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Facebook Ads in 2022: Secret Strategies & Pro-Tips!when it comes to running facebook ads,it's no sec

Adam Erhart

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Facebook Ads in 2022: Secret Strategies & Pro-Tips!

when it comes to running facebook ads,it's no secret that things have changed,apple all but destroyed tracking with,their ios 14 update the facebook,adpocalypse has led to more ad account,shutdowns banned accounts and denied ads,than we've ever seen before and no,matter what business or market or,industry you're in the odds are good,that you've seen your advertising costs,go up probably a lot and they're not,going back down anytime soon but not all,hope is lost i've got good news,there is still a way to create powerful,and profitable and high converting,facebook ads but to make this work and,to ensure that your ads keep working now,and well into the future there are a few,things you need to understand first,number one is that the facebook ad,platform and the algorithm behind it are,smarter than ever before the main,variable to success on facebook ads used,to be your ability to navigate the hyper,complex facebook ad platform and,dashboard at risk of making me sound,like a boomer back in the good old days,okay boomer we use something called,facebook power editor to manage our ads,and use spreadsheets and all kinds of,other nonsense just to get a basic ad up,and running but fortunately at least in,this regard things have changed for the,better and many if not most of the,campaigns that we're seeing have the,most success are now largely automated,i'm talking about automatic placements,and automatic budget optimization and in,some cases even wide open targeting,going after the largest amount of,potential people possible and this leads,me to point number two point number two,is that the variable to success is now,largely a matter of ad copy or in other,words what words and images and videos,do you use in your ads and how do you,present your offer to your audience this,is because we as advertisers all have,access to the same facebook ads platform,whether you're a solopreneur a small,business or a global multi-billion,dollar international empire what this,means is that the new game is fought and,won through good old-fashioned,copywriting and studying and learning,from the masters who have come before us,guys like david ogilvy eugene schwartz,robert collier claude hopkins and john,caples if you haven't heard of these,guys before they're some of the best,copywriters to have ever lived and the,lessons that they taught are just as,relevant and applicable today as they,were 30 and 50 and even 100 years ago,now as more of a creative than an,analytical kind of person i've got to,say that i'm pretty stoked about all of,these algorithm updates and how the,mechanics behind creating a facebook ad,are easier than ever but whether you,choose to see these updates as good or,bad or downright ugly this is the path,that we're heading down and there's,still one more thing you need to know in,order to make your campaign maximally,effective and that's point number three,that frequency equals trust there's a,psychological phenomenon known as the,mere exposure effect that basically just,says that we as people develop,preferences for things simply because,we're familiar with them in other words,the more often we see something the more,we like it this likely stems back from,our caveman days when everything was,trying to kill and eat us but it's been,baked in there pretty good and has been,carried forward to today where we can,use and leverage this in our business,our marketing and our advertising to put,this in a practical sense showing up,more often in front of the same people,is good very good and there's no better,way to do this than through facebook,retargeting ads but like all things,there's a right way and a wrong way to,do this the wrong way is what pretty,much everybody out there is doing right,now using old school pre-ios 14 tactics,and getting bad results then blaming,facebook or blaming their audience or,blaming the world in general almost,sounds like the lyrics to an old blues,song i can almost hear it,take now my hands take my cat away,i've been spending all my money with you,the alternative then is to do things the,right way which fortunately is actually,pretty simple and it works by giving,both facebook and your audience exactly,what they want which is to create,content that keeps people on the,platform for as long as possible so,facebook can show them more ads and make,more money here's how it works the,solution to overcoming ios 14 and the,facebook adpocalypse and rising ad costs,is to switch up your retargeting,strategy and move away from your sources,and towards meta sources which,essentially just means creating custom,audiences to target based off how people,have engaged with your content inside,the app rather than focusing on creating,audiences off of website visitors or,your email list now website visitors,your email list and your customer list,still have a viable and valuable part in,your overall retargeting strategy but,the power of those off app audiences,like your website visitors and your,email list are now significantly reduced,due to facebook and instagram's,inability to kind of match them up with,its users inside the app to create these,audiences all you need to do is go into,your facebook ads manager click on,audiences and then create a custom,audience and these are the four that you,want to create first video views for the,engagement section i like to choose,people who have watched 25 of your video,if you have a video that's longer than,say three to four minutes you may want,to go with through play as asking,someone to consume 25 of a 3 to 4 minute,video is a pretty big ask for retention,which is the number of days someone will,remain in your audience after consuming,your content i like 90 days this gives,me a good mix between having enough,people to target a sufficient enough,audience as well as making sure that i'm,staying relevant and top of mind people,don't forget about me this way i'm able,to take advantage of the mere exposure,effect like i talked about earlier then,just give it a name add a description if,you want and you're good to move on to,the next audience lead form if you're,running lead ads then creating a,retargeting lead form audience is an,obvious and very profitable move and,much of the same targeting and selection,options are pretty much the same here as,they were for video views for event,selection you have three options first,anyone who opened this form next people,who opened but didn't submit the form,and finally people who opened and,submitted the form my advice here is to,start by focusing on the people who,opened but did not submit the form and,target them with the following three ads,first show them the exact same ad again,as this is going to capture the people,who were just too busy got distracted,next show them an ad that presents or,makes the same offer but with a,different message or a different image,and third show them an ad that makes a,completely new offer for example if,you're selling a course well try,offering one-on-one coaching or,consulting or if you're selling a,done-for-you service try offering a,cheaper more budget-friendly done with,you or do-it-yourself option or if,you're selling i don't know say shoes,well try selling different shoes or,socks or belts or hats pants basically,anything else that someone would be,interested in then make sure you're,choosing the right page and lead form i,like using 90 days here as well then,give it a name and a description and,again you're good to move on to the next,audience instagram this one's pretty,simple so we'll go through it quickly,the source is the instagram account the,event selection that i like is everyone,who engaged with this professional,account this is great unless you have a,crazy and wildly engaged instagram,following in which case you may want to,segment it down further by people who,engaged with a post or ad or people who,sent you a message and then the same,thing on retention of 90 days give it a,name and add a description once that's,done it's time to move on to the final,metasource retargeting audience that i,like to create facebook page this one is,very similar to the instagram account,that we just did first make sure you've,got the right page for events i like,everyone who engaged with this page,retention 90 days give it a name,description and you're done now all you,need to do is put it all together so let,me walk you through that now as well as,warn you about a few potential pitfalls,and mistakes that could completely,derail your entire retargeting campaign,first head into your facebook ads,manager and click create campaign and,then choose whatever objective you're,after ninety percent of the time we're,after conversions which facebook has now,put under the sales category so we're,gonna go with that now your campaign and,your ads are going to be pretty much,business as usual but where you want to,pay special attention is at the ad set,level when you scroll down to audiences,under custom audiences is where you're,going to select all four of the custom,retargeting audiences that you just,built this includes your video views,your lead form your instagram and your,facebook page retargeting audiences,that's right put them all in there under,locations i select my main countries,whatever that may be for you in my case,it's the big six english-speaking,countries of canada the united states,the uk ireland australia and new zealand,then i leave age gender and detailed,targeting completely alone as i'm,relying on the custom audiences that i,built to take care of these for me the,next step then is making sure that,you're building out your entire campaign,and strategy the right way making sure,that you nail message market match and,the 40 40 20 rule so to help you do that,i've linked up a video right here on a,better way to advertise on facebook,that's going to give you some of my best,facebook advertising strategies so make,sure to check it out now i'll see in the,next video the reason that most ads,don't work is because they're saying the,wrong things to the wrong people or in,other words the offer that they're,making is either unrelated or,unappealing

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How To Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign (NEW Tutorial 2022)

How To Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign (NEW Tutorial 2022)

hey my name is sydney i'm a facebook ad,expert at vertex marketing agency and,today i'm going to show you how you can,build a successful ad cam mate on,facebook from a to z and of course this,does mean instagram ads as well and when,you have a proper campaign set up on,facebook or instagram this can be a game,changer for your business facebook,continues to be the biggest platform and,the most reliable is continuing to see,growth year after year um from its,advertisers and also from its investors,so if you're either new to advertising,and you're watching this video or you're,using this video as a refresher trust me,this is the video that you want to be,watching it is going to be an in-depth,explanation yet also pretty high level,so i'm going to reference a few other,videos that we've created where you can,dive a little bit deeper on topics that,would take a little bit too long to,explain in this video but are really,important so,if at any point you don't know what i'm,talking about or you would like to learn,a little bit further check out the,description and if you have any,questions or you're not sure what i'm,talking about simply drop a comment in,the comment section below and i will,absolutely get back to you so a few,things we are going to cover in this,video,is the things you absolutely need before,you set up a facebook ad campaign or,actually press the launch button that's,really really important and also i'm,going to bring you through all of the,settings through the campaign ad set and,ad level and i'm going to explain to you,what they mean and also my,recommendations on which of these,settings that you should choose there's,also going to be a ton of time stamps,throughout this video so that if you,find one section a little bit more,relevant you can just jump right to it,but of course i would recommend that you,watch the whole video now a few things,you absolutely do want to make sure that,you have set up before you run any of,your campaigns is going to be an ad,account and the ad account actually be,associated with a business manager and,have two factor authentication turned on,to prevent any sort of hacking or any,troubles with your ad account,you are going to want to make sure that,you have your facebook pixel set up both,server-side and browser to make sure,you're able to track all of the data,aggravated event measurement and make,sure you have that set up a verified,domain also a method of payment on file,for your specific ad account and of,course that you've linked both your,facebook and instagram profile to your,ad account inside of your business,manager now once you're actually inside,of your ads manager there's three,different tabs at the top here that are,going to be three sort of different,levels of your actual campaign so at the,campaign level this is where you're,going to be choosing the objective like,overall what do you want out of these,campaigns and we'll i'll show you how to,do it after,then below the campaign level there is,the ad set and this is essentially where,you're going to choose the targeting and,the audiences that you want inside of,your campaign,then below the ad set we do have the ads,and this is the front facing view of,what your users are going to see on,their facebook or instagram when they're,scrolling so the further we go from,campaigns to ad sets to ads the more,front-facing view it is you know think,of campaigns and ad sets that's really,like the back-end um settings of your,campaign and then your ads the,front-facing view of your campaigns so,let's go ahead and start to create our,campaign now this is the new view that,facebook is providing us so if you have,the three different columns with all of,the different options facebook has,essentially simplified these objectives,and i think they've done that just to,make it simpler for you to choose which,one that you want and they've made a lot,more obvious on which ones uh what they,do so we have awareness traffic,engagement leads app promotion and sales,whereas before it used to be considering,awareness consideration and conversion,now depending on what it is that you're,looking for for your business you would,choose one of these six different,objectives for the most part,my goal when i'm running facebook ads,for our clients is going to be actually,getting sales um so we can track the,return on ad spend and just to get a,more data driven answer and analytics,from these ad campaigns in this,situation i am going to choose the sales,objective now from the beginning here i,actually am going to name this campaign,and the method that i use for naming my,campaigns ad sets and ads is you want to,make it as obvious as possible when you,look at the data inside of your ad,account that you know exactly what it is,in this um example here i'm going to use,i'm going to say that is conversions now,depending if you choose campaign budget,optimization or ad set budget,optimization which we'll go over after i,would maybe put that in for the most,part i prefer to use but this is um,up to you and then if it was for a,specific uh promotion of like let's say,black friday or mother's day i would,then put that campaign name in here note,that whenever you are creating a new,objective or,reason for that campaign like a,different sale or different times of the,year where you're promoting different,products you always want to change your,campaign you can duplicate in everything,that you have inside of it but you want,fresh data so when you look inside of,your ads manager or google analytics or,whatever you know exactly where that,data is coming from and why you're,seeing it so,always try to keep as clean and precise,as possible so let's just say that's,like a sale i'm not gonna need the ad,set yet or the ad because i haven't,input that yet so i'm just press,continue for now,and this is where we get into the,settings so i'm gonna go through every,single one here special ad card,categories only relates to people who,are promoting um industries like the,credit industry employment or housing or,about social issues elections or,politics so if you are in that category,you are gonna have some limitations on,your targeting but do make sure that you,choose it because that could risk,getting your ad account restricted if,facebook finds out that you're trying to,circumvent those systems so make sure,you abide by their rules i'll be,completely honest i don't usually change,any of the settings within my campaign,and ad set previously there used to be a,lot of different options for buying type,and bid cap and all those things but,let's just keep it simple in 2022 that's,really what you need to do things have,changed a little bit so i would not,touch any of these settings telling us,what our campaign objective is um if you,did want to promote a catalog you could,turn this on pain so if you want to,promote a catalog from like your shopify,store then that would be a totally,different uh campaign because that would,be a catalog sales campaign might afford,this let's just keep that off um i don't,usually turn on a b testing this is when,you can test one ad against another and,then it'll tell you which of the winners,which one is the winner but i actually,like to do this just by pushing out two,different ads so i wouldn't change that,and then we have advantage campaign,budget this is a new word for it this is,essentially campaign budget optimization,and that campaign budget optimization,would mean that you set the budget at,the campaign level,and facebook will distribute your budget,across all of the different audiences,that you have and all of the different,ads that you have based on which they,think will perform best um so you can,either turn it on at the campaign level,or you can turn it on at the ad set,level then facebook will distribute that,budget across all of the ads within that,ad set i do have a video for cbo versus,abl if you want to go check it out in,the description below but i actually,don't turn that on um personally however,you can now within your ad set is where,we do choose the audiences and the,targeting that we want so um we're not,gonna touch the ad set name but we're,gonna edit it after it's overviewing,what our objective is here what a,conversion means to us so website i do,want to drive sales and conversions on,our website but you could choose any of,these other ones if that relates to your,business,you are going to want to choose the,event here you do want to make sure you,have your events set up there is going,to be a video below for aggravated event,management which is really important,post ios 14. so go check out that video,if you haven't and this essentially,tells facebook which events are the most,important to track but in this case i am,going to choose purchase but there are,other options now when we choose the,conversion objective your conversion,just means taking an action on whatever,site that you're promoting so it could,be any of these but for the most part we,are optimizing for purchase if you're,getting this warning right here um and,you're new to facebook that's no problem,this is a demo ad account so we have no,data from here so this is why i'm,getting the error here but if you are,getting this message then maybe go view,your pixel and set it up properly on,your website but of course there are,videos below that are going to show you,how to set up your facebook pixel on,your website dynamic creative i,typically don't turn this on this is,where you give facebook up to 10,different images up to 10 different,variations of text and you tell facebook,figure out which ones are going to,perform best i do find that this makes,you sort of give facebook low quality,images because if you can give up to 10,or up to 10 videos,then you're not really putting that much,time and effort into each and every,video or image that you're creating so i,actually typically turn that off and,what i want to test and see what gets,good results is single images or single,videos um so that i can learn from it a,little bit better here we have your,budget so of course a budget will be,completely dependent on you i do have,another video that explains what your,facebook ad budget should be and i give,you a different a calculator a method of,calculating and how it would differ,depending on your industry so go check,out that video i would say if you're,starting out,nowhere below,15 to 20 per day for a conversion event,if you're looking to get sales um but,they say between five to 12 percent of,your overall revenue should be for your,marketing budget,so just keep that in mind there's an,option here for a lifetime budget which,they get into a little bit more like,settings so i just keep it a daily,budget it does say here you'll spend up,25 on some days and less on others but,on average 20 per day so if you see your,budget going up and down that's totally,fine facebook is just figuring out what,days work best for you to get the most,profitable results,you can set a start date and an end date,if you have a specific sale i typically,just let that run and let the algorithm,sort of run its course without,interfering,and you do have other options here but,this is only for a lifetime budget where,you can select what time of the day you,want to run your ads at and,i don't like using this because i prefer,facebook to tell me which is the best,option,you can't outsmart the algorithm and,then this is the fun part this is really,what the ad set means,we have our audiences here and here is,where you can build out,the audiences that you want to target,with your ads i'll show you the settings,first and then i'll show you what i,recommend so we have custom audiences,now this is where you can,choose from people who have purchased on,your website people that you've uploaded,a customer list from people who have,engaged with your facebook page,purchases and lasts 45 days 180 days and,you can create these custom audiences by,going right here,choosing which of the sources you want,to pull from and then creating it that,way we also have the different locations,that you want to target so depending on,the country or the state or the province,or the territory that you're in you can,choose it there,you can choose the age range which is,really important especially if you,promote products that are like 18 19 21,plus you can choose it there you can,choose your genders if you only sell to,females or only sell to males and then,you have your detailed targeting which,is the classic interests and behaviors,where you can put in,i don't know uh soccer,if this is an interest you're looking to,target okay choose a bunch of different,interests and behaviors that facebook,knows your users have and you can target,them with,um of course we have languages,now my recommendation and what we've,seen going into 2022,is that the platform has changed a lot,previously the more interest and the,more detailed your targeting was the,better your results would be which makes,sense back in the days when data was,just being thrown out to everyone and,the platform you so much,but post ios 14 as we know,apple is not sharing data with facebook,and cross site tracking is disabled on a,lot of people's iphone or apple devices,and so facebook lacks a lot of the data,that it used to have nonetheless it is,still the most profitable and reliable,platform that you can be advertising on,but here is how the platform has changed,what we do with our clients,is we leave all of this targeting,mostly completely broad and that means,choosing the location that you want to,advertise in leaving the age completely,open even if it's typically 25 to 35,year olds that buy a product leaving it,completely open leaving the genders open,in in some specific cases you might want,to only target females or males but,keeping that completely open,and what really goes into targeting your,ads is the type of creative that you use,and these days you want to be creating,content that appeals to the masses think,of it like a billboard on the street or,you know in a magazine is you want to,make something that is appealing for,everyone but still your ideal customer,will know exactly what you're talking,about and i know this is a totally,different mindset than what you might,have thought in the past or what your,your assumptions of what the platform,were but this is actually one of the,best audiences that we're running for,our clients at the moment there are some,very specific cases where we would,actually create a look-alike audience,where this is essentially pulling from a,list of either your email list or your,customers and um i look like so finding,people that look just like the people,who have maybe already bought from you,but this works very very select number,of customers that we have and for the,majority at the moment in 2022,completely broad is what's working best,so that's my recommendation of what you,should try out first and facebook uses,its algorithm to figure out what each,and every user likes,and put your content in front of that,person um now as we get a little bit,further down here we do have the,placements uh this is advantage plus,placements and that would be automatic,placements facebook will just put it in,every position based on what they think,will perform best even though majority,of your conversions will come from news,feed as we know it takes multiple touch,points for someone to convert in the end,so if they see it on marketplace they,see it in the right column those are,extra touch points so by limiting any,placements um like to just facebook's,newsfeed you might be losing out on some,extra touch points that might help with,your conversion so,i leave that completely open and i,choose the recommended one now there are,some other options down here we're of,optimization and delivery i actually,don't touch these buttons over here you,do have a cost per result goal where you,can set that at i know i want to get a,lead or a conversion for 15 and put that,there but what i do find is that limits,facebook's algorithm so,i would be okay personally with getting,a cost per result or cost per purchase,at 30,if my return on ad spend is higher,than a cost per purchase at 15 so it,might limit,the people who will have a higher,purchase conversion value which means,like they're spending more on your,actual website rather than just buying,that one product because typically what,we'll see is,people won't just buy one product,they'll buy this one and another one and,another one to make it worth buying on,your website once we've set up the,audiences here is where i would want to,make sure i add the ad set name right,away and make sure you're adding these,names before you launch your campaign,because later on we are going to add,utms which i'll explain what that is,later but that is the name that's going,to be pulled from facebook to tell,google analytics,where that data is coming from so i want,to make sure i do this right away and,like i said you want to see these names,here and know exactly what this ad set,is about so i'll go broad,um in this case it said canada,and i also want to make sure i'm doing,18,plus on the side here you are going to,see the estimated daily results,i wouldn't fully trust these um because,it can be totally above that or below,that on average you should make sure,your audiences are at least four million,people and that way facebook can choose,from all of these people to show your ad,to like i said these days the broader,your audience it's almost like the,better that it performs but at the bare,minimum like three to four million,people in your audience would be a good,place to start now here's where we get,to the actual juicy part and the,front-facing view of what people will,see when they look at your ad when,people are scrolling on instagram,scrolling on facebook this is what,they're going to see,so we do make sure that you have your,facebook page and your instagram account,connected you can do that via business,manager and obviously choose them right,here,and then we get to the ad setup so you,have a few options here you can use an,existing post and this would be good for,a situation where,you have a a really good performing ad,on your facebook or instagram page it,has so many,positive reviews or good comments and,you want to see if that performs well,with your,with your facebook ads i wouldn't,typically recommend that because there's,a few options that you don't get when,you create this so i'm,typically creating an ad from scratch,and then testing that out now in the,creative source we have manual upload,which is what i'm going to be choosing,for this,for this demo but you also have the,option here to choose catalog and that,would pull the information and the,products from your website and promote,them based on what a viewer is most,likely to convert with it's essentially,like a carousel with like sliding images,but it's all pulled from your website,only caveat to that is that if you have,just like very very basic images they,may not convert well,but this is a test that i would,recommend that you try out and see if it,performs well,but in this situation what i would,recommend most people start with is just,actually creating an ad for themselves,with the manual upload,we do have the option in the format to,choose single image or video a carousel,where you're going to input up to 10,different images or videos to promote,and each one of those carousel cards are,going to need a headline and a link for,your users to visit and then the final,option here is a collection i don't,often use these and i really don't see,many advertisers using collections but,it's essentially like an on facebook,landing page experience where you can,input like multiple images and videos,now one thing that i am,typically doing here is i'm going to,turn this on and advantage creative,essentially um if you give it an image,with multiple text options you see if,you can add options for your primary,text and your headlines here facebook is,going to choose one of,the multiple headlines and primary text,that you give it and show that variation,to whatever user they think is going to,convert most with so i actually do,typically turn that on and i'll show you,where i'm i'm adding some other options,here and then you go ahead you can add,an image or a video,so i've just entered like a random image,that i had um in the photo library over,here and as you can see you get this,preview on the right hand side this is,really important to make sure that your,creative looks good in all placements,you'll see here that i uploaded a four,by five or twelve hundred by fifteen,hundred i do have a full-on video,explaining facebook ad image size and,best practices so go check that out if,you're using just a regular plain image,um but for both images and videos,typically what the size that i'm using,is 4x5 or 1200 by 1500 and that will,allow most placements to look pretty,good especially the news feed on,facebook and instagram and even on,stories,it does have some space on the top and,bottom but facebook will fill in the,rest and if you don't have the budget or,if you don't have the bandwidth to,create different variations for each and,every position this is a great size for,you to use now if you did want to,customize each and every placement for,your creative to make sure that it looks,perfectly good and a native experience,on mobile desktop um news feed stories,and everything like that you do have the,option to edit the entire group now,what's great about the right-hand side,here is you're going to get a preview of,what your ad looks like so right now,there's no text above there's no text in,the headlines but as soon as i add a,primary text which is essentially a,caption so if you want to write you know,i'm just going to put example,copy here and you see the word copy used,in any other videos that means the copy,that we're using as like the text,for your facebook ads that's what copy,means,now what i do like to do is add,different options for the primary text i,usually only add two or three and this,just makes sure that whatever variation,i'm giving that user they have three,different options to choose from where,facebook will choose from three,different options so what i like to,usually try um is like a short one,example copy that would be short and,then i would also do one that might be,long so it's a little bit longer form,you might get the option or you might,get the the error that says like this,text is longer than this many words or,characters that's fine i still like to,test it out and see you know does this,perform well and then a third one might,just be an actual review so what i love,doing is just going into the shopify,store or comments that people are,leaving and putting a full-on review,right here an actual five-star review,and using that as my plain copy so,here's a few different options that you,guys can use a short form long form and,an actual review that people are leaving,on your products now for headlines this,is what's going to appear right over,here the bolded text,you want to make sure that this is,keeping very short and to the point,headline that's where it would appear,right there i think that the first,letter in every word should be,capitalized in your headline and then,the description is optional in some,places um this will show in others it,won't but a description is basically a,description of what the link is going to,so here if like you're running a sale or,if you're promoting a product it's just,like an additional,piece of text,with the intention that like not,everyone's going to see it but you can,add it just there so like if you had a,bogo sale i'd maybe just put the bogo,and like,bogo 50 off just as an additional but,all of that information should either be,in your creative or in your actual copy,here so depending on what you're,optimizing for you want to make sure,that your call to action makes sense,some of the most popular ones that we're,using is learn more or the shop now,button,if you're optimizing for leads or if,you're optimizing for people to go,purchase um a like event ticket then you,could use sign up or you could use uh,buy tickets or book now if it's like for,a consultation,but make sure that you are using the,call to action here now of course your,ad needs a destination to go to so input,your url and this is a really important,part that a lot of marketers are missing,out on and that is building a url,parameter so i would highly suggest that,you set up google analytics on your,website on both server and browser to,make sure they're tracking both of them,and i would recommend that it is google,analytics 4 because universal analytics,is going away we do have a video for,that so check the description below,and you want to make sure that you're,putting it in here for sure for sure do,not miss this part because in the future,whether you're working with an agency or,you're just leveling up your skills with,facebook ads you want to make sure that,you have these url parameters and that,you're not only looking in your facebook,ads manager for data but you're also,looking on another platform like google,analytics to make sure that you are,making the best decision for your ads so,here's typically what we're doing here,the source,the source here and you can see all of,these different explanations here,the source of the traffic is going to be,facebook,and i like to use the underscore because,that's what you need in an actual url,add,the medium i actually use this as the,add set so ad set name,then we have campaign,name which is pretty simple and then the,campaign,content,which should be,add name and these mean that it's going,to pull dynamically from the actual,information in your ads manager so if,you have broad canada 18 plus,rather than putting those actual words,in here copy and paste and needing to go,back it's just gonna pull it,automatically and create that url for,you and then when you duplicate this ad,or if you use this again or use that url,it's going to update it automatically,which is really nice and it simplifies,your life,but you're always pulling that,information from facebook to send to,google analytics to track that data and,you'll see that as soon as you press,apply it adds these little things in,here now make sure that you're not,removing any of this because it is going,to mess up your url now i just will,mention something real quick um if you,sometimes duplicate an ad and your urls,change or i'm not sure exactly why this,happens but sometimes the url parameters,get put in right here so i would always,just select it all and remove them if,there is any parameters down here i,never use them and it kind of messes up,your google analytics data so if you're,duplicating an ad ever like this and you,press duplicate make sure that this is,not adding another url parameter and,then down here there's tracking you do,want to make sure that you are choosing,the right domain um and the right pixel,so you'll see some different options if,this is the first time creating campaign,and of course if you haven't set up your,facebook pixel yet go check out the,video obviously it's really really,important to be able to track any sort,of conversions that are happening on,your website,and then finally i'm always making sure,that this looks good on all positions um,and just going through here and saying,okay great great um and just seeing that,they look good now if you're wondering,what kind of creative that you should be,using for your facebook ads here i've,inputted just a regular image but i,would highly recommend investing either,in a video editor who is on your team or,using an app like billo for you to get,really good user generated content where,someone's actually taking a video of,them using the product and giving their,honest review is going to perform really,really well an app like is,amazing you can go in there and tell,them exactly what you're looking for you,can find exactly the kind of person that,you want to work with you want you can,tell them what you want to say so if,this is your first time creating a,facebook ads and you want to start off,on the right foot check out billow i,have a link in my description below,start with that you are obviously going,to have to pay money for it but i,promise,doing a few videos with billo is going,to be so worth it for your brand and for,your results on facebook,if you are not getting results on,facebook ads,there's a few things that you want to,look at is the quality of your creative,and you can go and compare your results,with other competitors that you have,currently in your industry by going to,facebook ads library as well as tick,tock ads library to see what kind of ads,everyone else is creating and do yours,line up with the quality that everyone's,seeing on their newsfeed anyways so if,you're not getting results check out,your actual ad creative check out the,type of copy that you're using because,these are actually the front facing view,of what people are going to see so if,you're not getting results it's most,likely because of that secondly check,out your checkout process is it,complicated is it glitchy is it working,and then finally obviously make sure,that all of your tracking is set up by,following all the videos that i have in,the description below now anytime you,exit out of here,there's probably going to be a box that,appears and says are you sure you want,to exit facebook always automatically,saves your the changes that you're,making within your ad account so don't,worry about pressing that edit button,and if ever you want to go back and edit,it you just press it right here and once,you're ready to actually publish your,changes you've set up all the things,that you need to create a successful,campaign go down here and press that,publish button now i would recommend,because of delayed reporting due to ios,14 and just you know data that comes in,whenever you're making changes to your,ad account make sure you're waiting at,least three days before making that,decision we've actually had it where we,turned off the campaign because we,thought it's not performing well and,three or four days later we see some,conversions and a really good cost per,result and a good purchase conversion,value so just make sure that,you are allowing enough time for,facebook to pull in that data to make,that decision and then finally some ways,that i am analyzing this data obviously,you need to go um check out how your,results are doing,again i would highly recommend that you,are not only basing your results on ads,manager a lot of the times even when you,have server-side tracking set up which,is just like a more profound way of,tracking the data a lot of the results,that we're seeing here is not actually,what is happening with ads so use,something like google analytics or,there's other platforms that you can use,that track your data um such as triple,whale or highrose which are a lot more,expensive but over here we can have,different columns depending on what it,is that you're looking at and right over,here we have the results reached,impressions cost per result is the most,important thing that i'm looking at,as well as website purchases and then,always make sure you're adding return on,ad spend again this is not going to be,100 accurate so if anyone says tracked,data that's what they mean but i'm,putting in row ass you're going down,here and you're doing the purchase row,as the total,that's going to be really important in,tracking your results but of course keep,in mind that is tracked i'm always going,to say that just the data that you see,in here is not 100 accurate keep that in,mind now that's pretty much it for this,video guys now we do offer a full-time,for you service and this includes,creating the ad creative and the copy,and managing your account and looking at,your landing page and analyzing your,results and setting up your tracking so,if you're spending at least five,thousand dollars per month go in the,description and fill out the form to,work with our agency and i'll get back,to you about booking a strategy session,right away we also do offer coaching and,consulting so check that out and i'd be,happy to hop on a call with you,that's it for this video guys i hope you,learned a lot if you did give it a,thumbs up hit that subscribe button,because we always are talking about the,best practices and strategies and,tracking tactics that you can have for,your facebook ads that's it for today,and i will see you in the next video,thank you

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