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Should You Delete Comments on Facebook Ads?hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Should You Delete Comments on Facebook Ads?

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to answer the question should,you delete comments,on your facebook ads this is something,i've been asked a number of times,often by clients as well as you know,comments and youtube videos and things,like that,and where people are asking the question,there must be many many more that want,to know the answer so i'm going to,quickly cover that,in this video when you should and,shouldn't delete them how you should,deal with comments on your facebook ads,and all that sort of stuff before i get,into that i want to very quickly ask you,to smash that like button,and of course subscribe to my youtube,channel if you are new and haven't done,so already,okay so first thing to sort of um,to put your mind at ease with perhaps is,to say that,you are going to get negative comments,no matter what you advertise,you are going to get negative comments,we um,advertise a number of charities you,think what could possibly be,controversial,or lead to negative comments about you,know what it is they're just trying to,do good and all that sort of stuff and,they still get negative comments,so negative comments are certainly just,a feature,it's facebook obviously want all ads to,be interactive and people can can get,involved and i completely understand why,and i think on the whole that's positive,but negative comments are inevitable,it's not a sign that you're doing,anything wrong,okay that's the first thing now of,course if half of all your comments are,negative,well yeah there's probably something,wrong going on there you've not got the,right product market fit people don't,like what you're advertising all that,sort of stuff,um but some negative comments are,inevitable,now i've heard a lot of people say or,you should never delete a comment you,should never delete a negative comment,instead you should just respond to it,you should answer it as,you know as the business and address any,concerns they have and i think it really,depends,what that negative comment is and,how constructive it is versus,you know if it's just being negative the,sake of being negative i mean we've seen,comments where,you know we could be advertising let's,say a free webinar of video training,and you have comments from people that,might say i haven't watched it but it,sounds like a load of rubbish,and you think there's nothing there,there's no redeeming feature there,if the comments like that just get rid,of it just delete it there's no need for,that to be on there,um it's just someone who's obviously,angry at the world and they've chosen to,lash out on on your facebook ad who says,it says stuff like that,if it's a negative comment that you can,answer and turn it into,a positive so let's say,for example um,you know you could have someone perhaps,they leave a negative comment but,they're mistaken about something,so they say things like oh i really,thought i ordered your product and i,really thought it would come with,this other thing and it actually does,come with that other thing but that,person just hasn't realized or something,went wrong with the postage something,like that,well you can then answer that comment in,a really positive way you can say like,oh i'm sorry that that doesn't seem to,have been delivered um,you know whenev whenever someone buys,this product they do get,refillable cartridges or what you know,whatever it happens to be automatically,um we'll make sure we get some shipped,out to you asap and then when other,people,other prospects read those comments,they'll be like oh great it does come,with,whatever um and they clearly do take,care of their customers because this,person is,is being taken care of in the comments,and stuff like that so if it's a,negative comment that you can,that has a response often when prospects,are mistaken or customers mistaken that,certainly happens,um you know sometimes someone could say,um,well you might see a comment along the,lines of oh this option's too expensive,now you could just delete that if you,wanted to and someone says this option,is too expensive,you could get a cheap alternative and,they give maybe an example,you could just delete that comment if,you want to that wouldn't be a problem,but you could also address it and you,could say,yes our product is more expensive than,some of the competitors however,it has all these additional features,which we believe makes it,much more valuable we've got loads of,testimonials for people to set superior,that then when other prospects are,reading the comments because people will,do that to work out if they want to buy,something or interact with the ad,they read the comments they go okay fair,enough i was wondering why i wouldn't,just go with the cheaper one,and that comment actually just addresses,why your product is more expensive,but it's better quality it's handmade,it's whatever you know all that sort of,stuff,so if you could address it in a positive,way by all means go ahead and respond to,an answer i think that's a great thing,to do,if it's just negative for the sake of,being negative,get rid of it get it gone now a lot of,people are worried that if you're,deleting comments,that's going on your facebook ads of,course and that's going to negatively,impact how facebook sort of delivers,your ads perhaps they'll perhaps,limit your reach perhaps their you know,mess up the algorithm and things like,that,we haven't seen that if you are deleting,as i said before,half of all comments because they're,really negative or more than that,that can have a negative impact we,believe there's,i haven't seen sort of official,documentation to confirm this but i,think that has negative impact,and that kind of makes sense right,facebook only wants advertisers that are,going to advertise things that their,users um either want or indifferent to,they don't want their advertisers to,annoy their users because,then facebook instagram users may stop,using the platform or use it less,so if someone if someone's advertising,something that's getting their users,angry or they don't want to see,facebook's going to step in and,intervene and i think if you're deleting,tons and tons of comments,and basically not wanting to to allow,people to have their say about what it,is you're advertising,facebook's not gonna like that but if,you're deleting a few comments,here and there um from people that are,just negative for the sake of being,negative just seems to be a,a fact of life when it comes to any form,of of online advertising anything like,that,then that's that won't have an impact at,all we do it all the time that's,absolutely fine,now that's obviously the negative,comments right,hopefully people will also be leaving,positive comments,and if they do that is absolutely,fantastic,it can really really help your,advertising efforts,you know if you run identical ads right,one ads just brand new and fresh and the,other ads,completely the same advertise the same,audience all that sort of stuff but the,second ad has got lots of comments from,previous customers people going,oh i bought this it's fantastic um,really love this company all those sorts,of positive things that you see,that is absolutely brilliant and where,possible,you want to engage with that it's only,beneficial to engage,engaging helps show well it helps,increase the comment count on your ad,which is going to help with the,with the delivery methods and facebook,effectively that,if you have what used to be referred to,as relevant scores but now broken up in,different sections if you have high,engagement quality ranking,that's going to help um convince,facebook to put your ad in front of more,people so it certainly doesn't hurt,to get lots of comments and activity,going in the comments section of a,facebook ad,and yeah so if people leave positive,stuff like thank them for it get,involved,if they ask questions answer them shows,again that you're a company that's,attentive to your customers needs,you've got good customer service and,that you're there for them and are going,to help them out and that's only going,to help when other people see,see your ads remember when you're,interacting with comments and when,you're answering comments and when,you're receiving comments it's not,really for that person it's not really,what you're doing for me of course you,want to help them out,but it's the 1000 people that may see,that particular comment,over the next week or so that's the real,benefit of doing so,now of course this isn't always possible,right and if you're advertising and,spending,big budgets and getting your ads in,front of millions of people and you've,got,thousands of comments it's you're not,going to be able to interact and,answer more it's just unless you have,people you know full time dedicated to,doing that,it's just not possible not really,realistic and that's also fine so don't,feel an onus to,that you have to respond to all comments,but if you are able to engage people in,the comments and answer some stuff,questions and and thank people when they,leave positive feedback that is only,um that is only beneficial that that is,only going to help your facebook,advertising efforts,um i'm just having a quick look at my,notes make sure i've got any other,points,yeah that's that's that's basically um,the the the gist of it so just sort of,quickly summarize,people aren't going to leave comments,which is great in the whole some of them,are going to be negative,nothing you can do about that it's not,um an indictment on your advertising,delete the just negative negative ones,nothing you could do about that it's,just negative people,if you can provide sort of constructive,feedback and turn a potential negative,into positive with a comment,absolutely do so otherwise engage in the,comments section,we do leave positive stuff um make sure,you answer questions and things like,that provided you you know you have the,the capacity to be able to do so and go,through those comments and,yeah that's basically just a short video,just to quickly cover,how i would deal with with comments,particularly those negative ones that,people,you know we talk to a lot of clients and,they particularly don't like those which,i understand,but um it's just a part of advertising,online you just got to,learn to deal with it and move on and,don't worry about it basically,okay hopefully that's been useful before,you go a couple of things i want to,quickly,mention a couple of three things first,free thing is a free webinar i've,created called three killer facebook ad,strategies,to double or more your revenue and in,this webinar i break down,three different facebook advertising,sales funnels that we use for our,clients all the time very much tried and,tested generated millions of dollars,with them,and i break those down and show you them,in detail showing exactly how they work,and i also show you how you should,tailor,your facebook advertising approach to,your specific type of business right so,you need a different sales funnel,if you're an e-commerce business to a,high-end service provider and i go,through all those and explain all that,so i think it's,very very much worth your time to watch,this completely free,60 70 minutes long i think you'll be,very glad that you that you did go,through it if you do,link is in the video description i'd go,ahead and watch that watch that webinar,um i said i think it'd be very,beneficial other three thing i want to,mention is my facebook ads mastermind,group 62 000,facebook advertisers just like yourself,trying to get better results facebook,ads i do free live trainings in the,group completely free to join the group,links in the description,go ahead and join that'd be uh much,appreciated and i think you get a lot,a lot out of it as well um please,comment below if this was useful please,subscribe to my channel if you haven't,done so already and of course,smash that like button that helps me out,best of your facebook campaigns guys and,i will talk to you soon bye for now bye,bye

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[LATEST UPDATE] Never Delete Comments On Facebook, DO THIS INSTEAD

[LATEST UPDATE] Never Delete Comments On Facebook, DO THIS INSTEAD

youtube channel so in this video i'm,going to be showing you how to avoid,nasty comments on your ads on facebook,so instead of you deleting comments on,facebook which is a very bad sign,um concerning your ads to facebook you,instead what you do is you moderate the,kind of comments you want people to,comment on your ads i get to do comments,are what helps you to build credibility,while running ads on facebook so instead,but at the same time you must not allow,people to misuse the comment section so,that's why you need to moderate the kind,of comments people are dropping on your,ads on facebook so as to boost your,credibility and also improve your arts,performance,welcome to my youtube channel if this is,your first time i discuss videos around,utah marketing and also um design and,what you want to do is to make sure you,hit the subscribe button so you can keep,on getting more notification whenever i,drop a video and turn on the,notification bell so you can be the,first person to consume these contents,whenever i drop them and as we move on,don't forget to smash the like button so,you don't so facebook shows this video,to more people as well now before we go,on i've recorded a lot of tutorials for,you here on my channel this is a,particular video where i discuss how to,set up a business manager um account on,your facebook and this is a very easy pc,video that you can just go and watch and,also here i discuss on how you can,create a facebook ad account whereby you,are you have a very verified account to,run your ads and this is a very simple,process anyone can do and also here i,discuss how you can set up facebook,pages for ads without restriction and,also how you can make use of um facebook,prime pages so i explain what the prime,pages is in that video so i'll suggest,to go ahead and watch it out right now,so yeah i discussed on how you can get a,google certified certificate i'll be a,google certificate rather so as to use,to your credibility online have a good,trust to work with you and they believe,you are someone of um,you are an expert that can help them to,solve their problems so i will suggest,to go ahead and go watch that video,after after watching this to the end so,now let's go on guys so let's go to our,facebook account,let's go to our facebook account so here,is our facebook account and,let me go back home because there's,something you need to take notes while,trying to do this firstly you need to be,able to,you need to make use of the particular,page you are using to run ads now you,know some account okay let me go back to,my okay i want to switch back to my main,account so,you know some people have a lot of pages,on their account like me now i have up,to 10 like it's not potential about like,nine pages a year,so you want to select the actual page,you are using to run ads so you go to,pages,so what is instagram ads you are doing,or facebook ads you will surely be using,your facebook page to run out and this,is where the setting that you need takes,place this is where you are going to be,able to moderate the comments so i'm,going to be using this particular page,i'm using to run out which is minorities,marketing and i'll click on switch now,so i want to switch from my profile to,my page so i can be able to do more,stuffs,now once you click on switch now,okay it's loading,so,once you click on switch now then,okay,you can see it has already switched you,can just click on manager go to the,setting area,okay it's kind of,okay,so i'll go to the setting area to do,this so you click on manage,then,come to page access,page access okay page,it is actually page access go back,i'm coming,okay so as i was saying guys what i want,to do next is to click on,page access look for page access now,there's something i want us to do the,setting i am voting don't appear,at some point so it doesn't appear on,the,um page overview i get my point now so,that's why we couldn't click on it there,so what is what i used to do can you see,it up here you can see it's up here and,where they wrote settings so just click,on it,so once you get there then it's going to,bring you like a general page settings,like this then click on privacy so once,you get to privacy then all you want to,do is to scroll down and select,okay,we are looking for comments moderation,i'm coming,okay click on blocking,okay like it's public,okay yeah it's public post click on,public post then go to,it is it's kind of content moderation,now we they said variation of keywords,are now automatically eating and you can,block profanity which is simple switch,now what you just want to do here is to,click on,edits can you see edit,now you are going to tell them the kind,of you are going to type the kind of,content you don't want you're going to,type it so the limits you can type here,is 1000 so what are the words that,people are typing that are giving people,bad sign about your product please if,this is if you are selling a bad product,then don't try to do this and try and,think you are deceiving people but,you're selling a world product then and,people are dropping nasty comments which,is costing you a lot then this is one of,the reason why you should do this so,just click on scam so people use the,word scam,i get my point now so you had it some,people use the word scammer,like this person is a scammer so anytime,someone type scammer like this they are,going to facebook will not allow the,person to post that comment so you get,so you it's entire once you type it,in fact some people are even very like,very desperate to say that they will use,the word scam and type,um,can you see art and puts m i don't know,if you if something doesn't interest you,why don't you just leave it and some,people are very,um nasty to that extent so you want to,make sure you add stuff like this i want,to make sure you add stuffs like,and probably,i'm thinking of,words i can add but let's see bad words,that people are adding to your comments,that are costing you a lot i will keep,some good bad,just add it here some people add,um,okay somebody i used to say send me a dm,because some people they have that,product well probably someone now make a,mention that okay how can i get started,another person will not comment you,another person that not owned the ado,is not enough the ads into just like a,viewer and you want to knock on me that,send me a dm i don't want anything like,that on your ad so you can just put send,me a or send me so whenever the person,type send me or anything dm,facebook will not allow the person to,post it i get to my point now so you,want to gather all of these stuffs in,fact to no more just try and check,others of people that i don't know if,it's probably why scrolling on facebook,or instagram check what are the things,people are dropping i can just connect,them together and pack them here so,people don't just drop nasty comments on,your ass it's very painful when you see,arts on your,um facebook on your facebook ads it,looks annoying and why we i do told my,people is don't delete ads on facebook,it gives a bad sign to facebook,concerning your ad so people will be,like probably this ad is fake or scam,and stuff like that that's why it's,deleting us and i didn't really do my,ban you had account and disable your,page so you don't want that kind of,stuff so that's why you need to avoid it,using the moderation to lay to set all,of this so as soon as you are done all,you just need to do is click on save,then it's going to save all of this um,stuff for you and you can also some,people can put emoji so select the emoji,and put it here probably a angry emoji,or a crying emoji put it here i get my,points now words like money,i get me now put it here so stops like,that,addition you know for every niche for,for every niche we have words that they,use to like bastardize something,probably behind the political nativity,make money online each year and the,fashion niche review medical niche they,have different tools they used to,bastardize something online so,those words are ones that you put here,so you don't want people to just drop,any rubbish on your ads i get my point,now so that's why you're actually doing,this so if there is any question you,like to ask concerning this do well to,reach out to me and also the telegram,channel,to my community is in the description,below make sure you go ahead join the,telegram chat community and don't forget,to um type how you feel about this video,in the comment section smash the like,button hit the subscribe button as well,and turn on the notification bell so you,can be notified once i drop my next,video thank you very much guys peace out

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