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How to Create A Facebook Ads Account 2021 | Tutorial Creating Facebook Ads Account 2021hey what's up

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Create A Facebook Ads Account 2021 | Tutorial Creating Facebook Ads Account 2021

hey what's up guys it's john here and,last year this is one of my most popular,videos showing you guys how to create a,facebook ad account so i decided to make,an updated version of it because it's,2021 things have been updated the,platform has changed a little bit so i,want to walk you guys through show you,guys how to create a facebook ad account,in 2021 2022 and beyond all right guys,so let's get started you want to walk,through the same basic process the first,thing you want to do is log out of your,facebook account completely log out of,your facebook account from your computer,then what you're going to do next is go,over to google and inside of google,you're going to search for facebook,business so just type in facebook type,in business and what's going to pull up,is the facebook business manager, the first one that,pulls up go ahead and click on this one,right here after that what you're going,to do is click right here where it says,create a new account after you click on,create a new account what you're going,to do is enter in your regular facebook,email and password so like you're,logging into your regular facebook,account go ahead and enter your email,and password what this is going to do is,let facebook know that this new business,email is connected to your facebook,profile they know it belongs to you so,go ahead and add in your regular email,and password for your regular facebook,page click on login after that you're,going to this page right here and click,on create a new account at the top one,more time and you're going to see this,little window pop up where you're going,to start to create your business account,so on the first line what you're going,to do is type in the name of your new,business ads manager whatever you want,to go ahead and name it either the name,of your actual business maybe just you,know john's club whatever you want to go,ahead and name your business account so,i'll just go ahead and put in john's ad,manager,and inside of the middle line you're,going to see your own name so this is,just a facebook profile created but,you're going to see your own name in the,middle line you don't got to do anything,there and in the very last line this is,where it gets very important guys so,inside of here what you want to do is,enter in a completely brand new email so,if you got to go create a new email at,gmail or at yahoo mail whatever you got,to do to create a new email go create a,new email and enter that new email,inside of here you're not going to use,your regular facebook gmail account or,your regular facebook email because,what's going to happen is you're going,to separate your business facebook,account from your regular facebook,profile account you don't want to mix,those two together because if your,business account gets banned or it gets,shut down it's not going to affect your,regular facebook profile account so you,want to definitely separate your,business account from your facebook,profile account in case something,happens to your ads manager it doesn't,affect your regular facebook account and,all right guys once you do that you,should have access to your business ads,manager account now you can see right,here that mine is not verified yet,because i got to go to my email verify,my email address before this account,gets activated so what i'm going to do,is go over to my gmail account right now,and inside my gmail account i'm actually,going to look under promotions under,social right here and you can see it,right here under the social tab you can,see facebook confirm your business email,so click right here i'm gonna go ahead,and click on confirm and check it out,guys we just got access to our facebook,business ads manager now you can start,running ads to any facebook page that,you want to start building now real,quick the reason why i did this myself,is because i do something called,affiliate marketing it's what's helped,me quit my nine-to-five job help me,start making an extra 500 even up to 1,000 per week online so if you're someone,that's struggling with bills or maybe,you just want to start making some extra,money from home click that first link in,my description i'm gonna send you my,number one recommended income stream and,show you how to start building an,affiliate marketing business step by,step again it's gonna be that first link,in my description check that out if,you're someone that wants to start,making an extra 500 or even up to 1 000,per week online and all right guys so,inside of here the first thing you're,gonna see is the users people that have,access to this facebook business account,right which obviously is gonna be you so,you're gonna see your name right here at,the top now if you want to add more,people that can create ads for you or,maybe change ads basically start,building up a team of people that are,going to start running this business,account all you want to do is click,right here where it says add and add in,any extra people that are going to have,access to this business account because,obviously several different people can,be running this account building ads,building up pages now if it's only going,to be you you just want to leave this,alone right here if you're going to be,running the whole show yourself just,leave it alone you're going to have full,access to the account but just wanted to,show you guys in case you want to start,adding more people to help you build,these ads right here and real quick guys,something else that i want to point out,when i was building up my ad my business,account name i told you that i was going,to put john's ads manager it didn't,actually let me do that i had to put a,name that actually reflects a type of,business so i just put john's t-shirt,shop so when you guys are creating your,business account name just add in a name,that's actually going to reflect what,type of ads you're going to be running,or whatever type of page you're going to,start building and the next thing i want,you to look out for guys is the pages,right here so under accounts you see,pages click on pages and right here,you're going to start adding all the,facebook pages that you're going to be,running ads for so what you're going to,do is click right here where it says,create a new page if you don't already,have the facebook page created go ahead,and create the brand new page or what,you can go ahead and do is add a page if,you already created the facebook page or,click right here where it says request,access to a page this means you're going,to be running facebook ads for maybe,somebody else's facebook page and hey,guys i actually forgot to add this in,but i want to show you an actual example,of how this actually works so if you,already own the page that you're going,to start running ads for you created the,page yourself on your facebook account,all you got to do is click on add page,and inside of here you're going to enter,in the url of the facebook page you,created it's going to pop up just go,ahead and click on it and click on add,page i don't own this page so that's why,i'm getting this error now if you want,to request access to run ads for,somebody else's facebook page click on,request access to a page then you're,going to enter in the url of their,facebook page inside of here go ahead,and enter in the url click on the page,then you're going to be choosing,whatever options you're going to do for,this facebook page for example if you're,going to be running ads sending messages,community activity whatever you're going,to be doing for this facebook page go,ahead and start checking it off right,here then go ahead and click on the,request access at the bottom then the,person that actually owns the facebook,page is gonna have to go to their page,click on settings at the very bottom,then after settings they're gonna click,on page rows right here click on page,rows then they're gonna see that you're,asking permission to get access to their,account so here it is here's the,permission request and all they got to,do is click right here where it says,respond to request and go ahead and,grant you access to run ads for their,facebook page so go ahead and add in the,pages that you're going to run ads for,and the next thing you're going to do is,go down to payment method so you're,going to see payment methods at the very,bottom go down the payment methods add,in your payment method right now because,this is going to stop you from running,any ads that you want to post so if you,decide to create an ad post it up you're,actually going to get blocked at first,if you don't already have a payment,method set up so click right here where,it says add payment method and just go,ahead and add in your regular payment,gift card your visa gift card or your,mastercard whatever payment method,you're going to be using and after you,enter in your payment method what you're,going to do next is click on accounts,under accounts you're going to click on,add accounts inside of ad accounts what,you're going to do is start to create ad,accounts these are actually going to be,the accounts that are running your ads,and it's kind of hard to understand that,first basically you have a facebook,business manager that has ad accounts,from your ad accounts you run ads so,business manager has ad accounts from,your ad accounts you actually run ads so,you want to start creating ad accounts,to actually start running your ads click,right here where it says ad then you're,going to click on create a new ad,account then you're going to give your,ad account name so i'm just putting,t-shirt shop right now,then i'm going to click on next right,here at the bottom then you all you want,to do is click right here for my,business because obviously you're going,to be running the ads for this right,click on my business and click on create,then inside of here what you're going to,do is go ahead and click on your name,click right here at the bottom where it,says add manager account then you're,going to click on assign because this,means you're basically giving yourself,full access to this ad account and all,right guys we're almost done now you,might have to add in your payment method,to your ad account one more time but,once you go ahead and do that all you,want to do is go ahead and click on,business home at the very top click on,the facebook name at the very very top,what's going to happen next is you're,going to go to this page right here,where you can actually start running ads,so you're basically done you just got,your facebook ad account set up you got,your payment method your admins you,added a facebook page to your business,manager so you know exactly what,facebook pages you're gonna run ads to,now the last and final step is actually,creating a facebook ad right so what,you're going to do is go ahead and click,on the facebook at the very top that's,going to take you to this page right,here inside of this page right here,you're going to see the ad account that,you just created go ahead and click on,this ad account then what's going to,happen next is you can actually start,running a facebook ad so check this out,inside of here you can go ahead and,click on create and start creating a,brand new facebook ad from scratch and,all you're gonna do is fill out this,information to create your first,facebook ad and i already made a video,showing you how to set up a facebook ad,if you need to watch that video i'll,post it in the comments in the,description down below so check it out,in the description down below if you,need help setting up your first facebook,ad and that's basically it guys to get,easy access to your business ads manager,account all you got to do is log into,your regular facebook profile inside of,your facebook profile you're going to,look for ads account on the left hand,side inside that little navigation bar,you're going to look for ads manager,click on ads manager then you're going,to go to your regular facebook account,ads manager and inside of your regular,facebook account ads manager you want to,click on the little down arrow at the,very top click on see more ads account,and then inside of here you're going to,actually see your regular brand new,facebook business ads account and all,right guys that's gonna be it for this,video if you feel like you got some,value from this video learn something,new make sure you hit that like and,subscribe button for that youtube,algorithm and don't forget if you guys,are looking for a way to start making,some extra money online click that first,link in my description for my number one,recommended income stream

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Set up Facebook Business Manager The Right Way in 2022 (Complete Guide)

Set up Facebook Business Manager The Right Way in 2022 (Complete Guide)

hey it's andrew and in this video i'm,going to show you how to create setup,and use a facebook business manager,account including all of the best,practices to make sure you minimize your,chances of getting your account shut,down or banned by facebook and also to,do everything you can to protect,yourself from getting hacked or losing,access to your accounts plus i'll show,you how to use facebook business manager,to give others access to your ad,accounts and pages and all of those,things if you need to at some point in,the future so if you decide to hire an,individual or an agency to manage your,ads for you then this is the correct way,to give them access to prevent a lot of,headaches in the future so i've seen,this many many times where people have,given access the wrong way to ad,accounts and pages and instagram,accounts and this has caused massive,amounts of headaches after they stop,working with that agency so i want to,make sure that doesn't happen to you and,if you're on the other side of the fence,and you're an agency and you need to get,access to client accounts i'll show you,how to do that the right way so that you,don't end up in these difficult,situations okay so the first step is to,create your business manager account so,head over to,and what we're going to do once we're,here is click create account now if,you're not logged into facebook already,it might ask you to log in so quickly,log into your facebook account and then,click create account now you simply,choose a business name enter your name,and enter your business email from there,click submit and go ahead and enter the,details that facebook asks for to create,your basic facebook business manager,account once you've created your,business manager account it's time to,get it all set up so you should see a,screen that looks a little bit like this,when you first log in the main thing,from here is we want to go to your,business settings so click on business,settings down in the bottom left and,then once you're on the business,settings page we need to go down to,business info and from here it's really,important that you fill in all of your,business information in as much detail,as possible the reason for this is,because you need to show facebook that,you're a legitimate business okay to,show facebook that you are a genuine,business enter all the business,information here that matches your,business documents to do that we click,edit and we'll enter our legal business,name country address business website,tax id is optional but i recommend you,add that as well and then save those,details now the next thing you'll see,here is business verification status now,this is really important that we're,going to skip over it for now and circle,back to that later in the video for a,few reasons the main one being you can't,actually do it yet the next thing to do,once you've entered all of those details,is to turn on two-factor authentication,this is really important because it,secures your account and helps prevent,you from getting hacked this actually,happens quite often with facebook ad,accounts hackers will get in they will,get into a facebook ad account and spend,thousands of dollars before it gets,picked up and then it's a whole mess to,unpick to try and get your money back,and also get access to your account,because usually the account gets banned,at some point as well so turn on,two-factor authentication simply by,clicking this drop-down and choosing,everyone then you can scroll down here,and it's got two-factor authentication,is required and you can click control,how you sent your login code and choose,how you would like your two-factor,authentication code to be sent to you,personally i use sms but there are a,couple of ways you can choose from,doesn't matter which one you choose,whatever works best for you all right,once you've finished filling out your,business info the next step is to go to,the security center and we're going to,do something else that's going to help,protect your account so go to security,center on the left,now what we want to do here is add an,admin you can see over here i've got the,option to add another business admin at,the moment i am the only administrator,of this business now the problem with,that is if i get my personal facebook ad,account banned from advertising for any,reason then i'm not going to be able to,get access to this business manager,account and if you've got all your ad,accounts pages instagram account,everything in here then that can be a,huge mess to try and untangle and it,makes things really really difficult,often you have to recreate pages ad,accounts and all that stuff if that,happens now this can be catastrophic for,an individual business but if you're an,agency or if you're managing ads for,clients this can be absolutely,disastrous because then you lose access,to all of those client accounts as well,so the way to prevent that is to add a,second admin on the account so to do,this simply click add under add another,admin enter the email address of the,person you want to add and give them,admin access now you should choose,somebody who you can absolutely trust,100 so maybe a family member or somebody,you're very very close to who you know,is 100 trustworthy and isn't going to do,anything untoward because this is giving,them full access to your business,manager and everything inside there so,go ahead and do that send it off they'll,get an email they'll need to open that,email and accept the invitation to be an,admin of your business manager account,and once they do that you'll have that,added layer of protection again you see,business verification popping up here,and you can see that button is grayed,out we can't do that yet but we will,circle back to that later now what we,need to do is actually talk about what,the business manager does and how to use,it effectively so what the facebook,business manager is essentially is a,container and inside that container you,put all of your facebook and instagram,assets meaning your facebook ad accounts,your facebook page your instagram,account your pixels and even people who,work in your organization maybe that's,just you or maybe that's others who you,want to grant access to individual,assets too so what we need to do now is,bring those assets into your brand new,business manager account to do that we,simply navigate to the different,sections on the left and bring each of,them in we'll start with pages so if i,click pages on the left i can click add,and i can choose one of three options we,can add a page we can request access to,a page or we can create a new page so,this is what each of the three options,mean and which one you should choose the,first one is to add a page now this,option allows you to add a page that you,already own so if you have a facebook,business page and you are the owner and,you just need to bring it into your,shiny new business manager account then,this is the option that you choose,however if you need to manage a page,that somebody else owns meaning you're,an agency or you're a freelancer who,manages other people's pages then you,would choose request access to a page,because you don't own it but you want,access to it and then finally if you,don't have a business page at all yet,and you need to create one then you,would choose to create a new page option,for most people and what i'm going to,walk you through now is add an actual,page so we click add a page,and then you simply enter your page name,or the url of your page in my case my,page is called andrew hubbard,so i'd select that page,and then click add a page once you do,that you'll see the page is added to,your business manager and your list of,pages is here in the column on the left,and from there you can actually add,people and partners to this page and,that is how you grant others access so,you can see here i have a few people who,have access to my page already and if i,wanted to add more people i would simply,click add people,and select who i want to add in now you,might not see the people that you want,to add to that page in that list on the,left that you just saw but i'm going to,show you how to actually add new people,to that list as well so don't worry,about that we're also going to talk,about partners very very soon as well,but for now go ahead and add your page,to the business manager the next thing,we're going to add is your ad account so,click on the add accounts tab you can,see i've already got one ad account in,my business manager but if you want to,add new accounts to yours click on the,add button and from there you've got,similar options to pages you can either,add an account you can request access to,an ad account or you can create a new ad,account now adding an ad account simply,means you're adding your own ad account,that you already have and own,requesting access is the same as a page,you're requesting access to somebody,else's ad account and then creating a,new ad account is pretty,self-explanatory,so if we choose to add an ad account,that's going to ask us for the ad,account id now you simply enter your ad,account id click add account and it adds,in there if you don't know how to find,your ad account id then this is how you,can do it simply go to your facebook,profile then on the left click see more,and then you can click ads manager now,that's going to open your current ad,account and from here you can grab the,id so if you look up in the url you can,see it's got act equals meaning account,equals and then an id simply copy that,id go back over to your business,settings paste that ad account id in and,click add account that will add the,account to your business manager next up,add any instagram accounts that you want,to use with this business manager as,well so we go over to the left click,instagram accounts click add and this,process is slightly different you click,connect your instagram account and it,actually asks you to log into your,instagram account once you log in grant,it access your instagram account will be,added as well next you need to add your,facebook pixels so we simply go data,sources click on pixels and you can add,pixels from here however if you want to,run multiple pixels or if you don't have,a pixel listed here already you simply,click on add up here and that's going to,ask you to create a pixel so you just,give your pixel a name and then enter,your website url continue follow those,steps and it will set up a new pixel for,you now once you've got all of those,assets added the next thing to talk,about here is people and how we manage,access through the business manager so,if you go up here to users on the left,click on people you can see here that i,am already there as the admin and if,you've added that second admin as i,recommended earlier in the video you,should see them listed there as well now,in the people section you can add anyone,you want and you can assign them access,to any of your assets inside the,business manager so as you can see i've,got myself here and if i click on myself,it shows me that i have access to this,page this ad account and this pixel now,if you choose any other person in the,list it would show you what they have,access to as well and from here i can,add or remove or change access to any of,these particular assets so if you want,to give an individual person access to,an asset like a page you would come in,here,click on add and you would add this,person to your business so you'd enter,their email address you'd choose what,kind of access they want and you would,click next and they would be listed in,the people section from there you can go,down to let's say pages and they'll be,listed here and you can actually add,them to this page so you can click add,people they will be listed in this list,on the left you can select them and you,can choose what level of access to give,to this particular page you can do that,for ad accounts and for any other asset,now i don't recommend adding individual,people and assigning access that way,unless they are full-time employees of,your company meaning they are internal,team members within your company if you,want to assign access to let's say an,agency to manage your ad accounts or,somebody who's freelance managing your,facebook page the way to do that is,through the partners section so in that,case you would click on partners go over,here,and you can see we've got partners,listed here you can click add and you,can give a partner access to your assets,or if you're an agency or freelancer,working for somebody else you can,request access to a partners asset so in,that case you would click ask a partner,to share their assets let's take a look,at the example though if you want to,share your assets meaning your page your,ad account or anything else with,somebody else if you click give a,partner access you need to ask them for,their business id and they should be,able to provide that to you from here,you would simply paste in their business,id click next and that will allow you to,assign the access you want to give that,organization select the page i want to,give them access to and then i choose,what level of access i would like to,give them same here i can go down to add,accounts and then i can decide which ad,accounts i want to give this partner,access to and i can choose the level of,access i would like to give them and i,can go through and do that for every,asset including my pixel instagram,account and everything else that is the,best way to give somebody else access to,your facebook business assets because,from there it's very easy to control,what they have access to and to remove,them if you need to do so in the future,it ensures that you remain the primary,owner of all of your business assets and,you just give them partner level access,that can be removed at any time on the,flip side if you're the agency or,freelancer and you need access to,clients they can either add you that way,where you just provide the business,manager id and they add you in or you,can simply click,ask partner to share their assets and,then you can follow through the prompt,here to get the details that you need,entered in and they will give you the,access simply by approving that request,now there are still two really important,things you need to do before you finish,your business manager setup the first,one is to verify your domain so you do,that by heading over to brand safety,clicking on domains and then you need to,add your domains and verify them that,process is a little too long to include,in this video so i've created a video,specifically to walk you through that,right here that you can check out and,the other thing is to verify your,business manager account it's really,important so i've created another video,specifically on that you can check out,right here make sure you go now follow,those final two steps hope you've,enjoyed this video i'll see you in the,next one bye

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