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Facebook Ads Tutorial: How To Create Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads For Beginners 2020 this is one

Franklin Hatchett

Updated on Jan 11,2023

Facebook Ads Tutorial: How To Create Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads For Beginners 2020

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Facebook Ads Tutorial: How To Create Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads For Beginners 2020

this is one of my facebook ad accounts,where I've spent $100,000 and I've made,back $400,000 that's our 4-times ROI,if you're not using Facebook you are,missing out on a lot of money you're,leaving a lot of money on the table in,your business in this video I want to,take you through step by step on how you,can run Facebook Ads for your affiliate,marketing business but not only that you,can use this tutorial to run a Facebook,Ads for any business that you're trying,to do online and by the end of this,video I will take you from a complete,Facebook Ads beginner to a Facebook,expert and you will learn exactly how,you can make money on facebook and you,really don't want to be missing out on,the skies and I'm gonna be taking you,through step by step I use Facebook,every single day in my business I use it,to make a full time income online and we,even put some more results up on the,screen so you can see how powerful,Facebook Ads really is and why you,should be using it in your business it's,very important that you use some form of,advertising especially Facebook because,it's really targeted I'll show you how,to put your ads in front of laser,targeting right in front of people that,are specifically tailored to your ad so,you're actually finding buyers that are,interested in buying what you have to,offer this is for affiliate marketers,people are running ecommerce stores,local agencies whatever you want to,promote on Facebook this video is for,you so let's jump into my computer and,I'll show you exactly how you can run,Facebook ads for your business alright,guys so in this video you're gonna learn,exactly how to run Facebook ads for your,affiliate marketing offers but like I,said you can use this for running all,sorts of Facebook ads even if you don't,have an affiliate offer if you just,generally want to learn about Facebook,ads or maybe have an e-commerce store or,something this is the video for you now,if you are familiar with affiliate,marketing you usually have a little link,like this and it's a tracking link now,the problem with this is if you use this,tracking link on Facebook you usually,are going to get banned because they,don't allow it so you can scratch that,it's not going to work so how do you,make it work instead how do you actually,go out there and build a philia,marketing business online using paid,advertising so in this video we're going,to use the traffic secrets for example,but you can use anything you like,obviously you might be promoting,something else we're just gonna use this,for an example,we're gonna get into the Facebook ads,fairly quickly but the first thing you,need to do when promoting an affiliate,offer via paid advertising whether it be,Facebook or Google you need to set up,what we call a bridge page it's a very,simple system of where you send someone,to a page to click the email then you,send into a thank-you page we attract,them as a lead okay so I'll show you how,to do that you track them as a lead and,then you forward them on to the,affiliate offer so this does two things,you can clicked an email and Facebook,doesn't know well that they're you're,promoting an affiliate link because,you're not you're sending them to a page,with a raw link so how do you set,something like this up I'm not going to,show you how to set this up fully,because this tutorial was more about,Facebook Ads but I'll show you one that,I've set up here and I'll leave a video,below if you want to know how to make,funnels so this is the one that quickly,set up for this tutorial,what will reveal how to fill your,website with dream customers I've got,the email in here if I go get free book,it will take me to the next page and if,I click this it will take me to the,affiliate offer this is a very simple,affiliate marketing funnel that you,could use for paid advertising now then,I use click funnels to set mine up but,you can use anything you want and I've,set up a simple form and the simple,thank-you right here okay it's very very,simple to set this up and like I said I,have a video below on funnels if you,want to learn how to set up funnels and,create funnels but this is more about,Facebook Ads,now the next step once you have a simple,funnel setup and just a quick tip guys,when you do click the leads on Facebook,and things like that you want to have a,nice simple page so if there's less,distractions on the page you're going to,get a bit of conversion rate I get about,60 to 70 percent conversion rate with,these types of pages okay so that's what,we want to do we want to send them we,want to send people to the page to a,Thank You page and then to the offer so,we can go and do Facebook advertising,now the next step is you want to have,something called the bait now for this,example because we're using this product,here as our example we already have the,bait we have a book that that you can,get for free people just pay for,shipping okay so that's our bait,but if you're promoting another product,you want to give away something for free,so people give you the email so it could,be like a book or a course or just,something for free so here's some,examples of some I found online,these guys are simply giving away free,ebooks simple ads nice and easy to do,and that's all you need to do is give,away some sort of free book or a cheat,sheet we give away one page and our,Philly marketing business we give away,the top affiliate marketing programs and,it's one single page so it doesn't have,to be complicated guys remember it's,free no one's paying you for this so it,can be as really as little as you want,involved okay so you need to have,something to give away for free now I'm,going to actually show you how to create,an ad right now and I'll show you how to,create easy simple pictures before we,actually get into the Facebook,advertising so what I recommend you do,is go to a website called canva comm and,I'll show you exactly how to create an,ad right now go to create a design and,go to put on Facebook and put them,Facebook ad now there's different kind,of um sizes and this tutorial we're,gonna do the standard size then all I do,is drag on a picture that I already have,so I actually got a picture from here,we'll put it in traffic this is called,pixels comm and it's a completely you,can get images from here they're,royalty-free and I'm going to download,this image right here,because it's got something to do of,traffic and we're giving away a traffic,book okay now I actually got an image,from here already that I'm going to use,if I go to Kember I simply drag the,image on I change it like this and I,actually have an image here that are,already imported from before I dragged,that on as well oh and they set up let,me just go back okay so I've got that on,there so now I can run this as my ad,this is perfect it's ready for my,Facebook ad I can simply run this it's,nice and basic like what everyone else,does and that's all you need,okay well you might want to put a bit of,a fade on the background or something,maybe like a,maybe like a filter or you know you,maybe you want to make it gray or you,want to bring the opacity down or,something like that like that will just,make this gray and then I'm going to,simply download the image so within a,couple of minutes not even five minutes,I've gone and created a simple image,that I can use to run Facebook ads nice,and simple just keep it simple guys,that's what works the best,now the next step so for this guys I,used canva calm canv a so canva calm and,I used pixels to get my free image now,this is the offer that I was that I'm,promoting and now that I have my image,and I have my funnel here which I have,which I've created which is nice and,simple so I'm going to send people to,this link here and I'm going to use that,image that I created as the one that I,created in this in this particular,platform okay,so you want to create a page if you,don't have one already so you can go and,start running ads so depending on what,you are public food or a brand it,doesn't really matter what one you,choose I'm just going to go public,figure and then you put in the page name,and you choose the category okay it's,very simple to do now I'm not going to,create a page right now because I don't,want to I have way too many pages on my,account already but all you do is put in,the page name and then choose category,and then click continue and will start a,Facebook page for you and it will look,like something like this let me go and,manage my pages and I'll show you a new,page that I've started test page here,this is what it will look like a nice,fresh Facebook page now it doesn't,really matter what's on others at this,point you just want to change the image,you may put a facebook cover but we,could just going to be using this for,advertising the next step is you want to,go to create and go to add advertise,your business brand and organization few,nodes have an ad account set up already,it might ask you to sit one up just,follow the instructions and it will take,you through how to set up an ad account,and then there's also business accounts,as well we're going to use my personal,account for this example because most,people won't even have a business,account,at this point case will use my personal,account and I'll show you how to set all,of settle the add up through that if you,want a business account guys I will have,maybe have some training on my channel,about how you can do that go and check,out some of those videos so let me,explain to what this all means we're at,the objective section right here where,we pick an objective so we're gonna,actually pick conversions for this one,you can do traffic engagement app and,stalls what you're really going to be,using for for Flair marketing is,probably this one this one and that's it,those are the only two you're probably,ever going to use with Facebook,affiliate marketing and even with most,like most funnels with Facebook most of,these don't really work for you okay,that is not going to work for you for,what you're trying to do then next is,the ad set where you pick the audience,and the placements and the budget and,then the ad is where you do the,formatting and the in the ad copy and,things like that okay so what I'm gonna,actually do is before we even pick an,objective I'm gonna go to ads manager,and I'm going to click on pixels and,open a new window because we want to do,a conversion and we want to do something,like this we want to actually track,things so we want to track every single,person that visits this page and we want,to track every single person that visits,this page as a lead so we can track how,many emails we're collecting how much,we're paying for each email and all of,that sort of good stuff so what I'm,going to do is go to here with my pixels,are okay and you're going to have you,probably won't have a pixel here I've,already got one and I can only create,one but what you would do is go to add,new data device and pixels and simply,just add a pixel it'll take you through,the steps it's very simple to do I can't,do that right now so I already have one,once you've done that you simply want to,go to detail so the pixel will be here,go to details and you want to go to,setup and install pixel and there's two,things we want to do manually install,the pixel code and copy that code okay,then go back to whatever funnel platform,you're using you might be you,and clickfunnels or some sort of website,or or anything you might be using,anything right there's two places you,want to paste this so first of all you,want to go to edit page on the optin,page and you want to paste it on this,page here this is important guys so you,can track and you can do retargeting and,stuff when you go to settings tracking,code and I'm going to simply paste it in,here,whatever funnel or website you're using,there should be a tracking code section,that you can use and that's it I'm just,going to paste it in there and go save,now the next step I'm gonna go back and,I'm going to paste it and the Thank You,page as well if you guys need more,videos on funnels and how to stick these,up I will have some below completely,free for you to watch now in here I'm,going to go to settings and I'm going to,go to tracking code and I'm gonna paste,it in here as well but we also need to,paste a lead code in here so we can,track when someone hits this page as a,lead so we go back to here we go to add,event code and we go to use sorry,manually add event code and we go down,to so probably choose education and go,to lead and click lead and you don't,want to add a value or a currency you,just want to copy this here because,otherwise it'll tell us that we're that,where our leads mean money and then you,want to hit space and you want to put it,again I'm gonna put it directly under,the other code so now we've installed a,tracking code on both pages and my Thank,You page we've installed a lead code so,we can track leads and then gonna click,go exit out and save simple as that okay,then I'm gonna go back so that's how you,do the picks so they tell you the pixel,guys it's really really simple and then,click done and then it will start,tracking okay that's really simple to do,the next step is we want to go back to,where we were before and click on,conversions we're going to track,conversions we want to track leads now,one thing I do want to tell you to stay,away from is campaign budget,optimization with campaign budget,optimization or optimizes at the,campaign level this is bad if you're a,beginner because you need a lot of money,at this point you need to be running,like,a hundred to five hundred dollars per,day so just leave this unless you're,running one ad set but I would just,leave this for now campaign budget,optimization is good if you're an,advanced user so just turn this off for,now and go to continue now this ad set,name is we named the ad set so I'm going,to put affiliate test and then down here,is where we will choose our conversions,so you want to choose conversions which,it's already it's already on there so it,tracks when someone makes the purchase,or gives us the lead in this case is to,lead and we want to exit on that and we,want to hit lead ok so that's what we,want to track now if it doesn't show,lead or it's red don't worry it just,means that the pixel hasn't been fired,yet if you have a new pixel you might,have a new pixel so it doesn't matter,just pick it anyway if it's red but I'm,gonna pick lead and cost control you,don't want to put that in if you're a,beginner just let Facebook do its job,and we'll find you the best leads for,the cheapest price now down here dynamic,creative leave that offer leave that off,as well,custom audience you can leave that we're,not doing a custom audience this is for,cold traffic locations it's quite,important so you want to put in the,locations you want to target so for,example United States I usually do the,top five I'll do it real quick United,Kingdom Australia New Zealand and Canada,as the ones that I usually always do no,matter what okay these are the most,profitable countries so you just put,those in and you'll probably want to put,people living in this location so it,doesn't come up with people traveling,but it's up to you it doesn't doesn't,really matter to be honest and then ages,it's really up to you what you want to,do if you're doing affiliate marketing,or promoting like some sort of make,money offer or or it doesn't really,matter it depends on what you're doing I,usually do 20 years old to something,like 45 or 50 it really doesn't matter,what you're doing and I'll leave it on,all men and women you've got to realise,that as your ad progresses on you will,be able to optimize anyway and change,things so we're doing the conversion,here the audience the placements and the,ad and the budget ok we've already done,the campaign that's when,pick our objective if we go down turn,expand your detailed targeting off you,do not want that on that's not good for,beginners that is for an advanced expert,people now this is we include people,that we want to target so for example in,this case we are running ads so,hypothetically we're running ads to this,product here it's a free book about,traffic so it makes sense for us to,target people that need traffic to their,off to their businesses websites and,affiliate offers so I have some,targeting here that I've gone and kind,of pre done for this,I remember that off the top of my head,so let me go back here I'm gonna put,them blogging because bloggers need am,traffic so we've got I'll just put them,blog actually as just the entire,actually I probably take that out okay,I'm not going to do blogging because,it's a bit too broad I'm gonna do a flip,marketing social media marketing,multi-level marketing there's like a lot,of things you can target like there's,content marketing business-to-business,marketing you can target people who are,doing social media marketing agencies it,really just depends on your product okay,but that's the thing about Facebook is,you can you can really get people narrow,it down now I could even narrow it down,even more narrow my audience and I can,actually take out social media marketing,from here and I could put it in here and,I could say I want to target people who,are interested in affiliate marketing,multi-level marketing and social media,marketing but the potential reaches a,lot lower because it's really really,specific so 1.8 million people I could,reach that are interested in both,affiliate marketing and multi-level,marketing and social media marketing so,it narrows it down even more to more,specific people so targeting and stuff,is quite important and you can really,just put in whatever you want it really,depends what on on what type of offer,you're promoting okay that really just,depends on what you're promoting now if,we go down placements are the next,important things now you need to,concentrate here don't just do recommend,it because you're going to waste a lot,of money you want to go to manual,placements and you want to pick where,your ads should run because what,facebook facebook is really really bad,at this especially on cold traffic so,what I would do,if you're a beginner take off Instagram,feed take off video feed take off right,column take off Instagram explore take,off stories take off in-stream leave,search leave an article okay,so just have this have Facebook newsfeed,Facebook marketplace facebook inbox and,then search and then an article and,that's it if you're a beginner okay once,you've become more professional stuff,you can mess with other things but just,leave it on this for now trust me guys,I've made millions with affiliate,marketing I know what works and I get,most of my flea marketing Commission's,from this platform so just leave it on,these here this one so just copy exactly,what I've done here very simple,straightforward easy to do and then an,article as well there's also one that I,run as well and as your ads go on you,can see which ones are making your money,and which ones well which ones getting,your leads and which ones aren't and you,can cancel out ones if you want now down,here we want to go to the budget this,really depends on what you want to do I,would recommend just 20 bucks a day,thirty bucks a day if you're starting,you only paying around about maybe four,to five dollars per lead in the,affiliate niche so maybe at four five,leads a day on twenty bucks it really,just depends on what you're doing and,what you're promoting so the budget is,completely up to you now once this is,done you want to go to continue and now,we're gonna be doing the ad creative so,where things get really really really,cool we're gonna be actually creating,the ad so we're gonna be doing the,identity the formatting the media the,text and links the languages and the,tracking okay so the first step is to,choose is to choose a name so I'll just,do test add test advert and choose your,page so I'll just choose Franklin,Hatchett you just choose the page that,you have created if you didn't create a,page that's fine you can actually create,a page right here from Facebook okay and,then we're gonna go down and I'm going,to leave it on single image or video and,the first thing I like to do is to add,my media so I'm going to simply add the,text image that I created and let's wait,for it to upload here,processing continue and then we have the,image now we're going to put in a link,and some text so I actually have some,text here that my copywriter sent over,for this tutorial,I haven't proofread this or anything but,this is some text here you simply just,paste it into here and I'll just quickly,tell you what this says,so this says anyone who has ever,launched a business online can tell you,what the one single most important,factor that matters more than anything,is traffic you can have the greatest,product or service super converting,website and slick online store but none,of it matters without a single the,single magic ingredient traffic and,you'll see this is quite a long form,stuff I'm actually going to take this,out here and and now I've got some text,in there it's probably not the best text,others this is just for this tutorial,but that's he put the text now if you,want to you can actually put a link at,the bottom here so go to you can put,your link down here to what you're,promoting so for example this is my link,here to my funnel and I can simply put,it there but I don't really do that,anymore what I do is I put it in the,right place which is down here so,website URL that's usually where I put,it someone's going to take it out of,here then we've got the headline here,okay so the headliners I'll show you so,it says flood your business with traffic,in 2020 flood your business with traffic,in 2020 and I can look at the desktop,feed as well and you can see that's it,right there,and it's quite a nice image everything's,nice and clean and then the description,down here you can put in some,information I'll just take this here and,I'll put that in the description right,there and now we've got a little bit of,a description I don't really worry about,the description too much and you can,also change this button from learn more,to get offer if you like probably,download now because it's a free book,and they just pay for and the shipping,so this is actually the bait this is a,free book that they pay for shipping but,usually in this particular area you,would have something like this a free,book a free course you'll be given away,something for free to get people,to your email list where you can then,promote more products or promote the,same product okay so when someone clicks,this ad what's going to happen is,they're going to go to this page here,they're going to go to this page here,when I said one thing at the email then,they're going to go to this page here,and this works for any affiliate product,you want to promote this product that I,have on the screen it's just an example,for this tutorial now one important,thing that you must do is make sure that,the Facebook pixel is turned on so this,is automatically turned on and it,usually will but if it's not turned on,you need to have this turned on or it's,not going to track anything okay so make,sure this is turned on and then simply,click confirm and your ad will go into a,24 hour review period,it usually takes an hour or two to get,accepted and then your ad should be,running and then you can check to make,sure that everything is all good and you,can get traffic to your offer so that is,exactly how you go and create a simple,Facebook ad for a simple affiliate,marketing funnel if you would like some,more training on this I will leave some,videos up on the screen on the right,that will take you through step by step,on how to create your own business,online with affiliate marketing and get,traffic to your offers don't forget to,subscribe,tap that notification bell I'll see you,in the next video on the right

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