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Simple Formula to Create Amazing Facebook Video Ads in Minutesfacebook video ads are one of the most

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Simple Formula to Create Amazing Facebook Video Ads in Minutes

facebook video ads are one of the most,effective types of creatives that you,can make but the difference between a,great facebook or instagram video ad and,one that doesn't perform well at all,is huge so in this video i'm going to,show you everything you need to create a,great facebook video ad that also works,on instagram you learn what equipment,you need how long to make your videos,the style to use and the structure,meaning what to say and when as well as,some cool little editing tricks that you,can use to get more engagement and,increase the performance even further,first of all let's just dispel the myth,that you need fancy equipment and things,to make a good video ad all you need,a smartphone one with a camera,a tripod something to put on you can see,i've got this one here,and i recommend a lavalier mic if you've,got one so that's one of these mics that,clip on the reason for that is because,audio is the most important part of a,video ad sounds weird i know but you can,actually get away with the video ad,where the picture quality isn't perfect,but you can't really get away with one,where the audio quality isn't good if,the audio quality isn't good people are,going to scroll past that really quickly,so if you've got those three things it's,all you need in terms of the format what,i recommend is square or vertical so i,would take your video and record it in a,vertical or portrait format because that,way you can use it on the vertical,placements like reels and stories and,you can crop it and use it as in a,square format on facebook and instagram,news feed for example it gives you the,most flexibility in terms of where your,video ad can run and that's really,important because you want to get the,most bang for your buck out of every,piece of content or every ad that you,create and by doing it that way you,spread it across the widest range of,placements now when it comes to video,length i like to aim for 60 seconds or,less there is no right or wrong answer,when it comes to the optimum length of,an ad but the reason i go for 60 seconds,or less is again it gives me flexibility,in terms of where i place my video ad,the limit for reels ads both instagram,reels and facebook reels at the time of,recording this video it always changes,but as of right now it's 60 seconds so,if i can get my video ads under 60,seconds they'll run on the facebook news,feed the instagram news feed instagram,reels facebook reels and pretty much,every other placement so that's why i,like to go for 60 seconds or less now,when it comes to creating a great,facebook video ad the most important,thing is of course the content and so,now let's look at exactly what you,should say and when or in other words,the structure of the ad the first thing,in any ad is what we call the hook and,the objective of the hook is to get the,attention of your ideal future customer,now note there i said of your ideal,future customer we don't just want to,get anyone's attention and that's why,it's not a great idea to get attention,by doing things like yelling hey stop,check this out don't scroll things like,that don't work maybe they work five,years ago if ever but it's not an,effective way to get attention the,better way to get attention is to create,a great hook here are my three favorite,ways to do that the first one is to go,with a contrarian take or a contrarian,opinion so the way that you do that is,you say something that differs,from the traditional sort of views or,opinions in your industry something that,goes against what most people kind of,view as being the truth and the reason,this works so well is because if,somebody just believes something is,being true and then they see somebody,who's saying the opposite to that,they're usually going to stop and listen,either because a,they want to defend their point of view,we naturally want to defend something,that we believe as being a core truth,well the other reason is it just invokes,a genuine curiosity and you think hey,what's this person talking about i just,like i'd always just assumed that that,was the way things are so here's an,example let's say you have a product or,a service that teaches people how to get,their baby to sleep better as a parent,of two young kids this one's applicable,to myself so we'll roll with it starting,a video ad with a contrarian tape could,be something like this you can get your,baby to take great naps and sleep,through the night without forcing them,to cry it out and no it doesn't include,bed sharing so what i did right there in,that example was i contradicted a common,belief in that space which is that you,either need to use harsh what they call,sleep training methods which is letting,your baby cry until they fall asleep,without going back in and checking on,them or just doing nothing and dealing,with it they kind of viewed as the only,two options and then at the end there,when i said and it doesn't involve bed,sharing the belief there is that the,only other way to do it is kind of bring,them into your own bed which most,parents don't want to do because then,that means that their sleep is disrupted,all night now let's look at another,example that's a little closer to home,and we'll talk about online courses,specifically if i taught people how to,sell online courses i could say,something like you can sell a,seven-figure online course without ever,bothering with social media again,because the common belief is that well,if you want to be in this industry you,have to be big into social media to,promote yourself and contrarian opinion,is well you don't have to do that now,the second framework i like to use to,create a great hook is to lean into the,fears of your audience and that's,because for better or for worse as,humans we're more likely to move away,from pain than we are towards pleasure,and so by bringing somebody's attention,to a pain or a fear they have that they,may not have even known they had they're,more likely to take action to move away,from that than if you say something,positive and ask them to move towards,something they actually want strange hey,that's human nature so here's an example,if we use baby sleep again this one,mistake i see parents making is the most,common reason i see for babies not,sleeping through the night and refusing,to take long naps so you can see with,that example we're talking about a,mistake and so naturally parents want to,know what is the mistake and are they,making it so they can avoid it we could,do the same in the golf niche and here's,an example of that if you're a golfer,and you're making this mistake with your,swing it's probably costing you five to,ten strokes every time you play again,you can see there it's talking about a,mistake so golfers want to know hey am i,doing that thing and if they are you,know they're going to want to learn how,to fix it and the third framework that,you can use here to create a great hook,is just to simply go with something that,evokes curiosity so using an example,that applies closely to me i could say,something like the way to succeed with,facebook ads in a post ios 14.5 world is,to use something that i call compounding,consolidation now just let you know i,literally made that up on the spot there,is no such thing as compounding,consolidation just to clarify that but,you can see what i did there naturally,people who are suffering with tracking,since the ios 14.5 update are going to,be interested in that and by using that,method name the compounding,consolidation that i just made up that,evokes more curiosity because it sounds,like ah there's something here that i,don't know about this is something i,haven't heard of i'm gonna stay and,listen to whatever this guy's talking,about to see this in action take a look,at this really good example now does,color grading require expensive,equipment and years of education to,master absolutely not so once you've got,a great hook the next step is to really,connect with their pain or struggle or,challenge and the reason for that is,because it demonstrates to the audience,that you really do understand what it is,that they're going through and that's,important because if you want them to,listen to you they really need to,believe that you are somebody who,understands them and therefore can,actually help them solve that problem,now this doesn't have to be long or,complex if i use my ios 14.5 example i,could say something like this since ios,14.5 was released we've seen 25 or more,of our conversion events not being,tracked in the facebook ad manager that,means that making good decisions about,the performance of our ads has become,extremely difficult okay or if we take,the baby sleep example i could say,something like this most parents believe,that if they want to improve their,baby's sleep they can either do nothing,or they have to choose these really,harsh sleep training methods that leave,their baby crying all alone in a room by,themselves with no one coming in to,check on them but that's just not true,you can actually improve your baby's,sleep and yours,using methods that are both gentle and,effective,okay again that's as simple as it needs,to be you just need to speak a little,bit more to that pain or that struggle,that your audience is experiencing after,that you need to answer the question in,your audience's mind which is why should,i listen to this person so i like to,just add something really simple here,and just introduce who you are and what,you do so for me i would say something,as simple as hey i'm andrew hubbard,founder of hubba digital i've managed,over 50 million dollars in profitable ad,spend for clients all around the world,including people like x y and z and i,would say a few names of past and,present clients that people have heard,of if i was to take the sleep example i,could say something like hey i'm andrew,hubbard i'm a pediatrician and certified,sleep specialist who's worked with,babies for over 10 years or something,like that please note i'm not a,pediatrician or a sleep specialist just,just to clarify in case anybody's,wondering about that that's literally,all you need to say here keep it short,remember you've got 60 seconds you don't,want to waste it on talking all about,you the audience just need to know who,the heck you are and why to listen after,that you're going to talk about your,solution so what is it that you're,offering and how can you actually help,people so if i take the ios 14.5 example,again at this point i would say,something like this i found a way to,track my campaign performance with 99,accuracy so i can continue to make great,data-driven decisions and see exactly,which campaign ad set and ad is,delivering the best performance with any,given account this is easy to set up,it's actually free and it is really,really reliable it basically gets you,back to the same point you're at before,ios 14.5 so you can see that's really,simple i'm just explaining what it is,and what the benefit is for the person,listening if we use the sleep example,again i could say something like this,create a free online training series for,new parents that walks you through how,to get your baby to take better naps,have great sleep and do it all without,any harsh sleep training or crying it,out best of all you can start doing,these things from tonight and see the,benefits right away you need to be,thinking about this from an audience,perspective and the main thing here is,that you communicate why this is so,beneficial for them the final part of,your video ad script is your call to,action this is where you tell the,audience what to do next it sounds,obvious but it gets missed surprisingly,often so you simply say hey here is what,you need to go do next in order to get,the thing so if i take my ios 14 example,again i would just say something like,this hey if you want to learn exactly,how i do it there's a free training you,can go and watch all you need to do is,click the link below or above this video,to go and check it out now and if i take,the baby sleep example i would say,something very similar i would say if,you want to learn how to get your baby,to sleep better starting from tonight go,ahead and click the link above or below,this video and sign up for the training,now it's free and i guarantee it's going,to be worth every minute of your time it,only needs to be short and sweet tell,them very clearly what they need to do,to get the thing that's literally the,structure of your video ad but now let's,talk about some clever editing tricks,that you can use to get people to watch,your video ads for longer to engage more,and to take action more frequently all,of which are obviously really important,in improving the performance of your,facebook video ads or your instagram,video ads one in the same here but,before we do i'd like to take a really,quick moment to thank the sponsor of,this week's video skillshare,if you have a particular skill you'd,like to improve from video editing to,marketing to freelancing and,entrepreneurship and much more you can,find classes that match your goals and,interests,like this one that i'm checking out now,advanced video editing with adobe,premiere pro by jordie vanderpoot jordy,hosts one of the biggest youtube,channels about filmmaking and video,editing cinecom,with over 2 million subscribers,so he's quite literally one of the best,people in the world to learn the skill,of video editing from and skillshare is,where you can get access to world-class,experts like geordie and so,many more i joined skillshare with the,goal of learning more about productivity,and filmmaking and every class i've,taken on the platform has exceeded my,expectations and provided something that,i now actually use on a regular basis,the quality is incredible i've learned a,ton from skillshare and the good news is,thanks to skillshare you can actually,get access to every single class for a,month for free all you need to do is,click the link in the description the,first 1000 people to use the link will,get a one month free trial of skillshare,so thank you again skillshare for,sponsoring this video so back to editing,your ads the best way to do it i like to,create two different formats one square,version and one that is a portrait,format as i mentioned before so the,square version is going to run on,instagram feeds facebook feeds and many,other different placements the portrait,version or 9x16 version is going to run,on reels and on stories placements so,the first edit you're going to want to,do is to crop those accordingly one of,the easiest ways to increase retention,or get people to watch your video ads,for longer is by doing these two simple,things the first one is adding a timer,bar along the bottom of your video like,in this example ready to exit when the,right opportunity comes along for an,exit most entrepreneurs the second thing,you can do is adding these hard-coded,really attractive subtitles that follow,along with the words as they're being,spoken that also gets people to stay and,watch for longer as a matter of fact the,majority of video content on facebook,and instagram is watched with sound off,so those subtitles or captions are,extremely important and actually have,them add value instead of being those,little ugly subtitles that you see on,most facebook video ads it actually,provides a nice little boost the next,thing you want to do is go ahead and cut,out anything that's unnecessary or,repetitive and you should be ruthless,with this anything that doesn't need to,be in your video ad,shouldn't be there cut it out they're,the basics you don't want to go too,crazy with your video ads and the reason,for that is because we tend to see,videos that look native performing,better on the platform that means,something that's quite simple and could,have been recorded by one of your,friends on facebook that's native,content if you do want to go a little,bit further having different zooms at,different times throughout the video is,another great way to increase retention,and also adding sound effects at,different points where it makes sense,now once you've gone ahead and you've,got a great video ad the next thing to,do is write really good copy to go with,it and to do that you should watch this,video next where i walk through,everything you need to know to create,great facebook and instagram ad copy,hope you enjoyed this video and i will,see you in the next one bye

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How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads: A 3-Step Formula

How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads: A 3-Step Formula

- Are you struggling to get your Facebook video ads to work?,In today's video you're gonna learn techniques,that you could put to work for only a dollar a day,,and one of the world's leading experts shows us how.,Watch right now.,(dramatic music),For people that are struggling with Facebook ads,,and a lot of people are struggling,,what do you want to say to them?,- Facebook is for maximizing,the power of the relationships that you have.,So we like to use a three-step funnel,which is awareness, consideration, and conversion.,In the same way that you would date before you get married,,you want to do the same thing with Facebook.,All too often, people, they're doing a one night stand,where they're asking for the conversion right away,,and that is going to penalize you,because the algorithm notices that,and you get negative feedback, your ad prices go up-,all kinds of bad things happen.,But if you share your knowledge, if you share gratitude,,if you're interviewing other people and uplifting them,,and showing you as a human in all different facets.,People buy from other people,,so merely humanizing who you are,is actually what causes people to buy.,Now, the beauty of that funnel,from awareness to consideration to conversion,is that aligns with know, like, and trust.,And that's the same thing as why, how, and what.,So why is helping people understand what you believe in.,Are you a strong Christian?,Do you stand up for certain kinds of values,,and they don't have to be political?,Do you believe in your family?,Do you believe in having an orderly process,in the way that you organize?,You're sharing things that you believe based on stories.,I remember you did a live video on Facebook.,You did it live every single day,,and you said, "Hey, I'm just out here, I'm engaging.,"I'm just getting the videos out, I'm experimenting.",And so people are learning about,who you are as Mike Stelzner.,And then you're able to sequence that to share knowledge.,And that's called the how.,How do you do stuff?,How do you run a conference that has 7,000 people?,And then the what is when you're able to sell.,Then you've earned the right to sell.,Sign up for Social Media Marketing World,,or buy my particular products or services.,So if you move from why, how, and what,in little snippets that are 15 seconds to one minute,,that is just mimicking what already works.,If you put that on Facebook,,I promise you it works super well.,Key is do things,that don't look like they're advertisements.,What is an advertisement?,Well, it's a direct call to action.,It's filmed in landscape.,It has words all over it.,It is clearly self-promotional.,- What I'm hearing you say is that,don't make your ad like everybody else's ad.,Make it look like a social post, almost?,- Exactly. Facebook is looking at little snippets,,little tidbits of information, and deciding;,well, you know what...,if Michael Stelzner resonates with Italian restaurants,,then what are you gonna see more in the newsfeed?,More stuff on Italian restaurants.,Just like with Amazon,,people who buy this also like to buy that.,So when you feed those little snippets through video,,it gives the algorithm the ability to figure out,what piece of content is next,,and then be able to do the work for you.,- For anybody who's really maybe not all-in yet,on Facebook ads,,do you have a simple strategy,that you could suggest they employ,so they can kinda get their feet wet,and start seeing some wins?,- Let me give you something that is super powerful,,not that hard to do,,and something that anybody can do,no matter what kind of business person they are.,And that's the 60 second "Why" video.,A one minute "Why" video starts with "when I was...",When I was 18 I dropped outta high school,'cause I wanted to be a professional athlete.,Two, once you tell that story about what happened,,some kind of emotion, some kind of drama,,some kind of challenge,,you say, "And because of that I believe that...",that everyone should have a mentor.,I believe that there is a problem with the education system,,and the private sector and the education system,have to work together to create internships.,And then you say, "I am...",I am Michael Stelzner, I founded Social Media Examiner.,So think about that.,Anytime you have a story.,It could be something simple.,When I was at Whole Foods this morning,,and I ordered a smoothie,,I got cut off by this woman who was mean.,I was gonna yell at her but then I realized,,you know, everybody's dealing with something.,And I believe that we should all be kind,,because we don't know the burdens,that other people are carrying.,- How does that simple formula work its way into an ad?,Is there something more to it than that,,or is that all there is to it?,- That is the number one way to get people's attention,and to be able to build trust.,Think about what people wanna see on social.,They don't wanna see an ad, but they wanna be entertained,,they wanna be moved, the wanna learn,,they wanna be surprised.,And the easiest way to get someone's attention,is to start with "when I was...",So, when you tell stories, think about one minute.,40 seconds you're telling that story,,15 seconds for your belief,,and because of that "I believe that,",five seconds just to say who you are.,Most people, they're so busy selling,,they have it backwards.,No one cares who you are,,until you've demonstrated why they should care.,People buy because of who you are.,- Say we create these ads,,and we get people to watch these ads.,What's the next step then after that?,So you create five, 10, 15 of these,,and then you boost them for $1 a day.,And this is the thing that most people misunderstand,,including a lot of people at Facebook.,The beauty of a boost,,is you can do that for $1 a day for seven days,,so you've spent $7 to test one piece of content.,We know that 90%, on average,,of the content you put out there will fail.,If you put out lots and lots of little one minute videos,,your odds of getting a home run becomes much higher.,And you're only spending $7 a time.,If you're testing 10 pieces of content,,how much is that costing you?,- 70 bucks? - $70,- How do we know we got a home run?,What are we looking for?,- Think about if someone is scrolling through the newsfeed.,First you have to stop and get their attention.,The average is a third,,a third of people will actually stop for three seconds.,So I want 50% instead of 1/3.,Then I want another 50% to stay for 10 seconds plus.,Then if I can get them to engage,,that sends a really strong signal to the algorithm.,And guess what that does to the ad price,when you're paying for that traffic?,- Lowers it.,So we get the home run,,and we know that this one video out of 10 is our home run.,Then what do we do?,- Then we keep putting money against it.,I'm putting $1 a day for seven days,,so $7 to test something.,So if that works, I'm putting $30 for another 30 days.,Then I might put another $100,for another 30 days.,But not all at once, gradually.,And then guess what happens when you have a winner?,You let it continue to run and run and run,as long as you don't exceed the frequency,,as long as you don't burn out,relative to the size of the audience,that you can do that on.,- Now a lot of people right now are listening,and they're saying, "Okay, I got this video,"and I understand this.",But what's the action that they're taking,at the end of the video.,Help connect those dots.,- Ah, that's the beauty.,How many times when you're telling a story to a friend,are you asking for their money?,- Never.,- On Facebook, if you're doing something,that doesn't appear to be an ad,,then you'd do the same thing right?,Because you wanna be educational.,You never wanna be that guy.,Do you have a relative,,that maybe they come to you once or twice a year,,and every time it's always for money,,and you know that they're that kind of person?,- Yes.,- So you don't wanna be seen as that,,unless you're in network marketing.,When you have a winner that builds engagement,,you keep putting money against that,,and that builds a remarketing pool.,So then two things,,one, is that I can enforce anyone who saw video one,to then see the next bucket of videos.,If I have a series of videos,and I know someone's watched three videos,,they're three videos deep with me,,I can then invite them to buy something.,I can then say, "Come to a landing page.",I can then say, "Hey, I have this thing for sale.",Because if someone is already three deep,,I know they're interested,,and Facebook's already qualified them.,And the beauty is,even if I don't set up that remarketing sequence,,the algorithm is always trying to give you content,that you're most likely to engage with for various reasons.,If the algorithm notices that,,and then I'm just targeting a general pool.,Let's say that,I'm a San Diego immigration attorney like Jacob Sapochnick,,and he's putting content out there around immigration,,or H1B visas, that kind of thing.,If someone is consumed three or four videos from Jacob,,and those videos are just,purely sharing information and stories,,and then when he has an ad saying,,"Call me and I will help you with your immigration issues.",Who do you think Facebook is gonna show that to?,- The engaged audience.,- And do you think that Jacob,,if he's doing advertise and get more leads for that,,has to be super super specific in his micro-targeting?,- I don't know.,- He doesn't need to,because the algorithm does the work for him.,- I see.,- Through a series of pieces of content,that move from why, how, and what.,- Be sure to check out Dennis' YouTube channel,,BlitzMetrics, right here.,And also we've got an awesome playlist right over here,with a bunch of Facebook ads videos,that you wanna check out.

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