how to create youtube pre roll ads

How To Create YouTube Pre-Roll Ads YouTube ads are a mystery to many of  us, even if you've been run

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Create YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

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How To Create YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

YouTube ads are a mystery to many of  us, even if you've been running ads  ,on other platforms for years. Let's talk  about how to create YouTube pre-roll ads.  ,One of the best ways to get started with YouTube  ads is by creating pre-roll ads and what exactly  ,is that again? Don't worry, we'll cover all the  requirements of a YouTube pre-roll ad in today's  ,video and above all the other tips you can find  online, there's 1 key that can make or break a  ,pre-roll ad so stay tuned, I'll tell you all about  that and if you want tips to entice your viewer in  ,less time, I'll give you 3 of them to keep in  mind for not only any pre-roll ad but any video  ,you create. So, what is a YouTube pre-roll ad? It's  an ad that appears right before the video that  ,you want to watch. It can be up to 2 minutes long  but the sweet spot for advertisers is between 15  ,to 25 seconds. Maybe you even saw one right before  you watched this video. Pre-roll ads don't have a  ,defined call to action so you'll mostly be charged  on a cost-per-view basis. Pre-roll ads are great  ,because you can be specific about where you want  to place them based on the viewer's interest so  ,if I know that I want my videos to be on channels  that are about marketing, I can be specific to say  ,I want to put these in front of videos that I  know my audience is looking at about marketing.,I've even seen some pre-roll ads from a competitor  right before the video and they were really funny  ,and saying hey, don't watch this video, click this  instead, that competitor doesn't know what they're  ,talking about. Come to our stuff instead. So, not  that I'm telling you to be a little competitive  ,like that, but it really captured my attention  to see that. Now, before we get into the key to a  ,successful pre-roll ad, have you subscribed to this  channel yet? Hit that red button below to get brand  ,new content marketing strategies and business  acceleration tips straight to your YouTube feed  ,5 days a week. Are you ready for this? This is  the most important key to a successful pre-roll ad  ,and think about your behavior when you're watching  a video, you've clicked on that video, you just want  ,to watch it and sometimes the ad can be annoying,  it's a distraction that you have to sit through  ,you know it usually says like this video will  play in 6 seconds before you can skip through. ,So, in that time, you want to hook your  audience in, you need to hook your audience in  ,in that first 5 seconds or else they're going  to click through and completely forget about you.,So, you can accomplish this by knowing your  audience. What are the things that are going  ,to keep them on the edge or give them that  cliffhanger that they think well, now I need  ,to keep watching this. If you know your audience  well, you can speak to them better. So, where do they  ,live? What language do they speak? What keywords  do they search? What topics are they watching,and what interests do they have? If you know that  about them, you can capture them with some sort  ,of attention-grabbing hook and that hook can be  something like an engaging question that really  ,tugs at their heartstrings or nails their pain  point that makes them go oh my gosh, yes that is me,,it's like they're in my head or you can have an ad  that captures their attention with a shock factor  ,or something that's humorous that makes them want  to keep watching. I'd love to hear from you because  ,we have all had to sit through some ads and we've  also been distracted by some really good ones. What  ,are some ads that have captured your attention and  maybe even led you to becoming a paying customer?,One of my favorite places to get ideas for ads  is by just looking at other people's ads or  ,looking at the commercials that we see on TV. Now,  I know with Netflix and so many other platforms, we  ,don't always have to sit through commercials but  look what happens around super bowl time, people  ,love watching the commercials because we know  the quality of them are going to be excellent.  ,So, watch those great quality commercials and ask  yourself what is it about them that caught your  ,attention and when you know that, that can give you  some inspiration for what to put in yours. So, now  ,I'm going to share with you some of my tips for  pre-roll ads based on some of the things that I've  ,observed in my own behavior from the ads that I've  enjoyed watching. My first tip is to try to make  ,your ad more compelling than the video itself so  that people are prompted to click on your call to  ,action. If you think of the Old Spice commercials,  that's one that comes to mind when I think of  ,compelling ads. You know the guy in the Old Spice  commercial and he's like sitting on a horse or  ,he's on a boat and he's doing something crazy and  fast-paced and ridiculous, sure, if it was just a  ,guy holding up a bar of soap or a bottle of body  wash and just saying hey, this stuff is good, it  ,was what was on screen and how fast-paced it was  and how humorous it was. So, what can you do that's  ,going to align with the messaging that gives them  that visual and also an emotional reaction to,what you're sharing? My 2nd tip is to target  your audience as much as possible especially  ,using YouTube's targeting options, you have a  ton of possibilities here. Remember, I told you  ,the story of how I saw an ad where I was going to  be looking at a specific software's YouTube video  ,and before that, their competitor came on screen  saying hey, you don't want to watch this video,,what they do doesn't work but this is so much  better. So, that was very specific targeting, they  ,knew what they were doing and knew that the person  watching that video would be their exact customer  ,demographic because it was their competitor. Now,  I'm not saying you have to do that by specifically  ,targeting your competitors videos, but if you know  that you're within a certain niche or that your  ,customers have specific interests, you can  be specific in targeting that you put your  ,pre-roll videos before videos that are aligned  with that topic or industry or interest. This  ,is why it's so important to do customer avatar  exercises. Now, I would have been the first person  ,to roll my eyes at that. I used to hate customer  avatar exercises like answering the questions of  ,what kind of neighborhood do they live in and what  keeps them up at night, what magazines do they read.,I hated answering those, I thought it was a waste  of time but when I finally did sit down and do  ,that exercise, it changed everything in my business  because when I can understand my audience better  ,than my competitor, I'm going to be able to speak  to them in a way that they relate to more than  ,anyone else. Have you ever seen an ad or looked at  a social media post that you felt like the person  ,just knew you? They were speaking your language,  they understood your pain points or they gone on  ,an emotional journey that you could relate to and  thought this person is just like me and it creates  ,that know, like, trust factor where if you feel like  they understand even if you haven't met them,,you feel like you can follow their journey and  they probably have solutions to problems that  ,you've been experiencing. One way you can consider  looking at your audience is as if they were a  ,version of you like 3 years ago . Your before  picture is likely their current reality so think  ,about that when you're creating your ads, what  would a previous version of you be captivated by?,Speaking of captivating, that leads me to my 3rd  tip which is to have a story within that 15 to 25  ,second period. Now, I'm not saying open a book once  upon a time, happily ever after kind of story but  ,ideally you're bringing people along an emotional  journey, you're painting a picture for them  ,of what life could look like with your solution or  you're tugging at their heartstrings or you're  ,nailing the pain point that they're experiencing  and so that they can watch it and be captivated  ,by that. Think about any movie that you've watched,  why are you so on the edge of your seat throughout  ,the whole entire journey? Why do you cheer loud  when the hero wins at the end of the movie? Well,  ,it's because you saw what they've gone through,  you saw them hit rock bottom, you saw them work  ,their way up and fight the villain and land the  dream job and get the girl and whatever the big  ,epiphany is at the end of the movie. You went along  the journey with them. So, when you're creating an  ,ad, think about the emotions you want to entice  your audience to feel. Memories are created when  ,there's an emotion attached to the message, so  if you can be memorable in your ad, that's what's  ,going to get your audience to want to follow  through and take action on your call to action.,Running pre-roll ads is just one of the ways that  you can be generating leads and turning them into  ,high-ticket clients, which is my favorite  thing to help my clients with. If you're  ,ready to take your marketing to the next level  and build an evergreen lead generation machine,,click the link below, reserve your spot in my next  free training. This is a free training called Hello  ,to High Ticket where I'm going to help you  get more high ticket clients in your business.

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