how to create a campaign in google ads

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] Adwords so in this complete tutorial i'm going,to walk you t

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

The above is a brief introduction to how to create a campaign in google ads

Let's move on to the first section of how to create a campaign in google ads

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how to create a campaign in google ads catalogs

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

so in this complete tutorial i'm going,to walk you through step by step showing,you how to run and operate google ads,now whether you are a complete beginner,uh or maybe you've already run ads on,different platforms this video is going,to be all inclusive for anyone and,everyone looking to run ads through,google's services uh and i know this can,look somewhat intimidating at first i,know certainly when i first started,running ads i actually had to watch,similar tutorials to this one and it,really helped jump start the process it,ended up saving me thousands of dollars,because i was able to uh you know learn,things that maybe would take much longer,if you try to do it on your own so the,goal here for this video is to teach you,every step of the process uh get you,running your first google ad then we'll,talk about different types of conversion,rates we'll talk about target conversion,rates we're going to talk about the ad,styles that google has and then we'll,also talk about keywords how do we do,keyword research how do we find the,right keywords to target,and then how do we set up more ads after,that so that we can do split testing a b,testing don't worry if i'm just kind of,speaking like some different words that,you don't know don't worry we'll explain,all of those later on throughout this,video,and if at any point you feel like i'm,talking too fast you can always go back,re-watch it or just slow it down to 0.75,speed i know sometimes i get a little,bit excited i love doing this and so i,talk a little bit fast by accident so,let's go ahead let's get started with,this video um and so the first thing,that you're going to want to do is,you're going to go to, i have my computer right,here and i'm going to walk you through,every step of the process now once,you're on you can go over,and sign into your google account i'm,assuming that you already have a google,account if you don't you can just make a,gmail very quickly,and if you want to follow along,throughout this video i would suggest,that but you can certainly just watch,this and then go ahead and try to,replicate this and make your own google,ads after this tutorial uh maybe,consider taking out a pen taking out a,piece of paper writing a few things down,just so that you don't forget them so,let's go ahead let's sign into our,google account and then we're going to,jump into this process so we're going to,go ahead and sign in right here all,right and we're going to create a new,google ads account i'm assuming you,probably don't have one now so we can,just click on new google ads account,and now we're going to,be prompted with this this interesting,thing that google's been doing in the,past couple of years where they now try,to kind of like throw you through this,gauntlet of like different questions and,they try to set you up to make your own,ad because they know that their ad,platform is a little bit confusing,that's probably why you ended up on this,tutorial because maybe you looked at and,said this is a little bit confusing um,and so instead of doing all of this and,going through what google wants us to do,we're going to scroll down and we're,going to find switch to expert mode,right here and the reason why we're,doing this is because if you go through,google's little thing that they want you,to go through i find that people end up,spending more money because google they,make money when you run ads on their,platform so they're going to convince,you to spend more money than you have to,i would suggest just switching to expert,mode so that you can skip most of that,and just get started running ads and,don't worry i'll show you every step of,the process here so let's go ahead let's,click on switch to expert mode,and once we do that we're going to see a,variety of different options for what,type of ads we want to run and what,we're really going for right and so,typically i end up just clicking on,website traffic you can certainly you,know if you are looking for just leads,and you're looking for someone's phone,number perhaps you're looking for,someone's email and maybe a real estate,agent or,you are a plumber then maybe you want to,go for leads you can go for sales,website traffic right product and brand,consideration uh you can go for local,store visits and promotions app,promotion brand awareness and reach,which is like a just very general thing,i personally would suggest going for,website traffic we run almost all of our,campaigns just as website traffic get,them to our site maybe it's to a,specific landing page conversion page it,gives us more leeway and it gives us,more options overall when we choose,website traffic but you can certainly,read the different type of campaign,types which we'll talk about each one of,these like search display shopping video,discovery right if we're going for leads,you're going to see they have some,different options there right if you're,going for brand awareness you have,display your video app promotion your,campaign type is app right so you want,to look at the campaign types and what,type of ad you want to run we're going,to click on website traffic here now,this is when we get into selecting a,campaign type this is going to be a very,important part of the video okay because,you want to understand each one of these,different types of advertisements,because this is going to significantly,affect your campaign and the way that,you're running ads so the first one that,we have in the one that we typically,choose is going to be google search ads,these are the basic google search ads,you've probably seen so many of these,it's probably what you think of when you,think of google ads uh just to show you,here let's say that um,i'm i'm going to be,marketing my marketing agency right and,so if you want an example of this search,ad we could say,marketing,agency uh,new york right,and when we do this we're gonna see,these three right up here at the top,these are all basic google search ads,this is the first option here right so,search ads right here,these are going to be the ones right,here we just see the basic text right,and it comes up when somebody searches,in google your ad will come up in one of,these three sometimes there's four,sometimes there's two it depends but,those are the basic google search ads,the reason why i like search ads is,because it's going to give you exactly,what you want for people who are,searching for something very specific so,when somebody searches marketing agency,new york i know that i can come up in,that specific spot versus a display ad,which might pop up um,across the web right so maybe you're,reading a blog or maybe you are,on some news website and you see an ad,that pops up on the side that's,typically what is known as a display ad,typically there's going to be some,pictures there's going to be like this,box you can click on sometimes people,call these banner ads as well,we're not that's not something that i,really do too much of because we like to,focus on search and then what we like to,do is branch out into these other types,of ads and this is what i would suggest,doing as well for people who are getting,started with google ads start with,search then you can branch out into the,others once once you nail down search if,you don't want to do that then i would,suggest nailing down at least one of,these like maybe you want to focus just,on display nail that down first get that,down to a science first and then you can,branch into the other ones don't try to,manage all of these different types of,ads at the same time in the first week,just trust me on that you want to start,with one and then branch out then we,have shopping ads,and so because we're trying to get,website traffic you're not going to see,this one available to us right here at,the moment but shopping ads this is also,something that,for example let's say that we wanted to,go for some organic um,protein powder right,and if we want to get organic protein,powder and we go to the shopping tab on,google then you're going to see that,some of these are going to be ads right,and so some of these are going to be,advertisements mixed in here um see,right here these are all ads and so if,you're selling a physical product and,you want to run shopping ads through,google you can certainly do that,and you can have your product pop up,here at the top,and that's certainly something that is,very feasible and very doable for a lot,of people so let's go ahead and let's go,back to here we see our search ads,display ads shopping ads video ads as,well right if you want to reach people,on youtube i can tell you this youtube,ads are getting very expensive i would,know this because we have like eight or,nine different youtube channels and we,see the certain conversion rates uh and,we see the certain ad rates across some,of those platforms youtube ads are,getting a little bit expensive you can,still do them obviously there's more,work involved with that you have to make,a video you can't just do some basic,search content you have to actually make,a video to run an ad with and that does,take quite a bit more effort,so it's probably not something,somebody's going to want to do right off,the bat but of course you can run,youtube ads or other video ads,through this through google ads and then,of course we have discovery as well this,is for if you're looking for just like,general you're trying to get out there,you can even advertise on gmail in other,areas as well so they have some pretty,cool integrations that we can use now,i'm going to click on search that's what,we're starting with today,and once we do that then we can fill in,our businesses website now don't worry,if you don't have a website up and,running right now at the moment that's,okay you can fill in something else or,you can just still follow along here,because there's going to be some pretty,important pointers that we're going to,be including in the next couple of,minutes here and so let's go ahead let's,fill in our businesses website for this,example for this google ads example,we're just going to use one of our,websites for this channel uh which is,central media and we actually do quite a,bit of marketing for companies um,so let's say that we want to market our,marketing agency right and so i'm going,to go ahead fill in my website,and then we can click on continue,and so you can start tracking your,website traffic as website conversions,you don't have to do this right now you,can skip over this for now we can circle,back to this let's go ahead let's click,on continue because we're going to talk,about the most important parts,up here you can see that we're on step,one of four right so we're on selecting,our campaign settings then we have to,set up our ad groups then we're going to,create the ads we're going to find,keywords that we can use to target,certain things and then we're going to,put in our billing information and,decide how much we're willing to spend,on these new campaigns,so for our campaign name let's call this,let's say website,uh marketing,campaign or just website marketing ads,number one right so this is gonna be our,first campaign um and then for networks,i don't really wanna do display network,right now,i know that they're going to try to get,me into this but i don't have anything,that i want in display network right now,this doesn't have to be an actual like,picture or banner it can still be just,words but i really want to target,specifically just search i don't want,other things like if somebody's on some,random website and i'm popping up on,there i want to focus just on search and,specific terms that people are searching,for so that i can avoid people,accidentally clicking on my ads if,they're on some random website and they,accidentally the mouse goes over they,click on it suddenly that cost me money,um,so now let's talk about targeting and,audience segments this is very crucial,and you have to understand a couple of,things in regards to to running ads uh,and and marketing you'll know that as,you go more specific uh as you whittle,things down if you say that you want to,target uh one specific city or one,specific state or one area it's,generally going to cost you more money,than it would to target just broad,overall everyone in the world,and so you're going to notice this and,you want to really really take this into,consideration you want to think about,the product that you're selling or the,service that you're selling or whatever,you're advertising for,what is most important to you in terms,of market can you go broad is it okay,for you to go broad because if you can,you might end up paying lower per click,or per conversion,as what you would otherwise so for,example,if i'm selling a physical product let's,say that i'm selling organic protein,well sure you know i can probably sell,to everyone in the u.s and probably,canada but i don't know if i want to go,all countries and territories because,shipping costs can be really expensive,if i have to ship something over to,australia or i'm shipping to south,africa somewhere,then it might end up costing me a lot of,money and it might not be worth it or,maybe i just don't want to target those,customers because in certain areas maybe,it might not be as affordable to other,people right and and so you want to,think about that when you are targeting,ads and when you're thinking about where,you're going to be running ads uh for me,for let's say our marketing agency um i,don't want to be targeting everybody in,the united states for my marketing,agency because we're primarily based in,the northeast um and so instead of just,saying that i want to target the united,states i'm going to go ahead and click,on enter another location and for this,i'm going to say i want to target,let's say that,i want to target new york,right and i can decide between new york,state new york city it shows you the,potential amount of people in that area,and in that region let's say that i want,to target all of new york state so i'm,going to click on target,and let's say that i want to add to it,as well and maybe i want to target,people in connecticut for my marketing,agency so there's another 4.6 million,people i can get from that so i'm going,to click on target we can also exclude,if we don't want anybody so let's say i,want to target people from connecticut,but for some reason,let's say that i don't want to target,people,in,uh let's say new jersey right because,maybe there's something important there,where i can't do business in new jersey,i'm just making this up here of course i,can do business in new jersey but let's,say that i want to exclude new jersey so,i can go ahead exclude that because,maybe it's really important that you,don't get involved with that for some,reason i know people who uh maybe are,tow truck drivers and they can only do,business in one state they don't have a,license in another state so they can't,do it right so there's a lot of reasons,why you might want to exclude or include,certain areas,but you're going to know that as you get,more specific the price goes up right so,if you target only men or only women or,if you're targeting people who are only,over the age of 40 or only between ages,24 and 36 all of those specific things,they're going to end up driving up your,prices and how much it's costing you for,your ads so just please be aware of that,so let's go ahead,and let's continue on to languages,obviously this is pretty important i,mean you don't want to be,targeting languages that maybe,there's a big language barrier but for,this let's say we're just going to stick,with english i mean if we wanted to open,up the market even more we could,probably include spanish we could,probably include some other languages,that are highly common,in that area that we're targeting,another cool thing though that i've,noticed is that sometimes certain,languages are under targeted and,underserved,and so you can end up actually getting,some highly converting ads with low,competition if say that you are running,an ad in new york uh for a language,that's not very common and you know you,might not have a lot of competition for,that um so just an interesting thought,there uh so let's go ahead,let's continue on down to budget we also,have audience segments right here this,is you don't really need to worry about,this right now so let's go ahead and,let's look at our budget now when we,talk about budget for running google ads,you want to think about a couple of,things one of them is that,you don't have to have the most,beautiful perfect best converting ad,on the first day okay you have to,understand that with marketing with,google ads it's going to take time and,any great marketer knows this that,you're not going to have the best ad on,day one it takes time and what you have,to do is you do something called split,testing or a b testing and over time you,test different ads right so maybe you,try three different ads today and you,try them you see which one works best,then you start to tweak it and you run a,variation of that against the original,one and then you do that again and again,and again until maybe every time you're,tweaking ads you're changing ads they're,getting 10 percent better to the point,where eventually after months you end up,having the perfect ad or at least maybe,after weeks you end up having the,perfect ad,so this is what every marketer does,every good marketer will do this they'll,tweak and they will do these a b tests,so how does this uh pertain to budgeting,well you don't want to blow all of your,money right away okay so i suggest,starting with a pretty small amount of,money uh look at your overall budget and,say uh if you have a ten thousand dollar,budget for running ads then i would,suggest for the first week maybe,starting really small with like a couple,hundred dollars um and maybe your your,budget's smaller maybe you only have 500,to run on ads then start with you know,20 30,but this is going to be your daily,budget so let's say for my daily budget,from my marketing agency i'm willing to,spend forty dollars per day this would,run to about twelve hundred dollars per,month um and so you know this could be a,little bit expensive for some people but,we're assuming that we're going to be,able to get quite a few clients and that,will end up paying for uh this cost of,40 per day all right and then we also,want to look at how we're doing bidding,with ads right so what do we want to,focus on when we are running ads on,google do we want to focus on clicks so,we want to just get the most clicks as,possible uh for our website to get them,there we can also go for other things,like conversions conversion value,impressions let's stick with clicks for,now that's typically what most people,are going to go for you can also set a,maximum cost per click bid limit um and,so you need to understand and this is,not really for this video because this,is more like general marketing you need,to understand how much you're willing to,pay per new customer um and so if you,have a marketing agency and you say for,every new marketing client i'm willing,to spend,a hundred dollars 100 to get that new,client because that client's worth a,thousand dollars to me or whatever it,might be right or you're selling organic,protein and you say for every new,customer i'm willing to spend ten,dollars to get that customer i don't,know what your numbers are going to be,but make sure you figure those out,before you start running ads so that you,know if it's worth it or not for you to,continue to run ads so we can set a,maximum cost per click bid limit you,know you don't want to set this too low,because you might not end up getting any,clicks um but for me you know for my,marketing company i don't want to be,spending more than say eight dollars per,click which is really high probably,won't even get to there,but it's just to make sure that i don't,end up losing all of my money uh very,quickly and this is also why we,recommend having a low budget for the,first week or so just in case something,goes wrong you end up spending all of,your money and not getting any,conversions,so we're going to set that for eight,dollars for now but i i think we'll be,able to get them a lot lower than that,all right so we're scrolling down here,and there's a couple more things we can,do ad extensions so for example call,extensions we can add a phone number to,our ad this could be really good,especially if you are a local business,like you're a plumber or a marketing,agency um or a doctor a lawyer right you,can just put your phone number right,there on your advertisement that can we,found that this is really helpful,conversions they say get up to 15 higher,click-through rate i found it to be a,lot better than that and sometimes,people don't even click on your ad they,just call,they see your number they call,and you don't even actually have to pay,google for that so a little hack there,uh for you so let's go ahead and let's,click on save and continue you can add,in your phone number you can add these,other things you can explore them or you,can circle back to them later so let's,click on save and continue,and we're still on step number one of,four but we're moving on to step number,two here which is setting up your ad,groups so this is the fun part uh to,some people maybe it's not fun but to me,it's pretty fun this is where we are,finding our keywords we're deciding what,words do we want to target when people,search on google for marketing agency uh,what what's going to show up right and,are we going to show up for marketing,agency do we want to show up only when,people say marketing agency new york do,we want to show up when people say uh i,need help with marketing right so we can,decide uh when we're popping up in,google search based off of what people,are searching for so this is our ad,group number one we can set up multiple,ad groups,what google has done here in this case,is they already filled these out for us,we're gonna go ahead delete these this,is because they looked at our website, and they just said oh,this is probably what they are looking,to run ads on,and what keywords are targeting i'm,going to delete those and we're going to,start to fill these out on our own,so here's really important right here,down here you'll see these three,different options for how we type in our,words right so we have just our generic,keyword which is a broad match so for,example,if i do say,marketing,agency new york right,so now if if if somebody searches,anything remotely related to marketing,agency new york my ad might show up when,somebody searches this in google it's a,very broad keyword match and so they,could type in different variations and,my ad might still show up they could,type in something like maybe,ad agency new york or maybe they type in,marketing agency manhattan and my ad,might still pop up because it is a broad,match to this keyword now here's where,it gets interesting if we use quotation,marks and we say the same thing right,marketing agency,new york,what's cool about this now that we put,it in quotations this tells google ads,that we only want our ad popping up if,we have this phrase match okay so it has,to be a phrase match rather than just,like a broad overall similarity thing,right so for a phrase match somebody has,to type in either marketing agency new,york or maybe they type in new york,marketing agency uh or maybe they type,in um agency marketing new york right,but they're still using those words that,are within those quotations so it's we,have the potential to show up with our,ad uh when somebody types that in so,it's a little bit more specific it helps,us avoid those really broad ones um i,tend to like to get more specific now,there's one more that we have here and,this is using brackets okay so go ahead,look down here with brackets it's the,exact match so this would be right,marketing agency,new york,with brackets around it,what's best about this and the reason,why i like going and using brackets for,almost every time that i use google,search ads is somebody has to type this,in exactly how it appears right here,they have to type in marketing agency,new york and only then will my ad,display only then will my ad have the,potential to show up this helps me,because it ends up,saving me money because i have more,predictability because if you go for a,broad overall match and you don't put,brackets around these ads you might end,up having somebody searching for,something uh totally different than what,you're actually targeting you know,instead of,you know let's say for example somebody,could type in how to start a marketing,agency in new york and your ad could,show up you don't want that because,suddenly you end up having competition,right but your ad might still show up if,it's a very broad uh term and you don't,have any quotations or you don't have,any brackets around it so that's why i,like using brackets you can target more,specific people so let's go ahead let's,fill some of these out here there's a,number of ways to find new keywords,for,running ads there's something called,keywords dot io i know neil patel has,something i think uber suggests that he,has and it's really helpful for finding,keywords you can also just go ahead and,do a google search for uh keyword finder,right best keywords for running ads you,can just search that on google and you,can find a couple of different tools,google also has one i'm going to show,you how to use that and find new,keywords in just a minute here but let's,go ahead and let's find a couple more,terms,that we can use here right so instead of,marketing agency maybe we want to do ad,agency right,add agency nyc right and we can just,start to put in a bunch of these i would,suggest starting kind of um as broad as,possible if if you're using these,brackets you know you want to make sure,that you're getting enough search terms,like let's say that there's only 10,searches per day for ad agency in new,york city right that's not going to be,very good for you because you're not,going to get too many uh searches,overall from that so we have to fill out,a couple more right,so marketing,nyc,and let's say maybe we want to target a,couple more like,marketing,agency,brooklyn,and uh maybe let's put some brackets,around this or let's put some quotation,marks around this one right and so we,can go ahead and just start testing some,of these words out they don't have to be,the best ones of all time like right on,the spot it's okay if you just fill some,in now go back and change them tweak,them and find better keywords that you,can target all right so we filled in a,bunch of terms here and let's go ahead,we can create a new ad group if you want,you want to start testing things right,away we're gonna stick with one ad group,for now though today we're gonna go,click on save and continue,all right so now we are on step number,three of four here we're actually,creating our first advertisement with,google,and like we said earlier this doesn't,have to be the best ad of all time right,off the bat um so you can just start by,filling in some things that you think,might work,and i would suggest doing a couple of,different variations of these so maybe,make at least two or three and then run,some tests on them and see which ones,perform best and get the best,conversions so what google has done is,they already actually filled some of,these in for us so we're going to delete,these because they just looked at our,domain and they said oh this is what we,think that they want for ads we we don't,though so i'm going to go ahead and,delete all of these okay so now let's,start filling in the headline so the,first headline,let's say that we want it to,just say something really basic like,maybe marketing,agency,nyc,and maybe on the second headline we want,something like um,100 percent guarantee right,one 100 percent,guarantee,so as we go through and we fill out the,headline and then the description,you have to remember that sometimes you,don't always have to reinvent the wheel,when trying to run ads so if you're,running out of ideas of what words we,can put in a headline you can certainly,go and look for inspiration from other,ads and other companies now don't go and,copy people please don't do that and,don't misconstrue the words that i'm,saying here but when i say this what i,mean is you can go ahead and let's say,that you have a marketing agency in new,york city right well it doesn't hurt to,go and google maybe marketing agency,london marketing,agency toronto and see what ads are,appearing there you get some interesting,ideas you know maybe some different,words or phrases that you didn't think,to use before that you could potentially,use mix and match a little bit but,definitely don't don't copy that's,that's not very right to do so if you,want to do that you can go and borrow,different ideas a little bit,for some inspiration so let's just fill,a couple more of these out here let's,say that maybe for another headline we,want to do something like,increase leads,and maybe for another line maybe we want,to say,voted,number one,agency or ad agency,in manhattan,right make sure you don't make this up i,mean somebody has to vote you number one,right this one goes over our 30,character limits so can't use that so,we're gonna have to actually just uh,type in maybe,nyc,not nyu nyc uh and you know we can just,stick with four headlines for now uh,let's go ahead and let's go and add some,of our descriptions here so maybe we,want to throw in some words like,strategic,ad agency,focused on,on,driving,growth,maybe in another description we can add,in some other different words as well go,ahead spend some time thinking about,this i'm i'm doing this off the cuff,right here so uh you know i don't have,tons of different ideas i can just throw,out there right now but let's say that,we want to do,something like,maybe you know,double,sales,whatever right so we can add a couple,other things if we want but i'm just,kind of skimming over this now to end up,saving you a little bit of time so once,you figure that out you can go ahead and,click on save and continue,and now we want to confirm our payment,info,and once we do this we're actually going,to end up in our google as account,whereas where it will get pretty,interesting and then i'm going to show,you a couple more important features,once we are actually inside of our ad,account so let's go ahead let's fill out,our payment info um and then we can,continue on with this,all right so we just submitted our,payment info uh now our account is,activated let's click on continue,and now we are going to explore our,campaign it says that they're going to,review our campaign usually takes about,an hour so you might have to sit around,a little bit go for a walk whatever it,might be and then once it's approved we,can edit our campaign and check on its,progress so let's go ahead let's explore,on our campaign this is our google ads,dashboard this is what's going to pop up,every time we come back into google ads,you can see our clicks our impressions,our average cost per click and then our,cost overall that it has run for us,here's our campaigns we can view them we,can make more campaigns if we would like,to here's our keywords we can add more,keywords right here in this dashboard,they just modified this whole new google,ads dashboard it's brand new,you know we made a tutorial about this,last year and it looked totally,different,so it should probably stick like this,for a while so here's our different,keywords we have negative keywords as,well so this is something really cool,that if you want to,say that you don't want anything popping,up in certain things we can put in,negative keywords right so maybe i never,want my ad to show up for something like,um you know worst ad agency right like,where's ad,agency,nyc right things like that i can go,ahead and i can add this to my campaign,right so we got to select a campaign,this campaign let's add it to it let's,click on save,so now,i can block this word uh basically i,won't show up for this word and you can,go and fill this out if you feel like,you need to avoid certain things like,this so let's go back and click on our,campaigns or go back and click on google,ads the logo up here to take us back to,our dashboard,what i would suggest doing at this point,you've gotten this far you can run your,ads through this dashboard what i would,suggest doing is go ahead and create a,couple of different ads and then try and,test those there's a lot of tweaking,there's a lot of testing that's going to,be involved,it's not something that i can show you,specifically in this video here right,now because it's it's something that's,going to take weeks maybe we can do an,update on this and i'll show you how,these ads are performing in a couple of,weeks if you would like to see that let,me know down in the comment section we,can do like a more in-depth one,but this should really get you started,here this should get you started with,running your ads i really hope you found,some value in this one other thing i,want to show you though before we end,this really important is you go up to,tools and settings up here you see it in,the upper right corner we click on tools,and settings,and then we're going to have something,called the keyword planner and so the,keyword planner let's click on it,this is going to help us find new,keywords and it shows us,basically how much people are are paying,or what the average cost for targeting,specific keywords might be so let's say,that i want to discover new keywords i,can also get search volume and forecasts,really cool right i want to know how,many people are searching for marketing,agency new york i can get that,information from google because they,want you to run more ads they want to,give you information like that so let's,say that i want to find new keywords,though i can click on discover new,keywords and let's say,marketing agency,new york right,and this is the one that i want to,search for to find new keywords let's,click on get results,and now it's going to show us different,variations things that maybe we didn't,think about keywords that we can end up,targeting,in our ads in the future so this one,here looks pretty popular digital,marketing we can scroll this over,digital marketing agency new york,marketing agencies new york city digital,marketing agency new york city right and,then what's really important is we look,at the average bids how much are people,paying for,these advertisements and so we can see,the low range and the high range for how,much people are bidding to get people to,click on their ads and you can see that,it's pretty expensive i mean this is new,york city it's probably gonna be cheaper,in your area and if you know depending,on the business that you're running if,you're running ads for your your jewelry,company or for your plumbing business,these rates are gonna be totally,different based off of that um but you,know for example digital marketing,agency nyc gets between 1 000 and 10 000,searches per month has low competition,according to google,and the uh expenses for us it's going to,be anywhere between six dollars and,19.43,per click per person who's clicking on,that so that's really not too bad it's,nice to have this information and we can,add these right here,by using the keyword plan and we can add,them into our,new ad group right we can make a new ad,group or we can add them into an,existing ad group that we might already,have so this is why i love the keyword,planner i would suggest going around,looking around through this a little bit,more you can download these as well you,can look for,you know different time frames when,people are searching for these once you,do that you know that's just another,great feature that you can have in there,so hopefully this video was of some,value to you let me know your questions,down below you can always dm me on,instagram as well i'll try to get back,to you i really do do my best to get,back to you we've been getting flooded,with messages lately though um so thanks,for watching uh and i'll see everybody,at some point in the future we have lots,more ad videos coming out for facebook,instagram ads youtube ads a lot of,videos like that so make sure you,subscribe to the channel drop a like on,the video if you have known so already,and i wish everyone the best of luck

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