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How to add or delete a section on your Shopify store in 2020do you know you can add and delete,secti

Ulrich Nzeukoue

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to add or delete a section on your Shopify store in 2020

do you know you can add and delete,sections on your shopify store yes,that's possible in this video i'm just,going to show you,how to do that hi my name is ulrich,so in this video i'll walk you through,the process of adding and deleting a,specific section,on your shopify store so here we are,on my shopify store as you can see here,in order to add a section i'll come down,here to the left hand side,and scroll down to the very bottom where,it says,add section i'll just click on add,section,and i will select the type of section i,want to add,so there are custom content blog posts,collection links feature collection,gallery,image with text image with text overlay,logo list,i mean there's so many things here that,you can add right,but in this specific case i'm just going,to add a feature collection,so this is the feature collection i've,added and as you can see,it says featured collection,what i need to do now,i need to click on select,so as you can see that's that's that's,how it looks,i need to change the heading title so,the heading,i'll name that sorry the heading i'll,name it,men,blazer,i'll just name it men blazers and then i,will select,a collection from one of my collections,so in,in my collections i've created tons of,collections before,so if you want to know how to create a,collection and add it to your main,item i do have a video on that so make,sure you check those videos i'll put it,down in the description below so,i'll now select a specific collection,that i want to add,and in this case it's men blazer so i'll,name that main jacket,and then click on select,so as you can see these are the main,jackets,that i've added and this specific,collection is called,men men b oh sorry,uh it's men blazer sorry,men blazers yeah so as you can see you,do have jackets here,and make sure you save your work,afterwards,right in order to populate if you don't,save your work,you won't be able to have it so make,sure you save your work,now in order to delete,a specific collection as you can see,uh sorry in order to delete a specific,section as you can see,that's the website it has a lot of,sections,right with different items so let's say,i want to delete men jacket sections,right,so i will come here this is a section,main jacket that's a specific section,so what i need to do is i need to click,here on the three dots,here on top and then click on remove,section,it will remove the section and then i,will just click on save,so as you can see the main jacket,section,was deleted right if i want to delete,this main blazer,if i also want to delete this main,blazer section that,i created a long time ago remember the,the main blazer collection that i,created,is this one this is the main blazer,collection that i created,but this is another main blazer,collection that i created,as well if i want to delete that,i just need to go back and select,the specific collection i want to delete,so in this case,it will be this collection,and then i will just click this three,dots and delete this again,but i've shown you an example on how to,delete,a specific section and how to,add a new section to your shopify store,so thank you for watching this video,this video,i hope it was instrumental to you if you,really like,and enjoy this content please type,section,in the comment section down below and,if you need help building your ecom,store,or designing your website please reach,out to me,i'll also leave a link on my calendar,down below so you can,contact me you know if you have any,issues,or if you know if you want to design,your website,if you also need help with advertising,your services,or your products you can also reach out,to me i do run a digital marketing,where i help business owners generate,more revenue,using social media advertisement and,search engines,so thank you guys and for watching this,content,and i'm looking forward to hear from you,take care bye

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How to Delete a Product on Shopify - E-commerce Tutorials

How to Delete a Product on Shopify - E-commerce Tutorials

hello everyone here we are again for,another session of sellers choice,tutorials in this tutorial we will learn,how to delete a product on Shopify,sometimes there's a need for isolating,of the things that we are holding on on,your Shopify store you have an option to,delete a single product or delete,multiple products at once using both,action please be advised that when you,delete a product it is permanently,removed from Shopify and deleted,products can't be restored if you run,out of stock or no longer one to display,a product for any reason but don't want,to permanently delete it from your store,that you can hide the product instead,there are quite a few reasons and why we,need to remove an item from our shop,whatever the reason be we'll walk you,through on how to do it,pry them and buy bulk so let's get,started don't forget to hit the,subscribe button what you need to do,first is to access to the Shopify admin,log into your Shopify account at,,click the products section on the left,side to access all the products that you,have listed just click the product name,to access to the product information,page once you're in and you have,confirmed that this is the product that,needs to be deleted then scroll down to,the bottom and look for the delete,product button it'll give you a pop up,prompt that this is irreversible please,be advised that once you have deleted,the product you can no longer retrieve,it so once you confirm that you really,wanted to delete this then click the,delete product button,it should give you a black call-out at,the bottom saying that the product has,been deleted now that's how you do it,individually now if you wanted to do it,by bulk go back to the product list look,for the products that you wanted to,delete and select it by putting a check,on it click the actions drop-down and,select delete selected products on the,menu a pop-up will show up informing you,that you can't break our deleted,products so if you're absolutely sure,that these are the products that you,want to delete then just click the,delete button to continue,it should say deleting products in the,background while it's still processing,it the products will be automatically,removed from the list so that is how you,remove a product on Shopify but if you,decide to hide a product from your,online store which had for our next,tutorial just so you know that we have a,lot of tutorials and webinars on bits of,advice on how to run and the applicable,techniques for your e-commerce business,you can always visit our site at sellers,choice dot digital and browse through a,huge compilations of webinars tutorials,and blogs and don't forget to hit the,subscribe button to stay tuned see you,soon

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