how to earn money from facebook ads

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Beginners (In 2023)yo guys in this video we're going to,talk

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Beginners (In 2023)

yo guys in this video we're going to,talk about how to make money with,facebook ads 100 to 700 a day more than,after the intro,all right guys check this out literally,for today we literally have,about 3 000,in commissions and the craziest thing,right now as you can see from my,homeless looking list because i've been,like professionally homeless the past,couple of months we are here in this,hotel with the really cool spot spa a,spiral staircase,and uh right now with just one of our,traffic sources with facebook ads as you,can see it is doing pretty well you can,see that right now in the us,we made this at about like 2 a.m,easternish time and like the screen is,like super dirty but you could see,exactly how this is working and that's,the beauty about like for example,facebook ads because of the fact that,you know you could literally get your,product or service in front of the,people that actually want to buy your,product or service does that make sense,let me take a second before,this focuses a little bit there you go,so this is exactly why you know i'm,asking this because several years ago my,homie over there,lily went and started like a co-working,business right and he he opened up this,like cool epic thing where like all,these people that make money online and,uh do digital nomad stuff like for,example co-work because everyone that,travels and makes money super super,super lonely um and it's like a good,sense of community i mean i went to a,lot of co-working spaces in bali in,thailand and poland all these places,so he was gonna go ahead and for example,you know do that right and he was gonna,go and do instagram ads and facebook ads,now one of the problems that most,business owners have when they first get,started,with,facebook ads and instagram ads and all,these things like no matter what you,need it for,is they don't know two specific things,and if you understand these two specific,things then whatever it is whatever,product or service that you're selling,you want to get clients or maybe you,want to just get a bunch of likes so,that you know your dating profiles are,better right you need to understand,these two questions and if you do that,you would be able to go ahead and make,money effortlessly with facebook ads,okay so literally hear this write this,down because what i'm about to share,with you can allow you to then start,attracting customers and clients,online even when you're drinking go,kefir,on the other side of the world that's a,beauty about advertising that's a beauty,about doing things like paid media so,those two questions are number one how,much are you willing to spend to acquire,a customer what do i actually mean by,that so so here,with the ads that are running right now,and you can see at 2 am 2 am we made,about like 1400 right with this one,product,i know with this product i'm willing to,spend anywhere from five hundred dollars,to seven hundred dollars even upwards,sometimes to twelve hundred dollars,to acquire one single customer i know,that,and the reason why i know that is,because i just know my numbers i look at,you know,how many people have bought in the past,couple days and i look at how many times,they buy over and over and over and over,again,so what that actually tells me is one,thing it's known as an ltv,stands for lifetime value here is a very,interesting quick story,yesterday i went to the shop with my boy,yousef who's helping me with like the,branding and helping me look like better,and cooler and less homeless while i'm,traveling um like super super sick you,know uh like at just braining and all,those things,we went to this market where we got one,like goat kefir thing right,and you know it's just like a euro two,euros or went out we got like two,and we drank it and it was really really,really good now if that was the only,kefir that we ever bought,to the person that owned that business,we were only worth two euros because,that's the amount of money that we gave,to them does that make sense right but,because they gave us such good service,and because we really really enjoyed it,we ended up buying,as you can see,from all the things that we have in this,hotel,a bunch,a bunch,literally so much kefir and now we're,literally worth you know,100 euros so,kefir net worth 100 euros to these,people that we're going ahead and making,these kefirs which is by the way really,good for your stomach really good for,you know longevity and whatnot so our,lifetime value,so far in the past two days is a hundred,euros but you know today we literally,tried buying 10 more 20 more because,these are so good and we're just like,drinking these,uh and they didn't have any but if they,did we would have spent you know another,30 euros 40 euros fifty years and before,you know it,in the next 30 days if we stay here and,we don't go you know uh jet setting and,going to other countries because that's,kind of what we're doing right now,then we would be worth 200 euros so once,you understand that,and you understand okay well how much,does it cost to make this okay say 50,euros for all the things that we buy,they would profit maybe 150 euros from,us so once you know that in those 30,days you ask yourself how much you win,you stay,spend on advertising to then get that,customer so if you get 150 euros you,spend 100 bucks,you know that you're gonna get 50 profit,does that make sense so that's how you,know how to outspend your customer,because the person that is willing to,spend the most to acquire their customer,are the ones that end up winning in the,advertising game in the facebook ads,game and all of those things right,now that is the first question what are,you going to spend to acquire customer,the second question you need to ask,yourself is how long are you willing to,wait are you willing to wait a week to,make your money back two weeks three,weeks five weeks six weeks eight weeks,you need to have that time uh just,consciously aware of it because not a,lot of people have money not a lot of,people have raised money from investors,no one has an endless flow of cash flow,and you need to understand your numbers,because the person that has the most,long-term thinking and thinks further,into the future and creates a way that,where they can allow themselves to spend,more to acquire a customer then they,will actually be more patient and more,patient when you start thinking in the,longer grand scheme of things like not,just next week how you're gonna make,money but three months from now six,months from now 12 months from now right,two years from now how can you increase,the value for every single customer,then you will be able to be more patient,and it's those people that have no,competition like right now the reason,why i'm winning the reason why yusuf's,winning the reason why everybody that,travels with us is winning is because we,think in three to five to ten year,increments and this is in all aspects of,our life and health and wealth and love,do you think that i would just naturally,be drinking stuff from a goat that they,fermented like this is weird right like,no,and the reason why i do this is because,i'm thinking in three to five to ten,year increments,for my stomach and my health 10 years,from now same thing in my love life same,thing in my wealth and in my business,and if you could start having that,mindset with facebook ads then you could,truly win in the game of facebook ads,and make money as you can see from the,results but hopefully that helps guys if,you want a faster and easier way to go,ahead and scale online any business or,this brand new opportunity this year,then sign up for this week's free,workshop below check out this video in,this podcast i'll see you guys later,you

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₹30-40 हज़ार हर महीने Earn From Facebook |How to Earn ₹30k 40k⧸Month From Facebook? Case Study

₹30-40 हज़ार हर महीने Earn From Facebook |How to Earn ₹30k 40k⧸Month From Facebook? Case Study

then earned quite good in November ,$401,but it is very good Facebook is giving money ,come on now when we have shown this much we will also show you RPM,friends today's video is going to be very amazing ,that how do I earn 30-40 thousand rupees from Facebook every month ,without making any video ,yes friends my existing videos ,I am re uploading them and how am I making money on Facebook ,I am going to guide you step by step ,if you are a creator then this video can be a very big goldmine for you ,and if you are not a creator then also you watch this video ,your life can change from this ,the ways that I'm going to share ,along with that my whole experience ,that how did I grow my page ,and how did I monetize ,I will tell you everything ,so watch the video till end ,and yes guys I want to tell you one more thing ,when it is free to subscribe, then why you are being Miser,you subscribe it, quickly subscribe it,so before moving ahead in the video I would like to tell you one thing ,many people comment that Satish brother you tell us so many income ideas ,but at present we do not have that much money to purchase any software or any tool ,in that condition I would like to tell you ,from wherever it is possible ,try to save money ,like if you are ordering food or going to purchase grocery ,so money can be saved from there also ,for that I will suggest you freecharge paylater,the ones which are your daily usage like food ordering, grocery ,there you can save money with the help of freecharge ,on freecharge pay later options there are 100s of brand,like swiggy, zomato, myntra,1mg etc,offers and discounts are there ,along with that you also get cashback,you can do your payments very easily ,without any OTP ,or CVV,and only one bill offer all the expenses and your work is easy ,so guys checkout freecharge paylater ,I have given the link in the description ,and start saving your money ,come we will move ahead in the video ,so friends first of all I would like to show you ,I will show you the proof of the income that I have received ,because the biggest motivation is money only ,whether anyone will believe it or not ,if you believe it then press like button for this,okay come on I will go on my Facebook dashboard ,over here I will refresh this ,so that you feel that everything is authentic ,other name of Satish video is authenticity ,so everything is shown in an authentic way over here ,over here you can see in November I have received $401,$401.67,some people feel bad that why have I left .67,so it will be $400 if we calculate it in Coolcal,at present 81 is going on ,so if we convert 401 USD,then you can see I had earned 32,000 in November month ,before that you will see in October ,it was $234,before that it was $105,that means it is growing double every month ,that means will it come 800 next month ,it is amazing ,so before August my monetization was done around March or April ,at that time they were not so much views that I could earn some money,money was made very slowly ,and Facebook gives payout at $100 only ,so when I earned $100 ,in August ,then I got $105 ,then it came in October ,after August September is missing ,it came in October and then it came in November ,now it will continuously come every month ,because now I'm getting good number of views ,if I show you my page ,if I show you my page ,if you have not followed me on Facebook then you can do ,because you will be able to see similar content only over there ,so there is nothing like that ,you can see it over here only subscribe button keep it over here only ,over here blue tick is also there ,so you can easily find out Satish Khushwaha page,at present it is showing 148 K followers ,at present these many people have subscribed ,and now over here I'm posting regularly ,I am putting reels and videos ,and I do not put any videos separately,the videos that I make for Facebook same I post it over there ,even though I don't do now my team does it ,initially till the page was growing ,at that time I was doing after that my team is doing ,see we have uploaded this video ,it has been 3 days ,you can serials and everything over here ,there are many of them plus we also upload long videos over here ,so this is my page through which I am earning ,this is my such type of page ,if you don't want to show your face ,if you want to make such videos in which you do not have any role ,then also you can do it ,I will tell you ahead on which type of niches many views come,so for example I am showing you a page ,it is known as Sadcasm,they own a page but do not make the content ,someone else makes content for them ,they might be paying them to make the content ,you can see there are lot of like on this page ,there are more than 20,000,000 followers ,now the type of videos which they upload ,go ones and check ,what do they do is suppose there is a story ,dialogue is also not being delivered ,just caption is written ,that what are the talking ,they are not talking they're stop footages ,they have used stop footages and along with that ,and along with that below or story is going on ,according to the storyline the footage is being played over there ,and these type of videos are a lot on their pages,as they have a lot of followers on the page,that's why videos become viral ,but initially you will have to work hard a bit to grow ,and I will also tell you how I had grown my page ,wait a little bit ,I will show you some examples ,pranks are very famous ,it is known as Oye it's prank,their videos are very famous, it is a scripted prank,you might be knowing ,still there are lot of views ,you look,they upload reels also and big videos also ,and they are making quite a lot of money from here ,because they put the same videos on YouTube ,same videos they are uploading here also ,they are uploading on Instagram also ,so earn from here also, each platform is giving money,and the doubts that you have in your mind that you have to create an original video over here ,no, it is your content you can put it on any platform,you've got all the rights ,of distributing it on any platform ,you have not done exclusive partnership with anyone ,that I will put content only on YouTube ,or I will put content only on Facebook ,did you understand ,so this is one page ,when will look carefully then I will come to know ,you might be knowing Elivish Yadav,so if you will see content of Elvish Yadav brother,he is making over here in portrait form ,it is becoming viral in portrait form a lot ,so in this you will not see Elvish Yadav anywhere,now it might be his team he is hiring actors and making videos ,love you will see over here' ladki nekiya kachrewale ki bezzati',look at the title ,'ladki ne kiya garib k saah fraud',no see over here how the attention is being grabbed ,ladki is used, then garib is used,then fraud is being used,and peoples ego get hurt very easily ,if a girl is doing something ,wrong thing ,then peoples I go get hurt and they're like I want to see ,in this ways the videos become viral ,and the audience of Facebook ,it is not you and me ,the Facebook of audience consists mostly of those people ,above 35 years ,people above 35 years see some things and consider it has to be real,is it really happening or what ,and then they share it on the wall ,Facebook works on sharing ,I will tell you ahead about the Facebook algorithm ,at present which is working ,I will tell you what I have understood ,and it will work like that ,now see this ' ladki ne yeh ladhe k saath kyu kiya, video dekh kar ud jayange hosh",now this is Elvish Yadav brother,look at his YouTube channel that has a different content and over here ,boyfriend ko desi samaj kar kardi uski bezzati,sachai samne aayi to ud gaye hosh,you can see what is the meaning of putting such titles,so you can understand and guess that Elivish Yadav is playing very smart,over here, because his Facebook page has 4 million following,initially he has grown page with his own hard work ,now he's putting any content ,because he knows that the audience is not coming from his face value ,they're coming due to that content ,on YouTube the face value and brand value is different,on Facebook it is not so ,you can just make money on Facebook ,by the method that I will tell you ,okay so I have given you 2-3 examples ,other then that you might have seen road rages videos,you might have seen that bikers put camera ahead of helmet ,and then they fight forcefully,it is a scripted fight ,mostly it is scripted fight ,there are some videos like 99% on scripted ,road rages ones,other than that you might have seen the videos of CCTV ,you can see a red circle blinking ,from that many of them are scripted ,navigate to understand which content is going on on Facebook ,when you will watch this type of videos then you will get an idea,no for example I will tell you some niche ,you can make emotional stories ,you can make pranks ,and something with a girl, you bring a girl and she will do something,due to which people's ego gets hurt,a girl is cheating someone ,or she is doing a fraud ,all these video will be viral a lot ,I am telling you ,and there is nothing but in making such fictional content,you will have to give a disclaimer that all the things that are happening are fiction,you will have to write that disclaimer ,gaming is very famous ,there is a section on Facebook of gaming ,people are coming and playing game ,that videos are trending ,DIY type contents are trending ,how will we grow page on Facebook ,this might be the major concern of majority of you,those all who are creators from you,I would like to tell you that as it is whichever videos you are putting on YouTube ,you start posting them as it is ,on Facebook ,this is the simple method ,you don't post a link over there ,what is told, people put a thumbnail and post a link ,you don't do like that you straight away put the videos ,as I am putting my videos ,see as I put it on YouTube ,I'm not even doing square form ,I'm putting it as it is ,many people do it in square form ,you will have to edit it again ,you will again have to render it ,your task will increase ,in this you have to pick the same video and post over here ,videos work people watch it , Don't think that who will watch it, Do not think like that,you keep on posting ,so this is for creators ,how will new people do ,for new people which are popular niches I had told ,from them you look which type of video you can easily produce ,I give you an idea of CCTV ,you have kept a CCTV in front of a shop ,Bogus one, you tied a GoPro up,and there will be a shopkeeper inside,he will be your person only he will be an actor ,and from outside another actor is coming ,and don't put volume ,don't put sound in CCTV video ,the conversation sound ,because you might have not listened any sound in CCTV footage,there is rarely any footage where sound is there ,otherwise it can be identified that the video is fake ,so you don't have to give any sound ,now you have to come as you enter you have to tell the shopkeeper to give something ,you are speaking you have to do a natural acting ,but audio will not be there ,you told that give me that thing ,now that person went to take that thing ,you picked up a box from there like this ,and you kept it in your shirt like this ,so people will find this a bit interesting ,and people will think that it has been stolen ,and circle it over there ,and the most crucial moment ,3 seconds,Facebook tells that initial 3 seconds are very important ,so you have to make audience wait till 3 seconds ,you have to make audience wait and you don't have to show the main thing the climax in starting only ,you have to stop them a bit and keep ,the more audience will wait the what's time will increase ,Facebook will boost that video more ,this is the method to be viral on Facebook ,do you think if you are successful and stopping anyone for 3 seconds,that means your video will be viral ,now in that CCTV footage people think that he's stealing ,and the shopkeeper could not catch ,he took and run away ,people will tell that, it was not good what happened with him,it will be shared a lot ,that try to catch him,you covered your face with handkerchief in came ,you wore mask and came,who will come to know ,but yes brother you are not supposed to steal,I am giving disclaimer first only ,Don't start stealing,because if you will steal in reality and if you will be caught then you will be beaten a lot,so these are the ways, people are doing like this,many scripted things are being made on Facebook ,and next level game is going on ,creators have understood what people want to watch ,and they have creating such type of content only ,now we will talk about how to grow ,the major things ,how to grow,first of all you will have to do the monetization thing on the page ,it is not on profile ,you can also convert your profile into a page ,I will put its link into also into description ,so first of all you make a page ,if you do not have a page then create a page ,and you start posting videos on that ,along with that whatever criteria is there ,criteria is a bit hard than YouTube ,I will take you to the criteria ,over here the criteria for monetization ,if you will see then you will be shocked ,it is called In-stream ads eligibility, Your age should be 18 years,or you can make page in the name of your brother or any elder person in the family ,because in this pan card and all is required ,to get the payment ,as it is written over here publish videos from page ,it should be published from a page so create a page ,after that over here there partner monetization policy is there ,read it once ,link is given over here open at read it and check it once ,because everything is running on policies only ,it is not that you will make any criminal activity content and upload ,and it will be monetized it is not so,so you have to take care about all these things also ,now as you might be knowing in YouTube ,1000 subscriber plus 4000 hours watch time is required,on Facebook 10,000 followers are required ,are you shocked after listening ,you do not have to get afraid I was also thinking like that ,a lot of time will be passed in making 10,000 followers ,I thought a lot ,that let's not do it ,I was not doing, I was not doing it from many years,you can also see I have got payment of 3-4 months only ,but it feels good ,that we getting fruits of our hard work from there also ,₹30,000 is not less ,it is many peoples job ,see over here 6,00,000 total minutes is required in 60 days,which you might be thinking it is very hard ,it is a bit hard ,6,00,000 in 60 days ,where is on YouTube it is ,2,40,000 minutes in one year ,and over here the number of followers should be 10,000 ,on YouTube how many are required? 1000,even though it is difficult than YouTube ,if any video is viral on the Facebook ,then you are one video only ,it will get your page monetized ,just one CCTV footage or just one road rage ,or just one video like ' ladki ne dhokha diya',it will monetize,over here you have to take care of, you will have to come live,they want 60,000 minutes from live ,they want 60,000 minutes from live ,10% minutes from 6,00,000 ,they should be from live ,you have to come live ,you don't have to come live I will tell you a way,there are lot of apps ,which will directly make the videos of YouTube live over there ,you will have to search which is such app ,which does the videos live,there is monetization in your country or not ,it is necessary to see that ,in India there is monetization ,then you can do it ,and the video should be of at least 1 minute,if you will upload a video of less than one minute then it will be counted as reels,the video should be of one minute above ,you can only monetize that ,now if you have all these things you can check the eligibility ,it will take you on the page and show you what all you have to complete ,it will tell you everything ,so you will be able to check the eligibility over there ,whether your page is worth getting monetized or not ,now we will come on the revenue part ,I would like to show you once the revenue things you can see over here ,the $100 that I had received ,that $100 was made in a very long time,you can see over here I made $100 in 5 months ,so patience is very necessary keep patience ,I had taken some time will understanding somethings ,after one month I could earn $105 ,after that in 2 months I could on $200 ,you can see over here environment $74 and another month $160,then I have earned quite well in November ,$401 ,can you see so these are the things ,and along with that reels are also getting monetized on Facebook ,so I could not on that much from reels as they were not viral ,the people whose reels are getting viral are earning a good amount,but on Facebook you can earn quite a good amount on long videos,I will deny you from doing something ,you don't re edit the movies and upload them ,there will be no meaning of it ,even if you are making money then there are chances that before giving the money Facebook will delete your account ,you don't have to do all this ,you don't have to use copyrighted material ,you have to use copyright free song ,or you can pick the songs from Facebook library only and monetize them ,like from the audio library of Facebook,you can take from there ,or you use copyright free music only in your content ,then it will be more better ,if I tell you how did I grow my page ,so initially I started uploading all my videos ,that means I started posting daily one video ,along with that I started coming live ,I was using an app in which I used to put my link ,that automatically used to make it live ,along with that I had started to post reels ,if you will see now there will be more than 150 reels,I used to try to post reels daily ,but I could not do it daily,after that what I did is ,I keep on writing some quotes on Twitter ,so at present I am taking that quotes from Twitter and posting it on Facebook ,I am doing this 4- 5 things ,even though I'm not doing it my team is doing it ,at present I am not giving even my 1% in this ,on Facebook,but in a way it is like a passive income for me ,because I have made the video once,for YouTube and now we are also repurposing the same video ,you might have seen many times our videos of 5 minutes are being posted over there ,suppose we have made a video of 30 minutes on YouTube ,from that we have cropped clip of 5 minutes,posted on Facebook ,all that videos are monetized ,so this is also one of the benefit ,these things can be tried ,and as I told you don't forget the 3 second rule ,the attention span of people is not more than 3 seconds ,if anyone is watching your video for 3 seconds then he will continue watching it,there are more chances of it ,Facebook has only told this thing ,so you have to take care of that and make the video ,you can also put customized thumbnail on Facebook,you can do all these things ,if we talk about uploading on Facebook ,then you go like this ,creators, Facebook has got an creator studio,if you will search creator studio you will get ,so it is very simple over here ,over here you can create reel or upload video ,click on upload video ,you will pick the single video and write the title and everything,you will write title, thumbnail everything ,you will put tags and all,as we do it on YouTube over here also it is a similar way ,at present the graph is going a bit down ,but it's okay, we are getting money for free,what else do you want ,you will have to do some hard work ,but it is very good Facebook is giving money ,okay now when I have shown this much I will also show you the RPM ,if we see in earnings this month ,this month how much I have made ,in this month I have earned $137 ,it has reduced ,if you will see RPM then it has reduced a bit ,28 it has gone,if we see of last month ,suppose we want to see of last month ,what was there in October ,see RPM was of $0.55 ,that means on 1000 views I used to get half dollar ,so there were around 7,00,000 views ,and I had earned $400 ,so it is good only ,in YouTube also it is almost the same RPM,but my content is of a different type that's why maybe CPM is high ,so these are some things which I have told you step by step ,you can also do it and earn money from Facebook,I have also shown you the complete report ,show click like button for this ,if you have any query related to the Facebook page ,you can ask me in the comment section below , I will try to give answer of all your questions myself ,at present this is it for today's video ,I hope you like today's video ,if you liked it then definitely click the like button ,and also share this video ,and if you came first time then definitely subscribe the channel ,because over here I keep on bringing such money making videos ,at present this is it for this video ,we will meet again with another amazing video ,till then wherever you are keep rocking

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