how to disable comments on facebook ads

Moderate facebook ad comments, Moderate instagram ad commentsalright guys so in this video I want to

Andrew Machol

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Moderate facebook ad comments, Moderate instagram ad comments

alright guys so in this video I want to,show you how to moderate your comments,how to go through make sure that those,people that are commenting on there are,the comments they actually want on your,kind of a post so the easiest way to do,it is just go into your ads manager,right up here go to ads and then say,we're gonna click this one right here go,into edit so she should be like you're,editing anyone here you can do it,multiple different ways you can do it,right here where you click and you can,say okay I want to check out and this,one we're not running on Instagram or it,would say Instagram in here actually let,me show you that this one here as you,can see it's gonna be Instagram and,Facebook because they're both the same,platform but I'm gonna go back to the,other one real quick there we are,so on this one there's just gonna be the,Facebook on there but we can see you,know Facebook post with comments we can,see all these different kind of stuff on,their mobile desktop usually mobile and,desktop we're gonna have the same,comments on there I really don't know of,a circumstance where you really wouldn't,have the same comments on there but,that's gonna go ahead and give you what,you want so we're gonna go ahead and,basically click on this but I've already,opened it up so here we are as I showed,you in the other video a legal burger,right here is one of the businesses that,I'm working with and you can see here,this is friends that like of the page so,its marketed against anybody that's a,friend that likes the page so I can see,okay David and Patti both like a legal,burger now maybe I'd like a legal burger,and I want to take the offer as well so,here we can have this one,it's just been running for about it day,or two I think on this one I know maybe,three days two or three days something,like that on this ad so there's not very,much interaction so on here right now on,the other ads we have a couple with like,a hundred thousand people that have seen,it so we have quite a bit more,interaction on that one but you can kind,of get the idea from taking a look here,and saying okay I'm gonna run this ad I,can see people that have also liked the,ad and then I can then moderate any,comments that are happening on the ad so,of course I'm not gonna comment on here,but you'd see the comments you can see,all the interactions that would actually,be on this ad here hope this helps for,you guys moderating the actual,comments that you need to and the other,way to do it is instead of being down,there is clicking up here manage,facebook comments it's gonna pop up,there we go and this one actually pops,up is more of an ad though or less of an,ad so it's not actually going to be in,your newsfeed so this one right here is,going to pop up just the ad by itself I,kind of liked the look of it in the news,feed so that way it kind of gives you an,idea of how things are looking in the,actual feed but it really doesn't matter,it's up to personal preference on that,one this one's probably easier to edit,so if we went to here we went to the,other campaign links manage Facebook,comments then you kind of go to this one,here and you can see it's gonna have all,these different comments and stuff and,different things at the bottom and,everybody that's reached and different,ad copy so yeah you can kind of see what,what happens with those ones and I hope,that helps so you can do eat there links,here which will just go straight to that,page or you can go down here and you can,actually view how it's looking but then,also manage comments not gonna set at,same time so I will see you guys in the,next video hope this one helps and I'll,talk to that

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How to Automatically Hide Comments on Facebook Ads & Instagram ( STOP Trolls, Haters and Spammers)

How to Automatically Hide Comments on Facebook Ads & Instagram ( STOP Trolls, Haters and Spammers)

in this video i'm going to walk you guys,through the process that i go to um in,order to hide and remove and actually,stop all these spam comments from,happening on my facebook page and,instagram page and in fact i use the,same thing for,all my pages and my clients pages when,running ads because we get a lot of spam,comments from ads and those have the,ability to actually kill the traction on,your advertising and quite frankly,they're just annoying these people are,just angry and they're just frankly,quite annoying so um if you want to,follow along with this there is a link,in the description of this video to the,tool that i use um i highly highly,recommend that obviously you know you,don't have to use it but,it's what we use it's the easiest thing,that i found the most affordable one to,help me um,get rid of these spam comments so first,and foremost i'm going to jump right,into just kind of giving you an overview,of what this does it basically hides,there's profanity filters i hide any,urls anybody who puts a an emoji or a,gif in there that is just not aligned,with um what you've got going on or,sometimes you post on instagram and you,get immediately spammed by these people,saying hey promote your stuff on here or,whatever um and it's quite annoying you,can even blacklist keywords and and a,bunch of other stuff and i'm gonna walk,you through how i set that up right now,so when you first log into the tool this,is what the splash screen looks like or,the login screen looks like and there's,a short video that walks you through how,to connect it but basically what you do,is you click on the facebook login,button in here and this is actually,going to open up the facebook uh wizard,here to allow you to connect to the,different pages that you want now if,you've got more than one page you can,connect them all or you can connect the,page that you wanna that you wanna run,uh stuff from so in my case i'm gonna,click on you know here's my instagram,business account i've got a bunch,because i run ads for a lot of people,but i'm going to click my you know my,personal account in here then i'm going,to go ahead and click on next and now,it's going to bring up the the actual,pages that i want to connect my,my common guard uh tool two and so i'm,gonna pick you know the one that i run,advertising from and then i'm gonna,click on next and then it's basically,gonna ask me for a bunch of permissions,i usually leave them all like this now i,do wanna mention that you probably need,to have admin access to your pages uh if,you want to connect them to this tool,and so once that's done,that's pretty much it that's pretty much,it for linking the tool to your,instagram and um and facebook page now,from here all we're going to do is,select the page that you want to,configure so i'm going to choose like my,instagram page in here and i'm also,going to choose my facebook page there,as well and and that's pretty much it,from here i'm going to go to my,dashboard now from here what i'm going,to do is i can pick from whichever page,i want to configure separate so right,now i'm on instagram,and if i go to settings,and i see all the comments i can kind of,see all the comments that are there for,review if i've got some but if i go to,settings i can actually turn some of,these on so i can really hide anybody,who is just like posting urls um in the,comments or whatnot i can hide any gifs,emojis i can i can um even blacklist uh,certain comments of people promoting uh,stuff on my pages and on my post um so,here when i enable a private mode for,example common guard will hide it will,auto automatically hide all comments,unless you go in there and approve them,i typically don't don't do that um but i,do like to hide um things that people,will post,in here like profanity i don't really,like profanity and you can choose any,language that you want you can even add,another language in here as well um if,you have other people who um like are,like angry or something and are always,like saying something negative about,something that didn't work or they had a,bad experience or something like that,you can hide it in here as well i can,hide gifs i can hide emojis i can,blacklist um certain comments so this,blacklist,this blacklist uh,word thing here this option is really,really important for me because for,example if i go to my instagram profile,every time i post something i always get,these kind of annoying spam comments,that say you know promote it here send,it here do this do that send the pic etc,and so anytime that i see something like,promoted on or promoted or something,like that i'll just copy that,uh i'll copy you know these these words,in here and i go back in here and i'll,just kind of paste it in there,and then i'll go back to my instagram,and i'll see some others that are very,similar to that like um scent pic or,something like that nobody really,comments that except for spammer so i'll,go and i'll just copy it you know and,paste that in there and i'll just say,that as my blacklist now anytime,somebody posts something like this the,comment won't even show up you know on,my on my post what's really cool about,this tool that we use is that it's it's,like super simple there's no complicated,setup or anything like that what you saw,is how i set it up i just basically,choose all my clients accounts and pages,that i want to connect to to moderate,these comments um one thing that i do,want to tell you though is that it does,block comments from ads as well so if,you're getting these kind of comments,from all your facebook ads or instagram,ads,it'll automatically moderate those the,other thing that's really cool is the,rules section the rule is something that,we explore on some accounts and,basically what what this is,is allows you to automatically like,certain things and reply to certain,things based on words so um in some of,my advertising i usually tell people to,like leave a comment or leave a word,saying like you know i'm in or something,like that in order for me to like send,them information and so what i'll do is,as soon as i,i'll have a rule set up for that,specific word and i'll have i'll have,this tool go and automatically like or,reply to that comment saying something,like hey check your dms or here's the,link to where you want to go or,fantastic or something like that or,you're in whatever that is and so i,don't have to physically manually go in,there and kind of,reply to these kind of things in the,comments or i can oftentimes have a link,to a survey or something like that,that this does for me on on either,accounts,and it works really really well,one thing you can kind of see is when,you start to add pages,and you start to see your comments,coming here you can kind of see the ones,that need to be reviewed those that the,tool doesn't really quite understand,because you haven't really set up a rule,or a setting for,they're not really identified as,profanity but they could be sort of like,a you know punchline of some sort uh you,can kind of go in there and also,moderate those things,as well,and that's pretty much it for this tool,it's very very simple very useful,you can add users you can see the pages,that you've got going on you can look at,your profile,your dashboards basically what you see,here is what you're going to get,and these are the exact settings that i,use now because i'm using this on,instagram,on instagram i have a separate set of,rules and separate set of settings that,i do for my facebook page so on,instagram i typically want to hide,profanity uh url links you know i,typically don't want people to add and,you know,another profile for them to be able to,click and and snipe that traffic uh to,them um i also want to hide like you,know you know poop emojis or something,like that and i definitely want to use,these trigger words like promoted on,synthetic because they're so annoying if,you look at all my stuff in here,some of those spammers they come in here,and they'll do the exact same thing like,send pic here promote it on here promote,it send pic and so this avoids all these,like trash spam accounts from hitting up,your your post and your ads as you run,them,so the other thing that's cool is as,you're running ads you're actually,learning what people are actually,posting on here and you can definitely,hide you know gifs and you know emojis,from here from those kind of words,because a lot of people will copy and,paste those things uh and so my rules,are a little bit different for,when i'm running advertising on facebook,for example um i typically like to hide,definitely hide urls on facebook i,definitely hide you know images and gifs,in the comments um because a lot of,times the people will post gifs of a,poop or something like that and it like,ruins the whole thing um and i like to,like,blacklist a few words like scam is one,of those words that i like to blacklist,scammer or something like that um that,is really a negative negative thing um,once i do that uh this is this is kind,of it you know there's not a whole lot,that i can do if you guys want to snag,this tool like i said it's my go-to tool,super affordable there's a link in the,comments i highly highly recommend it if,you're doing any sort of you know,posting on instagram or facebook or,running any sort of advertising,this is my go-to tool and the one that i,use for pretty much all my client,accounts as well

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