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How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Supporthi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Support

hi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy,so right now would like to teach you how,to contact facebook,customer support usually why we want to,contact the customer support is because,our business manager our ads manager,restrict,disable all right or some error,so please go back to your facebook,write this and looking for the help,center,is right here on the top right choose,help and support,next go to help center,so in a help center you scroll down,looking for this,visit business help center,next scroll down please look for this,one still need help,find answers or contact support all,right for this actually,it's allow you to send an email or you,can contact to the,facebook customer support through the,messenger and some people actually you,can't access to this,usually it's because you don't have uh,the business center resources for,example,uh you not frequently use the uh,facebook ads manager or business manager,and,it doesn't do the verifications and so,on so it will be restrict you to use,these functions,okay uh my solutions and my suggestion,is to solve it,um you have to wait for a time all right,then the second thing is ask your other,editor or the advertiser to contact the,customer support,that's my advice all right so for those,if you're able to get,this so click get start,okay good this facebook business support,right here you have to choose,need help with advertising contact,advertising support,you can choose your page,oh sorry this one is the ad account all,right choose the ads account because i'm,facing the advertising issue,and choose the,so it's the advertising issue so it's,one of the,most related to your issue so right here,you have to read,and choose the right one for my case,actually is,my ads account,my ads campaign rejected,so look more,okay restrictions is right already,okay go through run good contact support,right it's asking the email okay,uh the phone number phone number,okay uh okay i will fill up this one,i pause a while for the recording,because i need to fill in the,informations,uh but before that actually right here,uh you have to key in,certain informations to brief them what,is the issue,so my page restrict,and i try to,i mean this is just a sample you have to,drop the message,according to your problems all right is,customized,so i need to show the problems,okay it's required number so i have to,put one of the phone number,i have to find it,start check,all right so it will bring you to the,messenger so,continue with your account all right,here's some tips to share with you how,to chat,with them usually they will ask you,again for the questions please,be specific and please brief them the,detail,okay and you have to wait for them to,join in,you have to read the message right here,so it will be show you who is the person,who joined and serve you,and remember some tips right here first,be specific,and brief them details so they can,understand your problems,second thing you can send attachments,okay show them the problems,all right and the third thing they will,request your,account id all right or your business,page id,or the business page url which is the,web address,press copy and send them all right or,the id you can,click your ads manager and you will get,access right here okay to get,id okay and,number four okay please uh uh they are,the one who,going to help you appeal so please,politely to,uh checking with them ask their help and,then uh preach them,all right uh reduce don't eagle to reply,this,this facebook page business support okay,you have to be humble,okay number so they can access you okay,and number five is the last thing they,will give you a reference number,receive the reference number so in the,future you need to follow back,so how you follow up actually you will,receive email okay first actually is the,email,okay from the facebook business support,and the second thing,you can repeat the process okay to,reach them so they will access you again,alright so that's all for the tutorial,wish you good luck,and all the best for your business,remember subscribe my,youtube channel and follow my page,goodbye,you

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How To Create Facebook INSTANT FORMS To Generate Leads

How To Create Facebook INSTANT FORMS To Generate Leads

in this video I'm going to show you how,to create Facebook Instant forms that,generate tons of leads instant forms or,lead forms as it used to be called is a,great way to inexpensively generate a,large volume of leads on Facebook so you,have to know how to set them up the,right way so I'm in an example Facebook,ad account and I'm going to quickly go,ahead and create a lead campaign now if,you've got the new campaign objective,menu called odax which is what I've got,in front of me here if you go ahead and,select leads that'll take you through to,a place where you can create instant,forms if you've got the old campaign,objective menu then you're going to need,to select lead generation as a campaign,of Jeopardy I've got the new one so I'm,going to go ahead and select leads here,now we're not going to mess around with,any of the other campaign stuff I want,this video to be specifically focused on,the instant forms and so we're just,going to touch on the few things that,mean those are going to be possible and,available in this campaign so if I just,jump to the ad set level you need to,make sure that you've got instant form,selected which is now actually the,default so if you do select leads in the,new odax campaign injector menu you will,see instant forms and then that means we,can jump to the ad level and then as I,said we're not going to enter in any of,the other AD information or anything,like that that's not what this video is,about we are going to scroll down to,instant form and then we're going to go,ahead and click on create form so for,those of you that aren't familiar with,instant forms the way they work is when,someone clicks on an ad within Facebook,or Instagram instead of being taken,through to that company's website or,messenger or Whatsapp or any of the,other destinations you could be taken to,instead you are kept within Facebook,Instagram and you're presented with a,form where you can submit your contact,information that then allows that,company to follow up with you and that's,how you you basically say yes I'm,interested in this thing and that's how,you become a lead and because it's so,much easier and you don't have to leave,the app we often find that you generate,a lot more leads and they cost less when,you use instant forms as opposed to,other lead generation methods like,sending people to your website it's one,of the major advantages just to explain,what they are of course we're going to,see what they look like on the right,hand side as we go through,um this process okay so I'm going to,walk you through it step by step so,firstly let's give it a name and the,example I'm going to give as we go,through this is a roofing business,Hey Ron Hey Billy and what we're going,to be offering as part of this,um this world this lead generation ad,that obviously people click on an insta,form to submit their details is a free,Roofing survey that's a very common,initial offer for a roofing business so,we're just going to go ahead and call,this Roofing survey for then the first,thing we need to decide is the form type,right do we want a form that is going to,generate as many leads as possible more,volume that's the default or do we want,to go with higher intent now you can see,the default is more volume if I click on,fire intent you may have just seen at,the bottom there that a review screen is,added if we just quickly open this up so,this is what meta says the review gives,people a chance to look over their info,before they submit it it's basically the,sort of thing you're probably familiar,with where people are about to submit,their info and then you get almost like,a pop-up although it's within this form,that says are you sure about that are,you sure you want to give over this,information and then of course some,people that are not so sure they're a,little bit on the fence not then it's,just go well actually maybe I won't give,over my contact information to this,company they're going to follow up with,me I'm not that interested in so that's,why having if I go back to form type,this higher intent adds in an extra,review screen it's not going to get you,more leads certainly it's going to get,you less and it's going to probably,filter out the ones that aren't as,interested you're putting a bit of,friction in the process you're you're,basically saying you know if you're if,you're on the fence about this you're,not that bothered don't don't bother,just go ahead and click off so I'd,recommend that most people start with,more volume because more leads all,things being equal is better but if you,do find if you or your sales team is,following up these people and finding,they aren't converting I actually,thought about converting or worse you,aren't able to get in touch with them as,much as you'd like and you're wasting a,lot of time a lot of resource on that,follow-up process then that's when you,want to go ahead and switch to to higher,intent but for most people I'd recommend,going more volume and if that means you,get a few more uh you know no shows when,you try and call them up and things like,that that's fine I don't think that's,that's the end of the world for most,businesses then we get into the intro,we've got a couple of choices on the,image so this is an image that's going,to go here behind the sort of little,profile picture that's in this case,social with my page it's going to go in,this spot right here and what I'd mostly,recommend you do is use the image from,your ad now we haven't set up the ad so,there's no image here but you'd want to,use the image from your ad because,whatever image you use is going to,provide some continuity some some,consistency between the ad and the,instant form what you don't want to do,is if you had a very different image on,your instant form to what you had in,your ad people could click on your ad,and then feel like they're in the wrong,place and that maybe oh did I click on,the wrong thing and they might might go,back particularly those that aren't,familiar with sort of interacting with,instant forms which is still you know a,good chunk of the Facebook and Instagram,user base at this point particularly if,you're offering something perhaps as,patient order demographic which to some,extent Roofing in this case is going to,be so I would definitely go with use the,image from your ad nice and consistent,it's just going to display up here it's,not a big part of the uh the instant,form and it's just going to make people,feel like they've ended up in the right,place provide that consistency obviously,we haven't got one in so it hasn't,popped up there but you would see the,image just up there when you go through,this process that's what you will see,okay then we've got a greeting now this,is recommended but not necessary it's,really important to remember when you're,creating an instant form that yes you've,got someone to click on the ad but you,haven't yet sold the lead you need to,convince someone to go on and take those,next steps and actually become a lead,and that's what this instant form is,about to do so the first thing to do,with the greeting is to affirm the,action that you want people to take so,in here we might have for example sign,up for your free Roofing survey okay,that's going to have very consistent,messaging between the ad copy and here,and that's going to make people feel,like they've ended up in the right place,right it's going to be very consistent,with the copy in the ad free Roofing,survey great that's what I want to to go,ahead and sign up for maybe someone's,got a leak or they've got an issue and,they want to get it checked out great,and then we can include additional,details beneath that so we would usually,have something like enter your info and,one of our,team members will be in touch within 24,hours I just like typo there one of the,things that you see consistently across,all digital marketing and Facebook and,Instagram advertising is definitely the,same is that the more people understand,the process the more willing they are to,take the next step right if you think,about when you're thinking about buying,something new often you're like what's,the next step how do I do this how do I,find out more information what what,people don't like to be in that place of,not knowing what to do it's an,uncomfortable feeling so when you can,provide information in an instant form,you can do the same with the ad same,with your landing pages,um in other parts of Facebook Instagram,advertising just being clear on what's,going to happen always helps so they've,clicked on the ad and this is the first,thing they see right is this greeting,which is recommended sign up for a free,Roofing survey enter your info on one of,our team members will be in touch within,24 hours great they know what to expect,which is fantastic you can of course,remove it if you want to if you're,finding your leads are costing lots and,you don't want to have you know the,extra steps in there and I just want to,make this as Bare Bones as possible you,can remove the greeting but I think it's,good to have it in there I think it's,going to help with lead quality and we,have actually seen it also help with,conversion rates again because we're,providing extra info so once people see,this they would click on this next,button and they would then be taken to,the questions page all right obviously,this is where we get the information,from your prospects that you need in,order to be able to follow up with them,and deliver on whatever it is that you,offered in the ad itself so we start,with the description which is going to,go in above the sort of contact fields,and again we're just going to reiterate,nothing wrong with that what we want,people to do,something like that right just do this,action this is what you get nice simple,straightforward okay so the default that,Facebook puts in here is email and full,name both are useful but there's,absolutely one other thing that I'd,recommend you go ahead and add in and,that if you click on ADD category,contact fields that is a phone number,and the reason why phone number is,really really important is because when,you're following up with your prospects,if you're just doing so via email you,will end up with a very very low contact,rate the percentage of people that you,end up actually speaking to actually,getting in touch with will be very low,partly that's because emails are easy to,ignore,and the other part is because if you,haven't emailed these people before,they've never emailed you really,difficult to get past things like spam,filters or people thinking it's spam,forgetting that they've signed up or not,remembering say your business name or,something like that and it's just,getting,um deleted and not even making it into,their inbox right even if they are,really interested which is painful and a,waste of your advertising budget so I,absolutely recommend you put in your,phone number and that would be my,primary way of following up with your,prospects would be to call them very,very important you want to call them and,you want to call them as quickly as,possible now what that looks like for,your business is going to vary depending,on your business now some businesses,have a sales team like my agency we have,a sales team if you have a sales team,you can probably follow up with,prospects within sometimes 15 minutes,half an hour of them becoming a lead and,you've got people ready to go and do,this all the time in other scenarios,perhaps you contact your prospects twice,a day you know once first thing you go,through the ones that came in you know,during the night in the morning and then,at the end of the day you go and contact,the ones that have come through in that,day but you don't want to be leaving it,a long time I've spoken to business,before that say that the lead quality is,not very good and when we dig a little,bit deeper we say oh how often do you,follow like prospects and they say,something like twice a week you think,well okay if someone becomes a lead on,say a Tuesday and you don't follow up,till the Friday because you do Monday,and Friday let's say Ah that's an issue,right that person's far less likely to,convert than if you contact them,straight away a you're more likely to,get in touch with them and B you're more,likely to get them to actually go ahead,and sign up for that free Roofing survey,because it's fresh in their mind and,they're probably interested they've,taken an action you want to keep that,momentum going so that's really really,important definitely definitely ask for,a phone number in terms of other,information if you go through the ad,categories you'll see there are other,things you can ask for like contact,Fields like street address which could,be important for let's say a roofing,survey user information we've already,got names in there demographic questions,you have to start get careful with what,you ask for obviously work info and then,in some cases national ID number for the,most part even if some of this,information is useful I would recommend,not looking to add it into a lead form,you can get all that information once,you make contact with your prospect,ideally over the phone right,um for example this is a roofing survey,offer you could think that street,address would be really important but if,you ask people to enter their street,address some people won't bother to do,that or not even not bothered but you,know they're on their phone they get,distracted by something else what's that,message comes in they leave they never,come back reducing the time it takes for,them to complete this information means,you get more leads well you know they're,watching TV the doorbell rings there's,all sorts of distractions why people,might not fill something out and if,you're asking for a street address okay,you've got to enter in all the details,you know what it's like it can be,annoying can't it so get all that,information,once you've made contact with the,prospect not in this lead foot if you've,got you know tens of thousands of leads,coming in and you need ways to filter,them because you you don't have the,resource to get in touch okay you can,filter some out more with questions,um in here but that's just something,that's important to be aware of should,also be aware that Facebook will Auto,populate these fields if that,information is associated with someone's,Facebook or Instagram account so,sometimes email for example might be,someone's old email address how many of,us sign up to Facebook 15 years ago 12,years ago and that's no longer an email,address that's in use phone numbers are,far more likely to be common just,another reason to put in the phone,number okay so that's typically how we,would approach those questions don't ask,for anything that you don't need and,this is going to be what we go with I'd,say 90 of the time full name,um email address phone number we can get,every other piece of info we need once,we get in touch with the prospect okay,okay and then we move on to privacy now,when I've talked about instant forms and,lead generation campaigns in the past,one of the questions I always get is do,I need a privacy policy do I actually,need a privacy policy like actually yes,you can run Facebook ads Instagram ads,without a website but you cannot run ads,that are designed to generate leads that,process you information without a,privacy policy it's non-optional right,find a way even if you just have a,one-page website that just hosts a,privacy policy or you host it somewhere,else and you provide a link then you,have to do that and by the way you can't,include you know a link to like a PDF or,something downloadable like that so I'm,just going to go ahead and pop in uh my,company's URL with privacy policy just,so it allows us to continue through this,process oh and you can see here look,your privacy policy link can't go,directly to a PDF file jpeg image or,download it has to be actually linked,somewhere and then link text if you,don't put anything in it's going to,default to this look if you've been here,to privacy policy because that's the,name of my Facebook page I mean we want,to put in,um you know lead gurus privacy policy if,they differ for a lot of you guys it,won't but that's just how it's displayed,in this privacy policy section of course,almost no one is going to read this,um but you need to have it supports the,game get it done okay and then custom,disclaimer so there's default disclaimer,and then there's you can add a custom,disclaimer the businesses that need to,use customs disclaimers it's usually,pretty obvious you're probably already,aware it's business often operating,special categories if you're dealing,with anything with Finance or insurance,or housing and that sort of stuff you,need to provide more information saying,we won't do this with your information,we will guarantee that we'll do this for,you and all that sort of stuff so you're,probably already aware of that stuff and,then we get into completion now this is,once they've submitted their information,gone through the questions privacy,policy boom this is what they're going,to be presented with now of course the,image remember that's going to be,whatever we've got in our ad that's Fab,then we've got headline thanks or you're,all set quite like that I often leave,that as is and then we want it in the,description reiterate what's going to,happen what can someone expect and how,should they prepare so someone from our,team will be in touch within let's say,24 hours which we've said before,please keep an eye on your phone and,that's great because it tells people to,expect the phone call so when they're,getting a phone call from an unknown,number later that afternoon or the next,morning or whatever,maybe they go oh yeah I remember it's,that roofing company that's come to you,know they're going to come take a look,at the roof and see how much work we,need and all that sort of stuff then,beneath that we can send the people that,have taken this action to do certain,things now very few people are going to,do this bearing in mind there's that we,can have a call to action button so,that's this demonstrated down here view,website is the default you can have cool,business if you just want them to call,you straight away or download people,often use instant forms to provide like,lead magnets free guides reports PDFs,things like that,um for a business like this where it's a,roofing company we're absolutely going,to go ahead and use a view website we,could just send them to the homepage of,a website if we did want to for example,we could send them to a different,location we could put in something like,viewportfolio where maybe that's not,quite right that might be working with a,roofer you know to demonstrate the the,pretty roofs that you've you know put,onto buildings,and you could say something like view,testimonials is often a good one because,you can if you've got a page on your,website that demonstrates the good work,that you've done before then that can,help convert your prospects because,let's say someone's waiting for this,phone call to book in the free Roofing,survey if once they've submitted this,they have a quick you know five minute,flick around your website and they take,a look at your testimonials and stuff,like that that might then help them,convert when someone goes around to do,that survey obviously you then want to,add in the link so if it was view,testimonials then you know we'd want to,make sure we had a test demonio's page,that was being linked to right,um same with our portfolio or just a,home page on our website either way not,them if you're going to do this but can,help with conversion rates just have a,think about what it is you're offering,you can of course use download if you're,using instant forms to advertise a lead,Magnet or something downloadable then we,go ahead and click publish and that's it,this instant form is now created you can,put the rest of the campaign together,the ad ad set level all that sort of,stuff and run this campaign you can of,course test different instant forms if,there were elements that you wanted to,test different offers you'd need,different ads and different instant,forms for those if you wanted to test,even different copy within an instant,form you can create multiple versions,and split test them run or,simultaneously and all that sort of,stuff to find the best options if you,are running a lead campaign lead,generation campaign using an instant,form very important that you get this,part right can make a massive difference,to your cost per lead okay before you go,something I quickly mention and that's,my company lead guru's Facebook and,Instagram advertising services so we,offer done for you Facebook and,Instagram ad Services we create manage,and optimize campaigns for our clients,if you're interested in finding out more,you can book a call with one of my team,members there'll be a link in the video,description below click on that go,through the website you can book a slot,in that's uh that you know that works,for you we do have a 3K per month,minimum budget requirement so please,only book a call if you meet that,criteria but go ahead and book a call,and you know find out some more and see,how we can help and hopefully we get a,chance to work together and now that you,know how to put instant forms together,it's really important that you get the,rest of of your lead campaign correct,from the targeting level the ads all,those details I'll show you exactly how,to do that in this video here it's a,complete walkthrough where I show all,the elements go ahead and check it out

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