how to create a url redirect in shopify

How to Create Custom URL Redirects in ShopifyHey, guys. Today, I'll be,showing you how to create,cus


Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Create Custom URL Redirects in Shopify

Hey, guys. Today, I'll be,showing you how to create,custom redirects on,Shopify.,If you have watched our tutorials,in the past, you probably own,a business or are building a,Shopify store.,So if you decide that you,would like to take your store,off your hands so you can,just focus on the business,,then check out our Sales,Accelerator Program.,This program uses online,advertising so that you can,increase your sales on your,website.,And as always, if you aren't,subscribed, make sure to hit,that button and the bell.,So, you know, when we drop,more tutorials.,Let's get into it.,So a lot of times when,you are creating or,recreating a website,,let's say that you've already,have a wordpress, and let's,say maybe a woocommerce store,and you're transferring,everything to Shopify.,Some of your links might not,be exactly the same.,So, for example, let's,say we have a collection here,on Shopify that it's a,sale collection,,that URL might look different,than the one that we had,previously, our store.,So on our store, it might,have been .,That would take us to our,sale page.,Now, here on Shopify,,there's certain things that you,can't necessarily manipulate.,So, for example, if we go,into our products,and we go to collections,and let's create a new,collection and let's call it,Sale.,Now,,when we create this,collection, if we look here,into the SEO,settings, you see that,URL and handle.,You see it adds automatically,that collections and then,forward slash sale.,So in our previous store,,we had,the URL forward-slash sale,then we need to create a,redirect for that in case,some people might have, let's,say bookmark,that sale page before,or let's say that you have,that link somewhere on,your social media platforms.,It's important that when,people click on that old,link, they're transferred,into this new link,that you've created on your,brand new store.,So the way we do that.,Let me just put in here,to create that collection,So after I've created my,collection here, and,this is loading and there we,go, I'm gonna go-to,online store.,And then I'm going to go to,navigation.,Inside of navigation, we,have URL redirects.,It's like a very,small link up here on the,top. So we're going to click,on that.,And then when we create a,URL redirect.,And then here's where you,just type it from,and to.,So from we want,to go from sale,to,the new ones is,collections/sale.,Then we click on,save redirect.,That will make any old link,that just has a /sale,go into our new,collections/sale.,All right. And there you have,it. Now you want to create,all these redirects in order,to make sure that your,store shows properly,for those older links,on your previous website.,So you want to make sure that,you looked at all your,previous links and then you,look at your new links and,make sure that they either,match or if they don't match,,then that's when you create,some of these your URL,redirects.,All right. Thank you so much for,watching this video.,And if you have any questions,about this, make sure you,drop the comments down below,and be sure to like this,video that will help us,tremendously.,And also subscribe to our,channel so you can get more,tutorials on Shopify and how,to run your store properly.

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How to redirect URL in Shopify | How to Create Custom URL Redirects in Shopify

How to redirect URL in Shopify | How to Create Custom URL Redirects in Shopify

hello and welcome to shop forex bus,today we will see how,url,redirects was in shopify,and what is the purpose of,redirecting url so before going into,looking into this navigation url view,url redirects now we will see how,what we are going to achieve,so if you haven't subscribed our channel,do subscribe it and press the bell icon,so you can get all the updated videos in,the shopify store development page so,here you see we have a product here,with this okay let's go to any product,of your store,okay you you know sometimes uh we are,going to update the title for our,product just like this,sometimes you have to add or delete,something like,new product or all then you also have to,update your,url handle with that,wording for,you know,seo purposes so the previous url handle,that was like,that you want to,change,still exists in the search engines and,as a backlink on different websites,from your traffic is coming like from,your clients are wasting from that link,but if we have,if we are going to make some changes in,the url handle you will see that that,old link still exists,in the backlinks of that websites,where people are coming from search,engines but,we have now our new url here,url handle so we will just click here,create a url redirect for,that,link,to you know this arrow to this new link,right,so,when we create this thing,after clicking save we are creating a,url redirect for this change in the url,handle,and you can see that this url handle has,been updated,so just like this we will try it,creating different url handles,in here in the software online store,in the navigation,see here you see,we have option of view url handles and,all the handles that are updating from,products will also be showing here you,can also create a custom url redirect,from here,just like here if you click on it you,will see that this was the old link,and uh,if someone is,listing this or link,just like this,in the products,in the products you know,if we click on a link here,of this,here you see,we have,pasted the old link here,just like this,the store names and products then the,old link and if we click enter,you see it's taking us to a,that has been,redirected or,updated in the redirection we entered,the old link and it take us to the new,updated link for our store,that is in work now,and with this way you you will not lose,your traffic by updating the titles like,sometimes you know we have to update the,name of collections,with new years like if it was 2021 then,now you want to make it 2022,and uh just like same,you can update urls you can also take,the old urls from other stores and,update into the new,store you have by clicking on import,option here you have to make a,template like this for your import list,so you can see that,in the import list the format required,is like this like we have one redirect,from option in which you will paste all,the links that you want to redirect from,your traffic to and here is that links,that you want to,redirect all,those old links to the new links here,that is existing in your store now so,this was the,url redirection import option and the,same thing you can also export it at and,use it in another,store as a import so you can,make current page export as well as you,can also make all url redirects,and then you can export plain csv file,and also a csv for excel number or other,spreadsheet programs so this is a good,example of updating your old links with,new ones to,don't lose the old traffic,if you like the video on the topic url,redirection inside the navigation we,have covered today then please like it,and subscribe the channel,and in the same playlist you will find,all the videos regarding the previous,sections here showing from home to,pages,and we are covering all the,remaining things in upcoming new videos,like for,preferences and settings and the things,in the settings and then we will be,moving forward to shop file,customization,of theme and all the things that are,important in team customization like,different dynamic sections and things,that are,useful for making conversion rate high,for our shopify store once again don't,forget to subscribe the channel like the,video and press the bell icon thanks for,your time have a great day bye

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