how to create lead ads on facebook

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Stephi guys today we are going to see how,you can run lead

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

hi guys today we are going to see how,you can run lead generation ads on,facebook let's say you have website and,you want to collect the contact,information of the people who are,interested in your product or service,you can do that easily by posting lead,generation ads on facebook so after,watching this video you will be able to,create lead generation ads on facebook,like this,where you can add a signup form so if,your visitors are interested in your,product or service they can submit their,contact details in the form now once a,visitor signs up on your ad you will be,able to get their details on google,sheets like this,and you can contact them about your,product,okay next we will also see how you can,get more leads from your ad,by providing interesting offers like,this,and you can ask your customers to sign,up to get these offers,for example we will see how you can,provide a freebie like this,so if a vista signs up,they can get it by clicking download,this will encourage your viewers to sign,up,and get more offers that you provide,next we will also see how you can design,the content for your ad so that you can,attract the right people to your,business,so once you post lead generation ads you,will be able to reach out to your,potential customers and eventually get,more conversions now if you want to,learn how to create a newcomer site for,yourself you can check out our ecommerce,course by clicking here,okay so let's get started i'm brian from,website learners and let's create lead,generation ads on facebook so to do that,we are going to do two parts,the first part is to create your,facebook ad so to create a facebook ad,we are going to do five steps the first,step is to log into your facebook,account so to log in,let's go to,ads manager,now here enter your login details,and click login,once you've logged in,next you need to select the type of ad,you want to run,so to select that click create,now here choose the type of ad you want,as i want to run lead generation ads i,am going to select this,and click continue,now here enter the name for your ad,i'm going to enter that,okay once you've selected the type of ad,click next,now here you need to choose your,facebook page,if you already have a facebook page you,can just click here select the page you,want and then start designing your ad if,you don't have a facebook page,you can create it by clicking here,okay so to create a facebook page just,click here,now here you need to enter a name for,your page,i'm going to enter crossfit next select,the category that matches your business,so let's search for fitness,and you can see we have got the options,related to fitness select the one you,want i am going to select this one,and now we need to add a profile picture,to our page so just click here,and select the photo you want to add i,am going to select this one,click open,and the profile picture has been added,once you are done,click create page,next you need to accept the terms and,conditions of facebook,so just click here,and click agree,okay so we have now successfully created,a facebook page once you have created,your page,next let's go to step two which is to,set a budget for your ad,now in order to run ads you need to pay,some money to facebook,and here you can set how much you want,to spend on your ads,so to set it click here,now you can either choose a daily budget,or a lifetime budget i am going to leave,it as a daily budget,and here enter your budget,i am going to enter a daily budget of 5,so facebook will take five dollars every,day for showing ads to people,once you set up the budget,we can now go to step three which is to,select the audience for our ad,now by selecting the audience you will,be able to reach your target audience,who will be interested in your ad,so to select the audience first you need,to select the location of your audience,so just click here,and enter the location you want as i,want my ad to reach people in california,i am going to search for california and,select it,and here select the age group of your,audience you need to cover to show your,ad,so just click here,select the age group you want i am going,to select up to 50.,next you need to select who will be,viewing your ad,as my ad is related to fitness,i am going to leave it at all,now here you need to select the people,who might be interested in your products,so just click here,click browse,and then select interest,as my ad is related to fitness,i am going to select fitness and,wellness,and here i am going to select physical,fitness,so now your ad will be shown to people,who are interested in physical fitness,now in the same way you can select many,options you want,next if you want you can also reach out,to people who are interested in other,pages like yours,so to do that,let's go to facebook,now click here,search for fitness,and then click pages,now enable verified here,and here you can see that we have got,all the verified pages related to,fitness if you want to show your ad to,people who are interested in this page,just copy the page name,then go back to ads manager,and paste it here,now select that page,and the page will be added now in the,same way you can add any page you want,okay so now we have successfully,selected our audience,once you've selected your audience we,can now go to step 4 which is to design,your ad using acca method,acca stands for,attractive connect convey and action,these are the four important rules you,need to follow while designing,so let's see these steps one by one,okay now to design your ad click next,and here you can design your ad,now people usually scroll through,facebook quickly so in order to make,them stop and see our ad first we need,to attract people with that ad we can do,that by adding an image which can,attract people easily so first let's add,an image or video which we want to,advertise so to do that let's click add,media,and select what you're going to add,as i want to add an image,i'm going to select add image,and click upload,now select the image you want to add,then click open,click on the image,and click next,now here you can see the preview of how,your ad will look like once you have,added an attractive image,people are most likely to stop and see,your ad so next we need to connect with,people who will be interested in our,products,you can do that by explaining their,needs in a positive way,so let's enter the text which you want,to show here,i am going to enter my own text,next,you need to convey how your ad will be,useful for them,so let's enter that in a headline,and description,and finally you need to provide a call,to action for your ad,as i want my customers to sign up before,getting my products,i'm going to leave it as sign up okay so,now we have successfully designed our ad,once you have designed your ad now,instead of asking your customers to give,their details if you give them any,offers of freebie people who are,interested in your offer might like it,and they will give their details to get,the freebie first let's create a signup,form to collect the data from our,customers,to do that,click create form,now here enter a name for your form as i,am going to give a diet plan as a,freebie,i am going to enter diet plan now click,in row,enter the heading you want,and enter the description here,once you're done click questions,and here enter where your customers need,to fill up the signup form,i am going to enter that,now here choose what type of information,you want to collect from your customers,as i want to collect the customer's name,and email address,i am going to leave it as it is now if,you want to collect a customer's phone,number,you can just click here,go to contact fields,now select phone number,and as you can see the field has been,added,in the same way you can select any field,you want to add,okay now as we are collecting the data,from our customers,we need to provide a privacy policy to,the customers which explains how the,company will handle the customer's data,so just click here,now if you already have a privacy policy,you can add the link here as i don't,have a privacy policy,i'm going to create one so to get a,privacy policy link let's open a new tab,enter connect to your privacy policy,and then open the site,now this is the site which is going to,help us generate our privacy policy,now here enter your company name and the,location,i am going to enter that,and click generate,now here you can see that we have got a,privacy policy,now to get the privacy policy link,you need to create a new page called,privacy policy in your wordpress site,and then copy this content,and paste it here,so let's copy this,and go to our wordpress dashboard,then go to pages,and click add new,now here enter the title as privacy,policy,and then paste the content here,once you've done that,click publish twice,now here you can see that we have got a,link for our privacy policy page so,let's click here to copy it,then go back to ads manager,and paste it here,then click here and enter the link text,i am going to enter privacy policy,okay once you've added the privacy,policy link just click completion,now enter the message you want to show,after the customer signs in,i am going to enter that,and here select the call to action,button,as i want my customers to download a,diet plan from my ad i am going to,select this,and enter download here,now here you need to enter the link of,your ebook,and this is the ebook i created for the,diet plan,if you want to know how to create an,ebook for free you can watch this video,okay now to get the ebook link,first you need to upload the ebook to,your google drive,to do that let's open a new tab,then go to google drive,now drag and drop the ebook from your,computer,and if we click here,you can see that the ebook has been,uploaded,now to get the ebook link,just click here,and click share,then click here to get the link,now copy this link,go back to ads manager,then paste it,here if a customer wants to get this,ebook,they need to enter the details,and then they can download the ebook,okay so now we have successfully,designed our ad,once you're done designing your ad we,can now go to the final step which is to,publish this ad,so once you've made sure your ad is good,you can go ahead and publish your ad,so to publish our ad,let's click publish,and click publish again,now choose a payment method,and click next,here enter your card details,then click save,and your card details will be saved,now facebook will automatically take the,daily budget you have set,from your saved payment method,and our ad will be published once it is,reviewed by facebook,so let's close this,and if you see here a rad is in review,so now facebook reviews your ad which,usually takes less than an hour,and if you click refresh after some time,you can see the status as active like,this and once your ad is reviewed it,will be posted on facebook,so now we have successfully published,our ad on facebook,which means our ad is now live on,facebook,so to see how it works let's go here,click edit,then click new lead generation ad,now click here,and select this,then click copy,now open a new tab,and paste it here,and press enter,now if you click show add,you can see that we have got our ad so,this is how your ad will be shown to,other people,now we have successfully created and,published our ad on facebook,okay now let's say if a customer is,interested in your ad,and click sign up,they will get the signup form and now if,they enter the details,and click next,it'll take them here,and click submit,now to download the diet plan,they can just click download,and as you can see the red plan has been,downloaded,okay,this is how your customer can sign up to,your ad and then download your ad plan,now once your customers signed in their,data will be collected,next let's see how you can view your,customers information,so review that,let's go back to ads manager,close this,now scroll here,and click facebook lead,now to get your customers data,click download,now click csv,and you can see that a file has been,downloaded now to open the file you need,to upload this file on google drive,so let's go to google drive,now drag and drop this file here,and now if you click here,you can see that we have now got our,customers data,now you know how you can get leads using,facebook ads,okay so that's it guys this is how you,can run lead generation ads on facebook,now if you want to know how to run,facebook ads to increase traffic to your,site you can just click here and watch,this video now if you want to create,lead generation ads designed by an,expert you can click here and hire a,professional from fiverr also make sure,you click the subscribe button to see,more videos from us so thanks for,watching i'll see you in the next video,take care bye bye

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how to create lead ads on facebook catalogs

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

- Want to start generating leads on Facebook Ads?,Well, stayed tuned, 'cause I'm gonna be showing you,the step-by-step process to creating leads,inside of Facebook without any third-party software needed.,(soft music),Today, I'm gonna be showing you exactly how to use,Facebook's built-in Facebook lead form feature.,I'm gonna be showing you how to run ads,using the lead form feature.,And look, I'll tell you what fam,,if you stick around to the end,,there's gonna be a bonus tip that's gonna be showing you,exactly how to build custom audiences,based on past interactions with your lead forms.,Let's make like a kangaroo and hop on in.,Okay, so the first thing that we need to do,is create the actual lead form itself.,So, let's go into your Facebook page,,want to go ahead and click on more,,and then we're gonna go to publishing tools.,Now that we're in the publishing tools section,of your Facebook page, we wanna go down,,on the left, and click on forms library.,Inside of here, if you wanna create a new form,,in the right-hand corner, click on create.,And we wanna create a new form, click next.,Let's give our form a name, free case study.,So now that we've named our form,,we can choose from two options,,more volume, or higher intent.,With the more volume option, it's really, really great,if you're trying to get as many leads in as possible.,If you try and drive high quality leads,,and eventually, high quality sales,,you would choose the higher intent option.,The option you choose here will affect,your overarching return on ads spent,,and how successful your forms are at generating leads.,Let's just choose more volume,for the purposes of this example.,Gonna go through and click on intro.,As it suggests, you just type in the headline, cool.,You can either upload a custom piece,of image creative up here,,which would be a static piece of creative,which will follow your ad around for the rest of eternity,,or you can use dynamic creative,,variable to the ad in which you're running,at the ad level, inside of Facebook Ads.,I'd recommend using dynamic image so that you can split test,and switch out ad creative,,without having to create new forms in the future.,So now you're at the layout area,,paragraph or bullets are your option.,It's totally up to you, in terms the aesthetics,of how you want your form to look.,Here, you wanna provide some kind of call to action,,or some kind of description as to the form,in which they're filling in.,So what you wanna do is ask yourself,,why would someone want to provide me with,their email address, their phone number,,their contact information?,In this case, it's gonna be because it's a free case study.,So this is an example of the lead magnet,,I'm using this lead magnet to basically,give people access to my case study,,so I can capture their email address,and add them onto my email list.,You can do lots of really cool things,with your Facebook lead ads.,Let's say you wanna do a survey,,or you wanted to ask them more information,,you can go through and get their email address,,you can get their full name,,you can go through and add a new question,,like contact fields, user information,,demographic questions, work information, national ID number.,You can also create custom questions,with multiple choice and conditional logic,,or you can do an appointment scheduling,and qualifying questions.,There's so much stuff that you can,now do inside of Facebook lead formats.,Now I know what you're thinking.,Oh, I've got all these options and fields,that I can choose from, I'm gonna try and get,as much information from my audience as possible.,No, none of that!,As you ask more questions, and your audience has provided,more information to you, the likelihood of you converting,these leads is gonna get a lot lower.,I'd recommend starting really, really small,,get as minimal amount of information as possible,,to achieve the goal in which you've strived to set out for,,with your Facebook lead ad generation.,The idea here is you wanna minimize,the friction points with generating those leads,from your audience as much as possible.,Speaking of friction, one of the other great things,about Facebook lead ads, it minimizes the amount,of friction with your audience, because when you typically,send people offsite, off of Facebook, to say,,a third party landing page software, you've got,,sometimes, between three and 10 seconds for that to load.,When you do it on Facebook, (fingers snapping),it's an instant experience,,and it also pre-populates the form,with the information from that user's Facebook profile.,You can capture a lead within five to 10 seconds.,You're basically almost done, how easy is this?,So in order for you to run a Facebook compliant lead ad,,you need to make sure that you're linking off,to a privacy policy.,Easiest way to do that is to have,a privacy policy created in your website,,paste in the link to your privacy policy,,and make the link text privacy policy.,And depending on where you are in the world,,and where you're generating leads from,,you may need to add in an additional disclaimer,,for example, a GDPR disclaimer,,if it's not included in your terms of service,or in your website's privacy policy,,and you can do that by clicking here.,For the purpose of this example,,we're just not gonna worry about it.,So we're almost done, so quick, so fast, so painless.,All we need to do now is complete your thank you screen.,So for ours, we've got thanks, you're all set,,Thanks so much for filling in your contact information.,Please click the link below,for instant access to the case study,,and obviously that's relevant,to what we've been offering in the form.,Now with that in mind, all you need to do,is customize the button,,you can customize in three different ways,,view website, download, or call business.,Button text you can customize,,which you couldn't do back in the day,,but you can now, thank you, Facebook.,Put in the URL in which they can download,that lead magnet from,,and then it's as simple as going save.,And the next step, and this is a really important part,,exit out before you click finish.,It's gonna ask you if you wanna close lead form,,your draft will appear in your list of forms,,you're gonna hit OK, gonna refresh.,So now, you're gonna navigate over to draft forms library,,and you'll see the form that we just created,,gonna click edit, double check that everything's working,,interestingly enough, the emojis that I included,before aren't working,,so I'm really glad that I closed this down,and went back in and double checked before you publish,,because once you publish, you can't make changes again.,I'm gonna go into the intro section,and just delete these emojis from here,,so now it's all correct,,go through and double check the questions,,double check the privacy policy, double check your links,,double check that everything's all good.,Once you click finish,,you can now go into your forms library.,So now you'll see the completed Facebook lead form.,You can go and preview it,to see what the experience is like.,You see that it's pre-populated,with the placeholder information.,Go and click next and then submit.,This is just showing you exactly,what the experience will be like for your audience,,and then you can go and click download case study,,and it's gonna take you through,to where you can download and view the case study.,And it's as simple as that.,So we've created this awesome lead form,,but now we need people to see it.,So we have to hop into ads manager,and create a quick little test campaign,to see how people in our audience react to this lead form.,Click on create.,I'm gonna call it Facebook lead form test,,and we're gonna name our ad set Facebook page likes.,I always like naming my ad sets reflective,of the audiences in which I'm targeting,,and we're gonna name our ad free case study,,which is reflective of of the lead form,that we're building this ad for.,We're gonna click save to draft.,And then I'm just gonna go through,and click filter by selections,,so that I don't have to see any other ads in my accounts.,We click on the ad set tab, gonna click edit.,So now that we're inside the ad set,,what we want to do is set your budget,,you wanna define your audience,that's most likely to respond positively,,and then, this is a little bonus tip, fam,,we wanna exclude people who have opened up,our lead form in the past 90 days,and people who've actually downloaded our lead magnet,,or submitted the form,,because we don't wanna be targeting people,that've already converted, or opened the lead form,,but haven't chosen to download it.,To do that, we wanna go in the ad set level,and click exclude, go create new custom audience,,use Facebook sources, we're gonna click on lead form,,so you wanna go ad click on this dropdown,,click people who have opened and submitted form,,in the last 90 days,,then we wanna select the specific form that we just created,,name our audience, create audience, click done.,You'll see that this is automatically added,this audience to targeting, you don't wanna target it,,we wanna exclude it, so go ahead,and click exclude this audience.,So the next audience that we need to exclude,are people who have actually just opened the form,,but didn't submit.,So to do that, we follow the same process, create new,,custom audience, lead form,,we select anyone who has opened this form,,in the last 90 days, for our Facebook page,,for the free case study, named it free case study,,opens last 90 days, click create audience, click done,,make sure that we're excluding that audience.,So by creating these exclusion audiences,,it means that our ads are only gonna be shown,to people who have never interacted,with our lead form before.,Okay, so now that our ad set is completed,,we need to go and build our ad.,Click on the ads tab, click edit on the top ad,,we're going to scroll down and select our Instagram page,,and we're gonna scroll down and select our form.,Now you wanna go through and build out your ad.,So let's go and change our creative.,Here's something I prepared earlier.,Now what we need to do is populate your primary text,,your call to action, and your call to action button.,Want to learn the exact tips, tricks, hacks,I use to generate $251,374.87,of sales from Facebook ads in only 32 days,,simply click the download button below for instant access.,Now of course, this copy and this creative maps to the form,creative and copy in which we built earlier.,I've selected the call to action button, which is download.,If I wanna customize the Instagram Stories colors,,I can do that as well.,I've also made sure and double checked,that free case study is the lead form in which we're using.,Make sure my Facebook pixel is on,,go ahead and click publish, and you're done.,You might be thinking, Paul,,I've generated all of these leads now.,How do I access them?,How do I download them?,Great question, glad you asked.,You simply have to go into the forms library section,of your Facebook page, you can download your leads,up to 90 days from the time they were submitted by the user,,simply by clicking the download button here.,Depending on what kind of CRM you have,,you can also connect it through to the back end,of your Facebook lead ads by clicking here.,From there, you'll be prompted to search for your CRM,,you can then connect it and then manage your leads.,In the event that your email marketing platform or your CRM,is not listened inside of Facebook,,you can use a platform like Zapier,to find an integration that works for your platform.,So this is just one of the many, many ways in which,you can use Facebook Ads to generate leads.,If you'd like to learn more tips, tricks,,hacks and how-to's, I recommend you check out this playlist,for more strategies on how to master,Facebook for your business.,I'll see you over there.

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