how to disable ads in utorrent

How to Disable Ads in uTorrent 2020 | Remove Ads from uTorrent hello everyone how are you doing this

Helton's Computer Repair

Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Disable Ads in uTorrent 2020 | Remove Ads from uTorrent

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How to Disable Ads in uTorrent 2020 | Remove Ads from uTorrent

hello everyone how are you doing this is,helton's computer repair here with,another quick tutorial,on this tutorial we're going to be,showing you how to remove those,wonderful ads from,utorrent now if you have not installed,utorrent i'll probably give you a link,for it and probably probably pop up,right here to let you know that you can,download it,from this following link and if you want,to download,now before we get into started on,installing this to find install on this,to remove the ads,i'm going to give you a little info,about it in any case if there's any,settings that you don't understand or,don't know how to access,then just leave it as is otherwise you,may run your own risk by breaking the,utorrent or not being able to download,anything,without ads and it may also,have an impact to your computer,depending what you do on there,so proceed with your own cautions for,this,now we should be good on this if it does,come to a point that it does mess it up,you can just uninstall the program,and reinstall it and you'll probably be,good and i'll be running back how it was,before,but let's go ahead and show you what you,need to do to remove these,wonderful ads that are being popped up,right now so first thing you do,is pretty simple for this you're going,to go to options,then you're going to go to preferences,and don't go to stuff unless you don't,know what you're doing,all you're going to do is go to the,following settings i'm telling you go to,advanced,right here and once you get there,we're gonna have to do some little,search files for this so underneath the,filter you can actually,search this manually but it'll probably,take forever for you to do this,so what we're gonna do is go ahead and,type in bt,period and enable,underscore and what we're looking for is,pulse so it's already there but in case,i'm gonna go ahead and select it and,there it is we're gonna change that,value from,true right here to false,and is that pretty simple and that's,pretty much how we're going to be doing,this to all the other ones,so there's going to be a few others that,need to be done so i'll be showing you,how to,do it to the others okay some of these,may not even be there they're already,being disabled but just follow how it's,set and you should be good,next is going to be gui,period show underscore,plus underscore,i put actually typed on underscore up,cell i already see it coming up again,if you already see it you can print it,just select it,and we're going to choose false again,and let's type in,the next one next is going to be,offers dot,content underscore,offer underscore auto,and there it is auto exec,and there it is we're going to select it,and it's already set up to false that's,a good thing that means you didn't have,to select from true to false we're going,to,leave it as false the next thing we're,going to do,is go to type in the next one called gui,gui,dot show underscore,no torrents underscore,node and here it is we're gonna change,that value to false again,for that one and then we're going to go,ahead and type in the next one,offers dot sponsors,underscore torrent underscore,offer underscore enabled now they're,already coming up i'm just typing the,full thing that way if you need to look,we can select it,and see the full words and there it is,and then let's go ahead and type in the,next one called offers,period left,underscore rail underscore,offer underscore enabled,and here it is we're gonna change that,value to false and technically i think,i've already done this one,before and it was again the first we,first started on in case you didn't,do it here it is bt dot enable i'll tell,you,enabled right there it's already there,bt enable,underscore false,not calling us about that right there,ulsc,and there it is again we already worked,on that before but in case you did not,get to it,then you get the point i'm going to go,ahead and press ok,and it's still showing an ad let's go,ahead and restart this program up,disappeared right there i'm going to go,ahead and just exit anyway,let's go ahead and go to the right and,be sure it's not in use so there is,utorrent,we're going to go ahead and exit out,again and ask if you want to exit,go ahead and press yes we're going to go,ahead and open up utorrent,again and here we have it with no,ads in this list and that is pretty,much it now if you want to,reverse this you can i would not,recommend it,it would just pretty much be good where,you are and that's pretty much it,thank you for watching from helton's,computer repair and i will see you,on the next video thanks for watching,guys if you disliked this video then hit,that button but if you like it and you,want to see more hit that like button,get subscribed to comment and tell us,what other tech videos you want to see,consider checking out our merch store,link in the video description,and for the rest i will see you on the,next video

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