how to disable pop up ads on mac

How to turn off Pop Up Blocker on Mac (Safari Browser) hello everyone and in this video i will,show


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to turn off Pop Up Blocker on Mac (Safari Browser)

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How to turn off Pop Up Blocker on Mac (Safari Browser)

hello everyone and in this video i will,show you how to disable pop-up blockers,in safari and chrome on your macbook,so we'll see safari first and then we'll,go to chrome,so first open safari,if i go to a website for example if i go,to apple,i won't get any pop-up right now because,pop-up,pop-ups are blocked right now,so to disable that,on the top left corner,click on safari,and then click on preferences,and then from the tabs above go to,websites,and then here,scroll down and then go to pop-up,windows,here you can see currently open websites, and it is set to block and,notify,so if i click here,and then click on allow,now all the pop-ups from will,be allowed,so,you can also allow pop-ups from,every other website,by clicking here when visiting other,websites and then clicking here and then,clicking on allow,now pop-ups won't be blocked on any,website but if you want to enable,pop-ups on some websites and disable,them on some website,then here you can,over here like i've done it on,you can do it,for other websites also so that is how,you disable pop-up windows on uh in,safari,now we'll see chrome,so open chrome,and then on the top right corner you can,see the three dots click on it and then,go to settings,now here go to security and privacy,and then,click on site settings,now scroll down,and,and click on pop-ups and redirects,now click on site scan send pop-ups and,use redirects,so here you have disabled pop-up,blockers,on chrome,so you can also do the same thing as it,did on safari like enable them for some,websites and,disable them for some by selecting the,sites over here who are allowed to send,pop-ups and use redirects,so if i click on,add and then add a website say,,and then,click on add,now pop-ups will be allowed,from, only,so when it is so when i disable pop-ups,now only pop-ups from will,be allowed,so,if i remove it from here and then enable,all the pop-ups,now if i click not allowed to send,pop-ups or,use redirects now if i,so this is the option here you can,select some website you don't want the,pop-ups from so for example if i don't,want pop-ups from say then,i'll click on add,and then over here type,,and then click on add,now every other website will be allowed,to,send me popups and use redirects except,for,so that is how you disable,pop-up blockers on in safari and chrome,on a macbook thank you

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