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How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)in this video i'm going to show you ho

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can create a facebook carousel ad,in 2021 the easiest way so if you want,to create an ad like this so this is a,carousel ad,then you need to keep watching this,video so what you can do with these ads,is simply use multiple images to,multiple,pages and multiple offers if you want to,or you can just add more,images for branding to one specific,product,so in this video i'm going to show you,how you can do that and let's get,started right now,alright you want to start off by opening,your facebook app manager,next up you want to click on create like,you would always do,when setting up a brand new campaign,next up you need to choose a campaign,objective so what i'm going to do right,now is send traffic,to my store to these products so i'm,gonna go with traffic but you can also,go,with any other objective but for the,sake of the video,i'm gonna go with traffic and i'm gonna,click on continue,so what they're gonna do right now is,send you over here and all of that,is fine so what i'm going to do first is,simply set up,a normal campaign so you simply want to,go through all of these,so the different levels of ad sets and,then,finally at this one i'm going to show,you how you can set up,the carousel ad so what i'm going to do,right now is simply skip,all of this stuff and just skip to the,part where you can set up the facebook,carousel ad,now that doesn't mean that you want to,ignore all of this you simply want to,set this up,like you would normally do so you would,send traffic to your website maybe or,you want to go to an app or messenger or,even whatsapp,so set this up like you would normally,do i'm gonna change the budget,to five euros just like that but yeah,like i said just set this up like you,would normally do,then click next and then you'll end up,at the new ad section,and this is where you can set up the,facebook carousel ad,so what i'm going to do right now is,use test one more time then if you,scroll down you'll see the ad,setup right there you can choose the,format choose,how you would like to structure your ad,so you can choose single image or video,and then right there we've got the,carousel ad you all i mean,of course you of course want to go with,carousel right here so that you can add,two or more scrollable images or videos,so select that option right there and,you'll then see what it looks like,now if you simply scroll down and you,skip to this part right there we can,start adding,add creatives so this is where you would,add the images,headlines and descriptions so if you,simply click select image,what you can do is use images that,you've already been using,or you can upload brand new images so,i'm going to click upload i'm going to,go to my downloads,and then let's see i'm going to select a,phone case from the store so i'm going,to go with this one,and then i'm going to send people over,to the bestseller pages,or even a specific product and that's,what i like about the carousel ads,you can send them to your home page but,you can also send them,to a specific product page in the second,picture if that makes sense,so i'm going to click continue for now,so that's it for picture number one,next up you can add a headline to that,specific,image which will then show up beneath,that specific image,so i'm just gonna go with don't stop,phone case so you wanna basically,make sure that you use a good converting,hat line right there,whatever that may be in your case and,then right there another,description so i'm gonna say,shop your,now just like that,now that's the headline and the,description i'll show you how that will,show up,right here so if i simply scroll down it,will show up like that,don't stop phone case and then right,there the description,next up you can add a link to that,specific,page or to your home page so this is,just for this,for the first image only so what i can,do is go to my actual store,and then i'm going to click on that,product if i then copy that link,and then use that on here what i can do,is send people over,to that specific page so that they can,shop this specific product and that's,why these carousel ads are so cool,you can send them to specific pages,within one ad if that makes sense,what you can do next for the second,picture is simply click on the plus icon,right there,and then click select image you simply,need to do,the exact same thing like you just did,to set up the first one,so you would select another picture then,click continue,in the bottom right corner and then once,again you can set up the headlines,descriptions and a specific website url,to that specific product or to whatever,page you want to send them to,so maybe with the second picture i want,to send them over to my home page,so what i would do is simply copy the,link then paste that in there,so that for the second image it's not,going to send them,to the specific product page but to my,home page all right,and that's how we do that so test number,two,and then right there i'm going to put,description to or just like that,so please make sure to use actual,headlines and descriptions,i'm just trying to show you guys what it,will look like and then as you guys can,see right there,test number two will then show up now,you can add up to,10 different images so up to 10,different,of these and then your print what's done,so what you can do right now,is simply set up the call to action like,you would normally do,the see more url which could be my home,page,and then you can pretty much do whatever,you do normally when setting up an ad,campaign,and then you're done so that's pretty,much where you can set up the facebook,carousel ads,it's as easy as that now you can click,review to see what it will look like and,you'll then see a preview,of your facebook carousel ad so as of,right now we can see the phone case the,image isn't great for this,but it's just about showing you guys how,it works so don't shop phone case shop,your don't stop phone case,now and then the second one is gonna be,this one,test number two description two and you,can build up to 10,of these and that's pretty much how you,can do this then finally we've got to,see more,and then learn more and then also this,one if people click right there,they'll be brought over to my page so,please don't pay attention to all of the,images and the names and all of that i'm,just trying to show you the technical,side of setting this up,so if this video helps you out make sure,you go ahead and leave a like on the,video,let me know if you have any questions,down below and then i'll see you next,time have a good day

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How to create a Facebook Carousel Ad that gets more clicks

How to create a Facebook Carousel Ad that gets more clicks

hello guys in this video we're going to,talk about how to create a Facebook,Carousel ad but before we begin please,hit that like button to show us your,support and help our videos reach more,people now let's get started are you,looking for ways to increase engagement,on your Facebook page or are you looking,to increase traffic to your website or,your landing page Carousel ads can,include up to 10 cards that users can,scroll through it can be shown as,multiple photos or videos it appears as,a single post and more viewers can,browse multiple content that you can,promote using Carousel ads a carousel ad,can help you showcase various products,or services in just one ad each card can,have a separate URL link so that viewers,can click on the specific product page,or even a landing page it helps drive,more traffic to your website as well now,let's create a carousel ad go to the a,page where you want to create a carousel,ad access your meta business Suite from,the left menus click all tools then,under advertise choose ads manager a new,window or tab will show up it shows the,existing campaigns that you have created,now click create on this pop-up window,choose a campaign objective now choose,conversions then click continue in this,field you need to write your campaign,name click next now type in your ad set,name under conversion event choose view,content from this drop down list next,set a budget you can choose from a daily,budget or a lifetime budget then type in,the amount that you can unlock for this,campaign next set a schedule for when,this ad will run set the date on the,calendar and the time to start next you,can set an end date but this is optional,under audience you can create a new,audience or use any saved audience now,click next,write your ad name in this text field,under identity select a Facebook page,where you want to apply this ad if you,have an Instagram account connected to,your Facebook page it will automatically,show up here under add setup you can,find a Creative Source by default,catalog is selected if you want to add,media from your computer then choose,manual upload under format choose how,you would like to structure your ad you,can choose from these options single,image or video Carousel or collection,now let's choose Carousel scroll down to,the ad creative take note that you,should select photos with this,resolution but don't upload photos below,this resolution now choose an image type,in the headline then you may add an,optional description then type in the,website URL where you want people to be,redirected as they click on this image,now select or upload another image then,write a headline then type in the,website's URL now we have added three,photos as our Carousel ad using this,Facebook page now you can see the,preview of the carousel that we have,created in this section under edit,placement you can choose where you want,to show this ad,you can choose Instagram feed stories,explore or Facebook feed stories or more,you may choose to enable or disable,these options this option shows a card,with your Facebook pages profile photo,at the end of the carousel now add a,primary text here you can type in the,text that shows the features of the,products or services that you are,promoting on your Carousel if you check,out the preview the text will be shown,in the section tap on Advanced preview,you may notice that you can view,previews of all the available placements,where you can promote your Carousel ad,you can see the preview for the Facebook,and Instagram feeds Marketplace video,feeds and more you can check each,placement to see how your viewers will,see your Carousel ad,below you can select a call to action,for your Carousel by default it shows,learn more if these are products from,your eCommerce site then you can choose,the call to action shop now next you,need to place a destination where you,want your viewers to be redirected as,they click on this call to action button,once you're done click publish and that,is how easy you can create a Facebook,Carousel ad we have a marketing app that,allows you to track ads from your,competitors amplify gives you seven,popular SAS tools for total Facebook ads,domination with page ad Watcher you can,track ads from your competitors with,hidden insights and audiences finder you,can find high profit audiences that,Facebook ad manager hides from you boost,your conversions with behavioral,retargeting with page targeter you can,get the audiences and the strategies of,top businesses in your Niche with email,lists to audience you can turn every,lead into a buyer with instant list to,Facebook retargeting with ad decorator,you can make people stop scrolling every,time they see your ad with Roi,calculator scalier adds profitability,without paying first try amplify now go,to get don't forget to hit,the like button and subscribe to our,Channel I hope you find this video,helpful thank you for watching and I'll,see you on the next video

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