how to connect my app audience to facebook ads

How To Connect Your App To Facebook (Mobile App Install Ads)hey how are you today I'm gonna show yo


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Connect Your App To Facebook (Mobile App Install Ads)

hey how are you today I'm gonna show you,exactly how to connect your app to,Facebook so you can run mobile app,installs or do whatever I noticed there,isn't any training on YouTube and I got,a couple questions and comments asking,for this video showing you exactly how,to connect your app to Facebook so I'm,gonna go ahead and do that do me a huge,favor and hit that like button real,quick because this is gonna solve any,problem you are encountering right now,and if you haven't subscribed yet please,consider subscribing and hitting the,notification bell because if you watch,my videos you're gonna become very,advanced at Facebook Ads and you'll be,able to grow your mobile app very very,quickly so what you're gonna want to do,is you're gonna want to go over to,developers dot so that is,developers dot they and if you,couldn't hear me correctly there I'll,make sure to put a link below and you,can also Google Facebook developers,anyways once you get to this page,Facebook for developers you have to,register your app so I'm gonna start,from the start if you've already,registered your app that's awesome just,keep watching anyways I'm gonna show you,everything including how to connect your,app and how to actually run the app,install ads so you go up here to the top,right and you click my apps then under,my apps you click add new app or you,select your app from the dashboard I'm,gonna click add new app and pretend this,is a brand new app you're gonna put in,you know your email here you're gonna,put in the display name of the app so,whatever you want the app to be called,I'm gonna just call this app heads up,test I'm gonna use the app heads up as a,test to just show you everything and,then you can go complete it by yourself,so you put in that little CAPTCHA,hopefully I did it right okay perfectly,now we're gonna move on to the next step,you,actually skip this select a scenario I'm,assuming you're doing this for mobile,apps if you're not doing it for mobile,apps that's okay,you it's still the same process but,let's just click skip for now and most,of the work here is going to be done,inside of this page here and when I get,when it loads let's see here okay we're,here it's gonna be under settings right,and then basic settings this is where,most people get stuck this is where I,got stuck so don't worry if you're,having a hard time this is the tricky,part and what you're gonna do is make,sure your display name is here your,contact email is there if you have an,app domain like a website put it there,make sure to put a privacy policy URL,here it's not gonna hold you back from,getting started but eventually,Facebook's gonna ping you and say hey we,need your privacy product policy URL so,go ahead and put that in same with the,Terms of Service then pick your app,category in my case it's gonna be games,and then it's gonna be like a trivia,game so there we go and then you want to,upload your app icon now it has to be,1024 by 1024 they're very specific about,this so go ahead and do that and then,you know if it's for your own business,like it's a game or you know nutrition,app or health and fitness if it's for,your own business like that one if it's,for somebody else's like that one then,you want to make sure to have your,business verified on Facebook so you can,just follow this get started you have to,sign a couple contracts really simple to,do and once you do that you want to fill,in all your information here for the,data protection so it's pretty much your,personal information your email your,address all that stuff it's all safe,don't worry but down here is really,where you get set up so you click add,platform and you're gonna want to add if,you have an iOS app obviously you want,to add iOS a lot of people most,developers have an iOS and an Android,app so you want to add those two now if,it's for like a Facebook game or,something you can add this one as well I,didn't mean to click that so I'm gonna,exit out but let's just for,this example this ad iOS and then also,let's add Android because I feel like,that is the most typical and I'll go,over all of these because this is where,I personally got confused bundle ID this,is where this is inside of your iTunes,Connect on the actual app page you have,a bundle ID it usually starts with like,you know comm dot heads-up dot whatever,but it's inside of iTunes Connect you,can pull that directly from iTunes,Connect this URL scheme is optional ask,your developer if you need that I don't,think I put mine in their shared secret,you also need to ask your developer if,you need it you sometimes don't need it,these two things are perfect log in app,purchase events I recommend this as well,because then it shows how many people,purchase write and that's very good for,analytics and all of that good stuff,then you want to go ahead and grab your,app ID so for your app ID there's a link,here you know to the actual app and you,can go ahead and see that this is the,link to the iTunes app of heads-up right,so this is the ID that part right there,and you just put that in right there,just like that I'm gonna change it up a,little bit because you know that's not,actually my app and then you just hit,save so you will get your bundle ID in,there you'll get your iPhone store ID in,there of course it's gonna throw off an,error because it's not actually my app,now for the Google package name this is,found inside of your Google developer,console and then the key hashes you're,gonna need to ask your developer how to,create that really simple for them to do,but the package name is actually found,in the link as well so if I grab the,link here,you can see that come that heads up that,is going to be the package name I,believe so you're gonna want to put that,in there and just fill out all this,information and this is where most,people mess up because it's kind of,hidden down here right it says ad,platform you have to add these two,platforms fill out all this information,and you're good to go,now you also want to take note to the,rolls right because possibly you want to,add an admin as you can see I'm already,an admin but I can add another admin you,can add developers you can add testers,and so on and so on then the last step,you really want to take here is make,sure that it's not in development,anymore you have to provide your privacy,policy like I said before in order to,make it out of development it has to be,live in order to start running Facebook,ads one more thing I want to show you,here is if you go to basic you want to,make sure to upload all of the images as,well so they ask for the app icon right,and they also maybe it's under advanced,oh it's it's under platform you want to,add different cover images you want to,add all the assets that they require so,you know after adding platform iOS,platform Android so you just do those,two things fill out all of this,information hit live and then you are,good to go your app has been added to,Facebook just like that so it's not too,hard to do but now it's time to go to,your actual ads part and set up your ads,right so let's go ahead and dive in here,sorry about that and let's jump into the,actual ads section now so if I go over,to create ad I go like that right and,you want to select app installs and make,sure to stick around because I'm going,to show you a lot of really good,strategies here now that you,can run app install ads very profitably,I see a lot of people teaching app,install ads and I my minds actually,blown sometimes because they show you,ways to run app install ads and it's not,a very profitable way I spend millions,of dollars every single year on app,install ads so let's go ahead and just,name this ad chill test and then you can,skip these two sections here and hit,continue there's a couple points I want,to just show you and let's just go ahead,and use this app right here and it's for,Google Play right you can also say,iTunes and I could select the different,app I could select this one right here,right so you pick whether you're gonna,send the campaign to iTunes or Google,Play I do like to separate them so I'll,have one campaign going to Google Play,one campaign going to iTunes and iTunes,obviously for iOS now this will be the,app that you just registered obviously,this is a different app because I didn't,fully register it I just walked you,through it now I just want to show you a,couple things that will help with your,app installs immediately now if you,wanted more know more in depth like,strategies and all that good stuff for,app installs go watch one of my other,videos I have like an hour long training,showing you every little thing but this,is more you know focused on how to get,up and running right away,also make sure to LIKE and subscribe if,you haven't already so with app installs,I really like to go broad broad,targeting so you can see you could,target you know women thirty-five plus,if you want to or you could say men,thirty-five plus whatever you can say,United States but one thing I've really,liked doing lately is going worldwide,because you get the cheapest installs,now when you go worldwide you want might,want to exclude different countries like,I might want to exclude Africa or you,know the Philippines or wherever you,want to exclude but this tip right,here going worldwide and then just,excluding the places you don't want to,target will save you a lot of money so,that's just one little tip for you,straight off the bat and then another,thing that works really well is going,down to edit placements here and they,want you to do automatic placements it,says recommended right but in my,preference I actually just like to,target Facebook newsfeed I've seen that,that's where we get our best results you,know for for ourselves our own apps,clients apps and so on and so on so I'd,highly recommend this and then maybe on,another campaign you would target just,Instagram now it's very important that,you split them apart because you'll see,different results and if you have both,of them usually face or Facebook ads,would just spend most of your money on,Instagram because it's cheaper but it,doesn't convert as well so split them,apart and it depends on your audience,you know if you're targeting women 30,plus I would say Facebook if you're,targeting people 18 the 28 may be,Instagram is gonna work better but,that's for you to test but the biggest,tip I can give you here is to just,target one at a time and newsfeed only,to start of course you can test others,later and then if you have a really big,app like it's 300 megabytes or something,like that you can click you only win,connected to Wi-Fi you can also select,the iOS version which is night nice and,then another tip is to just start with,small budgets you know even if you have,a thousand dollar budget per day always,start low make a ton of AD sets and then,scale up from there I see a lot of,people saying hey I have a two hundred,dollar budget per day and they go like,this but guess what Facebook their eyes,light up and they're like oh okay well,I'll spend all of that now if you have,in-app purchases inside of your app,you're gonna get the best cost per,purchase if you use app events and then,you go purchase I like to use one day,window and this is where you're gonna,get the best cost per purchase now that,being said your cost per install,is gonna be much higher so if you do app,events purchase Facebook's essentially,gonna start sending traffic of people,that they know like to buy things in,apps but they're gonna charge you more,for that so let's say your app installs,going CPI cost per install is there like,80 cents well if you go to purchase,events they're gonna be like two dollars,three dollars but at the end of the day,it's gonna be less expensive for the,purchases so you know I would test these,by yourself if you just want as many,people in your app as possible go app,installs if you want as many buyers in,your app as possible go purchase but,test all of these on different campaigns,so you can see what works best for your,app so in this example I'm just gonna,use app installs because if you're just,getting started you probably just want,traffic to your app and to see how this,works so let's hit continue here and,then you can actually here's another,quick tip right now it says I'm gonna be,using this page right but actually it's,gonna show as you can see down here it's,gonna show my actual app as the page but,if you select use this page as identity,you can see it changes it so if you want,to test different icons this is a really,really good way to test different icons,and you know test different Saints have,different titles and all that good stuff,inside of your apps now it automatically,pulls your icon but I don't recommend,using just your icon as the image that,being said the best thing to do is,create a video I'm not going to sit here,and create a video in this training but,I can tell you from firsthand experience,all our videos perform way better in,this training I'll just show you how to,use a stock image so you know maybe,since we were talking trivia I'll type,in trivia and they have so,many different images that you can test,and what you can do is you test all of,these different images and you see which,one works and then you take that image,and you turn it into a video like if,this one right here that says did you,know works really well for me I might go,make a video with this image at the,start and then have something else like,somebody talking after it right and then,I can also say hey free stock images,let's try this one as well and the key,here is to find ones that really pop out,right like this one it has good coloring,and you want to have ads that are a,pattern break it's really great that,facebook gives you these options of,using all of these images but definitely,check out my other videos because I talk,a lot more about video ads and that's,where we get our best results but this,is a quick and easy way to get started,right and then this is where you put,your text now always think you want to,stop there you the user in their tracks,they're scrolling through Facebook what,are you gonna say to get them to stop oh,my god don't you love trivia night or,something like that what I sometimes,like to do is if I'm promoting a trivia,game I'll type in trivia and then forum,trivia forum on to Google and I'll see,how other people talk and they'll say,things like oh my god I love Taco,Tuesday at at Bob's tacos because they,have trivia night so since they said,that on the forum I would say something,just like that oh my god I love Taco,Tuesday when they have trivia trivia,night right because that came from a,forum that's somebody else's words I,used in my ad because I know it relates,really really well to them so this is,where you want to test different things,you want to be testing your copy a lot,so this copy right here you want to test,your creative a lot and you want to test,your audience a lot I talked about this,a ton in my other videos,see Oh audience creative and offer those,are the three levers you really have,inside of your facebook ads that will,allow you to really see a lot of success,so let's go ahead and say install today,and play now you're also gonna want to,test all types of different headlines,right and then there you go you just hit,confirm and you've launched your ad so,we just showed you exactly how to set up,all of the settings here and then it's,connected to your Facebook account so,you can continue to launch more and more,ads and of course if you want to see,more and learn exactly how we profitably,run Facebook ads for apps go ahead and,watch one of the videos there should be,a video coming up right on this screen,where you can click and continue,watching just soak up all of the,information I give you because it's all,for free on YouTube all I asked for is a,quick like on this video share it with,anybody that's having this problem of,connecting to connecting their app to,their Facebook account subscribe if you,haven't already hit that Bell,notification and I'll just keep pouring,a ton of great strategies and,informations for you so you can,absolutely crush it and grow your mobile,app to a place it's never been before,I've done over 25 million downloads and,I am here to help so give me a like give,me subscribe and I'll see you in the,video above there should be two of them,and then also to the right and below,this video so they're all over keep,watching and I'll see you in the next,video

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Facebook Audience Network tutorial | How to create Facebook audience network properties and ad id's

Facebook Audience Network tutorial | How to create Facebook audience network properties and ad id's

hello everyone i am ashriti and in this,video we will see how to get facebook ad,ids go to,login with your facebook business,account credentials,click on create property,provide your customized property name,here,and click on create property,click on add next to android,here you have to provide google play url,of your app,in order to get that,go to app your dashboard,click on link button for your app,click on open app,this is google play url of your live app,copy this url,and paste it over here,click on next,here you have to select your payment,account you can follow the tutorial to,see how to create facebook business,account and add payment account,once you choose your payment account,click on next,click on sdk integration,select mediation platform as max,click on create placement,type your banner placement id name here,select display format as banner click on,create,your banner id has been created,again click on create placement type,your interstitial placement id name here,select display format as interstitial,click on create,interstitial id has been created,now you have to update these ids in,appio for your app go to app your,dashboard click on edit button for your,app,go to monetization options,select facebook,now copy this banner id,and paste it over,facebook banner id in fu,copy interstitial id,and paste it over facebook interstitial,id,click on previous,click on verification,you can see property id here copy this,property id,and paste it over facebook app id in rpo,then click on submit and click on ok,here click on submit for review,now you can see your app has been,verified click on next,click on done,now go back to app your dashboard,you can see your app progress has,reached 200 percent now,we have successfully enabled,monetization for our app,i hope you enjoyed the video,thank you bye

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