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Facebook Ads Not Converting? Here's How to Fix itif you're trying to generate leads with,facebook ad

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Ads Not Converting? Here's How to Fix it

if you're trying to generate leads with,facebook ads whether it's sending people,to a free opt-in like a cheat sheet or a,checklist maybe it's to a webinar or,even a quiz if you're trying to get,people to sign up to an email list from,facebook ads and you're getting lots of,clicks but not many conversions then,this video is going to help you fix that,i'm going to walk you through the five,main reasons why clicks don't turn into,conversions or leads and what you can do,to fix it we'll start with the most,common problems and then we'll work,through to the ones that are less common,but still just as capable of completely,derailing a conversions campaign so not,only will this video be helpful to you,right now but it's also a great,checklist to work through every time you,start a new conversions campaign or a,campaign where you want to generate,leads and for that reason i've created a,downloadable version for you which you,can grab in the description below so,make sure you go grab that after you,watch the video now let's talk about the,first reason why clicks might not be,turning into conversions and that's,because you might have chosen the wrong,campaign objective the campaign,objective that we choose actually tells,facebook what we want to get from our,advertising campaign so if you were to,for example choose a website traffic,campaign then facebook is going to send,you website traffic it is not,necessarily going to send you,conversions so by choosing the traffic,objective you tell facebook hey i want,people to click my ad and visit my,website facebook will then go and show,your ad to people that it knows are,likely to click it will not show your ad,to people who are necessarily likely to,convert so by choosing the traffic,objective what ends up happening is you,get exactly what you've told facebook,you want you get traffic,you don't get what you really want in,this case which is conversions or leads,so the way to solve this is simply by,choosing the conversions objective when,you set up your campaign as soon as you,do this if you're running traffic,campaigns you are going to notice a big,jump in the number of conversions that,you are getting from your ads simply,because facebook now knows that you,actually want conversions and that is,what it's going to get for you now that,said one thing you're going to notice is,your cost per click will increase but,your cost per conversion which is the,most important metric in this case is,going to go down significantly and that,is what you want now in order to use a,conversions campaign you're going to,need to track those conversions and for,that you need to make sure that,conversion tracking is set up properly,and if you're not sending all of that,conversion information back to facebook,then it's not going to be optimizing,your campaigns as well as it otherwise,could so this is really important and,there are actually four things you need,to get right if you want your conversion,tracking to be as good as it can,possibly be the first thing is probably,the one you've heard of and it's the,facebook pixel you need to make sure you,have the pixel set up on every single,page across your website and every page,you're running ads to and you need to,make sure that you have conversion,tracking set up on the pixel as well i,prefer to use standard events to do this,now everything i'm going through in this,video so from mentioning the pixel just,now to all of the other things i'm going,to mention as we go through some of them,are bigger topics like setting,conversion tracking up and the pixel and,everything else now i'll include links,in the description to other videos that,go in depth into each of these topics,because otherwise this would end up,being an hour long video unnecessarily,so if you need to go into any of these,topics in depth simply go down to the,description find the video you need and,away you go okay so the next thing after,the pixel and your conversion tracking,is the conversions api now the,conversions api is actually another way,to send your conversion events back to,facebook so the pixel is one way to send,that back but there are some problems,with that including things like ad,blockers being used in browsers and some,cookie tracking being blocked by,particular browsers and settings as well,so if that pixel gets blocked then the,pixel is ineffective the conversions api,helps you still send those conversion,events back to facebook because it does,it via a server instead of via the,facebook pixel and facebook actually,recommend always using the conversions,api alongside the pixel now i recommend,it as well so make sure as part number,two of conversion tracking you set up,the conversions api step number three,for your conversion tracking is to make,sure you have aggregated event,measurement set up or aem basically what,that means is for the domain where your,conversions are happening you need to go,in and prioritize all of your conversion,events on that domain so go into aem,make sure you've got that all set up and,you've got your conversions prioritized,from highest all the way down to lowest,and then on top of that when you set up,your ads make sure you go down to the,bottom inside the ad setup and you've,chosen the domain where you expect your,conversions to occur if you don't do,this again it's not going to track your,conversions properly so make sure,whenever you set up an ad you scroll to,the bottom you check that the domain is,where the conversions are actually,occurring and then the final piece of,this conversion tracking puzzle which i,know is a mess now with ios 14.5 and the,privacy changes but the last bit is to,make sure you use offline events so,offline events again it's another way of,sending conversion events back to,facebook so there are a few ways to set,up offline events my preferred way is,through zapier or zapier i never know,how to say that but setting that up,gives you another way to push that,conversion data back to facebook so,moving on to number three which is a,lack of congruence between your ad and,your landing page basically what it,means is your ad and your landing page,don't actually match and that could be,either the copy so what you're saying in,the ad doesn't match what it says on the,landing page it could be the look and,feel or the design of the adverse the,landing page so if the ad has a,particular look and a feel let's say it,uses a particular color palette,particular fonts and particular design,style but then the landing page is,totally different then that's not,congruent either and what happens in,that situation is obviously the user,sees the ad they click and then they,feel like they're in the wrong place,because now all of a sudden the whole,look and feel in the aesthetic is,completely different and you don't want,that because what happens then is people,simply close that browser window and,they move on to the next thing the same,happens as i said with the ad copy if,they read an ad and it promises them,something in particular and then they,get to the landing page and what's there,doesn't match what was in the ad then of,course what are they going to do they're,going to close that window move on keep,scrolling through facebook you need to,make sure that what you're promising and,what you're saying you're going to give,them or deliver matches what the landing,page says they're going to get as well i,know it seems pretty obvious but you,would be surprised how often i see ads,and landing pages that just don't gel in,terms of what they're saying in one,place versus the other and the other,piece of this is that the contents or,the expectations set by the ad needs to,then be delivered upon on the landing,page so here's a quick example let's say,you have an ad and the ad says click the,link and watch the video for free well,when the user reads that the expectation,is that they'll click the ad and they'll,be able to watch the video whatever,video that is immediately but if they,get to the landing page and find out,that it's a webinar registration page,and it actually asks them to enter their,name and email and click sign up before,they're able to watch the video,well that's a mismatch in expectation,they thought they were going to click,the ad and watch a video but instead,they have to click the ad sign up and,then watch the video and that mismatch,is going to result in most people simply,closing that window and leaving you need,to make sure that you say in the ad if,it's a webinar sign up click here and,sign up now or if it's a quiz click here,to take the quiz for example so that the,expectation matches what's on the,landing page speaking of landing pages,the fourth reason for getting lots of,clicks but not many conversions is poor,landing page design and that could be,many different factors and depending on,all those different factors well that,kind of determines how big of an impact,the poor design has on your overall,conversion rate specifically a few,things to really check for number one,you need to make sure that the,copywriting on your landing page is,really good you want short sharp,effective copy on that landing page it,has to read really well it has to get,directly to what it is the user is going,to get and it has to have a clear call,to action explaining what they need to,do in order to get that thing if you,can't do a good job of explaining to the,user what the benefit is to them of,opting into this thing and what they,need to do in order to get the thing,then it's going to be hard to convert,people the next thing you need to check,with your landing page is that it's,visually compelling it's not 1993,anymore people have certain expectations,on the internet if it looks terrible,then people again they're not going to,convert so you need to make sure it's,visually appealing a couple of quick,questions to ask yourself in order to,determine what is visually appealing,because i know this is subjective but,one question to ask is does the design,of this page make it easy for the user,to read and digest the information,that's on there because a pretty design,is one thing but a functional design is,a whole other kettle of fish and it's,actually more important you want a,design that looks good but more,importantly actually allows for easy,readability and easy usability of the,page,and then secondly is your call to action,clear and easy to see you'd be surprised,how often i see pages where the call to,action button itself is buried away it's,hard to see it's difficult to know where,to actually click so make sure that is,clear and easy as well another thing you,should really make sure on these landing,pages is your call to action is above,the fold meaning people don't have to,scroll down to find the button to click,to opt into your email list you do not,want that buried halfway down your big,long landing page you want it right at,the top so people can read the headline,they read the sub headline the copy is,so good that those two things convince,them to then click the button that's,directly below them and opt in make it,easy and the next thing i'll say about,your landing page is you really need to,make sure that page speed is good so,what i like to do is go to,run the url through that tool and it,will give me an analysis of how good my,page speed is but even more importantly,it will tell me what i need to improve,on so will tell me what needs fixing and,how to fix that but look at a minimum,the best thing you can do is one resize,all of your images down to the minimum,size that you actually need so if you've,got images on your page that are 2000,pixels by 2000 pixels then the browser,is going to load those big images and,then shrink them down to whatever size,it is displaying them as you need to,reduce the actual size of the images to,the size that they're displayed at which,is going to be much much smaller in most,cases and then upload them that way,because that's going to make the image,size much smaller then you need to,compress the images so i like to go to a,tool called tinypng upload the images it,will compress them for you and then take,that and upload it to your site just by,doing those two things you're going to,make your site a lot smaller in terms of,size and that's going to make it load,faster the third thing you can do to,speed up your site is just remove,unnecessary content if you've got,unnecessary stuff and it's a big long,landing page remove it and if you're on,wordpress make sure you're using a,caching plugin or caching however you,decide to say it and a cdn as well,because that's going to dramatically,improve your page now just on the,wordpress topic of conversation there my,preferred option is actually to use a,dedicated page builder i prefer unbounce,because it's just really quick and easy,to use and the pages load super fast,wordpress because it's such a big,platform there's a lot of overhead there,their pages tend to load slower than,something like unbounce because it's,dedicated and it's clean and that's,their number one thing they're focused,on is good fast landing pages and i'll,link to them below in the description if,you want to check out unbounce2 and then,on the topic of landing pages this one,kind of surprises me that i still see it,but it does come up surprisingly often,and that is landing pages that aren't,optimized for mobile devices so because,you're advertising on facebook and or,instagram most of the users there are,accessing the platform via mobile the,vast majority in fact so if you're,running ads on facebook or instagram,most of the traffic is going to be,coming from mobile devices and what that,means is from a landing page perspective,you should be designing your landing,page for mobile first,but most people still design for desktop,and they make sure their landing page,looks really pretty on a desktop and,then the mobile side of things is kind,of secondary and they don't really pay,much attention to it it should be the,opposite and so the way to cater for,mobile first is one make sure that at a,minimum when somebody loads your page on,a mobile device they can see the,headline and the sub headline right,there very clearly they're not wrapped,awkwardly or they're not cut off and,then they've got the call to action,button right there above the fold that,is really really important another thing,that you really should check is that,when people click that button and the,pop-up appears to enter their name and,email that that pop-up actually looks,great on the mobile device it's not cut,off it's not running over the edge they,don't have to scroll across to read it,all,that is surprisingly common and you need,to make sure that that works correctly,and i just went over this so i won't,dive into it in detail again but of,course being on a mobile device people,could be out and about not on wifi so,those fast loading pages are really,important here as well now i know i've,been talking about landing pages a lot,because they are a massive component of,this and if you want to learn more about,how to put together a great landing page,including the copy and everything i've,got a video right here you can check out,that will show you how to put together a,really good high converting landing page,so make sure you check that one out next,thanks for watching i'll see you next,time bye

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How To Convert Facebook Ad Leads Into Customers

How To Convert Facebook Ad Leads Into Customers

you have a ton of leads from your recent,lead generation campaign congratulations,but now what do you do if you want to,learn how to convert those leads into,customers keep watching,hi i'm morgan digital marketing,professional at life marketing i've run,a lot of lead generation campaigns in my,time online and i've learned quite a bit,from collecting and trying to convert,those leads into customers i want to,share my tips with you so that you can,skip the line and start seeing better,returns more quickly and affordably,today i've got a bunch of tips for,converting those leads into customers,plus other things you can do with the,leads you generate on facebook like,retargeting campaigns and group invites,so let's get started let's look a little,bit about lead generation campaigns on,facebook the lead generation campaign,helps to build interest in a product,service or experience that your company,offers it also collects contact,information for interested parties that,you can use to reach out to them later,late generation campaigns cost a bit,more than other objectives on facebook,they're usually worth it because a lead,is a more valuable interaction than a,click or review here's a look at a cost,per click per objective for facebook,provided you've got good targeting and a,clear objective lead generation can be a,successful part of your advertising,strategy on facebook let's look at how,to use those but first why should you,run the ads on facebook there are a few,reasons actually the first is that,completion rate is higher since users,don't have to leave facebook to fill out,that form the second is that you can,sync your crm so that new lead,information is automatically updated and,gets to the teams who need it the third,reason is they're easy to set up and to,customize they show on facebook and on,instagram which means you can reach,billions of people so let's look at how,to use the leads for conversions let's,go over some of the best strategies,ideas and examples for converting those,leads to customers or clients just like,with anything related to digital,marketing these aren't guaranteed to,work you can optimize your ads all you,want if your lead nurturing and sales,processes aren't good or your product or,service isn't honed the best ads in the,world can't help you make sure you have,a good business idea great execution and,smooth processes then you can spend,money on advertising so what do you do,with those leads my first idea is to,engage leads with retargeting ads if you,have leads that haven't engaged with you,since i entered their information or who,you haven't heard from in a while use,retargeting to remind them about you and,re-engage them you can re-target lapsed,leads with anything but it should be,interesting and relevant to them things,that work really well are direct,invitations to buy you can speak,directly to their pain points relatively,easily you could also offer them,discount codes special offers exclusive,access or content make sure that you,exclude anyone who has made a purchase,that way you don't bombard them and,annoy them let me show you how to do,that really quickly first you'll go to,your ads manager and navigate to,audiences click to create your audience,next select custom audiences now select,website traffic as your source you're,going to choose people who visited,specific pages and enter the url that,folks see after they complete a purchase,this usually includes a thank you,portion of the slug you'll skip any,identification portions name this,audience and save it now you can add,this to your exclude list so that your,ads are only showing to people who,haven't made a purchase yet now i'm,going to talk about what to do with warm,leads next but first here's a message,from one of our co-founders hey we just,helped a small business make over 1.5,million dollars through facebook,advertising and after managing millions,of dollars in ad spend for thousands of,different small businesses we have,decided to give away everything we,learned to you in a special program if,you want to learn the blueprint to,success the best practices from some of,the fastest growing companies in the,world and all the different tools you,will need then sign up for our social,ads training program today,when you have warm leads you want to get,a yes early on when looking for leads,you want to convert cold leads to warm,leads of course and when you do have a,warm lead you want to nurture that lead,so that it doesn't go cold again and,wander away from you a lot of businesses,understand this but i see them waiting,way too long to put it into practice you,may be familiar with the old sales idea,that getting folks to agree to a small,yes like giving you their email address,helps make it easier and more likely,that they'll say yes to a bigger ask,like buying a product or becoming a,client the problem is leads get cold,quickly so if you follow a lot of the,advice online you won't reach back out,to that contact to offer them something,else for at least a couple of days and,that may be too long instead i recommend,you start asking for that next yes right,away here's what i mean if they download,a pdf use the last page or spots,throughout to upsell your course package,service product etc they're already,reading and interested so why wait or if,they gave you their email address send,them an email immediately introduce,yourself talk about what they gave you,their email for and then upsell or,direct them to another product or,service that would be useful to them you,could also add leads to a retargeting,audience and show them ads aimed at,converting them to buyers these can be,dynamic ads featuring your product,catalog or ads that you create for a,specific goal or purpose if they've,joined a free webinar use that time to,mention other items that they may find,beneficial and don't forget to use thank,you pages on your website to direct,customers to more great products or,resources on your page the ideas are,really endless so you could keep going,with this by the way have you subscribed,to our channel that's the best way to,stay up to date with the latest in small,business marketing be sure to do that,now the next thing you can do is invite,leads to your facebook group while,they're interested and ready to click,get them over to your facebook group,your group should be built out and,active with a wealth of information,you've probably experienced being really,excited about a topic a page or a person,that you've come across only to feel,deflated when there wasn't more than a,couple pages worth of deeper digging,that you can do you want your audience,to be able to lose themselves in this,group if they want now don't stress out,if you're just starting a group or you,don't have one yet you don't need to,wait until you have a ton of content to,run ads and you shouldn't rush to put,out a bunch of mediocre content just,because just focus on publishing quality,content regularly and focus on helping,your audience i did a whole video on,using facebook groups to grow your small,business you can watch that to get a,good idea of what you should do in those,groups to keep people engaged and,willing to convert next you can convert,those leads with video those retargeting,ads that i mentioned earlier you should,absolutely be utilizing video when,you're reaching out to your audiences,the internet is moving to video from 15,seconds to hours long pre-recorded and,live so users have very little patience,for non-video content engage your leads,with a video that can give them more,information and invite them to purchase,attend sign up or whatever your next,call to action is if you want to learn,more about facebook video ads watch this,video here real quickly let's look at,what else you can do with your leads now,those are my favorite strategies to use,but they're not the only way to use and,nurture leads here are a few more ideas,you can invite captured leads to a live,event either virtual or in person you,can invite leads to message you with,your messenger ads you can also find,leads that you've gathered on facebook,on instagram and encourage them to,follow you there if you're on lead ads,you need to know how to convert and,engage them after they've shown that,initial interest what's your favorite,method i'd love to hear what's worked,for you so other small businesses and,digital marketers can give it a try if,you found this video helpful please give,it a thumbs up and share it with someone,who would like it don't forget to,subscribe to our channel and ring the,notification bell so that you don't miss,out on any of our new videos thanks so,much for taking the time to learn with,me i'll see you later

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