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Facebook AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Has Gone! Find Facebook Targeting Options This Way Instead...hi guys it's

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Has Gone! Find Facebook Targeting Options This Way Instead...

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to talk,about the fact that facebook audience,insights has gone facebook have retired,their audience insights tool it was a,fantastic tour we used to use it all the,time to find high quality facebook,targeting options but that's no longer,available so there's new ways that you,need to do things new ways of finding,facebook targeting options that are,likely to work really well for your,business so i'm going to talk through,and walk you through in this video how,we're now approaching facebook targeting,research how we're now finding targeting,options and our approach to facebook,targeting now that one of the big,facebook targeting tools has disappeared,so i'm in in example ad account here i'm,in ads manager and i'm going to click on,these three little lines on the left and,i'm going to um,show you uh what where you're taken if,you try and go on to audience insights,now when you're watching this video this,may have been removed but you can see,there's the various options left-hand,side and you can see that audience,insights under analyze and report is,actually still an option which seems,somewhat surprising but if you click on,it you don't come through to the old,audience insights tool,instead you come through to this new,facebook insights tool that has an,audience section okay so,don't think that audience insights still,exist because when you click through to,it this is a completely different thing,this is not facebook audience insights,this is facebook insights and within,facebook insights you can see there's,some other options up here there is an,audience section okay so if you try and,use it this is where you're likely to uh,to end up,now,facebook said that they were going to,use this as a replacement for audience,insights and you can see that by if you,try and click through to audience,insights they automatically redirect you,here,is this a good replacement for the old,facebook audience insights tool the,answer is definitely no so,i'll quickly show you what we used to be,able to do and how it doesn't work in,this tool because if you're trying to,use this and use as an example i'll see,why it doesn't really deliver the best,results so,you want to be on this potential,audience section that's how we used to,use facebook audience insights you can,see the potential audience size 49,million that'll be because it's,defaulted to the uk because i'm based in,in the uk,and you can see various locations and,things like that,and you can see down here this top pages,section okay and you can see if i hover,over,these top pages are the facebook page is,liked by this potential audience and,this metric is estimated so what they're,saying here is that out of this 49,million people that are the facebook and,instagram users aged 18 65 plus in the,uk,and these are the locations,or the largest locations and then these,are the pages they're most likely to,like be interested in etc now we used to,use a very similar tool to this in,facebook's audience insight and this,information i saw this and i was like,you know what this might still work,really well this is this is quite,exciting,so what you want to then do is come in,and add a filter uh we'll just stick,with the united kingdom but we'll pop it,in to make it more,clear,you can see nothing changed there um and,then let's say we are you know say i'm,advertising my business right roughly,our age range let me get rid of that,it's most likely to be 25 plus to say,around 55. we often leave it open but,either way we're going to be male and,female and let's say we wanted to add in,an interest like,social media,marketing,okay you're thinking fantastic this,works so far just like facebook audience,insights used to do,um,and then if we scroll down,you will see that the top pages,have barely changed,they are not,highly relevant to our target audience,and that's what we used to do we used to,pop an interest into here in the social,media marketing you see it has affected,the audience size we're going to have,2.7 million so it has affected the data,um,and that would then produce,a list of a lot of facebook pages a lot,of interest options,that are highly relevant that had what,they called a high affinity score so if,someone liked was interested in social,media marketing they were,500 times more likely to like a certain,page and that's where you got your,targeting ideas from and targeting,options from but,if we look down here you will see that,these are not related to social media,marketing lad bible amazon tasty unilad,bbc news i mean these are very you know,will smith eminem these are very very,generic,targeting options that,and it's because of the wording it's not,an affinity score it's not if you like,this if you're interested in social,media marketing you are 500 times more,likely to,like,this as well this other page it's the,page is liked by this potential audience,well the issue is that,obviously,a huge proportion of people on facebook,and instagram like,land bible right or like uk,or interested in it it just none of,these options here are specific not even,facebook app you might think it is but,but it isn't that's again going to be,generic none of this information here is,specific to people that are interested,in social media marketing and because of,that if you try and come in and use the,new facebook insights tool as a facebook,audience insights replacement it's just,not got the same info okay so if that's,not,how we're going to find great facebook,targeting options,um in a non-facebook audience insights,world which we're now in how are we,going to go about doing it so what we're,going to do is we're going to jump back,into ads manager,and believe it or not we are going to,use facebook's as manager,as our place to find targeting options,that we can use and that should at least,some of them deliver great results for,our business and that might sound a,little bit basic but i'm going to talk,you through it now as to why we do it,that way and what we're really looking,to do,as our end objective because it's a,little bit different okay so i'm just,going to quickly create an example,campaign just to very quickly show you,this let's go with conversions because,basically always doing that,create a quick campaign,and then we're going to jump to the ad,set level and then what we're going to,do very simply,is see what facebook will provide,in the detailed targeting section so,come down here into detail targeting and,we're going to start searching for,things that are related to our business,okay start searching for things that you,know,are highly relevant okay so i play six,side football,soccer for those of you not you know in,the uk,um really enjoy it right and,i'm going to use that sort of industry,as an example here,for how you would go about,finding great facebook targeting options,so let's say i was in that industry,let's say i sold,socks or boots or balls themselves or,training equipment or,um kit you know like apparel jerseys and,things like that right and let's say i,was in that base so what first thing i,do come in here i pop in soccer okay,and you can see we're starting to,generate loads of various options you,know we've got mega league soccer,because soccer's like more the american,word and so we've got major league,soccer as an interest um indoor soccer,what i play six sides which is indoor,fantastic that could be a great,targeting option um soccer am that's,like a tv show all about,all about football uh beach soccer,all sorts of look at all these are all,these options,that you're coming up with okay,you would want to go and make a note of,all these options all the options that,come up that you think are relevant,to some extent here you're going to have,to use your instinct in your knowledge,of the industry to go,you know okay i'm selling,beach soccer no i'm selling boots people,playing bare feet on the beach right,that's not a good one but indoor soccer,okay i sell boots that are specifically,you know they're like astro turf type,boots they're specifically designed for,indoor playing fantastic that would be a,great option,um,all that sort of stuff so you make a,list and then you go through with some,of the other,terms that it might be talked about um,you know football you've got football,association you've got,obviously with football you need to be,careful with the american versus english,version but it depends where you're,where you're advertising of course you,could have in here football boots you,know football boot is an interest you,could have,uh football ball i imagine is going to,come up with something yeah football,ball,um football team,football player,you could go with,again soccer ball,see what comes up association football,soccer,and you can see that if you just search,around the terms,um,let's go with some other stuff see what,comes up and some of the things you pop,in aren't going to come up with anything,so shin pads something you wear to play,football or soccer most of the time,that's not come up as an option,absolutely fine um so you can see you,could have for example,maybe soccer gloves,no that's not gonna come in,that's what a goalkeeper would would use,football gloves no,and this is the process what i'm this,might sound a little bit messy and not,polished like i'd like to create most of,my videos but that's because this,process is a little bit messy and it is,more natural and not quite as polished,as as usual but this is what we're going,through,and what you're looking to do is search,you might search for 10 to 20 terms,in and around your industry and whatever,it is that you sell and then you may,take some of the ones that you find so,we found indoor soccer right okay so,we've got um indoor soccer you've got,soccer fans people who are really,engaged with that sort of content you,know look at the description on soccer,fans right interacted with content,related to football us soccer five or,more times over the last 90 days okay,maybe that's a great audience people who,play the game and buy products probably,also follow the professional game and,are interested in stuff like that okay,that could be a great option so you go,through 10 to 20 different terms you're,going to compile a list i would say of,at least 10,quality targeting options that you can,sort of,intuitively say oh yeah that's that's,good for our audience that's pretty,representative and there's going to be,all sorts of ones you didn't expect to,come up and all sorts of things like,that that is the process we go through,initially there's more added to it in a,minute next thing you want to do is,check the size of these audiences and,all i'm doing at this point,is discounting ones with tiny,audiences that we're just okay it's too,small i'm not going to bother with that,i'm not really worried if something's,too big the upper end so if you look at,soccer fans high engagement and we've,got 70 million 71 million remember this,is worldwide okay so if i was to pop,this in for just the uk,and we have got just the uk selected if,i remove,detail targeting,we can see what the audience size is,is 2.2 million lovely audience size for,the uk that's absolutely fantastic,remember that's just 2.2 million uk 71,million worldwide but if and we may not,come up with any options because of,course football soccer is such a,hugely followed thing we're trying to,find something now that's,actually this might be interesting if i,put a major league soccer in the uk oh,i'm still 1.1 million okay that's still,much larger than i was expecting,but what i'm saying is with a lot of,industries you will do this and you will,find some that are just too small that,just aren't going to,work,see if we can find a small one,there we go soccer mum,not necessarily what you target anyway,okay perfect example that comes out at,59 000. way too small that's not,something i want to target to the whole,of the uk i'm looking for 250 000,minimum maybe half a million minimum,something along those lines i've got,another video about ideal facebook,audience sites so i'll include a link uh,in the video description below but this,is the the sort of thing we're doing,this sort of process okay,then you've got say you might have,anywhere between,six and 20 targeting options that you're,excited about you think can really work,then what you do,is you go through and you test them so,you you create one ad set for each,interest behavior whatever you come up,with here targeting option one in each,if you put them all into one asset or,multiple into one ad set the big issue,with that is that you get a blended,average you don't see,unless you've got four in here you won't,know which one of the four produces the,best results which one of the four,produces the worst results because,they're all lumped in together so the,results are a blended average right if,you separate out each interest or each,behavioral targeting option into its own,asset you can then look at that data in,a few weeks time or a few days time,depending on how much you're spending,and go okay out of these you know 12,that we've tested,three perform really well so let's just,target those three let's get rid of the,others super super valuable information,to have the testing process is how you,do this now you don't want to test too,many all at once i would test a maximum,of five ad sets at any one time but you,could test five this week five next week,five the week after you can get through,these really quickly to find out which,performs best again that those time,frames do depend on your budget right so,smaller budgets you need to leave it,longer larger budgets you can you can,narrow the time frames down um but,that's how you go through the process,now,this might sound a little bit unexciting,a little bit basic if you're used to,doing more complex research with,audience insights but here's why it's,not such a big deal and that's because,this is something we do as an agency and,i would strongly encourage you to do as,well,when you're advertising,to,cold audiences so things like,um what do we have is some fantastic,options before let's just pop,um,no results found i don't believe you,by the way good example of facebook is,super buggy so let's go with the soccer,fans um high engagement that high,content gauge that sounds like a like a,great option,um,when you,are using something like this and you're,testing a whole bunch of different,options,what you are looking to do as soon as,possible is incorporating look-alike,audiences and look-alike audiences based,off of your previous customers are,nearly always going to be the best,options,if you're not familiar with look-alike,audiences i'll include a link um in the,video description below to a really,detailed tutorial all about it's like,the ultimate facebook lookalike audience,tutorial shows you how to create them,all shows you which ones deliver the,best results all that sort of stuff,but the best results are almost,certainly going to be seen from,look-alike audiences and,once you've got say 200 purchases in,your account or 200 leads generated,whatever it is that you're optimizing,for switching over to a look-alike,audience based off of those people that,have taken that action it's almost,certainly going to produce better,results than basically any interest,behavior or demographic targeting option,you can find,so,without audience insights you might find,it a little bit harder to find high,quality targeting options which might,make your results slightly worse,pre-look like audience phase,but depending on how much you're,spending how many conversions you,generate that might be a very short,period of time and then you're going to,primarily be operating off local,audiences you don't need to always,operate off lookalike audiences once you,have the 100 plus customers or 100 plus,leads or whatever it is that you can,base a lookalike audience off you may,still,run some interest targeting options if,they perform really well,but,don't think that,this is the only getting this right this,detailed targeting section right is the,only way to facebook advertising success,very very often we end up with a,situation where advertising to warm,audiences and then advertising to two or,three different look-alike audiences are,called options maybe an interest in,there as well if an interest is,performed particularly well but we're,not reliant on it by any means on this,section here it's more of a getting,things going in the beginning so that we,can then use the best data possible to,produce the best possible results okay,so,pretty straightforward that's the,process is it annoying that audience,insights has gone yes is there anything,we can do about it absolutely not,the facebook insights tour the new one,is not fit for purpose this is the best,way to do it um go ahead and spend a bit,of time you can still find great options,and then you can go on um as i said to,to bigger and better things with,lookalike audiences make sure you check,out this that tutorial by the way on,lookalike audiences if you're not,familiar down below i can i can strongly,recommend okay hopefully that's been,useful before you go a couple things i,want to mention the first is our,facebook advertising services so my,company lead guru is a specialist,facebook and instagram advertising,agency we create manage and optimize,campaigns for our clients um in all,sorts of different industries and if you,want better results if you don't want to,be finding your own targeting options or,if you're thinking you know i'm sure we,can get better results from our facebook,and instagram ads we can almost,certainly help you achieve that so um,what you can do is there'll be another,link in the video description below,where you can click through to our,website book a free call with one of my,team members no obligation we can just,find out more about your business you,can find out more about how we work,um and yeah we can explore potentially,working together we do require that,people have at least a 3k budget or,about to have a 3k minimum budget per,month um for them to be able to work,with us we just can't really work with,companies with less than that,but if you do meet that criteria go,ahead and book a call and you know maybe,we'll be uh we'll be working together,if you enjoyed this video please give it,a thumbs up,comment below i get to most the comments,on my channel and spend a lot of time,doing that so i will do my best to to,answer questions um i can't guarantee it,obviously sometimes there's too many but,but if i can i will um subscribe if you,haven't already and uh yeah best of luck,your facebook ad campaigns guys and i'll,talk to you soon bye for now

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How To Use Facebook Audience Insights 2021 - Facebook Ads

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights 2021 - Facebook Ads

what's going on pixel hackers Christian,law research from pixel feet here and in,this video I'm going to show you how to,use Facebook's own tool call audience,insights so you can dig deep into their,data and get the results that you're,looking for for your campaigns and ad,sets by creating the perfect customer,avatar but before we do that you know,what to do hit the like button subscribe,to the channel and let's go and with the,magic of editing just like that we're,inside my audience inside some one of my,accounts here so honest insights,audience that's that's why the tool that,we use marketers use anybody who's,advertising and Facebook should be using,and this is how you find those hardcore,people that follow an interest I am,mistaken time when people are starting,to advertise with Facebook is that they,go and create a campaign and an ad set,and they just go in there and start,creating you know guessing interests you,know this is why ninety percent of the,people out there are not successful in,facebook ads you really have to do the,research on your audience and you really,have to build a customer avatar of what,they like and what they're into okay so,this is gonna be your audience insights,and to get there you click when you see,the menu click here and you're gonna go,to old tools and you're going to go to,audience insights and as you can see,here we have location age and gender,interest connections if they're,connected to a page videos because,they're pushing video you can go in,there advanced then you have language,relationship status education work,market second I mean you can really get,very granular with this stuff a quick,walk through up you can see here you're,gonna see them graphics page likes you,know what pages they like where they are,located their activity on Facebook and,their job titles relationship status,education level okay so example that I'm,going to use for this video is let's say,I have a boxing store or blah or,something related of boxing product okay,the idea when you're creating a campaign,on Facebook once again you want to go,after the people who are super,passionate about niche so think about it,this way everyone if you mentioned the,word of boxing or you bring boxing up,anyone in the world is gonna know who,Mike Tyson is or Muhammad Ali those are,just names are synonymous with boxing in,itself okay so you can put an ad out,there and you might be okay because like,it's good it's gonna do okay so I'm,gonna do that well because everybody,knows too who those people are so if you,go under you're targeting and you put,Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali and it's,gonna show to a bunch of random people,that don't really care about boxing but,they just know who they are we want to,find the people who are super hardcore,passionate about boxing we want to find,the people who study study boxing who,watch every boxing fight who know who,that amateur that's coming up in the,ranks is by name when their fights are,those are the people who are going to,see you're at click on it and buy from,you or take action on that ad so it's,very four important that we find those,people I'm gonna show you of the process,that I go through to find these people,I'm gonna break down how all this works,so you're ready all right so let's say,our interest is boxing so we start with,the most basic guess that we can do and,you should be googling this type of,stuff right that's another thing I do so,I can go in here let's go boxing and see,what we get all right so we got boxing,kick boxing beat boxing no we want,boxing but then there's amateur boxing,so right now I'm getting this interest,right here that's more hardcore than,regular boxing so we can tell both right,and usually the way I do this I have a,spreadsheet open where I can copy all,this interests down and put it to the,side so I don't forget um okay so let's,go into boxing so now see how everything,changed as soon as I added boxing here,so here we're looking at people who are,interested in boxing or 18 and up both,men and women,and these are the people united states,are active on a monthly basis on,Facebook that are into boxing here and,as you can see the numbers 20 million to,25 million people now our demographics,have change so these are the,demographics are into once again boxing,right here their relationship status,their education level their jobs okay so,this is gold when you're creating your,add some when you're going when you're,writing your copy you're crafting that,add video or picture you know these are,the angles that you can use for your ad,so instead of just hey buy my boxing,product you can do something it's like,look how many people are married 46,percent you can go hey I have this,boxing product why don't you buy for,your husband this coming up and,Christmas or his birthday or you know,whatever because you can target like,that so now you have a different angle,for your marketing instead of just buy,my boxing product you can go with,something like by the special boxing,gift for your husband or for your wife,no matter right so that's a little idea,right there so the first thing we're,going to do is we're gonna go to page,likes right here and we're gonna see,that page likes that are into so here,you can do see all so you can see,everything but I like to keep it to to,the first ten because then it gets too,broad okay so what I do is I look at,what comes up so us CEO C can be related,to boxing because it's a type of context,for so I can see that but I'm not,looking for UFC people I want people who,are into boxing alright so these are the,retail stores that sell boxing products,Champs Sports Academy outdoor sticks,wait for whatever and if they'll memes,all this stuff but you see how how,everything still pretty water down here,so I'm gonna look here and into other,page likes and when you look in here,these are other targeting options and,they hire this affinity number the,better and if you if you really hone in,down on these interests you can go to,like 1,000 3,000 4,000,and basically is this is the anybody who,likes the sensory this interest is this,number times most likely to be,interested and this boxing product or,whatever so now we got HBO boxing right,so now we're getting somewhere,because people who know HBO boxing,they're hardcore into boxing so what I,do is I right click open link in new tab,right,and I want to check it out what we got,here,so HBO boxing so is this the first thing,that I look is is this a boxing related,page right or whether whatever you niche,is so I go down here and make sure that,is a you know related to the niche so,it's a boxing related page the second,thing that I look at is the engagement,you know 60 comments or 131 comments so,that means people are passionate about,this page they like their boxing right,it tells you how many people like this,so over two million anything oh there,are 20,000 don't even bother 20,000 up,only that's the interests that I'd like,to use so right here we have two million,nine hundred nine and two hundred twenty,seven people so I would use this as an,interest okay I will add this to my,spreadsheet okay so you know actually,let me let me open the spreadsheet here,and show you how to do it I'm just doing,fly excel yeah so let's open excel all,right there it is so basically what I do,is whoa this is too big,is I grab my my sheet right here right,create,five different columns,this column is gonna be entertainment,sites whether it's a YouTube channel,blog magazine whatever here I will do,stores here I will do celebrities and,just to keep track of whoa all right so,here,I'm gonna do HBO boxing right so I'm,gonna grab HBO boxing,and I'm gonna add it to my entertainment,site okay,let's not let me copy of courses now so,I just write it down,all right,a box in a machine,now we,finding the hardcore people,regular boxing and I add HBO HBO boxing,see it comes up and sometimes not all of,them are gonna come up so get ready for,that so now notice how my affinities,just jumped up to 845 and how everything,just changed here so now we got the good,boxing stuff right Mayweather promotions,golden box boxing golden boy bought,boxing you know sports from Eric I mean,this is the goal that you're looking for,right the guy was just like knows who,Mike Tyson is it's not gonna know about,boxing at you know boxing news or you,know top-ranked boxing well everybody,knows who Mayweather it's like but,golden boy boxing who knows that I don't,know what that is but I'm not that,hardcore into boxing so let's go look at,it,1 million 186,000 people like this ok,so this is obviously a information site,so how will add it to my list,oops alright so we got that,was that,athlete miguel cotto i don't know who,that is,Canelo Alvarez I think that's a boxer,I've seen that name somewhere,this guy UFC or is this guy boxing,boxing ring,yeah he's a boxer so three million,142,000 so yeah we want to use this this,is an interest is the celebrity right so,we go through space is a real page,there's comments so this is a good,interest so I will add them to my,celebrities okay,so there you go so now we're finding,more of these hardcore,fans right so remove oxygen pians,athlete magazine community let's see,company with that okay so let's put we,have Canelo Alvarez solid for Canelo,ogress and let's go with even deeper,huh so he's not he's not big enough to,be an interest so we get out of there,okay so that's not gonna work so what,about boxing insider let's check that,out,600,000 so it's still good that could be,an interest so let's check it out,boxing insider calm there you go,so boxing let's get rid of,HBO let's see what we get so now we have,new interest boxing is seen calm right,more athletes right,retail company food action champ sports,so these are companies that sell boxing,products you know one day someone on,that but the retail so you want to see,what they're doing you know so this is,how I go through audience inside and,fight,find all those high level related,interests right and every time you plug,this in so let's say I want to see,all of them together and see what my,demo is so HBO boxing,I'll add that back up and then Golden,Boy boxing,now we're down to 1 to 1.5 billion,people,but this gives me the demographics of,where I want to go after so I wouldn't,go under 10% right and this is pushing,it right here so depending on your,budget and you don't want to open it up,to everybody try to save some money I,will start the ads right from 25 to 44,both only men I would even bother with,women because it's such a small,demographic so I will go my first,campaign with these interests right will,be targeted to men only 25 to 44 ray,and let's see their location where they,located so let's say you don't want to,open a nationwide you want to like bring,it down to like States okay so what,depending but let's start with Texas in,California right so you could start with,Texas in California here or if you're,going nationwide you can go by countries,and obviously the US is gonna be the,biggest one right activity you can see,the activity in the last 30 days look,they love to click on ads Weber's on,these interests that pull people that's,that are in this interest love to click,on ads so guess what so I'm gonna,definitely this is confirming that I'm,gonna use those interests for my hat and,then I'm gonna go in here and look at my,demo mobile and desktop iPhone iPod,Android well guess what,how would even bother with desktop when,I create that campaign it's going to be,mobile only right,and iPhone and Android are pretty close,together so I would use both but let's,say for some crazy reason you see that,iPhone or Android is way more than the,other you can just target one by itself,so you can just target mobile only,iPhones only and you can get as granular,as going by the operating system on that,phone okay so this is what you do this,is how you dig for those interests that,people don't know about right so we go,back in here what are we seeing here you,know you know I'm in it and you're like,probably thinking but me whether will,mate with everybody else will mean,whether is we're trying to find those,obscure hardcore interests and not many,people know about okay so this is how,you dig you look for those high high,affinity interests and you just keep,digging,you just keep opening checking out,that's a beer so that's not going to be,it and you know open those links and new,tabs and you look at them and you see,the engagement what is this this is,champs it's just a store okay but I'm,sure there's boxing stores and then if,you don't know where to start with box,answers you can just go to Google and do,it be like boxing product stores you go,in here,top title okay so that's you,know,what you can do top ten box and stores,and types today right,ringside calm so let's see if that's an,interest somewhere in here,you,yeah there you go pretty sight boxing,so now we're getting more results,so this is how you do it this is how you,build your audiences this is how you,build your customer avatar so what is my,customer avatar my customer avatar is,males we're married,between the ages of 25 to 44 will have a,college education right,that means they might have more money to,spend right who are mobile users,right and that's who I'm gonna create my,ad in my campaign after so when I craft,my ad I talk to that demographic right,so I hope this helps this is how I break,down my audiences this how to do my,audience research and this can take,hours you can spend hours doing this but,this is how you really really find out,what those audiences are okay,any questions let me know in the,comments and back to the studio thanks,for watching and as always let me know,in the comments what you think about the,video hit the like button and subscribe,to the channel if you haven't yet and,before you go make sure you check out,one of the other videos right here in,the boxes above me and I'll see you next,time

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