how to do affiliate marketing with facebook ads

Using $5 Facebook Ads To Make $500 | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022 😎 in this video i'm going to

The Infamous Joel

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Using $5 Facebook Ads To Make $500 | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022 😎

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Using $5 Facebook Ads To Make $500 | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022 😎

in this video i'm going to show you a,new and improved much better way of,getting traffic for your affiliate,marketing business using facebook ads,facebook ads is really like notorious,notorious for affiliate marketing being,really really difficult they don't even,like it mark zuckerberg goes out of his,way to slap affiliate marketers they,don't like you promoting other people's,products using their ad platform but i,found a much better way to do it it,slides under the radar it doesn't matter,about the ios 14 update all that stuff,none of that stuff matters it works,extremely extremely well your conversion,rates are going to be super high,and you can sell affiliate products,using facebook ads using this method now,let me show you inside this video let's,go but before we get started if it's,your first time on this channel i'm the,infamous joel and your boss hates me,because i show you how to live a life,for freedom passion and fulfillment and,if you're infamous too make sure you,subscribe to the channel now let me get,into this facebook ad strategy that,nobody's using right now i'm going to,reveal it to you in this video and i've,been using it myself for a little bit,and it works extremely extremely well,facebook usually does not like you to,promote other people's products via,affiliate marketing they usually set,that stuff down it's really really hard,to get the right data it's really really,hard to get going it's just really,really hard okay but i found a loophole,a much better way to still use facebook,ads to scale very very quickly just,using two to five dollars a day in your,ad spend and you can grow using this,method now let me show you now first and,foremost i'm gonna talk about how to set,this thing up and then i'm gonna back up,and show you a large kind of like,overall view of how this works okay it's,very very very very simple in theory,right it's simple to look at it and,understand it and say wow that looks,like it definitely works but once you go,out and start doing it it will shock you,actually how easy it really is and it'll,also blow your mind as to why having,other affiliate marketers just done it,this way the entire time because,facebook will not bother you they will,not shut down your ad accounts they,won't target you they won't hate you and,you can make a crap ton of money doing,it this way it also cuts the time almost,like 90,where you're starting an organic free,traffic strategy using facebook and i've,done some training of on that on this,channel so you can look at that but it,cuts your time by like 90 percent to get,leads get people fast get people,interested in your affiliate offers,start making sales immediately by using,facebook ads and they don't have to be,super expensive two dollars a day five,dollars a day something like that you,can easily start getting sales this way,now let me show you how to set this up,first and we're gonna go over to our ads,manager just to show you how to set this,up now inside of your ads manager you're,gonna go ahead and create an ad and i'm,just going to show you,exactly what you want to do most,ads gurus out there on the planet and,they're teaching you affiliate marketing,ads and stuff like that with facebook,this is where you get in trouble first,and foremost as you go for conversions,absolutely not we're gonna go for,traffic i know it seems counterintuitive,a lot of times like well i don't just,want traffic trust me you're gonna want,traffic for this strategy for this,strategy it works extremely well so,we're gonna tell,uh facebook that we want the campaign,objective to be traffic you can call it,whatever you want you can do all this,stuff later on but i'm just gonna show,you at a bird's eye view how you wanna,set this up,we don't want uh well actually it's okay,it's okay if you have campaign budget,optimized here that's fine your daily,budget like i said can be like like two,dollars a day five dollars a day uh,something like that it could be really,really cheap because all you're gonna do,is you're going to use ads facebook ads,as a leverage okay you're going to use,them to leverage your lead flow on,facebook this is for those of you who do,affiliate marketing on facebook you do,organic outreach you send friend,requests you post all day you try to get,people interested in your stuff this is,going to,boost your traffic tenfold and it's,going to boost your entire business your,conversions everything okay so let's go,to the next part here we have that going,two dollars a day and i just want to,show you where you want to drive traffic,you'll either enter more details blah,blah blah we're gonna go website because,we are still gonna send people to a,funnel but i'm gonna show you how it's,broken down and how it's different than,any other funnel you've ever seen or,especially any affiliate funnel okay so,let me just show you how that works you,want to set an end date most of the time,i always tell people have an end date in,case you forget because i always i,always have ad campaigns i forget you,know that i even have them on so i'm,just spending money you can make this,anything you want you know your audience,okay i can't tell you what to put here,you know your exact audience so you know,exactly who you're gonna target what,you're gonna target interests and things,like that uh this is location i always,go united states because i like to i,like to just aim at the the best,audience possible i mean i know a lot of,people do the whole tier one thing uk,australia i know everyone says that i,just go united states and then later on,i'll worry about expanding into other,markets okay now this is the important,part where we go to detail targeting,and we're going to select one,one group of people with one similar,interest not 10,not also interested in this and this and,this and this doesn't matter okay just,get rid of all of that and only one,interest at a time you can create,multiple sets if you want to but each,set,needs to have one interest the best way,to test the best way to know what's,going on inside of your ad campaigns,okay so if i search here and i put,affiliate marketing,which most of the time that's what my,audience is into right here affiliate,marketing we have a very very giant size,of 13 to 15 million people in the us but,that's fine with me because it gives me,the ability to reach as many people as,possible with this particular ad,campaign it works really really well,usually in an ad campaign you don't want,that many people to target because you,can spend a lot of money reaching a lot,of different people but this ad campaign,this strategy is designed to get you the,highest volume possible,at the lowest cost possible okay so,that's the goal we want to get very very,high volume very low cost we're gonna,hit next and now i'm gonna this is the,ad creative right this is what the ad is,gonna look like this is totally up to,you you design the ad maybe it's a video,more than likely it should be an image,images work better for this strategy,don't do a whole video just a quick,image i'm going to tell you what that,image should say in a minute i'm going,to tell you what the whole funnel the,whole outline looks like but first,before i do that make sure you smash,that like button underneath this video,to let the youtube algorithm know that,this is an awesome video this is a new,strategy and more people should see it,don't be greedy okay don't be greedy and,hold this you know strategy back for,yourself,let's share it with everyone on youtube,okay now with that being said let me get,into the rest of the strategy okay so,this is what the entire strategy looks,like from a bird's eye view okay i hope,you guys can hear me my chair is making,a lot of noise but this is the whole,strategy this is a facebook,group strategy okay,facebook group strategy so instead of,the traditional affiliate marketing,strategy where you're taking people from,your ad campaign or from your organic,campaign however you're running your,marketing over to your opt-in page and,then your bridge page and then over to,the affiliate right product or service,the thing that you're actually promoting,facebook is unique in that they hate,affiliate marketers right so it's very,very easy to get on their bad side but,what they don't hate is they don't hate,people who keep other people on their,platform so when your ad campaign keeps,people on facebook by nature by design,they actually like that and your,campaigns end up being a lot cheaper you,get leads at a much lower cost and you,get really good leads because they were,actually clicking and looking into what,you had to offer now what you have to,offer on your on your creative we're,gonna start right here right the actual,ad don't mind my drawing it's terrible,the actual ad is gonna talk about you,know join,free,group,that's it it doesn't take a whole lot,and this is why we're running a traffic,campaign it doesn't take a whole lot,to,convince someone who's scrolling around,on their facebook feed hey join the,number one community for affiliate,marketing right join that down down in,the description below join the number,one community for losing weight join the,number one community here on facebook,for you know finding the perfect date or,something whatever your affiliate,product or service is you want to group,people together inside of a facebook,group so then now you can post in there,you can market you can advertise in,there you can reach out to them in,messenger you know that they're,interested now because they clicked on,your ad okay so,consider this like the new,email list it used to say,um the money is in the list right that's,an old marketing saying they used to say,the money is in the list which is still,true but the list has changed now the,list is your social media list your tick,tock followers your youtube subscribers,your facebook group members why because,these lists are much more engaged,nowadays than the email list most people,are just not reading emails and even the,ones that do are not very engaged not,very responsive email marketing is very,very difficult not dead but is not as,effective as it used to be so your ad,instead is going to go to still a,landing page,right still a landing page now if you,can go ahead and still collect their,email from here say hey i want to let,you join the number one community for,weight loss or whatever it is but first,can we have your email so that we can uh,update you with free giveaways or free,information or updates about the group,such and such make it enticing for them,to put in their email address and their,name so you can still get that opt-in,okay so you can still get that lead and,capture them and put them on your email,list so you're not you know fully fully,invested into facebook because you know,you never know what might happen with,that but you always have their email you,always had their contact and then,ultimately you're taking them to,a group,page instead of a bridge page i'll call,this a group page where there'll be a,button here right,it's like join,right this button will then be the link,to join your facebook group okay and,then finally over here last but not,least this is a horrible drawing but,facebook group facebook groups are super,super powerful for engagement people,join them all the time because they're,looking for help they're looking for,solutions to their problem they're,looking to follow you and your content,and what you post and your lives and,your all that stuff so using ads to pump,up your facebook group is a phenomenal,strategy you know those people are,coming in very warm you don't have to do,cold outreach and doing all this other,like super hard stuff they're coming to,you they're very interested in what you,have and now you have them in your group,so you can nurture them over time some,people might buy right away some people,might buy next week some people might,buy in two months from now who knows but,now you have that lead and you can,nurture that lead over a period of time,just like the email list used to and,this is essentially the entire facebook,group ad strategy in a nutshell that we,set you up with down in the link down,below the affiliate franchise is my,program where we do the entire affiliate,campaign for you this is just one of the,many campaigns that we set up for you if,you think that the facebook group,strategy is for you if it's something,that you need help with we help you set,this whole thing up we we help you with,the ad we help you with managing the,campaign we help you with managing the,we're happy with creating the funnel we,help you with everything okay from,beginning to end and we show you what,works what converts how to chat with,people what to post this is just one of,the many strategies we show you youtube,ads we show you tick tock ads we show,you,google ads we show you a lot of,different types of ads but we want you,to focus on one once you join in because,we want you to set it up and scale as,quickly as possible we do teach organic,as well if you're limited on your budget,but we have some low budget ad campaigns,if you want to just get started in your,spare time this is designed for busy,professionals this is designed for,people who don't have a lot of time but,they want to start a side business and,scale it up so that they can have more,time right so in order to do that we,can't have you running around like a,chicken with your head cut off we have,to get you set up and start running as,quickly as possible click down on the,link down in the description below for,the affiliate franchise you can find out,more about it how it all operates until,next time i'm the infamous joel and i'm,out

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