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[TRICK] How to Edit Facebook Ads and Keep Social Proof!hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

[TRICK] How to Edit Facebook Ads and Keep Social Proof!

hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing in this video i'm going to,show you a facebook ads trick where you,can edit your facebook ads and still,keep your social proof,now there's a little technicality to,this deal right here,and that is that this ad has to be live,on a facebook page so if you have it,posted on your actual business facebook,page or maybe you create a little secret,facebook page,to host all your ads it does have to be,a live,posted ad or page post on a page it,can't be like a dark post okay so that's,a little caveat here but we'll go,through the process so if you don't,understand what i'm saying right now,you'll understand in a few seconds but,let's go ahead and get into it so here i,am,in the facebook ads manager and i have,this dark post here,and that's just what we call it a dark,post basically is a post that is on the,ad,side of things but it's not posted on,any sort of,facebook page or anything like that so,it's a dark post or,you just went into the ads manager and,you created an ad,and and you're using that ad and so,maybe you have some social proof on that,ad so we see right here i have,you know hero and 11 others you know,like this,post right here right and if you went in,here and you're like you know what i,want to go ahead and edit,this post so you go in here and you're,like and blah blah,blah so you make some sort of edits to,it and then you go ahead and you publish,the post,what facebook does is it creates like a,brand new post okay it's not the same,post so your social media or social,proof is gone now so this is a brand new,post,and yeah you lost all your social proof,now if you don't want to,use lose your social proof you can go,ahead and create a post on your facebook,page and use that post,as an ad and again you might want to do,it on a,secret facebook page like you have your,regular business,page uh that you you know you post your,engagement content on all that type of,stuff and then you might have like a,little secret,facebook page where you're not really,trying to get people to like and follow,and stuff,but that's where you can post your ads,and commercial content and all that type,of stuff that you're you're running,so anyway let's say that i want to take,this post right here we see that i have,eight likes on it and i want to turn,it into an ad so we'll go ahead and do,that real quick i'll come in here,and let's go ahead and close out of this,real quick and i want to go ahead and,i'm just going to go ahead and create a,new post right in this area,and this will be a boosted post or we,call just a page,post and continue and now i'm going to,come into this ad setup real quick and,just do use existing post,and then i'll go ahead and select my,post right here and so here's my learn,how to target your one and it's got the,eight likes and all that other stuff so,i'm going to select this one,and continue and facebook will go ahead,and pull it in and i see that i got,caffrey francis and seven others that,like this,you know post right here and you know i,go ahead and do all my settings and all,that other stuff and go ahead and,publish it,and so now this ad is live and it has a,social proof on it right,so if i come back to my facebook page,and i'm going to go ahead and refresh it,real quick and if i scroll on down to,that post,and i click on it i don't see an option,to edit the post okay i can't edit this,post right now because it's been turned,into an ad,but what i can do is essentially delete,the ad and create a brand new one,so let's come back into the ads manager,real quick and i'm actually going to go,ahead and duplicate this real quick,and we'll leave all the default settings,here so i'll go ahead and duplicate,so we have page post copy and it's,currently in draft mode now what i want,to go ahead and do is actually delete,out my,original one so let's go ahead and,delete this ad,delete and now i want to go back to my,facebook page i'll go ahead and refresh,it real quick,and let me scroll on down to that post,and click on my three little dots here,and now i see the option to edit posts,so here i can go ahead and edit this,post real quick,and let's say i want to go ahead and add,another bullet here and,more and i'll go ahead and save it and,we can see that the social proof has,stayed on my page so the social proof is,still here so let's come back over to,the ads manager real quick,let me go ahead and refresh it as well,real quick just to make sure we have the,most up-to-date data or information and,now looking at my page post copy here we,can see that my ad is over here and i,still have that social proof on it if i,go ahead and expand it,make sure that it did actually update my,ad so there we go we see that and more,there and we still got that social proof,so now i could go ahead and publish it,with the,you know updated text on my ad while,still maintaining that social proof,and so that's pretty much how you do it,again really the only downside is that,this post has to be live,on a facebook page whether you want to,put it on your your main,business page or you want to create a,little secret business page just for,running ads,up to you entirely but at least you now,know a way where you can go ahead and,edit your ads while still maintaining,that,precious social proof have a great rest,of the day

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hi guys it's ben heath and in this video,i'm going to show you how to retarget,website visitors with facebook ads how,to take the people that have already,visited your website and put ads in,front of them on facebook and instagram,and if you are advertising on facebook,and instagram using the website,retargeting functionality being able to,retarget people that visited your,website is an absolute no-brainer these,people are far more likely to purchase,become a lead whatever it is you're,after than people who haven't visited,your website before and i'm sure exactly,how to do it in this video so i'm in a,practice facebook ad account here and,before we get into steps of creating the,custom audience and then specifically,targeting your website visitors on,facebook you first need to make sure,that you've got the facebook pixel set,up okay so you need to be able to jump,over to events manager like i'm just,doing,and see that,you've got some just get rid of the,pop-up you've got some activity down,here and even though there's a practice,ad account we've got this set up on a,website of ours that we use for,demonstration purposes called ordogo so,we're all good to go if you do have the,facebook pixel installed fantastic we,can crack on if you don't um i've got,another video that shows you exactly how,to set up and install the facebook pixel,in a lot of detail go through the,step-by-step process and i'll include a,link to that video in the description of,this one or there'll be a card that pops,up as i'm saying this you can just click,on that check that video out and then,come back here once you've got the,facebook pixel installed on your website,to go through the process of creating,the custom audience and setting this up,and all that sort of stuff okay so once,we've got this uh once you've got the,pixel set up you want to go ahead and,jump over into audiences in order to,retarget your website visitors on,facebook we first need to create a,custom audience from those website,visitors so that's that's step number,one so you come in here you may or may,not have stuff in here already don't,need to worry about any of that you want,to go ahead and click on create audience,and custom audience,and then you can see there's lots of,different types of custom audiences and,i'm going to be focusing on this video,on website visitor custom audiences,because that's what this video is all,about but i've got other videos around,all sorts of other custom audiences so,i'll include a link in the video,description below you can check those,out and go through things like video,viewer custom audience stuff like that,if you would like so you want to go,ahead and click on website and then,select next,and now you can see that the default,that facebook sort of pushes you towards,is to create a custom audience out of,all website visitors so everyone that's,visited your website over the last 30,days that's the retention period i would,recommend that when you're getting,started the first time you start,retargeting website visitors with,facebook ads you increase the retention,period from 30 to the maximum allowable,which is 180 days and that's because,that's going to contain the largest,possible,audience the most website visits you can,possibly get into this custom audience,in general facebook ad campaigns perform,better with larger audiences and we know,these are good prospects right we know,these are good people to advertise to,they're highly likely to convert,therefore we want to advertise to as,many of them as possible someone who,visited your website let's say 40 days,ago is still more likely to convert than,someone that's never visited at all so,we want to increase as much as possible,i would also recommend that when you're,getting started you do go with all,website visitors you don't um,get more specific i'll show you some of,the options in a second again that's the,largest possible website retargeting,audience and that's what we want once,you've perhaps played around with this,got some results want to be more,specific you can absolutely come in and,go for example and create audiences of,people who've visited specific pages,let's say you advertise lots of,different types of products maybe you,just want to advertise people a certain,product to people that have visited,pages on that product or vice versa with,services,you can get really creative with this,stuff perhaps you only want to re-target,people that have gone to certain pages,on your website that's a step deeper,like they come through your homepage and,they have to click through to other,stuff and you want to retarget them you,can do it some things you can also um,retarget visitors by time spent so if i,click on this example you can see that,we can do the top 25,by time spent we can do the top ten,percent by time spent top five percent,by time spent and all that sort of stuff,so there's lots of things that you can,have a play around with here you can,even use events you could only re-target,people that for example added to cart if,you've got that set up in your in your,events you'll find out more about that,in the in the pixel video you could only,re-target people that have become a lead,but let's say not yet gone on to hire,you for your services this will depend,on your business but there's lots of,functionality in and around that again,i've got,videos in more depth on custom audiences,you can check out in the video,description but for this one to get,started with,to start by retargeting website visitors,we're going to go with all website,visitors and we're going to go with 180,day retention okay,let me just want to give this audience a,name so i would often call this,something like,website,visitors 180. that just,helps me know what,um this audience is when i'm going to,come and check it out later on and use,it then we want to click create audience,you don't have to worry about this for,now these are other things like,look-alike audiences and stuff again,i've got videos on those just check out,my youtube channel if you're interested,in that sort of stuff i'm going to click,done then we've got our,website visitors 180 which is fantastic,then what we're going to do is we're,going to jump back into ads manager i'm,going to show you how to use this in an,actual facebook campaign,so once we're an ads manager we click on,this green plus create button,i'm going to go with the conversions,objective for demonstration purposes,because the majority of the campaigns,are running conversion campaigns that,they usually produce the best results,then i'm not going to focus on any other,settings here that's stuff that you can,certainly uh find out more information,on my channel around all the various,settings that's available but you want,to come to the ad set level,and then you want to scroll down and,it's in this custom audiences section so,we would then want to pop in,website visitors,which comes up there which is fantastic,and then facebook's actually just popped,up a little reminder something that i,want to talk about and then but this ad,set here is set up to retarget anyone,who's to a website within the last 180,days,the other criteria that you add in here,um,operate as an and function,so at the moment i'm targeting anyone,who's visited my website within the last,180 days who also is in the uk is aged,18 to 65 plus um i haven't got any other,detailed targeting criteria in so what,i'd usually recommend is that you leave,this as open as you possibly can so go,with 1865 plus go with all genders don't,add in any detailed targeting criteria,if i was to come in here now and sort of,add in i don't know people interested in,social media for example which is,obviously something somewhat related to,my uh to my industry if i was to add,that in that's going to reduce the size,of my website visit to audience because,they're now going to have to be,harvested website and also interested in,social media so unless you have just,enormous volumes of website visitors,it's not something that i would i would,recommend i'd leave all this open and,again countries locations that's just,got the uk by default because that's,where i'm located but we get website,visitors from,all sorts of different countries so i,would certainly be adding in other,locations like the us like canada,australia most of europe other places,where we get a lot of website traffic,and we get a lot of website traffic from,india and and places like that right,basically the english-speaking countries,so,when you've got this custom audience add,it add it in don't add in any other,targeting options um,that's by far the best way to go now one,thing i want to quickly mention is,what's facebook's popped up here around,the ios 14.5 release so apple have made,it much more difficult,for facebook to be able to track,people that are on ios devices that have,ios 14.5 or later so that's going to be,most iphones ipads,and,that,made it much more difficult facebook to,be able to track those people and their,activity on your website so let's say,six months ago 12 months ago we were,able to track just about everyone that,visited your website not quite you never,get 100 perfect traffic just everyone,now,unfortunately the majority of people,that are on ios devices,iphones ipads they're not going to be,included in your website visitor,custom audience and therefore you're not,going to be able to retarget them you,don't miss out on everyone obviously,those are people that haven't opted out,of being tracked and you also get some,data through if people go on to purchase,for example and purchase your highest,priority of web event in aggregated,event measurement again more details on,that in my pixel setup video so i check,that out if that's a bit confusing for,you um,but that's there's nothing you can do,about that that's just the way things,operate right now it doesn't mean you,don't want to advertise to website,visitors you absolutely still want to,advertise to website visitors you,absolutely still want to target website,visitors on facebook because they're,going to be some of your best performing,audiences and,if you know let's say 12 months ago you,would have had 10 000 people in the,audience now you might have,seven 7,a half thousand it's still well worth,targeting okay um it's another good,reason why you want to make your website,visit a custom audience as large as,possible because you can help,um counteract some of that lost data by,making its launch possible so nice long,retention periods all website visitors,is the way to go in my opinion okay so,hopefully that's been useful a couple of,things i want to quickly mention before,you go the first is a free webinar i've,created called three killer facebook ad,strategies to double or more your,revenue now a link to this free webinar,is in the video description below it is,a webinar where i show you exactly how,to work out which strategy you should be,using for your products and services,that's why there's three options because,there's no one-size-fits-all with,facebook advertising there are some,things everyone should do like,retargeting website visitors but in,terms of the rest of your sales funnel,structure you need to have the right,setup for your business a ten thousand,dollar service needs to be advertised in,a different way to a thirty dollar,e-commerce product right so that shows,you exactly how to do that it's,completely free 60 minutes or so i'd,strongly recommend you check it out i,think you'd be very glad that you did,other thing i want to mention is our,facebook advertising services so my,company lead guru is a specialist,facebook and instagram advertising,agency we create manage and optimize,facebook and instagram ad campaigns for,our clients so if you want better,results and you want someone else to,handle the workload we can certainly do,that for you now we do require that,clients have a 3k per month minimum,budget but if you meet that requirement,you can click on a link in the video,description below go through to our,website and book a call with one of my,team members where we can just no,obligation of course we can just find,out if we'd be a good fit if you can,find out more about our services how we,charge all that sort of stuff um so yeah,hopefully we get a chance to work,together if this video has been useful,please give it a thumbs up please,comment below i get to most of the,comments on my channel at least i try to,and um,yeah don't forget to subscribe of course,i release facebook and instagram,advertising related content multiple,times per week if that's what you're,into if that's something that's,important for you and your business,going forward then i strongly recommend,you subscribe thanks a lot guys bye for,now

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