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How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Supporthi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Contact Contact Facebook Business & Ads Support

hi everyone i'm teacher ellen from big,academy,so right now would like to teach you how,to contact facebook,customer support usually why we want to,contact the customer support is because,our business manager our ads manager,restrict,disable all right or some error,so please go back to your facebook,write this and looking for the help,center,is right here on the top right choose,help and support,next go to help center,so in a help center you scroll down,looking for this,visit business help center,next scroll down please look for this,one still need help,find answers or contact support all,right for this actually,it's allow you to send an email or you,can contact to the,facebook customer support through the,messenger and some people actually you,can't access to this,usually it's because you don't have uh,the business center resources for,example,uh you not frequently use the uh,facebook ads manager or business manager,and,it doesn't do the verifications and so,on so it will be restrict you to use,these functions,okay uh my solutions and my suggestion,is to solve it,um you have to wait for a time all right,then the second thing is ask your other,editor or the advertiser to contact the,customer support,that's my advice all right so for those,if you're able to get,this so click get start,okay good this facebook business support,right here you have to choose,need help with advertising contact,advertising support,you can choose your page,oh sorry this one is the ad account all,right choose the ads account because i'm,facing the advertising issue,and choose the,so it's the advertising issue so it's,one of the,most related to your issue so right here,you have to read,and choose the right one for my case,actually is,my ads account,my ads campaign rejected,so look more,okay restrictions is right already,okay go through run good contact support,right it's asking the email okay,uh the phone number phone number,okay uh okay i will fill up this one,i pause a while for the recording,because i need to fill in the,informations,uh but before that actually right here,uh you have to key in,certain informations to brief them what,is the issue,so my page restrict,and i try to,i mean this is just a sample you have to,drop the message,according to your problems all right is,customized,so i need to show the problems,okay it's required number so i have to,put one of the phone number,i have to find it,start check,all right so it will bring you to the,messenger so,continue with your account all right,here's some tips to share with you how,to chat,with them usually they will ask you,again for the questions please,be specific and please brief them the,detail,okay and you have to wait for them to,join in,you have to read the message right here,so it will be show you who is the person,who joined and serve you,and remember some tips right here first,be specific,and brief them details so they can,understand your problems,second thing you can send attachments,okay show them the problems,all right and the third thing they will,request your,account id all right or your business,page id,or the business page url which is the,web address,press copy and send them all right or,the id you can,click your ads manager and you will get,access right here okay to get,id okay and,number four okay please uh uh they are,the one who,going to help you appeal so please,politely to,uh checking with them ask their help and,then uh preach them,all right uh reduce don't eagle to reply,this,this facebook page business support okay,you have to be humble,okay number so they can access you okay,and number five is the last thing they,will give you a reference number,receive the reference number so in the,future you need to follow back,so how you follow up actually you will,receive email okay first actually is the,email,okay from the facebook business support,and the second thing,you can repeat the process okay to,reach them so they will access you again,alright so that's all for the tutorial,wish you good luck,and all the best for your business,remember subscribe my,youtube channel and follow my page,goodbye,you

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How To Build an EMAIL LIST With Facebook Ads (STEP BY STEP)

How To Build an EMAIL LIST With Facebook Ads (STEP BY STEP)

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how to build an email list with,facebook ads i'm going to walk you step,by step through the process i'm going to,try and keep this fairly concise i'm,going to cover the things you absolutely,need and need to get right in order to,generate fantastic results without,covering all the extra little bits and,possible things you could do um so if,you're looking to build an email list,with facebook ads which is something i'd,recommend a lot of marketers,entrepreneurs business owners do it,could be a very very profitable exercise,if you're looking to build an email list,with facebook ads i think you're going,to find this video very very useful,before we're going to touch on a very,quickly ask you to hit that thumbs up,button that really helps me out it's,much appreciated and of course subscribe,to my channel if you are new and haven't,done so already i release facebook,advertising related content all the time,if that sort of thing you're into then i,think you'd be,well well suited to subscribing to my,channel anyway with that said let's get,into it so in order to build an email,list successfully using facebook ads,there are three things that you need you,need a lead magnet something to give,away for free in exchange for someone,joining your email list you need a,landing page the place for those people,to actually opt in and then you need the,the ad campaign itself and we've got,those three prepared so we've got our,lead magnet lined up here i'm going to,talk you through it we've got the,landing page opt-in page here and then,i'm going to show you how to create the,facebook ad campaign um which doesn't,have to be that complicated in order to,get those subscribers get that email,list being um built so with this process,i think it makes sense to start with the,end in mind so you start with the lead,magnet the thing your your prospects are,going to get and then you work your way,back from there i think makes the most,sense okay so,let's go ahead and jump into the leap,magnet section so lead magnets for those,who aren't familiar i'm going to very,quickly explain are things that you give,away for free in exchange for someone,joining your email list they're usually,information based so it's often going to,be things like guides video trainings it,could be templates downloads of some,sort cheat sheets checklists lots of,different options other business will,use other things like you get access to,free shipping coupon codes all sorts of,various options okay um,but i imagine most of you are going to,go with an information based lead magnet,something like this like a guide a,report,a template maybe even a video training,something along those lines the one,we're going to talk about here is our,five part facebook ad template which has,been downloaded now i think by over 45,000 people so we've got 45 000 people,joining our email list with this lead,magnet alone,which is fantastic and absolutely shows,i know what i'm talking about and that,this um this what i'm about to show you,can work very well okay so this is five,part facebook ad template,and,it's something it's a pdf document,people can download and basically what,it does is it contains a whole bunch of,ads that we've created as a facebook ads,agency um,for our clients that have all performed,very very well okay and we've got them,broken down into different categories so,we've got first categories local service,and we've got a couple of different,examples we've got interior designers,ads here and you can see that not only,are we showing the ads we're also,breaking them down so we've got like,little,markers here one two three four five and,we're going through and we're in fact,beneath it yeah talking about the copy,talk about the image headline all the,various elements of a facebook ad we've,got the second example of a local,service business being a gym and here,we've got another example of an ad and,obviously with the details blanked out,and then i'm just going to very quickly,show you again each ad we're sort of,breaking down into component parts or,explaining we use this headline it,worked really well because of this this,and this we used this copy it worked,well because of this this and this this,image worked well we've got e-commerce,businesses in here you can see this,example of a of a rainbow cake ad we've,got our copy in there various images uh,headlines all the sort of thing that,we're talking about we've got some other,ad formats in here like here we've got a,carousel ad with various different,options,so you can see that for our audience,which is people trying to get better,results with facebook and instagram,advertising,this,template would be very very useful would,be super useful to be able to,have examples of ads that they know have,done well that they could model from and,because we've used lots of you know,either six different types of ads in it,from very different types of businesses,people can almost certainly find at,least one and be like this is what i'm,going to model from this is what i'm,going to use so the value proposition,here is strong and it's actually you,know it's 52 i say pages but each page,is sort of like a slide so it's it's,quite a bit of content we wanted to make,this really really valuable i originally,did a version of this myself in say,maybe four maybe even five years ago at,this point and then it got fully updated,last year um and one of one of the,advantages of owning a facebook ads,agency is you have a ton of access to,graphic design resource um because we,have a full creative team and they're,able to put this stuff together and add,in these little graphics and make it all,design and make it all nice so it's,fully redone last year with new content,and uh and making it look professional,um but by the way when i did this myself,to begin with it was super simple i just,did it in canva,um free tool free graphic design tool,anyone can put something like this,together um with a tool like that so,these things don't have to be super,complicated i'm going to talk by the way,more at the end of the video how you can,find out more about creating lead,magnets putting them together because,there's a lot of information um around,that okay um so that's what the lead,magnet is our five-part facebook ad,template that really helps people work,out what they should include in their,facebook ads helps them get better,results so that's the template and then,this is the landing page so this is the,place where we're going to send people,when they,click on our ad in order to opt in for,our lead magnet you can see that this,page look super simple here's the footer,down here that's it just this middle,section we've got an image on this side,to just give a visual representation of,what it is they're downloading that's,called it designed in the the shape of a,facebook ads it's kind of kind of fun,we've got free download five part,facebook ad template which obviously,what it is this template includes and,then we've just got four bullet points,here that are all very much benefit rich,all focusing on the advantages of,grabbing a hold of this facebook ad,template so you've got things here like,our value first strategy that uses,facebook social nature to consistently,generate low cost leads and sales this,strategy works in any market well if,you're,interested in better facebook ad,performance through better facebook ads,i wouldn't know what the value first,strategy is how do i make that work how,do i use that and it works in the market,fantastic's gonna work for me it's gonna,help me get more leads and sales that's,exactly what i want you can see the,sorts of benefits here i said i don't,want this video to be,six hours long so i'm not gonna go,through every single element i will of,course include a link to this page um in,the video description below and you can,come through you can check out this page,you can go through these bullets and see,what we're highlighting the five,elements any facebook ads you need to,get right how to quickly and easily,create or find eye-catching images you,know,obvious benefits associated with,downloading this lead magnet and that's,important because you have to remember,when you're offering a lead magnet even,though you're not charging money for it,you need to sell it right you need to,convince people,to go ahead and they don't naturally,want to give over any content,information they don't they don't want,to have to take action people are not,motivated to do that unless there's a,reason to do so you really need to sell,this thing but anyway as i'm saying i'll,include a link to this in the video,description below come through check out,this page um,click on the button go ahead and,download the,sign up to the email list download five,part facebook ad template and by the way,this is a wordpress website and we just,use the opt-in monster,plug-in for this little button which,then brings up this,window where they could just enter the,name email get into access boom,super easy straightforward and,and yeah um okay so that's a landing,page and now we need to get into the,ad campaign,itself okay so this is the part that we,need to talk through so i said that's,the order i'd recommend you do it and,the reason why is because whatever you,put into your lead magnet is going to,inform what you're using to sell,your information down here to sell the,lead magnet itself you need to create,that first to know what the benefits of,it are to be able to include in the,landing page and then,these whatever you put on the landing,page is going to help you create your ad,in ads manager in your facebook account,it's why we do it in that reverse order,hopefully that makes sense okay so i'm,in an example of facebook account and,let's go ahead and create one from,scratch so by type auction we're going,to go with a conversions campaign now,that's very important if you're wanting,to build an email list you don't just,want to be sending traffic which is,facebook's default to your website and,hoping that people opt in when they get,there you want to say to facebook no no,i want you to advertise to people that,are not only likely to click through to,a website that are actually likely to,convert and sign up for my email list,once they get there you do that by using,the conversions objective and then,letting facebook know the event,the action you want people to take on,your website and optimizing for that if,you don't know what that last part i,want to talk about means you should,really check out i'll include a link in,the video description and another video,of mine showing exactly how to set up,the facebook pixel how to configure,events it even goes on to show you how,to verify your domain set up aggregated,event measurement the stuff you need to,do do post ios 14. um but that will show,you exactly how to get the facebook,pixel set up so you'll understand,exactly how use the conversions,objective how you then go about,optimizing for the right event all that,stuff so i strongly recommend in fact if,you haven't got the facebook pixel set,up already absolutely go ahead and do,that as i said i'm not i don't want this,video to be six hours long so i'm not,going to cover every single little,detail i basically have videos on all,this stuff all the various elements i'm,just going to focus on the things that,you need to do that you need to get,right in order to make this work and to,build an email list that can be,incredibly valuable for your business,and an audience that can generate,customers clients for years to come as,i've had with mine one of the best deals,i made was to to build an email list,with facebook ads,okay campaign budgetization i'd usually,recommend turning it on particularly,with,um relatively straightforward campaigns,um campaign structures like a lead,magnet structure daily budget i've got,videos on budget i'll include a link,below start with something that you,could afford to lose particularly whilst,you're experimenting once it's working,you could always scale up but i'll,include more info about that later on,that's all you need to do at the,campaign level nothing else you need to,worry about at the campaign level then,we get into the ad set conversion event,location is certainly website and then,you need to select your conversion event,so usually we would go with,lead okay this is an example facebook ad,account so it's not all set up properly,don't worry about these errors if you,have got it set up properly then you,shouldn't see that,and i said the pixel video that i,mentioned a minute ago that will be,linked to below,that'll show you exactly how to set this,up but by optimizing for lead we're,saying to facebook,i want you,to advertise two people that are most,likely to not just click on an ad for,this facebook ad template but actually,go through to,our website,click on the get instant access submit,their details and go through to the,thank you page thank you for opting for,this lead magnet wherever it is that's,what i want you to optimize for um,which is awesome and that makes a huge,difference to your results by the way,guys huge huge difference don't worry,about dynamic creatives or offers budget,schedule if you want to set one that's,absolutely fine but um well but it's by,no means necessary i'd recommend you in,your facebook ad account enough for you,to be able to say turn off um campaigns,if they're not performing well make,adjustments that sort of thing okay then,we get into,the audiences section now the absolute,best audience to target in order to,build,an email list,is a look-alike audience based off of,people that are already on your list,because that's how look-alike audiences,work right it's like these people are,already on my email list therefore i,want you to advertise to people that are,just like them,and if you don't know how to do that,again i'll include another link in the,video description below there'll be lots,of links lots of awesome free resources,for you guys to check out and that'll be,a video all about,um how to create look-alike audiences,including ones based off your email list,so if you're like,what is that how do i do that go ahead,and check that out and you can do that,and you can pop your lookalike audience,in there however i appreciate that not,everyone's going to have an email list,particularly if you're just getting,started and that's absolutely fine in,which case you're going to need to come,up with something else i'm going to show,you exactly how to do that,um so in terms of how you go about,setting your targeting ignore this,custom audiences section locations,don't artificially constrain your target,area unless you have to if you only want,an email list from a certain geographic,area because that's the only place where,you deliver your products and services,that's absolutely fine but otherwise,don't make your audience smaller than it,needs to be so if we're advertising for,example our five-part facebook ad,template we have customers in the uk we,also have the to be honest we have,customers all over the world um,we have you know clients for our,facebook ad services in,yeah just about every continent all over,the world but we might start,most of our customers are going to come,from,um usually canada uk us and australia,they that would probably represent i,would say,80 to 90 of our client base would be,those four countries as i said the rest,from,uae and germany and philippines and,india and mexico everywhere you can,imagine right,um so we might start with something like,that,some bit for some businesses that might,just be the one country for others that,might be you know,10 miles around london,whatever that happens to be for your,business but i said just don't,artificially constrain it,then in terms of your age criteria you,want to narrow that down to,what you feel are is representative of,most of your target audience but be,quite generous so for example if you're,like most of my customers are between,the age of,uh 30 and 40. i wouldn't just go with 30,40 i might go to 25 to 45 something like,that so you want your core age and you,want to be quite generous,in general facebook ad campaigns perform,better with um broader audiences now as,opposed to more specificity so for,example our client base is usually going,to be say age 25,to,55. it's a pretty big age range so we,might do something as simple as,25 plus i mean we have done 18 plus,before because we have a really large,age range in terms of our clients,genders again unless you are,almost exclusively male or female i'd go,with both with lead magnet campaigns you,want nice open audiences and then we get,into the detail targeting so i'm going,to include a link in another video below,that has a much more detailed breakdown,of how about we go finding,high quality detailed targeting options,and that's how we go about finding high,quality detailed targeting options after,facebook retired their audience insights,tool which they did a few months ago um,so it shows you exactly how we use this,process in here to go about finding,options testing them all that stuff so,again strongly recommend you checking,that out if you don't know which of the,best detailed targeting options i said,lots of links to other stuff but it's,important you get this stuff right i,want you to have the best possible,information that's how you get the best,results so for example if we were,advertising our facebook ad template we,might go with something like this and i,already obviously know this market,so i'm gonna go ahead and pop this in uh,something like business page admins so,these are people who are the admins of,business pages on facebook because,obviously,within facebook pages there's people who,are admins of pages for charities and,local sports clubs and things we're just,primarily going for um businesses okay,um,so,that's that's set up that's that setup,if you come up with a number of,different interests behaviors or,demographics you want to target in this,detailed targeting section that's,absolutely fine but create separate ad,sets for those don't bundle them all,into one ad set the reason we do that is,because we want to be able to see,exactly how this target,interest performs versus other ones so,that we can then optimize going forward,if you bundle them all in together,you're just going to get one average of,the lot whereas if you have say three,different options three different ad,sets you could be like ah well option b,produce the best results so let's pause,option a and c and let's just advertise,option b you'll get better results,you'll get a lower cost per um lead a,lower cost per email subscriber in this,case,in a new ish ad account one that doesn't,have a lot of conversion data,particularly campaign before i would,actually recommend turning off detailed,targeting expansion something that you,do want to use later on,but not at the beginning now we can see,our audience given the countries we're,targeting it comes out audio's,definition of it's not scrolling there,we go 4.7 million fantastic audience,size um i've got videos on ideal,audience size if you want to check those,out you can um find them on my on my,youtube channel,um,basically it does depend on where you're,advertising it depends on what you're,advertising so there's some factors but,4.7 million great very happy with that,okay,um scrolling down you can ignore,well,most people watching this can ignore,languages it's going to be informed by,where you're advertising but obviously,if you're not if you're you know for,example advertising in canada and you're,only interested in french speakers,because that's the part of canada you're,from and that's who your target market,is then obviously you want to come in,and,play around with languages,placements absolutely fine to go with,automatic placement options when it,comes to building an email list using,the conversions objective that's one of,the massive advantages of using the,conversions objective is that facebook,is going to put your ads on the,placements that are most likely,to generate,email subscribers generate email opt-ins,because facebook knows what that is and,they know how to optimize for it so you,don't need to come in for example,manually choose placements and just go,with you know i just want to um,go with like the facebook news feed,because i've heard or the instagram feed,because i've heard those better,placement options you just don't need to,worry about that if you've got the,conversions objectives selected very,different story if you are running,a traffic campaign for example but,that's not what we're doing here,obviously for ad delivery we're going to,leave as conversions and we're not going,to touch any of the rest of this stuff,and that is your ad set done that's all,you need to do,at the campaign level and the ad set,level in order to create a facebook ad,campaign combined with your elements,that can build you an email list and,what a fantastic asset an email list is,okay now we need to get into the ad,level and i think a lot of people over,complicate,ads particularly when you're getting,started with facebook advertising or,even if you're experienced facebook,advertiser but you're getting started,with using facebook ads to build an,email list,i think it makes a lot more sense to,keep things simple so i'm not going to,go with dynamic formats and creative for,what i'm doing right now um facebook are,changing things at enormously fast pace,as they always are so you will see,pop-ups all over the place and my,recommendation would be to ignore them,particularly when you're getting started,with perhaps a new type of campaign,and then we're going to go with single,image or video because we're just going,to use an image image is going to make,the most sense for a facebook ad,template right,what you use here really depends on your,market what it is you're advertising and,what you can create some people have the,ability to create video content,fairly easily and expensively fantastic,if not no problem don't believe the myth,that you always have to use video that,video always performs best that is not,true it really depends on what you're,advertising and the more complex the ask,the more complex the ad creator wants to,be and with every market you want to be,testing so if we're working with a,client we're going to be testing video,against image against carousel but i,said if you're getting started with say,building an email list with facebook ads,something fairly new you want to keep it,simple and you want to go i think with,assets that you have or can easily,create things like images carousels so,we're going to go with an image here so,i'm going to go ahead and click add,media and add image and then the image,is right there because i've prepared it,before obviously you could upload an,image,in here okay now we get a chance to,customize our creative by placements you,can see for example that on instagram,stories an ad is going to take up the,whole screen whereas um in the feed it's,not it's it's a shorter um,space and therefore you could customize,how your images or video look depending,on various placement options so you can,see here that this is how basically it's,going to look there's going to be quite,a bit of space up and above and this,one's going to more fill the space on,feeds where it's more square ratio i,could change that if i wanted to one to,one don't really think that makes sense,or looks as good so i'm going to keep,the original um and then we've got an,option over here so if you want to come,in and customize placements and change,them up for customized creative by,placement that's absolutely fine you can,do that it's not a problem it's sort of,an optional extra it can help,performance a bit but if you have say,square images square videos it's going,to look fine across the various,placement options so i'm going to keep,with the original,then there's something that facebook,have fairly recently added which is,optimized media you can allow,enhancements it's kind of similar to if,you've ever messed around with like a,photo editing software and you click,enhance and they automatically sort of,turn up the contrast or the brightness,and they as you can see the examples,here they'll,take out the cropped edges and the white,areas and things along those lines so i,think it's fine to allow enhancements,which is the default but just uh make,sure you check the add preview to make,sure it all looks fine and make sure,something doesn't go wrong because we've,got a few cases where things look all a,little bit funny okay so if i click on,facebook feed for example um,it seems to,not be displaying correctly which is,frustrating um it's because i haven't,added in the other elements yet so let,me just scroll down,the previews,are annoyingly difficult,um right let's go into stories and we,can just see so that's for example how,it would look in instagram stories right,now so that would be absolutely fine and,we're gonna get to some of this stuff,later on as we add in more details,okay so let's scroll back up so we've,added our media which is our image our,five part facebook ad template image and,you can see this is a sort of image that,would work quite well um let me get rid,of that hopefully there we go we can see,it now,um this is an image that would work,quite well,it's,eye-catching it's bright it's visual,it's representative of the sort of thing,like it's kind of designed to look like,a facebook ad in a certain sense um,i've got a lot more information around,facebook ad images and copy and things,like that actually in the facebook ad,template that i've been demonstrating so,if you want more info on that then by,all means download that document you,know there's a ton of information around,what you want to do there so you can,find out more info there then primary,text so i've actually prepared a,document,um because we've run ads like this and,with this sort of copy before so it's,just a word doc,if i head back now in i'm going to paste,in my primary text,and what you will see,is that in the primary text here,so the primary text let's let's try and,grab a feedspace option you see the,primary text this this will change soon,the primary text is what appears,above,the image on a lot of the placement,options so like a facebook feed which is,where a lot of your impressions are,going to come from facebook feed,instagram facebook feed or mobile on,desktop things like that and you can see,a whole bunch of other options instagram,feed uh invalid at the moment which is,annoying i said that'll be fine in a bit,um on instagram what you can't see right,now is the text will be beneath it,you're probably already familiar with,this um but your primary text,i always because most ad impressions,still occur on facebook more than,instagram i always think about it as,appearing above the image and that's how,i plan out my ad okay,instagram it's the primary text is less,of a converting factor anyway so that's,how we do it but what you can see in,this primary text is we've very much,taken the stuff that we've got on the,landing page okay so we start off with,this right copy and paste these proven,facebook ads to properly generate low,cost leads and sales from facebook boom,really strong benefit associated with,downloading this five-part facebook ad,template and it taps into that natural,sort of laziness we have where i want,this to be easy i want it to be quick,copy and paste brilliant love the idea,of that and then we list out the,benefits that i've got in on the landing,page,there's a few reasons for that one it,means i don't have to rewrite a whole,bunch of copy which is great,two these are the major benefits,associated with downloading the five,part facebook ad template so why not,have them in the ad as well because,remember we have to sell even though,we're getting an email opt-in here we,have to sell it and three this creates,lovely congruency between the ad and the,landing page so when someone clicks,through an ad we'll see what they look,like in a minute let's go back to uh,stories for a second because that just,looks silly,we're getting all sorts of um,all sorts of errors at the moment i said,we'll sort those out in a minute,let's go back here so we can actually,see,the primary text um because,there's going to be a lot of,similarities between the ad and the,image that can actually help improve,conversion rates so if they see for,example the image in the ad is also on,the landing page some of the copy on the,ad this part here is also on the landing,page it's just oh okay i landed in the,right place if they look different feel,different some people people go oh this,is a bit weird i'm going to leave so,again you can go through this,information you're going to find on that,landing page you can go through this and,sort of mine it for for details of what,we're looking to do and what we're,looking to accomplish okay and then we,come to the headline so with headlines,you want to be super upfront keep it,simple straightforward so we're just,going to go ahead and grab,that and then paste it in here so all,we're going with the headline here is,free five-part facebook ad template just,this is what you get this is what it is,we highlight the fact that it's free,simple straightforward understand what,it as a glance that's what we're going,to do with lead back in the headlines,remember what you're asking people to do,is not that they can ask you not asking,them to inquire into a 20 000 service or,buy a 400 product this is a free,thing that they just,can download if they want to and you can,see that for whatever reason facebook's,ads manager buggy all the time i now can,see my image,which you know is like okay why couldn't,i see that before i put a headline but,anyway there we go so now we've got the,image in we've got the um,primary text we've got the headline then,we've got the description it's only,going to appear and appear in a few,certain placements so i'd recommend,popping one in again you just want to,highlight the benefits associated with,downloading with opting in for your lead,magnet so we've got in this free,template where share what we've learned,is a facebook advertising agency,creating successful ads for our clients,in many different industries you know,nothing difficult whatever okay then we,get down to the and i wouldn't worry,about any of the adding options and,things like that at this point just over,complicating stuff when you're building,an email list you can always add that,stuff later in so call to action the,default is learn more and you see the,call to action button is very annoying i,have to keep scrolling is located there,learn more would be fine for a lead,magnet but i think you want to go with,the option that is most,applicable to what you're asking people,to do,i think download makes the most sense,here but you could go with learn more um,you could obviously have a look through,the options here and see if there's,anything that's more appropriate could,be watch more if it's like a video,training lead magnet but just go with,the one that you think fits the best i,think learn more it's there,okay then we're going to go ahead and,pop in the url so i'm just going to type,it out because i know by heart,facebook and,template,and page,perfect so we've got the url in there,that's obviously the landing page that,people are taken to once they click on,your ad and that's the opt-in page,that's this one right here that we've,discussed okay,okay and then display link you can,change it or not if you want you can see,down here we've just got lead good okay,which i'm perfectly happy with if you,wanted to change that you could put,something in that's absolutely fine,we're not gonna worry about call,extension again i'm not going to worry,about languages at this point and all,this stuff should be just default,automatic provided you've got the,facebook pixel all set up properly and,you've been through my facebook pixel,setup video that shows you exactly how,to go about doing that okay this ad is,now ready to go we could go ahead and,just publish this and we've got an ad,running as i said if you want to test,new targeting options then you can close,this down you can come to the ad set,level,you can highlight the ad sets a new,conversions ad set,uh sorry i clicked on edit when i didn't,mean to you can just click on duplicate,you can create yourself,a couple of copies,and then you can end up with three,answers you can test different targeting,options if i close that down you can see,there we go we've got three different,answers exactly the same with the ads so,we've got three ads here all exactly the,same because there's one ad in each ad,set but if i wanted to for example i,could come in here i could duplicate,i could add in three new ads,let's minimize this down,okay so now if we go into the answer,um and find the right answer oh it's all,in draft so when things are in draft you,just see all of them but for example,four of these ads are in the one ad set,we could create different image options,we could test different headlines we,that's the sort of thing that we would,do going through the process again i,have more content how to analyze and,optimize um facebook ad campaigns as you,go on but that is the process those are,all the elements you need you can now,run your campaign you can build an email,list and honestly the value of my email,list which has around about 45 000,subscribers on um through this lead,magnet and primarily another lead magnet,is absolutely immense it is,a go-to resource for clients for,customers on my courses,we get to make so much value from it and,the value just compounds because you,acquire subscribers upfront of course,yes people unsubscribe and they do leave,but i have people on my list that will,buy things from me four years after,they've been on there like the value,just compounds and compounds and,compounds and you can generate revenue,you can build a relationship you can do,so many great things if you're watching,this video i'm sure you've already,decided to build an email list and i,think facebook ads is the perfect way to,do it best of luck with it and um and,yeah things can work out really well,before you go couple things i want to,mention the first is a comprehensive,course i've created called facebook ads,insiders we've recently been updating,tons of the content so it's very much,fresh brand new stuff post ios 14.,and,it's the go-to resource i would,recommend if you're looking for,fantastic facebook and instagram,advertising performance one of the six,strategies we cover in the course is all,about lead magnet based strategies so,the first part of which is a part i've,just showed you there which is,running an email opt-in campaign,we then go on to retarget people to help,turn them into customers in that,strategy but this just shows a very,small snippet of what's included in that,course so we're building an email list,we are then retargeting those people in,that course it's the whole bonus module,on how to create lead magnets by the way,i sort of brushed over this you know the,five part facebook ad template stuff but,there's way more detail on all of that,um so it really is a fantastic resource,if you're interested there'll be a link,in the video description um you can go,ahead and check that out other free,thing i want to quickly mention is my,facebook ads mastermind group free,facebook group over 120 000 members as,of the recording this video amazing,community one of the biggest in the,world of facebook advertisers and it's,full of people just like you who want,their questions answered they ask them,they help each other out they get,involved i do free live trainings i,answer questions i'm in there um every,single day if that's something you want,to be part of it's completely free,link's in the description we'd love to,have you be a part of it um if you found,this video useful please comment below,to let me know please um like this video,please,subscribe if you haven't already and,yeah all of that would be much,appreciated thanks a lot guys bye for,now

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