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How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Supporthi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Support

hi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy,so right now would like to teach you how,to contact facebook,customer support usually why we want to,contact the customer support is because,our business manager our ads manager,restrict,disable all right or some error,so please go back to your facebook,write this and looking for the help,center,is right here on the top right choose,help and support,next go to help center,so in a help center you scroll down,looking for this,visit business help center,next scroll down please look for this,one still need help,find answers or contact support all,right for this actually,it's allow you to send an email or you,can contact to the,facebook customer support through the,messenger and some people actually you,can't access to this,usually it's because you don't have uh,the business center resources for,example,uh you not frequently use the uh,facebook ads manager or business manager,and,it doesn't do the verifications and so,on so it will be restrict you to use,these functions,okay uh my solutions and my suggestion,is to solve it,um you have to wait for a time all right,then the second thing is ask your other,editor or the advertiser to contact the,customer support,that's my advice all right so for those,if you're able to get,this so click get start,okay good this facebook business support,right here you have to choose,need help with advertising contact,advertising support,you can choose your page,oh sorry this one is the ad account all,right choose the ads account because i'm,facing the advertising issue,and choose the,so it's the advertising issue so it's,one of the,most related to your issue so right here,you have to read,and choose the right one for my case,actually is,my ads account,my ads campaign rejected,so look more,okay restrictions is right already,okay go through run good contact support,right it's asking the email okay,uh the phone number phone number,okay uh okay i will fill up this one,i pause a while for the recording,because i need to fill in the,informations,uh but before that actually right here,uh you have to key in,certain informations to brief them what,is the issue,so my page restrict,and i try to,i mean this is just a sample you have to,drop the message,according to your problems all right is,customized,so i need to show the problems,okay it's required number so i have to,put one of the phone number,i have to find it,start check,all right so it will bring you to the,messenger so,continue with your account all right,here's some tips to share with you how,to chat,with them usually they will ask you,again for the questions please,be specific and please brief them the,detail,okay and you have to wait for them to,join in,you have to read the message right here,so it will be show you who is the person,who joined and serve you,and remember some tips right here first,be specific,and brief them details so they can,understand your problems,second thing you can send attachments,okay show them the problems,all right and the third thing they will,request your,account id all right or your business,page id,or the business page url which is the,web address,press copy and send them all right or,the id you can,click your ads manager and you will get,access right here okay to get,id okay and,number four okay please uh uh they are,the one who,going to help you appeal so please,politely to,uh checking with them ask their help and,then uh preach them,all right uh reduce don't eagle to reply,this,this facebook page business support okay,you have to be humble,okay number so they can access you okay,and number five is the last thing they,will give you a reference number,receive the reference number so in the,future you need to follow back,so how you follow up actually you will,receive email okay first actually is the,email,okay from the facebook business support,and the second thing,you can repeat the process okay to,reach them so they will access you again,alright so that's all for the tutorial,wish you good luck,and all the best for your business,remember subscribe my,youtube channel and follow my page,goodbye,you

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How To Contact Facebook Support | UPDATED 2022

How To Contact Facebook Support | UPDATED 2022

so here you can see a conversation that,i was having with a facebook customer,support agent and yes it is still,possible to talk to someone at facebook,so basically i'm going to show you in,this video how you can reach the,multiple ways that you can talk with,someone on facebook what is up you guys,this is lester diaz welcome back to,another video every single year i have,to remake this video because as you guys,know facebook changes things every few,months it's really annoying and so i,decided that i needed to make an updated,version of this video on how to contact,facebook support and yes as you saw in,the beginning of the video it is still,possible to contact facebook support and,the most recent change is that facebook,changed your name from facebook to meta,and now some of the things that were,available before are not available,anymore so i'm going to show you exactly,where you can find the links to contact,facebook support whether you're having,issues in regards to facebook,advertising or your facebook page or,you're having issues with your facebook,personal profile now before we get into,the video make sure you hit the like,button below is really going to help me,out with this video also consider,subscribing i post videos about making,money online making money with social,media online businesses and much much,more so with that said let's not waste,any more time let's jump right into it,alright guys so the first way to contact,facebook is in regards to facebook ads,so if you're having issues,running facebook ads you need some help,setting up ads or payment information or,anything you might need in regards to,advertising on facebook this is one way,to reach out to facebook right now that,is working really well and this is the,first way to contact facebook directly,and talk to someone so you can go to,,ads manager if you're advertising on,facebook already then you should have a,facebook ads manager account like i said,this works if you're having issues with,facebook ad campaigns you're trying to,advertise on facebook and you need some,help so you're gonna go to the left hand,side and as you can see right here where,it says help we click on that,and you can see there's gonna be a,button right here that says contact,support team we'll click on that now,it's gonna ask what is the issue you're,having so we can select from the list i,need to add a payment method my ad,account is disabled i need help with ad,account admin permissions so they give,you a bunch of things from which you can,choose from and actually talk to someone,that might be able to help you so once,you have selected an issue as you can,see,it's gonna ask you okay what type of,help do you need chat which is a four,minute wait time or email and email is,not actually available right now but i'm,able to actually chat with someone so,basically you can enter your phone,number and you can add the message you,want to include and once you do that,you'll be able to chat with someone on,facebook now the second way to contact,facebook support is through the facebook,business suite,in order to access your facebook,business suite you will need to go to, and set up a,facebook business manager which is the,same thing as a business suite from,there you can manage all your pages your,ads and basically everything you're,doing in regards to your facebook pages,you can manage from within the facebook,business suite now as you can see i have,here on the right hand side something,that says need help talk to us so i can,simply click on that it has,automatically selected my page and now i,can pick the issue as you can see again,i have a list of issues from which i can,choose to talk to a facebook rep and if,i can't find my issue i can always click,on other page issue and again as you can,see chat is available and the wait time,is about four minutes so once i have,entered my phone number and my message,as you can see i can simply click on,start chat and what's gonna happen is,it's going to take me to my facebook,messenger where i'll be able to chat,with someone and that's exactly what,i've been doing over the past few months,anytime that i have an issue with my,facebook ads manager or,my facebook business page i reach out to,facebook and see if they can help me all,right so the first two options that i,gave you will work like i said if you're,having issues with facebook advertising,or you need to contact facebook in,regards to an issue you're having with,your facebook pages but keep in mind,this is not going to work for everyone,keep this in mind guys this is only,available if you have a facebook,advertising account or you have access,to the facebook business suite which,anyone can create a facebook business,week because i've read a lot of comments,in my last videos that i made about,contacting facebook support because,there's really no phone number or email,you can use to contact facebook so,you're basically left with the options,or hitting facebook support via live,chat and if you're not able to do that,your next best options are to simply use,one of the forms that they have,available now let me quickly show you,how you can find a list of help topics,or forms that you can use to contact,facebook if you're having issues uh,getting access to your facebook profile,or you need to fix something within your,facebook account now in case that you're,not able to contact facebook support via,the two ways that i just showed you what,you can do is you can go on google and,you can type,,help and then at the end you can,basically type whatever issue you might,be having so as you can see i typed,suspended account and it gave me a bunch,of results in regards to accounts being,suspended or disabled and then from,there i can browse and see what issue or,if i find the form that i can submit now,if you wanted to change that you can,also do that you can say okay so hack,account browse to see if i can find a,solution to my problem or a form that i,can submit so you can use this trick to,go on google and find any form or,helpful topics that you can use to help,you solve your issue i really wish that,facebook made it a lot easier for people,to just uh contact them via email or a,phone number or something like that but,that's not actually the case so these,are your best options if you're looking,to contact facebook if you need help,with your facebook page facebook,advertising or your facebook profile,right now these are the only options,available and no guys i cannot contact,facebook on your behalf i can't do that,you wouldn't believe how many dms i get,on a weekly basis from people asking me,to reach out to facebook on their behalf,because they're having an issue with,their facebook profile or their facebook,account and i really can't do anything,about that and i get it guys it could be,frustrating i have a love and hate,relationship with facebook because,sometimes they make things really,difficult but at the same time facebook,makes me a lot of money and so you have,to learn how to deal with the issues and,try to solve the problems and by the way,if you want to learn how you can also,monetize facebook pages make money from,facebook i'm going to put in the,description below and in the comments,section links to different videos that,can teach you exactly how you can grow,and monetize facebook pages and make a,ton of money in the process with that,said i really hope that this video is,helpful if you found value in this video,make sure you hit the like button below,share this video with someone if they,need help with facebook and like i said,consider subscribing i post videos like,this every single week on my channel,thank you very much for watching and,i'll see you guys in my next video,you

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