,it's going to be very confusing i,totally get it but that's why i'm making,this video and i'm making it,ridiculously simple for beginners and as,i said in the beginning of this video,the later on we get into the video the,more advanced it's going to get and just,before we get into that hopefully we'll,click a like on the video and subscribe,because i'm trying to be as transparent,as possible here and just create a,really great channel that just helps,people and also have a completely free,discord group no upsells i don't ever,try to sell you anything that's linked,in the description full of agency owners,and entrepreneurs who just really wants,to change your life and i'm always in,there giving out free advice but the,business manager getting on facebook and,advertising for the first time can feel,incredibly confusing i remember when i,first were there i learned most of this,myself but i did have a mentor just kind,of help me out just to understand the,structure but the facebook ads manager,is going to be very very hard to,understand when you first get into it so,i'm going to show you one of my ad,managers that i've been using for,multiple clients so let's just get,inside my computer and get into the more,kind of advanced stuff it's still very,simple and then after that we're going,to get into all the strategies you're,going to see exactly how to make tons of,money for your clients but let's get,inside my arts manager alright so we're,inside my ads manager and i'm about to,show you just how this whole thing works,so i'm not gonna look at the camera,really but let's get into it so as you,can see this is probably very confusing,but quickly though we can see that we,have a campaign right so we have,different campaigns what's going on,inside of all these campaigns you will,be able to see here in a second but we,have different campaigns and just let's,look at one of them spent 29 000 pounds,so that's more than dollars probably 35,000 i don't know it's just a little bit,more than dollars let's just pretend,it's dollars 29 dollars or thirty,thousand and we generated ninety two,thousand so that means for every dollar,spent we made three point zero nine,dollars back so that's a decent return,we can obviously always get it higher on,this campaign we have three point four,but it's still a pretty profitable,campaign as we had a very high margin on,this project and it generated over 2 800,sales so what we can see is we have a,bunch of different columns the first one,is the name of the campaign which you,can make whatever you want then we have,delivery that's just whether or not the,campaign is on so i'm gonna ignore some,metrics so just know that the metrics,that i ignore and don't talk about are,stuff that you don't even need to worry,about either the next thing we're going,to have is the budget and this just,shows how much the campaign is spending,every single day so one of them is a cbo,i'll get way more advantageous i'm going,to explain all of it spending 180 a day,and this one are individual inside of,the ad set and i'm going to get into,that so we can see is the amount spent,so as i said 29 000 or 30 000 generated,or go over here again 92 000 then we,have the reach how many people is three,is pretty obvious then we have the,results which is you know how many,percent spin and then we have the cost,per results so these are pretty much all,the columns that you need when you,actually run a campaign you should also,have click to rate add to cart etc so,let's get into that so as you can see,the cost per result here is 10 pounds,but as i said let's pretend it's dollars,10.13 is pretty reasonable but we should,probably see a high ross as well then we,can also see the link clicks it's not,really something you have to see but you,could we can also see the add to cars,and you can add a bunch of columns so,let's get into that but first of all,let's talk about row as this is the main,metric you have to pay attention to when,running an agency or just anything that,has to do with ads ros is basically how,profitable they are it's the return on,ad spend so if you have a release of,three that means for every dollar you,spend you make three back if you have a,loss of 10 every dollar you spend you,make 10 back it's pretty much just a,return on investment kind of right to,return ads and then we just have the,value how much you've sold for so what,you can do is you can come up to columns,here and you can customize your own,columns so we could go for multiple,metrics here now you should just copy,what i have so you can search them up,here you can search for website rawas,you can search for budget you can search,for link clicks some of these you will,already have but one thing you should,search for is ctr so that is the click,to rate what percentage of people that,are watching are clicking actually onto,your website or whatever you're,advertising to so if you have a,click-through rate percentage of one,that means that one out of 100 is,clicking on your site and if you have a,click-to-rate of 5 or 10 that means that,5 or 10 out of 100 is clicking on your,website and an ideal click rate is going,to be anything over five so if you have,a campaign that's running at let's say,two percent click rate you should just,get a new video ad or a new audience,because it's just clear not working you,cannot judge results based off of a low,click rate it's very important that you,actually master these things that we'll,get into in a second but definitely want,to add click to rate so now i just added,it we should be able to see it's,actually not that high but if we see it,one of the cameras right at 4.2 which is,reasonable but you kind of want to have,it higher but as i said though you can,come up to columns you can customize,them and just put in any metric you want,so as you see i have the budget i have,the raw ass just pause the video here if,you want to see but you should have most,of these already but now let's get into,what you probably have been waiting for,how to actually run your facebook ads,and how to just perform incredible and,make money for your clients of your own,store or whatever it is that you're,trying to advertise let's get into the,actual strategy all right so now that,we've been through the structure of the,facebook ads manager we have to talk,about what makes a good campaign a good,campaign can be multiple things but,usually will be sales or if you're doing,legion a good campaign could be how many,leads you're getting just basically a,successful ad so there's four main key,factors to what makes a good campaign a,good product which is what makes you,money and the first one is the product i,have to be honest with you if you're,working with a client that has a bad,product it's going to be hard for you to,get results even though you are an,expert i'm just telling you i'm very,very confident in my facebook ad skill,but if my client has a horrible product,and i'm just saying like most of them,don't really have that but if they have,a horrible price it's just going to be,very hard for you i have to be honest to,make them good sales a good ad won't,sell a bad product now the next key,factor of a campaign that's performing,good is the creative a creative is,basically what you show them the video,on the text so a creative could be a,photo that they look at and click,through create it can be a video,basically just the content right the,creative is everything on facebook,because it's obvious if you don't have,good content if there's nothing cool to,pay attention to people are just gonna,scroll like why would i watch something,that's boring and why would they watch a,creative that just doesn't apply to them,so if you're for example selling a pain,relief product for a client of yours,that's gonna help them with neck pain,you have to be relatable you should have,a testimonial in it that talks about,someone else's story who actually felt,better after using the product it's just,very important that you have a good,creative and a good creative is,typically first in the introduction so,that's a hook so if you have back pain,that could be someone laying down,stretching they're backing and you hear,the crank sound the sound of relief then,you show the product and then after that,you get into a testimonial someone,talking positively about the product and,in the end it's cta call to action,you're making someone come from your,video ad or photo ad onto your website,the next thing is the audiences what,types of interests should you target,well the audience in creative is heavily,involved with each other because a,creative is basically a marketing,analyst you see down here in the left,corner the creative is kind of a type of,your approach so if the creative is for,example something like say goodbye to,acne and then the audience is people,that doesn't struggle with acne but they,struggle with blackheads well you're,kind of missing out so the creative has,to match the audience so if you're,selling a neck pain product you should,not target arm pain as the audience,right you should have neck pain in the,video and neck pain in the audience so,the audience has to relate to the video,this is where most people go wrong they,have a good creator but the audience,doesn't relate to it so the click to,rate is not just a video ad because if,the video doesn't have the right,audience they're not going to click so,if you want to have a high clicked rate,on your campaigns which we talked about,it's just key you have to have an,audience that fits the video because you,know it's just like music right like a,guy that listens to pop music probably,not that interested in like rock or,metal right so it's just obvious right,the audience has to match the creative,the fourth key factor that makes a good,campaign is the marketing angle this is,your approach it's pretty obvious i mean,it's called marketing angle i guess you,understand what it means but it is the,approach you're taking so marketing,angle could for example be something,such as like say goodbye to blackheads,and you know you've been struggling for,too long it could be an emotional one,right like you deserve better or another,marketing could be aggressive like it's,time to take control of your life or,another one could be a funny marketing,angle like there's so many different,approaches but the thing that is,important is that the marketing angle,matches the creative and the creative,matches the audience the product doesn't,have to match because that's obvious,right like it would obviously not target,something that doesn't relate to the,product but if you can have a marketing,angle that matches the creative and the,audience i mean the creative has a lot,to do with the marketing angle you're,pretty much good it's gonna be like very,easy for you at this point so these are,four pillars of a successful campaign,and if you can master all four of these,you're gonna have a very easy time,making someone else or making another,business or yourself money through,facebook ads it's really not that,difficult as long as you have a strategy,and on the next slide i'm literally,gonna teach you the exact strategy,everything is gonna be incredibly good,and if you just follow this video and,you launch it you are gonna make results,for your clients so if you have the four,pillars down you have a good product you,have good creatives you have a good,audience and you have a good marketing,it's going to be very easy for you and,what you can now do is to actually get,into the strategy so let's look at a,strategy how do we actually advertise,all right how to launch your first ads,now after this slide i'm literally going,to launch ads in front of you or not,publish them i'm gonna show you exactly,how to launch ads so you will see a,walkthrough on that on my screen inside,of my own facebook account but before,that let's look at it so on facebook you,can choose the budget you can choose,pretty much everything and this is all,gonna make sense on the next section of,the video when you're actually looking,at my screen but your campaign has to,run for 10 a day there's no point,running for anything more than that,unless you're doing legion but i'm not,talking about legion right now we're,talking about selling physical price,this can also work for memberships gyms,you can work for everything you should,just always want to work with a new,client or you have your own stores i'm,just going to refer to clients now but,this is the exact same strategy if you,are drop shipping or whatever you do so,ignore the client aspect if you don't,have clients but this strategy is always,going to work so what you do is you run,an ad set at 10 a day and you're gonna,have seven adsense so that is ten,dollars times seven which means you're,going to spend roughly 70 a day and what,you want to have is you want to have one,interest in each so that's also going to,be seven interest one in each and then,you're going to target 18 to 65 in the,years and i know this probably sounds,confusing if you're selling a product to,older people why would you target 18 to,65 wouldn't you just target 40 to 65 and,65 is plus by the way it doesn't cap at,65. now the reason for that is that,facebook optimizes in a very strange way,and if you mess too much around with,optimization you're going to have a,little bit of a problem so the best,thing to do on facebook nowadays is to,keep it broad and the thing that's so,interesting about the platform is that,when you keep it broad it does,everything for you that's where people,fail at facebook ads they want to take,more control than they let facebook do,but you do 18 to 65 and if the product,or whatever you're selling is selling,more so towards 50 year olds facebook is,gonna stop spending money on 20 and 30,and 40 year olds they're only going to,spend money where it works same if you,have for example five countries the next,section there is the country are you,gonna go worldwide top five you know uk,canada australia new zealand and united,states this can be your top five,countries there's many approaches but,let's just say you run into these five,countries and it starts selling a lot in,australia facebook is gonna stop,spending money on united states you're,gonna stop spending money on uk canada,new zealand so that's the great thing,you don't really have to narrow down the,second you start narrowing down your ads,you're pretty much messing up the,optimization now the next thing you want,to do is in a test campaign you want to,have two to three creatives that means,two video ads for example and one photo,the creative you can pretty much just,call it the content so i typically,structure it like let's say two videos,of the product and one photo that's a,pretty good formula because if you only,have ten dollars a day you don't want to,spend you know one dollar per right you,want to just have two to threes you have,some breeding room new dollar can spend,anywhere so that means that in a total,campaign you're gonna have seven,interests and you're gonna have ten,dollars a day per which means seventy,dollars and seven interest all right so,now that we talked about some things,that probably just sounds weird to you,i'm actually gonna show you how to do it,so it all makes sense because now maybe,you're thinking if you're not an,experienced advertiser what is ten,dollars a day what is 1865 how do i even,choose that well let's get inside of my,ads manager that i showed you earlier in,this video and i'm actually just going,to break it all down for you so let's,just look at it all right so now we're,inside my ads manager and i'm going to,show you how to launch your first,campaign hopefully by now you click a,like on the video and subscribe i just,would truly appreciate it it's really,the only thing i would need in return if,you don't want to do it that's fine but,please just click a like and subscribe,that would be super awesome but now,let's actually look at it so we here,have the ads manager that we just talked,about these are all campaigns so what,you want to do is you want to create a,campaign now on this account we can't,create a campaign right now so i'm just,going to edit it but you want to come,over here and create a campaign so let's,look inside of the campaign the first,thing we do is we name the campaign the,product where we're selling i mean this,is just my strategy you don't have to do,this the name doesn't affect the,performance but let's just say that i'm,selling an acne remover i'm going to,name the campaign acne move for example,then you scroll down here and as i,talked about if there's something that i,don't mention then just don't bother,don't think about it so if you think,like why didn't he talk about a b test,while a b test is irrelevant now you,don't have to worry about it or why,didn't he talk about auction type well,just don't touch it leave it to the,basic so what we do is we name it then,we come down here we don't want to mess,with the campaign budget optimization,it's very good but not when starting all,right so i just changed the campaign so,here we have a campaign you want to run,seven or six ad sets a day when starting,but this campaign is going to be just,five ounces for now because i'm not,gonna add more but pretend it's seven so,as you can see here's the campaign and,here is the ad set under the ads it is,the video ad so there's one ad set two,three four five right pretty simple you,wanna have six or seven but i just have,five for the example of it so now let's,scroll to the actual ad sets what you,can do is you have to set up the,conversions it's very simple just follow,what it says what you want to aim for is,purchase always optimize for purchase,unless you're doing legion but i would,just assume you don't in this video then,what you want to do is you want to,schedule ads and i recommend just,schedule your ads to midnight just to,keep it like simple there's no point,taking any risk so just like a great,rule just schedule them to midnight,because the thing is when you're on,facebook ads you want to make changes,only once per day because if not you can,kind of mess a little bit with,optimization so a good rule is just to,publish your assets at 12 every single,day because then you are sticking to the,ones per day rule so you can scale this,to 12 but you can make your own time i,mean you can start scheduling 3 pm all,the time 5 pm 11 am whatever you want to,then we come down to the country so here,you have to pick i'm not going to make,this decision for you because it,completely depends on what you're,selling are you going to target the uk,are you going to go worldwide if you go,worldwide you can exclude third world,country so you can go worldwide i can,actually show you this right now because,worldwide is very good so if you look at,my screen here i mean i guess you're,already looking on my screen we can,search for worldwide then we can put in,the whole region then we can switch from,include to exclude so then we can for,example exclude africa because they're,most likely not gonna buy from us then,we can exclude mexico i mean just coming,up random examples but you can pretty,much exclude anything you would like to,exclude and that's pretty much it you,can go worldwide you can do whatever but,this is up to you just target a country,that performs good so you want to ask,your client what he's been doing well,with in the past and if it's new you,will just have to test and if you don't,have any clue just go by the top four or,five countries just go actually just go,like united kingdom usa and canada or,you can go with european countries,totally depends on the market but you,know if your client has had success in,australia before you just want to target,australia play it safe right so the next,thing you want to do is you want to come,down to the ages so you can edit that 18,to 65 now i know it's a 30 here but this,is a little bit older campaign just,stick to the basics here 18 to 65 plus,then you come down to the interest so,let's just say we're selling an acne,product we could for example surfactant,is not going to show up because there is,no interest on facebook called acne so,what can we do we can for example search,for skin skin care well that's basic,everyone's gonna target skincare that's,the thing like if you're starting out,and you have no data and no advantages,it's gonna be very hard for you to break,into a huge interest like skin care so,if you're selling a skincare product you,shouldn't target skincare because it's,just where all your competitors are you,have to just find your own little,untapped interest so that could for,example be like targeting maybe like,kylie jenner she has a skincare brand,the people interested in her are most,likely into skincare but it's not as,direct right you're not competing with a,huge market you're finding an untapped,interest that still has the same type of,audience so now targeting an interest,like that you're going to be able to,actually move away from the big,competition you could also target,different interests such as beautiful,skin natural skincare it's a little bit,more specific when all your competitors,are targeting skin care you could target,beautiful skin you could target,dermatology you know just a bunch of,nerdy skin care interest because you,don't want to go where the mass is going,but let's say we're selling an acne,product we can surf our skin no don't,run any of this actually let's run,beautiful skin now we can click,suggestions here it's going to show so,many good interests and keep in mind the,interest is what's going to sell right,like if you target the wrong interest,you're failing the whole marketing angle,perspective right so we can maybe go,with cosmetics we can go with anti-aging,cream face just what i want to teach you,is that you can use the suggestion bar,it's going to show you 30 suggestions of,things that similar to interest so for,example where to go with netflix and,then we hit suggestions i'm going to,show right now netflix is a very good,interest by the way i don't really know,why but you will see similar stuff right,so suggestion is going to be your best,friend when trying to find good interest,but you also want to make sure that you,are a little bit untapped so next thing,we can do is to click on the detail,targeting button when you first start,out i'm telling you you really should,have it on because i told you leave it,up to facebook when you first start out,they know better than you they just do,they know better than me too because i'm,not a system i'm not a machine i kind of,look like a machine but i'm just not so,what you want to do is you want to hit,reach people beyond your d yeah why do i,say the whole thing you just want to hit,the detail targeting button all right,and then when you scale when you're like,actually trying to make more money,trying to make changes you can turn that,thing off later and then you want to go,with placements i don't recommend doing,manual the reason we do manual here is,because we just tried out something new,you always just want to go with every,placement and the thing is like if your,video doesn't fit stories it's not going,to go to stores anyway so so many people,are always worried like i don't want to,do automatic because it says like it's,going to be showing reels and stories no,if it doesn't fit there it's not going,to be shown so always go automatic when,starting and that's it and now one very,important thing facebook is going to try,to trick you as you can see here they're,going to say like some audience,locations aren't available for reads,okay that is fine they're also going to,say they don't say it here but they,might say that adsense may get serious,sales don't listen to them they're just,trying to spend your money like weird,places they're also going to say,estimate audience size and this is all,false so you have to trust yourself and,not facebook the next thing you want to,do is you want to hit next then you're,going to get led into the ad part so,this ad cannot be edited because the,facebook page has been disconnected from,this ads manager so we made a new ad,account i can't show the name of it but,up in the left corner we made a new ad,account where we actually have the,facebook page but inside of here is very,simple it's straightforward it's going,to show you exactly what to do the only,thing you need now is to actually put in,the video ad or the photo then you put,in the text so the text could be,something like take care of your skin,today natural acne cream something like,that and like get started then you put,in a bit the link so you shorten down,the link click this link to get started,and then under that you can put in like,free worldwide shipping or stock is,limited 50 off it could be pretty much,anything and then just gonna hit a,button called shop now and that's it you,now set up your first ad all right so,that is how you test something on,facebook so whenever you work with a new,client even though they might have ads,going on they might be making sales you,should always just launch a campaign,with like seven ads so it's a ten,dollars a day just to test the water,just to see what's up see how it's,working see how their ad account is,working see if it's getting any sales so,i'm just recommending you like,regardless of how they are performing,just always launch a test so what are,you gonna do after this test is the main,question because the test isn't really,gonna make you thousands of dollars now,don't get me wrong one time i tested,something and i made a return of seven,thousand but it's just not normal test,is probably going to make it like 200 it,depends on the off right if it's high,ticket like it cost thousand you can,make thousands but a test is gonna you,know not give you that many sales but,what you do after the test is most,certainly gonna make you a lot of sales,or a lot of return on their investment,so let's look at it what you do after a,test but before that let me show you a,couple of different scenarios when,you're testing something on facebook all,right so let's talk about the different,scenarios that can happen after test,because there's so many things that can,happen first thing that can happen is,you know you get zero sales this is,scenario number one if you don't get any,sales just cut the campaign and relaunch,i don't know what it says reload it's,supposed to say relaunch i don't know,why but you want to cut the campaign,just make it over again that means that,you can try for example new interest,right you can try a new demographic if,you have a low click to rate you can try,a new video but when you relaunch just,try new stuff now your second scenario,is that you get just one sale or one,lead or you know whatever so if you get,one sale leave it running another 12 to,24 hours so what you can do now is you,can cut an ad set and add a couple of,new interests but mainly you just want,to run it another day and now before i,forget this never touch your ads when,testing this is important i cannot,stress this enough when you're testing,something out don't touch your ads you,have to give them a full 24 to 30 hours,but if you get one sale just leave it,running like another day 12 to 24 hours,to see the performance on it because it,might actually pick up facebook is,sometimes slow now the third scenario is,a little bit good you get two plus sales,right add new audiences and cut balances,so if you get two plus sales let's just,say you get two what you can do is you,can cut two of your seven ads that means,you get two of your interest and then,you can just exchange those entries into,new interests but the same rule applies,here leave it running another day,because you're hoping for scenario four,and the fourth scenario is that you get,three plus sales in one ad set what you,do then is you duplicate and scale and,this is where you really make money so,buckle your seat belts because this is,gonna be the best part of the whole,presentation this is why i told you to,stay to the end this is what gurus,literally charge 2 000 or more for i'm,gonna reveal all of it for free so you,get three plus sales in one ad set that,means the ad set is probably qualified,it has a high chance of making good,money for your client so what we're,going gonna do now is gonna scale it now,if it's not performing well check your,metrics check if the click trade for,example is low if your click trade is,two percent you should relaunch you,should just make the campaign from,scratch with a new video or a new,marketing angle or a new audience just,very important to check your metrics to,see why it's not working because the,thing is when you have the skill of,facebook it's not really that much luck,right so if it's not working you have to,figure out why all right so now we got,in pretty far let me actually teach you,how to make your clients or yourself,money it's going to break down,everything how do we scale what is,scaling well scaling is figuring out,what's working and making that work even,better and cutting what's not working,you just want to focus on what works,find more things that works test some,multiple things but let me show you how,to scale this is going to be very,advanced so take it slow bring your,notepad but i'm going to make it as,beginner friendly as possible and by the,way i just wanted to tell you that i,document my whole journey on my,instagram right here i show you my,agency results i show you my clients i,already show you like everything from,traveling to all the fun stuff that i do,to behind the scenes of my agency and,i'm not trying to sell you anything,there either okay so don't worry there's,just so many gears out there trying to,sell and i just want to make it crystal,clear i'm not trying to sell you,anything okay i can't say it enough,because some guy said in the comments,that i'm trying to sell him a software,just because i said like you should use,this software it's so good and he,thought i was sponsored i'm not i'm not,trying to take your money in any way so,with that being said let's get into the,very advanced stuff let's jump back into,my ads manager and talk about scaling,all right so we're inside my ads manager,how do we actually scale well let's just,take this good campaign as an example if,we go into it we can sort it by let's,just say for example results now can,actually find it yeah here it is just,look past it so results one adds it as,180 in sales and it's doing 25 a day we,spent 1 000 and it's made 118 sales so,we can also sort by row as just to see,the return some of these ads have been,incredibly profitable as you can see if,we only spent 21 dollars to generate,let's scroll to the side to generate 151,so that's the seven in row as for every,dollar we spend we make seven dollars,back but now let's actually sort it by,results first you want to find the,criteria so you tested a product and fit,the criteria that is three sales or more,right so let's just say it's three but,it is five it just fits the criteria of,three cells some more so what we can do,with it is as a high row s2 so it's,probably going to work we can duplicate,this ad set so i'm gonna do it we,duplicate and we only change one thing,this is incredibly important what we do,is we scroll down we put it from ten,dollars a day to 25 dollars a day and,then what you do is you just publish,that is literally it you're doing,vertical scaling so there's multiple,types of scaling horizontal scaling,vertical scaling horizontal scaling is,just making tons of duplicates keeping,the budget the same often just testing a,lot vertical scaling is aggressive,scaling you're just taking a budget and,doubling it so if something works you,should just take the budget from 10 a,day to 25 a day just instantly because,that's where you really see results and,25 dollar ads are just so much better,than 10 but you don't want to do that,when testing 25 dollars can bring you,thousands of sales as you saw on the,other example i just showed you so what,you want to do is just to increase the,budget and then just going to publish,then you can do another duplicate where,you just leave the budget at 10 and you,scroll down and change the detail,targeting button now i don't know why,it's not showing anymore but you guys,remember the detail targeting but it's,going to be right there you just click,on the detail turning button if it was,on you turn it off it was off you turn,it on you're basically just split,testing that button to see if it's going,to work better with it off or on so,those are your two main duplicates now,there's one more thing you can do let's,look at it so you're just going to close,this now it's gonna say drop in the,corner but ignore that so the last thing,you can do is horizontal scaling you,remember i just talked about this you,don't have to remember the metrics,whether you're doing horizontal vertical,nobody's not really gonna care about,that but horizontal scaling is just a,straight up duplicate to begin with you,don't do anything that's the thing it's,just a copy so what this allows you to,do is it allows you to find new segments,of the audience which means that the 10,one maybe didn't optimize perfectly,maybe there's a better audience for it,so what you can do is just a straight up,copy just duplicate and don't change,anything so you're basically just making,a new ad set that is the exact same to,see if it can perform better and what,you can then do if that hits three sales,you just duplicate it and repeat the,process 25 a day it can be whatever so,the great thing about scaling is that,you pretty much just repeat this there's,way more to it but whenever you scale,you should always do these same things,over and over again you constantly want,to find new interests at 10 a day you,constantly want to test new things,whenever you get new adsense to three,sales you duplicate them to 25 you never,get answers to 20 sales for example you,duplicate them to 50. you always play,test expand detail targeting you always,make copies you just keep repeating this,you always want to have new ad sets a,tree sales new interest just new stuff,all the time you have to test so this,process you're gonna repeat even if,you're doing twenty thousand dollars,fifty thousand a day you're always going,to repeat this process but now we're,getting into the advanced stuff so now,that you start to make 25 duplicates,you're trying to just do everything you,just keep the cycle going keep,duplicating your next goal is to get,multiple answers to seven sales in order,for you to actually start scaling,aggressively now this is my strategy,right there's so many different ways you,can do it so i'm not gonna say it's you,know the perfect strategy it is very,good actually it's the perfect strategy,there's many other goodwill strategies,out there too but when you do ads only,stick to one strategy you cannot mix it,up so your next ideal scenario is that,you get three assets or more to seven,sales so we can look at this right here,we have three outs of 50 criteria it can,obviously be more than 72 you know the,more they're better but you want to have,three to five answers sitting at seven,sales or more and what we can now do is,we can start spending a lot of money,this is gonna be a little bit scary,because you're gonna spend hundreds of,dollars but i'm telling you if it fits,the criteria if you have seven sales and,it's like kind of profitable in three to,five assets it's probably always going,to work like it fails only like one out,of ten times so this is very very safe,in most kids what we can now do we have,three but you can also have five right,what we can then do is we can duplicate,them and now we have to duplicate them,into a new campaign so just name the,campaign the product name and then cbo,so acne product,cbo campaign budget optimization so,let's get into new campaign i'm going to,show you what you're going to do now,this is where it really starts getting,you have to click on top here to get,inside of the campaign you now want to,scroll down ignore the errors because,the page isn't here right you're not,going to have errors you want to come,down here and you want to activate,campaign budget optimization so we're,going to do 150 a day and the reason for,that is because we have three assets,each ad set is going to run for 50 a day,now it's not technically gonna run for,50 a day because facebook is going to,spend it how they want to but each ad,set equals 50 so if you have 10 ad sets,that's 50 times 10 500 if you have five,assets 250 a day two ad so it's 100 but,you don't really want to do this with,less than three so we have three outs,that 50 time three now the thing is,facebook in the campaign budget,optimization is going to spend the money,where they like that means that facebook,is going to spend money on the good,performing ad sets and stop spending,money on the bad ones so they're just,going to push the good ad sets a little,bit extra so even though you have 150,and each ad set equals 50 that doesn't,mean they're going to spend that they,might spend 120 on one ad sets and just,15 on the remaining ones and this is a,great thing facebook is finding a,winning ad set they're just doing,everything for you at this point and,then you can just keep it going if the,cbo works what you want to do is you,want a vertical scale which cbo should,only be scaled vertically so if this,works it's doing 150 a day i'm going to,duplicate the whole campaign and put it,to 300 a day if 300 a day works and it's,making me multiple sales and it's,profitable i'm just going to go from 200,a day to 600 you just double budgets on,the cbo and it just works every time the,only bad thing is cbo is probably just,going to work like weak so you have to,find new interests right you have to,constantly find new assets that fits the,criteria so if you go back into the,campaign right now we can see that yeah,we just launched the cbo that's whatever,but we have multiple more answers we can,do this with like we have four ounces,here they have way more than seven sales,can make a new cbo right here right so,let's get all of them let's get one two,three four five and cbo is basically,just your life when you get to this,point so what we can do is we can make a,new cbo for acne product you can go down,here we now have five ounces you don't,really wanna have more than ten in one,but you're probably not going to get to,that point yet so i wouldn't worry then,get into the actual campaign and we now,have a five ad set so we're gonna,activate cbo that's 50 dollars per so,that is a 250 cbo if it works you're,just going to duplicate it and double,the budget from 250 to follow it now,this really works but i know it's scary,to spend as much money as this but i'm,telling you if you fit the,qualifications of seven sales and,everything is working fine you are,probably going to make it work it's,probably going to be safe so it's really,that simple you just want to repeat the,process back to scratch find new,interests get it to three sales get it,to seven sales make cbos and just all of,this you're just gonna repeat the,process and just gonna make so much,money and the further you get into it,the more answers you're gonna get the,more sales you're gonna make but you,have to remember if an asset is not,making money if you spend 15 dollars a,day on a ten dollar asset and it didn't,make a single sale you have to cut the,asset if you want to be profitable you,have to cut your losses right if i just,leave this whole campaign running and i,never cut anything i'm not going to be,that profitable so if you have a cbo,just say it fails it usually doesn't you,have to cut it okay you can't run it for,long so i cut an ad set up to 24 to 30,hours of spending because that means,it's spent the whole day's budget and if,it doesn't work after 24 to 30 hours i'm,just gonna cut it and move on and find,new stuff but it's incredibly important,that you constantly find new audiences,you constantly get new video ads,creatives photos just everything again,you have to understand this is the most,important thing i can tell in this video,that you always have to repeat the cycle,you have to get new access to three,sales new interests new cbos you can,never stop doing this i mean you can,have a hundred cbs if you want to,probably not going to be allowed to do,that in one ad account so you have to,multiply that account but you're just,gonna repeat the process now one more,thing you have to understand is that a,creative might die out and if you create,a die cell you have to find new videos,so you have to make a campaign we just,put like five different videos into it,to test out different videos you can,test out the first five seconds right,see if you can grab their attention in a,better way you can test out ten,different photos you constantly have to,be on the lookout for a better video,that gets a higher clicked rate because,without a good click rate you're not,gonna make results with facebook ads,right so always try new creatives i mean,facebook is basically just about testing,new stuff that's what i can't stress,enough you just constantly have to be,testing new stuff all right so that's,gonna be it for today's video and i'm,gonna make a follow-up on this i'm gonna,make a way more in-depth guide so this,is not all of it this is just the,introduction because i don't want it to,get too advanced i want it to be simple,for you to just follow but if you're,interested i'll make a follow-up going,way more in depth probably like two,three four hours breaking down literally,everything from ad account bands to all,this but this is not things you should,worry about when you do this just only,worry about what i just told you and if,you encounter any problems just chat in,the discord group i'm probably gonna,answer you this group got you on,everything so that you liked the video,that you click a like on it and,subscribe to my channel and as i said,you can follow my instagram because you,know i document my whole journey on,there just like i do on youtube but you,get to see way more behind the scenes,and stuff so i really appreciate you for,watching and i'll see you in the next,video and i just want to say we're doing,a youtube take we're going to post like,three times a week so i'll see you in,the next video

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