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How to Block Steam Popups Ads Permanently - Stop Steam from Showing Advertisement on Start hello fri

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Block Steam Popups Ads Permanently - Stop Steam from Showing Advertisement on Start

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How to Block Steam Popups Ads Permanently - Stop Steam from Showing Advertisement on Start

hello friends welcome to crazy tech it's,the YouTube channel and this is a,website crazy addicted starcom well,today I'd be just guiding you how to,disable steam pop-up arts you can,disable any kind of a pop-up ads which,appeared on your steam these heads can,be when you open the steam automatically,or even sometimes when you have not,opened the steam you have just logged in,to your Windows or Mac system and you,start seeing all these kinds of,advertisement so and other method is,also there like why playing again if you,some sort of really sending you some,sort of a text message or anything like,that and you can even block them so it,will not only block the pop-up ads but,it will block each and every type of,pop-ups so I will just kind of how to do,that so first of all and you can just,you just need to open this team okay,like this I have open this thing and,this method will be working on the Mac,only if it's a make sure of course it,will be working on the windows also but,stink can be a little bit different so,make sure that you have logged in to,your steam account it's been,automatically opt-in of course in your,spoon also because only then you will be,able to see the pop-up advertisement so,after that what you actually have to do,is here it is steam as you can see all,the function of the features are,available here of the steam so what you,really need to do is just make sure,first of all you just logged in your,stream and then just here are some sort,of an option that are available like,services accounts etcetera so will be,just clicking on the bow stream okay,steam and here so I just click on the,preference it's ok so we will just tap,on the second option of interesting,preferences and after preferences there,will be a window like this will be,appearing here so in this window when we,will open this window then we need to,just click on interface now after this,interface is Binkley so here are the,options display the steam you are enable,wait a second I just like you here are,the options which you have to really,make sure that you are just escaping,them so the options will be here,Oxford notify me about that addition and,changes came to the new release and,upcoming events so this is a husband I,mean to say whatever the things which,will be available as an offer for you so,all you can do is I don't want to get,notified just click on okay but make,sure that when you are just giving this,command then it will also stop any kind,of notification to you for any kind of a,discount on the games which you have,kept in your inventory or your wishlist,so you will not get any kind of,indication or notification for any night,of these things so that you can actually,block any kind of the things that you,require to do and there is also other,options like an interference,you can even block other kinds of a,thing like start steam then you open,that I like this is an option run steam,when my computer start so you can just,stop on here also and make it also just,click on the button ok and then it will,be automatically remove these options so,it's quite good to I mean to say remove,all these kinds of a functions from your,steam account you will not get any,pop-up notification in pretreatment and,also steam will not open when you open,your system automatically but make sure,I said earlier like by using this method,you are also stopping steam from this,paint any kind of a future enforcement,which can be benefit for you beneficial,for you so make sure that you are using,this function only when you require and,it's ok to block that of course these,are some time editing also so thank you,friends thanks for watching this video I,would be quite happy if you could share,this video with your friends so you were,looking for this kind of a matter so it,would be quite good for that make sure,you just tap on a like button and to,subscribe to our channel fans thank you,friends have a nice day

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