how to dropshipping from sears

More Retail Drop Shipping: A Review alright welcome to the training,everybody so I want to

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

More Retail Drop Shipping: A Review

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how to dropshipping from sears catalogs

More Retail Drop Shipping: A Review

alright welcome to the training,everybody so I want to I want to show,you guys a supplier that we use a fair,bit and I'll bet those of you guys who,are here live with me I'll bet you guys,recognize this name here on the screen,we're here sitting on right,now how many of you guys who are here,live with me have shopped at Sears,before whether it be like a Sears local,store like a physical store or Sears,calm you've bought online how many how,many have purchased it Sears do you guys,yep I'm seeing a few ok yeah all right,how do you guys do ok well I mean it's,I'm not surprised by that at all Sears,is fairly popular right they're well,known for a few different things well,funny enough we actually use Sears as a,supplier for us a lot now you might,think yourself wait a minute how can,Sears be a supplier well there are a,retail supplier meaning Sears will ship,a product to anybody I tell them to ship,a product - I just have to buy it from,them right I can go online pick a,product and buy it they for the most,part offer gift shipping which means if,I were to buy something today I could,have it shipped to any one of you guys,without any invoice so you couldn't see,how much I paid for it sure it would,show up in a Sears box but that's ok and,I guess the point is if I take Sears,products here and I and I copy images,and content and information and I and I,remark it that stuff on eBay I can sell,this stuff to random people over the,internet on eBay and have Sears drop,ship it directly to my customer which is,pretty cool right,Stears word,as a retail drop shipper now of course,the downside and I know a lot of you,guys are going to bring this up you're,going to say well wait a minute Trevor,if I go and look on Sears the site I'm,looking at normal normal retail prices,right and that's true you know Sears,sells products at a normal retail price,they're not a wholesale company so these,treadmills right here you know these are,these are normal retail prices although,they show that a lot of them are marked,down off of an MSRP and you can see in,red the Sears price versus what they,call the MSRP or the suggested retail,price you know the cool thing is I can,take a random treadmill like this so,take this one for example I'm thinking,treadmill because we're all still in you,know new year's resolution mode right,this is regular price twelve hundred,dollars I can get it for what 860 now,remember to do a little bit of math here,am I actually going to be able to get,this for 816 no so there's a couple of,things I have to consider right I have,to consider shipping and I have to,consider sales tax so you know it looks,like shipping on this stuff is going to,be about a hundred bucks according to,this now I can take an item and I can,choose you know I can add it to my card,and I can usually figure out about what,shipping is going to cost but here's the,problem if I'm reselling this on ebay I,have no idea where my customer is going,to be from and so to some extent I have,to kind of guess its shipping,luckily Sears is the type of company,that has warehouses and stores all over,the United States so it's likely that,wherever this item gets shipped to its,going to be around this estimated you,know hundred bucks in this case so,really I'm not getting this for you know,760 I'm getting it for 860 if I'm,counting my shipping and then on top of,that you guys got to remember sales tax,is something we'll probably have to pay,if we,order this online so if I go you know,860 and estimate maybe an eight or a,nine percent sales tax,sometimes I estimate ten percent just to,be safe that's another eighty six,dollars so eighty six plus eight sixty,so my total costs on this item,is probably going to be around nine,hundred and forty six dollars to ship it,virtually anywhere in the United States,which means I can take nine forty six,and I could mark it up to right around,their regular price here and maybe,around twelve hundred or so and make a,profit couldn't I now think about it for,a second if I sold this for twelve,hundred and if I minus out the nine,forty six that's going to be my cost I'm,left with a two hundred and two hundred,and fifty four dollar profit but that's,not counting my eBay and PayPal fees,which are thirteen percent so I need to,take 250 four times that by 0.1 three,whoops yeah well no I'm sorry I'd not to,fifty four because I'm not selling it,for that that's my profit I need to take,what I'm selling it for on eBay so if,I'm selling it for twelve hundred on,eBay I times that by 0.1 three and that,turns out to be about a hundred and,fifty-six dollars in eBay and PayPal,expense which a lot of you guys will say,whoa that's a whole lot on one sale,they're taking a huge chunk of your,profit well yes they are but at the same,time if I don't have a bay I'm not,selling this thing anyway right eBay is,giving me a at least a domestic market,place to sell on the entire 50 states,and more you know I don't mind paying,them 10 through 10 or 13 percent in this,case just to make a sale like that and,even then guys that's only a hundred and,fifty six dollars I'm left then with,about a hundred dollar profit on this,whole deal on this whole deal,that's not bad knowing that I never had,to inventory this thing or anything,right no inventory no risk if it sells,it sells if it doesn't sell I can just,list and sell something else,that's pretty cool isn't it that I can,make 100 bucks off that if I sold it for,1200 now the big question is am I going,to be able to sell it for 1,200 bucks,maybe I could list it and sell it for,more maybe I could sell it for 13 or,1400 I don't know but you could get out,there and certainly test it and don't,and don't be don't be nervous if you go,out to ebay and you see the same thing,listed for cheaper because you can get,an edge right a better title use better,keywords you can still get found and and,people don't always buy the cheapest,thing that's for sure so this is this is,a retail drop shipper that works you can,use Sears the one thing I like about,Sears is they have a little bit of,everything so you've got baby products,you've got electronics you've got,fitness home jewelry outdoor you can see,a lot of their categories up here at the,top toys tools they're real well-known,for tools I think one of my favorite,places within Sears especially as the,weather gets a little warmer is if you,go to outdoor and you do their patio,furniture they have really really very,good outdoor furniture priced really,well they're pretty well known for it,you know I could come in here bar sets,and I know we're not quite to that sort,of springtime warm weather but we will,be soon and in here there's there's,great opportunity to sell these and I,love to sell higher priced outdoor,furniture anyway because there's money,in it,people buy it they buy it on eBay and,they buy a lot of it on eBay and the,margins are pretty good you can make,pretty good money doing this type of,stuff and Sears is a good option for it,a really good option for it so if if,you're going to use them though I mean,just keep seasonality and in mind I mean,this stuff will be big here soon they,actually have a let me go back to their,homepage real quick under gift ideas up,here at the top we've got a Valentine,section and right now Valentine's Day is,in a couple of weeks is all and so if,you're just thinking about it you might,be a little late to the party but they,have a bunch of recommended Valentine's,products and I know on eBay I tell a lot,of you guys look I mean look at,seasonality you know look look at what's,current,in demand and take advantage of that,with Valentine's Day in a couple of,weeks before shopping for Valentine's,products so if you look down here they,give you a bunch of different categories,from jewelry to watches to little little,plush toys you know okay even even from,you know like handbags that kind of,stuff,gift baskets you name it they they know,and look I mean if anybody's going to,know the seasonality it's going to be,places like Sears and Walmart and,overstock and Amazon do you know these,places higher merchandising teams that,go out there and figure out what people,want and so they're lifting the stuff,people want you don't have to do a ton,of research on that just list the things,that they're advertising because those,are going to be the things that are,generally in demand so it saves you guys,the time right you don't have to be some,great marketer right you need to just be,able to know and follow people who know,what they're doing like these big-box,stores,Perry asks an interesting question Perry,says does eBay have a separate charge,for listing an item you know they do but,initially when you start listing items,on eBay they give you 50 free individual,listings for a calendar month so you,could put up 50 products Perry and you,would never get charged anything unless,it sells and every time it sells you get,charged 10% for eBay 3% for PayPal of,the sale price if you go over 50,individual listings you start to get,charged 30 cents per additional listing,during a calendar month and that all,resets every single month good question,really good question so that's really,your only risk right if you get over,that 50 threshold you're going to be hit,with 30 cents per listing but there's,ways to mitigate that you can actually,set up an eBay store that will cost you,about 20 bucks a month and then eBay,gives you 200 free listings every month,and they actually drop your percentage,so instead of 13% it's going to drop,down to 12,sent between eBay and PayPal okay a,couple other things with Sears generally,speaking not necessarily true on all,items but generally speaking you can see,up here at the top right you've got free,shipping on items over $35 so unless,it's like a bigger piece where there's,going to be a surcharge like a treadmill,or sometimes with patio furniture there,can be freight charges and but most,items I mean if you're thirty five,dollars or more the shipping is free so,that's good if you're going to do a lot,of work through Sears by the way you,should consider their their credit card,if you go to their credit card here it,bases so you'd open up a Sears card,right it can be a MasterCard or you know,some type of a debit card,anyway they give you a couple of options,right here once you open one up you can,apply right here once it's opened up you,get either $10 off or $15 off your first,order through Sears which I mean not,it's not that big of a deal the reason,the real reason why you'd get a card is,because the majority of the items on,Sears you get an additional 5% off if,you use your Sears card now that's,that's pretty substantial right,especially if you're talking about,spending you know $800 on a treadmill,for a customer of yours because 800,times 0.05 that's a $40 savings if,you're using a Sears card with that 5%,off and that and that same logic and,mentality goes with any sort of retail,company you use a lot of them will have,their own store card and so if Sears,becomes your bread and butter and you,use them a fair bit get their card get,the discount and I know that doesn't,sound like a lot 5% but if you're doing,a whole lot of volume out of Sears every,month that can certainly add up be a lot,more than you'd imagine so I'm going to,recommend this to you guys if you're,just starting this strategy or if you've,been doing it for a while,Sears isn't a bad option especially,because they've got a lot of everything,no matter what's in season they're going,to carry it and you can always get kind,of a hint at what to list if you'll go,up here to gift ideas and check out,their latest seasonal gifts that they're,selling they're on their site okay just,a word of caution I know there's a deal,section over here if you click on deals,at the far right you can find some of,their their sales and some of their some,of their highly discounted items you,know you got to be careful with those,because look if you're if you're,reselling something on eBay and putting,it up for sale you got you got to,remember the things that are that are,discounted on clearance or on sale those,things tend either a go out of stock,quickly or be the price fluctuates up,and down a little bit a lot of times up,so you might sell something go back to,Sears and look that they took it off,sale right or those things sold so,quickly because the price is so good,they that went out of stock so if you're,gonna if you're going to do sale items,you need to watch them like a hawk you,need to be careful that you know you,don't run into too many out of stock,issues because that can get you in,trouble,long term on eBay you want to make sure,you're you're fulfilling on your orders,okay so Kay to use these you just have,to watch your listings like a hawk you,know I'm not sure Edith she just asked,about Costco Costco is one that you're,typically not allowed to resell because,you've got a membership there and it,costs you to use Costco and that would,also go for sam's club traditionally in,fact I'm almost a hundred percent sure,I'm 99.9% sure that goes against their,policies so I suppose you could buy,stuff from Costco or Sam's to Sam's Club,and then turn around carry the inventory,and sell it that's one thing but,actually having them dropship to,customers I believe goes against their,Terms not something you're allowed to do,so but most most retailers allow it,they're just a little bit different,because they're more of like a wholesale,situation anyway good question though,really good question um I think we're,gonna finish up there guys I I just,wanted to give you kind of a high-level,this is this is Sears this is how it,works with reselling off of ebay I'd,recommend you try it if you're I don't,care if you're new or you've been in,this business for a while having another,supplier like this is good to have,especially when things are seasonal okay,alright guys well we'll finish up see,you all at another training another time,thanks for being here,you

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