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Easily Turn Your Fire Tablet Into A Real Android Tablet! HD10 HD7 HD8 foreign,hey what's going on ev


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Easily Turn Your Fire Tablet Into A Real Android Tablet! HD10 HD7 HD8

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Easily Turn Your Fire Tablet Into A Real Android Tablet! HD10 HD7 HD8

foreign,hey what's going on everybody it's ETA,Prime back here again with the recent,release of the all-new Amazon Fire HD 10,and the HD 10 plus I figured it was time,to do another tutorial on turning this,into a real Android tablet or at least,as close as we can get in this video I'm,going to show you how to install Google,Play disable the lock screen ads install,a custom launcher and disable some of,the built-in Amazon apps I recently did,a review on this tablet and it's,actually an excellent budget tablet this,is the HD 10 plus for 2021 but this will,also work on the HD 10. actually the,method I'm going to show you in this,video works from the 2014 tablets on up,to present day now real quick before we,get started I just wanted to show you a,little bit of a comparison on the right,hand side here we have the 2019 HD 10.,it's got those lock screen ads it's in,its stock form on the left hand side,I've done all of the modifications over,here we have a custom launcher Google,play I've disabled some of the Amazon,apps and the lock screen ads are totally,gone on this in my opinion I'd much,rather have my tablet look like the left,hand side than the right hand side but,for this video you will need to use a,desktop or a laptop to get this all,installed because we're going to be,using an easy to use application called,the fire tool box so if you're ready to,get started here let's go ahead and do,it so before we move over to our PC and,start modifying the tablet there's one,major thing we need to do on the tablet,itself and that's enable developer,options so we're going to head to,settings from here we'll find device,options,about Fire tablet,and we're going to tap on the serial,number about eight times,and what this is going to do is enable,developer options so we'll backup one,and now you'll see we have a new Option,called developer options we'll turn this,on,give us a little bit of a warning we'll,choose ok,and from here we're going to find USB,debugging we want to make sure this is,on choose OK and now we're ready to move,over to our Windows PC and get fire,toolbox set up,so now that we have USB debugging,enabled on our Fire tablet it's time to,get the application downloaded this is,actually super easy to do link for this,is in the description it's an XDA post,for the fire toolbox as making this,video it's actually version 17.1 and it,will automatically update once we have,it installed I would definitely,recommend going through and reading this,but as you can see here this works from,the Amazon Fire 10 2021 or the 10 plus,all the way from the Amazon Fire hd6,from 2014. so basically any of the,tablets that have been released from,2014 to 2021 this will work with,we're going to scroll down until we get,to the downloads,and like I mentioned read through all of,this there's some great information I'm,going to go with the mirror,it's going to open up a Google Drive,Link,just go ahead and download it,this is going to go directly into my,downloads folder,and from here we're just going to,extract it fire toolbox version 17 in,the future this will be higher right,click I'm just going to extract,we can go ahead and open this up and we,have the fire toolbox folder,we'll launch this and start up the fire,toolbox right here this is the,application we want to start,it's going to give us a little walk,through I would definitely read through,all of this it actually explains how to,use this pretty well so choose OK you,can choose your theme from here I'm just,going to leave everything stock so we'll,just choose the set theme,it's going to relaunch itself,it installed ADB for us on our PC,it's also going to check for updates and,as you can see this is a micro patch,version 17.1 download and install,make sure you're online,this is just kind of a self updater,we'll choose yes,and it might actually give us a warning,saying that it can't find the exe so I'm,just going to head back to where we have,it downloaded start it back up,and from here as you can see we have no,device detected that's because it's not,plugged into my PC yet we have USB,debugging on our Amazon Fire tablet so,we're going to plug it in using the,included USB type-c cable,so I'm just going to plug it in now,it's going to pop up allow USB debugging,on this computer since this is my,personal computer I choose always allow,and then ok,and our computer is now going to detect,the Amazon Fire tablet and it'll give us,something that looks like this with fire,toolbox and now we can use fire toolbox,on our Fire tablet if you're a new user,choose no I'm a new user it'll give you,a little walk through but for me I've,used it before,and as you can see there's a lot of,options to choose from but there's four,main things that I use the custom,launcher,Google services which installs Google,Play,lock screen management this is where we,can disable those lock screen ads and I,also use manage Amazon apps and disable,some Amazon apps that I don't normally,use but first things first everybody's,going to want to do this one let's,install Google Play we'll go to Google,services,our tablet's plugged in it won't work,without it,execute tool,it's going to download everything for us,and install it directly to our tablet,and just a quick note I have had this,freeze before all I had to do was close,down fire toolbox and start it back up,and it would download it and install it,no problem,but there we go we now have Google Play,installed it's recommended that you give,the Play Store at least 10 minutes,before signing in let's just let it wait,we'll choose OK because we have a few,more things that we're gonna do,I personally like to make this as close,to a real Android tablet as possible so,the next thing I do is install the,custom launcher so from here I'll go to,custom launcher it's really up to you,you can leave the stock launcher if you,want to but uh personally I use the Nova,Launcher there's a few to choose from so,I'm going to go with the Nova Launcher,and I want to disable the fire launcher,altogether I don't ever want to see it,again on this tablet,another thing I do is enable widgets if,you don't want them leave it unchecked,choose yes and again it's going to,download it and automatically install it,to our tablet,choose ok,and now lock screen management we're,going to get rid of those lock screen,ads and from here we can change the lock,screen wallpaper remove the lock screen,ads or disable the lock screen,altogether I'm just going to disable the,lock screen ads,choose ok,we're going to back up and the final,thing I like to do is disable some of,the Amazon apps this is totally optional,I'm going to go to manage Amazon apps,and from here if you want to manually,disable some,you can see which ones we can disable,app names in green indicates an app is,safe to disable or hide and I will go,through you can see the Amazon app store,they do not recommend disabling this one,so really what I do is I go back manage,Amazon apps from the drop down here we,have two options complete the bloat or,standard I go with the standard debloat,which is recommended,will execute,and again it's going to handle,everything for us,choose ok,and we're done here we now have a custom,launcher Google Play Lock Screen ads are,disabled and we've disabled some Amazon,apps so we've got our Fire tablet as,close to a real Android tablet as,possible,and here it is once it's finished up we,have that custom launcher installed it's,going to ask us if we want to do a quick,setup that's exactly what I'm going to,do and I'll just choose actually we'll,just go with the light theme,you can totally customize the Nova,Launcher,but uh as you can see it's going to look,pretty plain Jane you will need to get,some applications installed and place,them on the main screen,but since I disabled a lot of Amazon,apps I don't have a lot to fill up with,but luckily we have Google Play,installed now so we can download,basically any app we want from the,Google Play Store and we've also kept,the Amazon app store intact just in case,you want to install some stuff from,there but let's go ahead and start up,Google Play Just Like starting up any,new phone you will have to sign in with,your Google account,you've got to be online for this to work,I'm going to go ahead and do that now,so I'm signed into the Google Play Store,and I'll just go ahead and download my,first app we'll go with Ida 64.,we'll install it it's going to,automatically download for us and,basically it's going to work just like,any Android phone or any Android tablet,with Google Play We do have Google Play,services installed so if the app,requires it it will work,and if you did end up installing the,Nova Launcher we can totally customize,this I know it looks pretty plain Jane,and like I mentioned that's because I,don't have a lot of apps installed right,now this is kind of just a fresh install,but we can change the wallpaper we can,add widgets,and once you spend a little time with it,you can have something that looks like,this I mean basically we have a real,Android tablet now none of the Amazon,launcher is installed anymore we got,Google Play No lock screen ads this does,make it much more appealing to pick up,the 2021 Fire HD 10 or the HD 10 plus,but that's going to wrap it up for this,video really appreciate you watching all,links for everything I mentioned in this,video are in the description and if,you're interested in checking out my,full review on the Fire HD 10 plus I,will leave a link for that in the,description as well if you have any,questions let me know in the comments,below and like always thanks for,watching

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