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Snapchat Ads For Beginners: How To Make Snapchat Ads Tutorial the cost of digital advertising is up,

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

Snapchat Ads For Beginners: How To Make Snapchat Ads Tutorial

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Snapchat Ads For Beginners: How To Make Snapchat Ads Tutorial

the cost of digital advertising is up,and is rising five times faster than,inflation according to Forbes so where,there's opportunity to be an early,adopter of an undersaturated advertising,platform and potentially see great,return you're going to want to know,about it in today's video we will be,helping you to figure out whether,Snapchat advertising is for you and how,to use it,thank you,hi I'm Michelle Bally I'm a creative,strategist who has consulted with,countless startup businesses across,Toronto to help them generate Revenue,using social media ads and I'm pretty,excited for this video because whenever,a small business asks me how they should,spend their marketing budget the first,two things I say are ad spend and an,advertising specialist so in this video,I'll help you understand whether,Snapchat ads are right for your business,how to make an ad and tips and tricks to,see better return on your Snapchat ads,so what are Snapchat ads snap ads are 10,second full screen vertical videos which,show up in between watching a friend's,story users can swipe up to interact,with your ad as The Advertiser you can,set the swipe up to link to a website,have them watch a longer video read an,article or install an app the closest,comparison is a story ad on Instagram,so what are the advantages of,advertising with Snapchat,it's an untapped Market according to,Snapchat statistics there are 229,million users who use Snapchat daily,comparatively Instagram has more,Instagram has 500 million daily users,but keep in mind advertising on a,smaller platform has the opportunity to,be advantageous advertising on,established channels usually means it's,more expensive because you're competing,with other brands for the consumer's,attention that said Snapchat has the,potential to be an exciting untapped,advertising channel for your brand,powerful targeting with Snapchat's data,you can Target users based on their,demographics you can Target them based,on their online and offline interests,and behaviors and plugging in your own,data is also an option to reach,snapchatters retail industry Advantage,Snapchat ads have proven to be,successful for the retail category,fashion novelty items and impulse,purchases do well with Snapchat ads and,if you're a b2c brand business to,Consumer Snapchat ads might be right for,you,things to be aware of when starting out,with Snapchat ads on this channel our,main goal is to give you the knowledge,you need to start and grow a successful,business so before you jump into ads,let's make sure you're getting all the,necessary information to see if it's the,best fit here are some things that you,should know,Niche audience number one for businesses,that are looking to Target a younger,audience 84 of Snapchat users are under,the age of 35. on top of that 70 of,Snapchat users are women so this could,be to your advantage however if your,products or Services don't cater to,young people or women this might not be,the right platform for you,minimum budget requirements Snapchat,requires you to spend a minimum budget,of twenty dollars a day other,advertising platforms have less strict,minimums but the reason that I'm,mentioning this is because having a,minimum ad spend may feel restrictive,depending on what budget you have,available how to create a Snapchat ad,if you're familiar with Facebook ads,manager the Snapchat ad manager is very,similar if you haven't used either,before then you're in the right place to,learn first you'll navigate over to, I've left a link in the,description box below so you can click,right through and start making your,account,after you're done creating your account,you're going to want to navigate to the,upper left hand corner where it says,create ads,you can choose from instant creation,mode or Advanced creation instant create,allows you to make a single ad quickly,Advanced create allows you more control,I have full confidence that you would be,able to make an instant ad on your own,so let me walk you through the more,advanced side today we're going to click,on Advanced campaign in advanced,creation you can create multiple ads,within your campaign and start building,out your funnel first decide the,objective or in other words what you,want snapchatters to do when they see,your snap ad,so let's go through each objective,awareness ads will help build brand or,product awareness with new customers,app installs will drive people to,download your app with the traffic,objective you can drive traffic to a,website of your choice like a landing,page or a product page the engagement,objective gets more users to engage with,your advertisement,video views will promote your video ad,website conversions will track,meaningful interactions on your website,like purchases and catalog sales will,display a catalog of your products,notice how these objectives are broken,into three umbrella categories awareness,consideration and conversions the reason,for this is because a customer will go,through these three phases before making,a purchase in the awareness phase the,customer is just learning about your,brand service or product,in the consideration phase the customer,is learning more about your offerings,and considering making a purchase,the conversion phase is where the,customer makes a purchase or takes an,action that you find valuable,these three phases make up what's called,a marketing funnel,the objective is to move customers down,the funnel a customer will never go from,awareness all the way down to purchase,we need to nurture our audience and with,that said think about where your,customers are in the funnel and build,out your ads accordingly,if Snapchat is a new platform for you,you're going to want to start by,nurturing your customers at an awareness,level,then retargeting that audience that,interacts with your awareness ad and,serve them an advertisement with a,consideration objective then you're,going to want to retarget the customers,that interacted meaningfully with your,consideration ad and serve them with a,conversion ad so do you see how we're,moving customers down the funnel we can,do that with three separate ads or more,so let's hop back into Snapchat,dashboard to continue making our ads,next give your campaign a name coming up,with a naming convention that makes,sense to you will help you understand,what the campaign was about at first,glance which will help keep you,organized,the status button is set to on by,default that means as soon as you launch,a campaign it will start on the day that,you set it to,next up you have the option of creating,a split test this is where you can test,two variables side by side in identical,campaigns to see which variable was the,cause for greater success almost like,grade 6 science class where you set a,control group against an experimental,group now for the sake of this video we,will not be split testing choose a start,and an end date and then decide on a,budget by choosing a daily spend cap you,will spend no more than what you have,entered on the daily basis,lifetime spend is how much you will,spend over the lifetime of your,advertisement this means that daily,spend can fluctuate,at any time you can increase decrease or,remove the lifetime spend cap,ing is a deep topic so if you're,interested in learning more register,using the link below to gain access to a,free 30-minute webinar that's going to,help you level up your marketing by,changing the way that you think about,your store's marketing funnel learn how,to go from first aid to first sale in,this free training course,tips on creating an ad now we know how,to create a Snapchat ad in ads manager,but here are a couple of tips that'll,help your ads convert make sure that,you're retargeting effectively to move,an audience through your funnel moving,an audience through funnel with,retargeting ads will have a higher,conversion rate than just running a,single ad retargeting is when you serve,an audience another ad or an ad sequence,based off of an interaction that they,took on a previous ad Snapchat,engagement audiences is what Snapchat,calls this type of audience and this,retargeting is confined to actions,people take on Snapchat ads only so,let's take a look at how you might make,a sequence of ads and how you can use,retargeting effectively your first ad,can be a seven second video of someone,demonstrating the unique features of,your product and how it's used this,would be your first brand awareness ad,then you might retarget the people that,swiped up you could pull the engaged,audience into consideration the second,phase of the funnel by serving them an,ad that speaks to your Brand's,leadership and sustainability,the audience that interacted with that,second ad would then be pulled into the,conversion phase of the funnel where you,might serve them an ad that has a sale,and free shipping discounts and free,shipping are generally a great way to,get people that are on the fence to,finally make a purchase while it's,tempting to take an ad that you might,have made for Instagram and just throw,it up on Snapchat I would recommend that,you don't do that Instagram's user base,is very different from Snapchat so take,advantage of the Gen Z and female,audience that you can tap into by,creating highly tailored messaging be,consistent with your content on Snapchat,slow and steady wins this race so if,you're limited by budget make sure that,you're spreading it out being highly,active in the month of January and then,completely falling off the face of the,Earth from February to March is no good,of course if your brand has a specific,reason to advertise more heavily at one,point in the year or has a strategy in,place for a Sprint style of advertising,then go for it every brand is different,but a general rule of thumb is to keep,your brand top of Mind Over a longer,period of time and my final tip to you,is to make your ads feel natural and not,overly salesy create content that's fun,and exciting eighty percent of the time,and then the other 20 you should be,pushing your products people are opening,up Snapchat to communicate with their,friends nobody goes on Snapchat to say,hey I want to see a great advertisement,today so how do you make an ad that,keeps people watching so keep them,authentic try looking at the organic,content on social media and adapt that,to fit your brand and messaging consider,an underproduced look so skip the lights,in the studio for your Snapchat ads and,before making an ad ask yourself the,question how can I make people laugh,smile feel curious or just shocked,rather than how can I make someone buy,my product so that about sums it up in,this video you learned what Snapchat ads,are how to make a Snapchat ad yourself,and tips on making them convert now what,I'd like to know is what other AD,platforms you're using and what's been,working for you let me know in the,comment section below and also let me,know what kind of video you want to see,next we take everyone's requests into,consideration so if you have a burning,desire to learn a specific topic make,sure that you're dropping in in the,comments section below learn with,Shopify is a channel dedicated to small,business owners with big plans we post,new videos every week that give you the,knowledge that you need to start and,grow a successful online business so,make sure that you're subscribed if you,thought this video was helpful make sure,that you're giving it a thumbs up,because that helps our Channel and our,community grow I'm your host Michelle,Valley thank you so much for watching,and I'll see you in the next one,thank you,foreign

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