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How to Create a LINK CLICK Post on your Facebook Business Page. CONTENT CREATION!hi this is heather

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Create a LINK CLICK Post on your Facebook Business Page. CONTENT CREATION!

hi this is heather with keep it simple,social media and in this video which is,part of a three video series on creating,content on your facebook business page i,am going to show you how you add a,simple link from your website to,facebook as a piece of content so here,we are on our facebook business page and,we can do it one of two ways we can go,into automatically create a post on,facebook or we can go into create a post,in the creator studio which i'm going to,use as it's something that i want,everyone to start getting used to but,before i go ahead to get ready to create,the content i want to make sure that,i've prepared myself ahead of time now,for some of you you're going to be able,to take preparing content right to the,top level and others are just going to,copy the link and drop it on to their,content but i'm going to go through the,process that i actually use on social,media so the first thing that i do is,i'm going to open up,let's just say this is my website i open,up my website i go to my featured,listings and i'm looking for the listing,that i want to market so lot 32 view,ridge so now it is open on my website,you see the url pertains to the listing,in particular that i'm talking about i,am then going to left click and right,click and copy,this url,and this is the step that you don't have,to do but i do is i go over to bitly and,i actually create,a bit link for that particular address,as you see lot 32 i created this bit,link um,back in september and i can tell the,seller that in the last four months,we've had almost 2500 people click on,the link and go to the website to get,more information about their property,and i can break it down on bitly by,actually showing every single day and,especially the last month which might be,important to your seller and then what i,do is i simply click on where it says,copy and watch what happens when i click,copy,yes very lightly you see the address,so i copied that url and now i go back,to facebook it is here that i'm going to,click create post in creator studio,and it opens right up for me to create,the post and really all i want to do is,you see where it says link preview i'm,just going to simply drop that link,right in the description box and then,i'm just going to give it a second,and,it will start to load and i can say now,the link preview turned on automatically,so you see it pulls the picture from the,listing it gives the address but i just,don't want to put it out like that,because that's not really finishing your,circle so what i'm going to do,is i'm going to add the text that i want,and i've got it copied and i'll just,drop it in right now,so you have the text prepared and you,drop it in or you write it out it's,entirely up to you how you're going to,do this,then we go ahead and we make it so it's,easy for the consumer to read because if,everyone's reading things from their,smartphones it's actually quite small so,you want to make it easy you want to,make sure you have a call to action in,here and remember i've told you before i,like to use the little emoji,and there we go i've got a couple of,hashtags,and i can even now remove this link here,and i'll tell you why because i have the,link right here as well so it still,stays,a couple of things i'm going to do,before i finish is i am not going to add,more photos because if i add more photos,it will take it away from being a link,click so what does a link click mean,it means when it is published,the consumer can click on the photo or,anywhere on this writing and it will,take them directly to the website,so the next thing i'm going to do is i'm,going to,see how i'm scrolling down you see this,bar here it means that there's more room,and more stuff below,and really what i'm going to do is i'm,going to tag the location,and that's mudge island and so now,pretty much for this particular type of,post this is a link click post,it is done if i want to do a couple of,little things i might add a few um,stars that can draw to the consumer's,attention the,posting in their news feed a little bit,easier,however i cannot put this link click out,on instagram because instagram does not,load links the way that facebook does,you can have a clickable link on,instagram in your stories however but,for now you cannot click links within,the instagram post itself so now this is,all ready to go and i can either just,quickly publish it such as what i'll do,or what i could do is hit the little,half diamond and i could schedule this,post to go out in the future but for the,example today let's just go ahead and,publish this post,and it just takes a few seconds to load,and now i'm just going to go home on my,business page,okay here we are and look there is the,post that we just created now what i was,talking about is if the consumer takes,this picture and clicks on it it goes,automatically to the website to where,the listing is if they click on the,writing below same thing takes them,right to,where this listing is and the reason,that i use bitly as you can see if i,refresh,bitly tracks the number of clicks and we,just clicked it twice and now we have 20,2501 clicks to that listing on my,website so that is how we create,in this case,a different type of content on our,facebook business page this is heather,and if you have any questions don't,hesitate to ask them in our private,students only facebook group at keep it,simple social media,remember everyone let's keep it simple

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How to Use Facebook Link Ads (Tutorial)

How to Use Facebook Link Ads (Tutorial)

it's gabi here from helps too I'm,excited to bring you our first tutorial,ever about facebook ads now i wish i,could go into the depth of all of the,different kinds of ads that you can do,on facebook and how creative you can be,but today i'm only going to show you how,to do one it's our favorite one here it,helps to and it's called a link add now,let me show you really quickly by,clicking here when you're on facebook,you can see this is my facebook newsfeed,there's a couple different ads that you,can do you can do something called,domain add this usually leads to,someone's website you can do like ads,where it's an ad found a news feed or at,sidebar that helps you to like a page so,to pop up but i'm going to show you,about just a link add which is typically,a link that goes anywhere so let's go,ahead and get started when you do this,you must have a Facebook page meaning,you're not just somebody that uses,facebook as an individual you have to,have a Facebook page so you're using it,as a celebrity or a well-known person or,a business or something of that sort so,we it helps to of course we have a,Facebook page if you don't like us I,mean hint hint I'm just kidding but,let's get started usually you click,right into the box your status box and,write something and after you write it,and post it you can boost it if it,follows Facebook's regulations so i'm,going to show you exactly how we like to,boost things for ourselves and our,clients in order to get the most,engagement and to get it seen and used,so a few things you always kind of start,out with text right so i have my text,already i'm going to post a blog today,from our website and this is the text,that goes with the blog that i would,write typically i love to use compelling,text so i keep it short no more than two,lines i love to have little hooks in,there so the words you pop out at people,as well as the word now another word,would be click here for some reason,giving people directions really,nades online so when you say click here,people are more willing to click there,as opposed to you not telling them then,they just kind of look at in Salem is,pretty and that's not always true but it,does help your chances of getting your,link clicked so another thing I'm going,to tell you after I put that text there,i'm going to upload an image like i said,earlier now images according to Fast,Company get more than fifty percent more,engagement than just text and Link posts,so we want that engagement we want it to,be high we're gonna do that before I do,that I need to go and actually get my,link and I believe it's right here so,I'm going to click it on facebook we,already posted it so I'm going to show,you how to go about it and here is is on,our website I'm going to get that URL,and as you can see this is the article,that we posted it's a fun one so we're,going to go ahead and post this right,now online five ways to look,professional online I'm going to post my,link and what I love about Facebook is,that auto populates after that it wants,to give us pictures um there's picture,of me and awkward there's some other,pictures of our website and it gave us,the picture from the article now usually,I just click there and it's all good but,if your picture does not meet the,beautiful standards that look wonderful,with link ads you might want to,re-evaluate doing that so just in case,it isn't i won't let you know that the,best images in their size when it comes,to using facebook add links the best,size is 1200 x 628 pixels or if you,don't have that big of an image 600 x,314 pixels and if you have no idea you,should just know that your image should,be the ratio of 1 point 9 21 now if,you're totally confused with this please,google it it's great to know that you,are kind of in the know when it comes to,using the correct images to really,compel people online to want to click,your ads so before I go ahead and upload,image I'm going to unclick all these,auto populated ones so they don't show,up with my ad and then I'm going to,actually delete this URL that I posted,in my text because it's art,auto populated and when people click on,my ad they're going to go through it go,through it go to the website and click,through it to the website and it'll be,all good so it's already auto populated,as you can see right here by this little,box and it has the title of our blog,which looks like it's totally correct,five ways look professional online five,ways look professional online looks,awesome and then you have some auto,populating from the first couple,paragraphs on the website so that's,wonderful let's go ahead and move on and,upload our image I believe it is,actually on our desktop so it's the,right size here it is I screenshot it so,it would be easy for us in this tutorial,now this is totally uploaded and ready,to post but first it doesn't look like,it would just so you know when it's,posted because it hasn't actually been,published so sometimes your images will,take on the full look and look like it,should in your newsfeed kind of like,this it's it's full size and width when,it comes to how to look in your newsfeed,and on your page but right now it,doesn't look like that so let's go ahead,and publish it and see what it looks,like there goes it looks exactly how we,want it to look now if your image,doesn't look right or something's off or,whatever feel free to start again I,always just delete a nice I oops I was,just messed up let's do it again and so,I do that and another thing you need to,know when it comes to images you can,only have twenty percent of your image,be text or less and Facebook actually,has a part of their site where you can,go and upload your image and they'll,tell you if that is so when it comes to,your image I will put that link in the,description box below on this YouTube,video so feel free to click it and it'll,take you right to the site that facebook,offers to check your images so feel free,to do that now my image is my image my,whole post and the image everything it's,totally live right now people can see it,but it hasn't had much engagement so me,personally I like to wait maybe like a,day mostly a day maybe two days to kind,of get my post full ride of engagement,so that when I go to boost my post the,the rate at which Facebook will offer me,in terms of the engagement rate and the,price per engagement will be a lot,cheaper if my post looks like it has,high engagement now it's hard for,facebook to see that if you haven't,given it time to have engagement so the,only time we ever go ahead and turn a,post like this and 10 ad right away is,when we're in a rush and that's hardly,ever so we don't do that often but if,you're in a rush we totally understand,go ahead and do that but if you're not,wait a day or maybe even to let your,post get its full engagement so that,when you go to boost it which is turn it,into an ad right down below here you go,ahead and boost it it will get the best,rate possible in terms of money you pay,when it comes to getting to engage in,reaching the population want to reach so,we actually have posted this before and,our engagement was 43 people that it,reached this was posted March 10th which,was quite a while ago so that it should,be good in terms of the people that it's,going to reach its probably laying flat,now you know every now and then you get,a person or two that stumble upon it,because they're looking through all your,post on your page but that's very rare,so we're gonna go ahead and boost this,to make it into a Facebook ad so I'm,going to click this button right here,boost this post and then this beautiful,boost post dialog box pops up it gives,you a preview of what your post is gonna,look like in the desktop as well as on,cell phones mobile news feeds so on,someone's desk top it's gonna look just,like this I always first start out by,just proofreading it so are you sure,your company looks professional online,you may be surprised at how you're being,perceived after reading this five ways,to look professional online wonderful,the image looks good everything spelled,right in the image so now we can move,forward I know it sounds crazy to,proofread and as if it's insignificant,but you'd be so surprised even people,like us it helps to who do this all the,time we make little mistakes because,sometimes you just get so used to doing,things you forget to do the small things,so that's a small thing worth doing,alright so let's check it out see how it,looks in the mobile newsfeed looks,wonderful I think it looks great,compelling I think it's going to be,good at so now let's look to the left,here and move on after that there are,three options of the audience's that you,can reach so you can reach people who,like your page in just those people and,that's fine if you want to do that or,people who like your page and their,friends second option or people you,choose through targeting now we,typically hear it helps to when it comes,to posting blogs and our own ads we,choose number two because you will get,the best price for people already having,liked your page that's just how Facebook,works with its algorithms now if you,want to choose an audience it kind of,depends on what facebook wants to give,you so you can choose an audience,through targeting and let's go ahead and,do that we have a few different,audiences that we advertise to we have,clients here so we have a music audience,we have an appt audience an audience for,blogs and skin and music again and,clothing lines and different things and,they're just going on so you can go,ahead and do that you can edit your,audience's if you already have audiences,but if you don't you want to click this,button right here where it goes to you,creating a new audience so you're going,to name that audience and for the sake,of this tutorial I'm going to name it,tutorial audience and then you get to,choose location so you can choose the,countries we hear it helps you we,generally like to stay broad because,we're a virtual company so we can reach,you know everyone who's online right so,we stick with the United States and the,United Kingdom that's who we feel that,we would reach the best or you can go,with States cities sometimes we're doing,like you know maybe just like a workshop,in our city we do have a city that we do,up right out of a couple actually now,we're not just virtual so we go ahead,and target those cities when it comes to,a workshop but for the most part where,virtual so we just go with countries all,right so interests you can go ahead and,just type in these interest i'm going to,actually delete these and type in some,new ones I'm startup company ah like,this is women online home based business,cool let's start with some new ones i'm,going to go ahead and put entrepreneurs,and entrepreneurship comes up so that's,great i'm just gonna click that now if,you know a page,that actually has a wonderful audience,that you want to tap into you can go,ahead and write the name of that page so,i know marie forleo she's a great,entrepreneur she talks about business,all the time I'm gonna actually choose,her let's see some others are Auto,filling auto populate in here let's go,ahead and click Tony Robbins he's great,del karnegi he knows his stuff and john,c maxwell he's written some great books,so let's go ahead and do these 5 i'm,gonna save it and now I'm gonna check,below based on the price how many people,had reached so usually we like to just,do a little bit of money we're going to,do ten dollars today for this blog we're,going to reach with that audience about,730 people that's the least and probably,1900s in out there now let's just check,and see what it would be if we did our,page and their friends a little bit less,actually so that's really funny that,that's so so typically I like to reach,as many people as possible unless I'm,trying to reach in particular a certain,type of people so today it's a little,more general because it's just a blog,post let's go ahead and actually do,targeting we're going to target just for,the sake of this tutorial so our,tutorial audience is on let's target and,use an audience that we have derived and,here we go after we feel like everything,is good to go we're gonna go ahead and,do this boost alright so click boost I,changed my mind there if you notice I,was like I'm just gonna target to our,friends our followers excuse me and,their friends and I changed it just,because just felt like the right thing,to do so here we go this promotion will,run for three days your total budget for,this person is ten dollars and as you,can see right up here where it says,boost post it's in review so what,Facebook does they always review your ad,before they post it they want to make,sure it's with them regulations and if,it's not they'll tell you that it's,declined with either a pop-up they'll,tell you it's approved with a pop-up or,declined with some kind of notification,or pop-ups so sometimes it don't take,you know usually an hour two hours if,not maybe like a day is the max I've,ever seen but usually it happens pretty,quickly and it gets going so telling us,that we're targeting men and women ages,20 to 60 who,in two locations and have five interests,and you can click here for full summary,of what we did and then it lets you know,all the other details and you'll be,billed at a later date so that's how it,works and once you're done you can close,and you can see right here that's,boosted for ten dollars and that is how,it works so right now you have just,learned exactly how to boost a link on,facebook and how to do it with the,probably the most engaging way now,another way to do is with videos that's,a great engaging way but today we just,did it with images for the sake of time,and you getting to learn something,briefly now if you liked this tutorial,please subscribe to our YouTube channel,there are so many coming every single,week and if you want more information,just like this completely free we do a,lot of tutorials and we're coming out,with an e-book and some video series,that you can learn all of this stuff for,free so please sign up in the,description box below and there's a link,there click it sign up for our email,newsletter so you can become an h2 helps,to insider alright with that my name is,Gabby here it helps to I hope this,tutorial helped you please share it like,it and stay tuned there's more to come,take care

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