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How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website | STEP-BY-STEP 2020 what's up guys my name is Da

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website | STEP-BY-STEP 2020

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How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website | STEP-BY-STEP 2020

what's up guys my name is Dale from,creator pro website and in this video,I'm gonna show you how to add Google,Adsense to your WordPress website,in a nutshell Google Adsense is what you,use to show ads to your viewers on your,website and why would you want to do,this well the main reason is because you,can make a lot of money with your,website especially if you've got tons of,viewers every month because each time,somebody clicks on one of those ads on,your website you get paid okay so I'm,going to show you how to do it right now,in just a few easy steps okay so step,number one is to sign up for Google,Adsense so if you don't already have a,Google Adsense account you can just,click on the very first link in the,description or you can just go to, slash Adsense slash start and,then from here we'll just go ahead and,click on get started now I already have,a Google Adsense account and you can,only have one per person or one per,business but I'm gonna walk through some,of the first setup with you so for the,URL I'm gonna put in a secondary site,that I have called to create a,pro-business com but you would want to,put in your main URL here and then you,can put in your email and then we'll,scroll down and you can get helpful info,from Adsense if you'd like I recommend,this because they'll send you some,really awesome tips for putting ads on,your website and it'll hopefully,increase the amount of money that you,can make and then just go ahead and,click Save and continue and again I,already have an account set up for,Google Adsense so I'm not going to click,it but once you get your account set up,then we can go ahead and sign in so,again back to this main Google Adsense,page we're gonna go ahead and click on,sign in and then I'm just gonna select,my account password,cool and here we are inside of our,Google Adsense dashboard now step number,two is to create a new ad unit so to do,this just go on over to ads over here in,the left-hand menu and then just click,on buy ad unit right here and then we're,gonna go with display ads right here,this is the recommended one and here you,can see an example of what a typical ad,would look like so now we're just gonna,name it so I'm just gonna call this ad,unit 1 and then we're gonna keep this as,a square and then for ad size we're,gonna keep this as responsive that way,they'll resize to fit any space on your,website okay so now just go ahead and,click on create and now we're gonna be,needing this code so go ahead and click,on a copy code snippet and now we can,move on to step number three which is to,display the ad on your website so I'm,just gonna go over to my WordPress,website and I'm inside the dashboard and,the easiest way to show you how to,display an ad on your website is to do,it in the widget area of the sidebar so,I'm gonna go over to appearance and then,go to widgets and then I'm just gonna,scroll down and select custom HTML right,here and I'm just gonna drag that to the,top of my sidebar and inside the content,window right here I'm just gonna paste,that code just like that and now just,click on save and then we can just close,this window and we're gonna go up and,view a post so I'm just gonna go over to,post and then go to all posts and then,I'll just select a post and go over to,view and now as you can see there's no,ad displaying right here which is where,it should be this is my sidebar but it,actually is an ad displaying here it's,got a placement if I hover over it or,sorry highlight this is where the actual,ad will be but Google needs about an,hour so to determine what type of ads,it's going to put on your website it,basically has to read your website and,determine what content to serve so don't,be alarmed if you just see an empty,space in fact if I just click over here,and inspect you can see right up here,Google ads frame 1 this is where our,Google ad is going to be so now I'll,show you how to insert ads into your,actual posts as well as how to automate,them,so step number four automate your ads so,let's just go up to our dashboard and,then I'm just gonna go down to plugins,and then go over to add new and then,over on the search bar on the right I'm,just gonna type in adsense plug-in WP,quad and then you'll see Adsense plug-in,WP quads right here so we're just going,to go ahead and install now and then,click activate cool and then it's going,to promote the WP quads Pro to you but,really you can get by with just the free,version just fine so we're just gonna,skip and go to Settings cool so now just,scroll down and here's where we can,assign where we want our ads to show up,so if I were to click on the first one,for assign random ads to the beginning,of the post then the ad would show up at,the very top of our posts and you can,change this to ad number one and then,you would want to go into ads and,actually add an ad in there which I will,show you how to do in just a second but,for the sake of explaining this section,let's just say you want to display,random ads because you've made a bunch,of them inside of your Google Adsense,dashboard you can also display them in,the middle of your post and it will do,its best guess to determine where the,middle of your post is and put one there,and then you can display them at the end,of your post as well as display them,after the more tag so more is when,somebody were to click on the read more,tag it will put that just underneath,that and that's if you have that on your,post and then down below in these last,four you can determine if you want to,display them after certain paragraph,numbers so let's say that you have,around 50 paragraphs well then you can,display one after the fiftieth paragraph,so you want to use these settings at the,bottom,- exactly target where to display the,ads on your posts so I'm just gonna,uncheck these and I'm just gonna leave,one set at the beginning of the post and,I'm gonna change it to add one because,I'm gonna go in and make ad one okay,scrolling down okay and here you can,determine the visibility of where you,want your ads so on the home page,categories and tags and then if you,check on this hide ads when user is,logged in,then whenever you're logged into,WordPress you're not going to be able to,see your ads which I don't recommend,because then you can't see where they're,gonna be placed so I highly recommend,making sure that this is unchecked and,then from here you're going to determine,where these ads are whether it's on,posts and pages or so right now I'd,select it as both or you can just do,individuals so in this case I'm just,gonna do posts because my homepage is,technically a page and I don't want it,to show up on my homepage so I'm gonna,make sure that this says post and then,you can just skip the rest of these,settings and click on Save Changes,and then we're just gonna scroll back up,and we're gonna create ad number one so,let's go ahead and click on ads and then,we're gonna click on add one and then,here is where we're gonna put in that,code that we copied from earlier from,our Adsense dashboard so with plain text,HTML and JavaScript this is where you,could put in any sort of commission,based code it's so it doesn't have to,just be from Adsense it could be from,any other site or any other ads server,but in this case we're doing Adsense so,we're gonna click on the Adsense button,and then I'm gonna click on a copy-paste,Adsense code and then I'm just gonna,enter that in here and then I'm just,gonna say get code and now in order to,do a responsive ad then you'll need the,pro version of WP quads but I've found,that if you just go to fixed size you,can just type in a square value like say,200 by 200 and that will work perfectly,fine and then you can determine where,you want it to be aligned in your post,whether it's on the left the right or in,the middle in this case I'll just say in,the middle and then margin is the amount,of pixels of space around the ad so I'm,just gonna say 10 and now just go down,to Save Changes down here cool so now,just going back to double check we're,gonna go to general and position and,make sure that we've got a sign add one,to the beginning of the post and then,now let's just go check out our post so,I'm gonna scroll up and go to posts and,then go to all posts,and then I'm just going to view my post,cool and now if I just scroll down you,can see that I've got a blank space here,and if I highlight over that you can see,the blue box and this is where my ad is,going to be so again if you see the,blank space don't panic Google Adsense,needs around an hour could be even,longer to determine what type of content,is being displayed on your page and what,ads that they should be serving up on,your website but if you're not sure,where this box might be you can also,just go up to add check up here and then,just click on show adverts and then this,will give you a box around to where your,ad is and again in this case I have a,square one so it's actually going to be,a square but it least shows you where,the ads will be displayed and the ads,will look something like this so my main,recommendation is just to randomize the,ads on all of your blog posts that way,Google Adsense will do its best to,determine what type of ads to serve up,to your viewers on your website based on,your content alright guys so that was,how to add a Google Adsense to your,WordPress website I really hope you,enjoyed this video and if you did please,hit that like button YouTube's algorithm,loves that stuff and it helps my small,channel grow and if you want to see more,videos on how to create amazing websites,from scratch as well as how to make,money with your website then please,consider subscribing to my channel you,will not be sorry alright guys thank you,for watching and I will see you on the,next video

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