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BIG Change To Facebook Ads Retargetinghas just made a really big change to,Facebook ads retargeting

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 18,2023

BIG Change To Facebook Ads Retargeting

has just made a really big change to,Facebook ads retargeting and this is a,change that we need to talk about,because for some beginner Facebook,advertisers this might be a good thing,for anyone that's a little bit more,advanced and intermediate level or,Beyond this is not something that you're,going to want to use so let me,demonstrate what I'm talking about okay,so here I am inside an example account,I've just quickly created an example,campaign to demonstrate this and then,I'm going to go ahead and jump to the ad,set level which is obviously where,targeting is set if we go ahead and,click edit on this example ad set and we,scroll down to the custom audience,section I'm sure most you're familiar,but those who don't know the way you,retarget on Facebook is you create a,custom audience could be your website,business email list people have watched,videos of yours on Facebook lots of,different options I've got a separate,video about that so I'll include a link,in the description but you create a,custom audience and then you're able to,advertise to that custom audience full,of warm people people have interacted,with your business before and that's,what retargeting effectively is now if,we come to this custom audience section,I just click into here and add in an,example custom audience let's say video,View viewers for example one that I,recommend a lot of Facebook advertisers,use you will now see that we have this,little thing underneath popup called,Advantage custom audience which sounds,great doesn't it who doesn't want,advantage and you'll notice you've,probably seen a number of my videos,recently and if you're in the platform a,lot in in ads manager a lot you'll see,that there's a lot of Advantage stuff,popping up and a lot of it is a move,towards Automation and that's exactly,what this is so what advantage custom,audience is it says if you have it,selected Reach people beyond your custom,audience when it is likely to improve,performance so effectively when you are,retargeting you're advertise to people,that have already interacted with your,business let's say people visit your,website you might think that you're just,advertising to people that are Vista,website but actually if you leave this,Advantage custom audience ticked you,will be advertising to other people as,well effectively cold audiences now that,might be okay if you're you know fairly,beginner Facebook Advertiser you've just,got a very simple campaign,um you've got maybe one ad set for,retargeting one ad set for cold,audiences and you're like you know what,if there's a bit of overlap if my,retargeting audience expands to some,code audiences that's going to be,absolutely fine there are however some,scenarios where that really is not a,good thing and I want to cover those,because if you've fall into any one of,these scenarios you are definitely going,to want to turn off Advantage custom,audience now before I get into that I,want to quickly mention my company's,done for you Facebook and Instagram,advertising services so we can create,manage and optimize your Facebook,Instagram ad campaigns we do have a 3K,per month minimum budget requirement but,if you're interested in working with us,have us take that workload off your,hands and potentially significantly,improve your results there's a link in,the video description you can go ahead,and book a call with one of my team,members find out all the details and all,that sort of stuff hopefully we get a,chance to work together okay so when,would you not want to use this Advantage,custom audience feature well obviously,if you've got any sort of specific,messaging to the people that you're,retargeting so let's say someone's visit,to your website they've added something,to cart and you're writing an add to,cart campaign to try and convince them,to purchase you know you might have ad,cop be saying things like don't forget,to complete your checkout or maybe even,offer a little discount here's 10 to,help you know incent you see those sorts,of ads people create those sorts of ads,all the time where someone's clicked out,to cart they're having a piece that you,put a ad in front of them with a 10,discount to help encourage them to just,complete that final action Well you,certainly wouldn't want to use that use,this feature if you've got ads like that,in this campaign because if someone,hasn't actually visited your website,they haven't actually added something to,cards and an ad pops up in front of them,that says you forgot to complete your,checkout well that's clearly not going,to work that's going to to look,nonsensical so if there's any sort of,specific messaging in your ads anything,in a video that says you know welcome,back or allude to the fact that you've,interacted with that business before I,create retargeting ads like all the time,but I know we're just going out to my,warm audiences and I will say things,like you probably know who I am but just,in case you don't here's a little intro,there's all sorts of little touches like,that that you would not want if you run,this feature they're just not going to,make any sense it's going to confuse,your audience it's not going to work so,you'd certainly want to turn it off in,those scenarios and then you've got the,issue of more complex Facebook,advertising sales funnel structures so,if you're running a very basic director,offer campaign like I described earlier,then okay this might be fine but,anything more sophisticated than that,and you're likely to run into problems I,mean let's take for example the lead,magnet and webinar strategy that I talk,about a lot where you run one campaign,to call audiences to get people to opt,in for a free lead magnet and then you,retarget the people that have opted in,for a free lead magnet with the offer,that is your product service Etc now,that is pretty simple it's a two-step,sales funnel as opposed to a one step,with a direct off approach but even that,starts to break down if you've got,Advantage custom audience selected,because we only want in that scenario to,be advertising our product or service,offer to people that have already opted,in that have had some value from us had,an interaction before this is really,important for anything that's not a,really quick and easy sort of impulse,purchase that you want that extra touch,Point often,um but if you're saying things like in,your ad alluding to the lead magnet they,downloaded and then trying to transition,them as we usually would into purchasing,the product service whatever it is If,instead that's now just going out to,cold audiences because you've got this,selected well that's not going to work,and it's also the sorts of products and,services that we sell using the lead,magnet strategy are going to be services,that cost more you know a little bit,more products that are in the hundreds,of of dollars range as opposed to the,tens that require that extra touch Point,well they're just not going to work if,Facebook goes ahead and puts your ad in,front of code audiences that's why,there's the extra steps so moving people,through is really important and then of,course we get into the omnipresent,content campaign structure where you're,taking a small group of people typically,a warm audience but you can even do it,with a cold audience initially and make,them warm and what you're doing is,you're putting lots of different ads in,front of those people over an extended,time period in order to really develop,that relationship really warm them up,deliver value demonstrate your expertise,and help convince them to purchase in,that scenario often very high ticket,stuff very expensive stuff that's why it,requires so much uh lead nurturing and,that's what we use only present content,for now now if you've got the Vantage,custom audience selected when you are,trying to use omnipresent content and,instead of you just putting Those ads,that are designed to nurture a specific,group of leads that you've generated and,that's going out to just everyone random,people cold audiences Etc well that's,just a waste of your budget that's,completely ineffective and I think we,have to be careful when meta introduced,new features often they will benefit,some people but not others so in this,case this is definitely a something,that's targeted at beginners who often,set up say retargeting campaigns In,Their retargeting audience is Tiny and,they use too large a budget well this,feature will help them because they,won't just smash through that warm,audience and fatigue it they'll have,more reach so I can see it helps them,but it really doesn't help Advanced even,intermediate Facebook advertisers,because we want the added level of,control and we're not just going with a,super basic campaign structure,um all the time and we have to always,think about what's in this formatter,okay so if you're wanting to just,retarget and you're only wanting to,advertise to those people and now,your ads are going to be pushed out to,potentially much much larger audiences,while you're going to spend more so,always keep those in those things in,mind when you see a new thing pop up,even if it says things like Advantage,custom audience to make it make it sound,great so I think for a lot of,advertisers you're going to want to go,ahead and turn this off but just think,about it through okay am I actually,happy for people not in my retargeting,audience my warm audience to see these,ads does that make sense given my,campaign structure and given my my,strategy I think for a lot of people,watching my videos the answer is going,to be no and if you're wondering what,omnipresent content is as a Facebook ad,strategy how it all works and how it,fits together it's actually one of my,favorites it's super super effective,especially for building relationship,with your prospects over the long term,I've created a whole video here that you,can go ahead and check out I walk you,through the exact process how to show,you how to set up the campaign ad sets,all that sort of stuff well worth,checking out

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Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

I'm about to show you eight really,powerful hacks secret strategies and pro,tips designed and proven to get your,Facebook ad performance to look,something like this in 2023 if you apply,any of what you learn here in this video,you'll put an end once and for all to,wasting money and that idea that,Facebook ads just don't work because,they do and to help me prove that I,reached out to some of the smartest,Facebook ad experts I know Amanda Bond,Adam erhart and Salome shellac to hear,directly from them what's in their 2023,Facebook ads Playbook so that you can,steal from the best don't worry they're,totally cool with it and duplicate their,big time results by using what's working,amazingly well right now so between the,four of us we've run tens of millions of,dollars in Facebook ads so trust me this,is the stuff that works and if you stick,with me till the end I'll let you in on,my proven start to finish Facebook ad,funnel that's perfect perfect for any,service based business out there so,Facebook ads have changed a lot over the,past few years first we have the,adpocalypse with the iOS 14 update which,basically put a stop to being able to,track people who've been to our website,so that we can retarget them with ads,thanks apple and this past year we've,seen Facebook problem solve their way,toward correcting that so they've,simplified targeting and the objectives,you can choose and they've given us a,few brand new options too what's working,best in Facebook right now that's,digital marketing expert and fellow,YouTuber Adam erhart and this guy knows,what he's talking about when it comes to,Facebook ads is really adapting and,understanding the changes that have,taken place with tracking and privacy,and all the policies around there so,it's like obviously everybody's familiar,iOS 14 came and just like decimated,everybody's tracking so we've got to,understand the rules and then play,Within them meaning that we can still do,retargeting we can still build,incredibly effective highly targeted,audiences so essentially the best thing,that we've done is start to transition a,lot of our custom audiences stay away,from email lists and away from website,visitors more to like lead form engagers,ah lead forms specifically Facebook's,new and improved lead form ads I'm gonna,kick this off as my number one strategy,because all three of my expert guests,were really into lead ads as something,that you should be using this year back,in I think it was like 2015 the lead ads,came onto the scene and I remember,trying them out and dismissing them at,first like years about this is Facebook,ads expert Amanda Bond AKA Bond and,she's been featured in places like,Forbes Inc magazine you know no biggie I,was like oh my God these lead ads like,no thank you they're not you have to,integrate them with your email,autoresponder there's like a few more,steps you couldn't design the experience,to be very cute back then you're,terrible like they were just they were,so bad and we would get uh we would get,like 10 cent leads but they'd all be,garbage and so I just dismissed it for,years and years we're have tried them,again this year and in one instance we,were able to cut our lead costs from,like 50 down to ten dollars in the first,instance Facebook did some really good,work with the algorithm and with the,targeting with the way that they're,they're sort of delivered and the way,that people engage and interact with,them and I think pairing that with the,way that people now feel more,comfortable sort of using lead ads,they're starting to become really,effective and then another example like,another angle of creative we were able,to get those leads down to three and,four dollars with lead ads so why are,lead formats cheaper than if you were to,do it the old way you know sending,someone back off to your website to fill,out a form there I think people staying,on the platform Facebook is really,enjoying so they're giving us cheaper,Impressions and anyone who clicks over,to that form directly on Facebook is,retargetable because we're not leaving,the platform at all and you don't even,have to set up a landing page anymore,like you could just do it in Facebook it,take it took me like 15 minutes from,start to finish to get one live so I'm a,big fan of lead ads again so I remember,the big problem that I used to have with,lead ads was that you'd get more people,and they would definitely be cheaper but,they're also kind of like they were,worse leads like they just weren't as,likely to convert into customers so are,you saying that's not the case anymore,no I mean we're tracking it pretty solid,and and they're they're solid humans,coming through engaging taking actions,on the back end so we're like in what,we're seeing especially when you go from,50 leads down to three and one way that,Facebook's increased the lead quality is,by offering us this option when we go to,create our lead ad form so you can,either select more volume or you can,choose higher intent if you check that,option there's one more step that leads,have to go through if they want to,submit their information so that's going,to result in fewer but higher quality,leads who are more likely to turn into,an actual customer or client and sure,you can use lead ad forms to have people,schedule an appointment or a,consultation but there's actually a,better use for them which brings us to,Facebook ads 2023 Pro tip number two and,that's building your email list this is,saloni Shellac Salome is the owner of,shine and succeed Facebook ads agency,and the host of this super helpful,podcast the shine Show she spent over,five hundred thousand dollars on,Facebook ads in the first half of 2022,alone like there's no substitute for,building your email list and if you're,in a service based business that becomes,even more important because when you're,making a larger sum of money off of a,fewer number of people having a good,strong email list means you get to help,people you get to teach them you get to,share valuable information with them,that set you up as the authority in your,industry and means the next time you,need a new client,you send out an email and say we have an,opening for a client click here to apply,you are so much more likely to fill that,open spot faster than if you are not,building your list and not adding value,this building is also fairly affordable,if you think of your marketing budget,and you just decide I'm going to set,aside a thousand dollars a month and you,spend that thousand dollars just on list,building you will never regret that,never ever and there are a few reasons,for that first of all the way most sales,happen is through repeated exposure so,your customers need to see you or hear,from your business over and over again,before choosing to spend any actual,money with you and yes you can get that,repeated exposure through Facebook alone,but it's harder and much more expensive,to do it that way than if you were to,pay for the initial Facebook ad that,gets people onto your email list and,then move the conversation over to email,to close the sale and here's the basics,for how this would work first of all,you'd want to create some kind of lead,generator or lead Magnet download that,your ideal customer would want to get,their hands on so this should promise a,result or an outcome not just,information things like quick start,checklists or curated resource lists or,templates even quizzes were great for,this then your ad becomes all about,selling that not your product or paid,service it's all about getting them to,hand over their email address in,exchange for your lead Magnet download,so they fill out the lead form then,email automation takes over delivering,it to them and now you have another,email address from someone that you can,then send a really short nurture email,campaign to helping them with more of,your expert advice tips and secrets and,then this would continue on for three or,four emails and then you can start to,actually sell when they already already,see you as a trusted helpful Authority,and are much more likely to actually buy,what you're selling them but it all,starts with the right ad and there's,really no better more cost-effective ad,type than my number three Facebook Ad,Pro tip for 2023 probably no surprise,here but it's going to be video based,specifically that reels placement,Facebook reels we'll put it on Instagram,reels uh used to be stories we're doing,really well now reels ads seem to be,doing better and the reasons why are,pretty clear Instagram is all in on,video right now typically on trying to,out tick tock tick tock with their,version reels and since they're going so,hard in that direction they're gonna,push your real ad out to more people for,less money than any other type of AD you,could run not only that but reels,actually generate 67 percent more,engagement than any other type of,Instagram video what I like about them,is if you can create Instagram real,Facebook real whatever real you can then,take that and you can put it on Tick,Tock YouTube shorts wherever else you,want so what should go into the perfect,reels ad it's not all you know dancing,and pointing and keeping up with crazy,Trends right all dancing all pointing,all the time West that's the secret yeah,no I'm I'm not a big fan of that uh,either uh obviously for because I can't,dance and I can barely point so that's,like out of the question I think the the,key is with the reels ad is it's going,to be a more condensed version of your,text ad so where people go wrong is that,they don't hook them right away so it if,you're going to spend any amount of time,energy effort get Consulting get help,whatever it's going to be that first,line that call out that hook are you,this person do you have this problem,does this sound familiar is are you in,this situation have you been here before,something that is going to get them to,sort of perk up and listen because if,you don't get them there they're gone I,think the next thing is that we really,have to watch pacing so what ends up,happening is that when people think of,reals ads or they think of even YouTube,videos they go to the big creators the,the dancing the pointing the Mr B style,like really really rapid stuff and,that's not necessarily best ever for,most businesses especially if your,audience is 20 years old and up 30 and,up 40 and up so we have to watch the,pacing we've got to keep it going but we,don't have to be absolutely with,it and hectic so keep the pacing keep it,going make sure that it's driving I like,visuals and audible changes simply,because they sort of capture people's,attention and re-engage them but you,don't need fancy Graphics or green,screens you just need to provide value,maybe show something just sort of keep,things moving and using the reels ad,placement just so happens to be a,perfect fit to use with the lead form,objective so they see your real ad where,you talk about why they need your lead,magnet maybe they see the three results,they'll get if they download and use it,so they click on it and up Pops the form,where they can opt in for it they're now,on your email list and you know the rest,but my next Pro tip comes right from the,brilliant mind of bond and it's another,fantastic way to build up those repeated,touch points with your customers that,you know are needed to get the eventual,sale and she calls this hack surround,sound retargeting I'm actually really,excited about this right now because,we're seeing insane results from,four percent click-through rates when,the averages are like half a percent to,20 sales conversion rates uh on this,type of AD but doing it in a world,building style so we're not just relying,on like one single ad anymore we are,saying hey somebody who's taken an,action and clicked through to the sales,page let's do this surround sound,effects so that they're seeing us over,and over again with different creative,types so that they're clicking over to,the sales page and they're making that,purchase transaction so layering these,retargeting ads cool so this is,essentially retargeting your website,traffic but it sounds like what's,different about this strategy is you're,actually going for a series of ads and,each of them you know hits on something,different so what are some of the,different angles that business owners,can take when they're coming up with,these surround sound ads so what's,behind me here on the wall is actually,an example sales page of a client of,mine and so what I like to do as,somebody who works on the computer all,the time is bring it into the analog,world take that page that we're trying,to send traffic to and print it out so,that we can see it from top to bottom,and then my process for this is I just,read the page from start to finish and I,think about what are the different,elements of this sales page right like,there might be a testimonial over here,that we could extract off of that page,we already have the copy for it because,it's it's live either on that sales page,or that lead magnet landing page and,then we'll just turn it into an ad so,the idea here is to get as many,different angles or hooks that each,speak to a different pain point or,benefit or result or social proof and,create anywhere from three to ten,different ads out of those and this can,work extremely well in the long run the,only downside is that it doesn't,necessarily produce great results right,away so they're definitely still worth,doing you just need to be patient to see,the results so what kind of AD can you,run in the meantime possibly alongside,those surround sound ads to also get,quick results in the short term if you,have a local service based business I'm,really liking click to call ADS so it's,legitimately like the most basic Google,ad style thing where you put in your,phone number and you're optimizing for,someone to call your business I've never,actually used that before so how do you,make an ad like that oh man this is,again this is so gonna be awesome it's,so easy it's legitimately uh it takes,like all of the Fancy Pants marketing,and IT throws it out the window and it's,um I call it like the clear offer,formula so it's like we do X for y so,you can Z without W and I wish it was,fancier but legitimately it's hey we,have this thing if you're this person,with this problem we can help you do,this would you like to call or do this,thing,promise I was like man nine times out of,ten that is going to dominate the,fanciest most clever creative cute ad,you've ever seen like just come out of,the gate and say hey we have this thing,if you're this kind of person we can,help you with this but I think Clarity,here like that's really the the secret,well there's no ad that's ever gonna get,any simpler than that okay I was wrong,just when I thought that sounded like,the simplest most stripped down Advocate,ever possibly work Amanda came and blew,my mind with this one something that I,see people doing a lot is trying to make,their ads novels right like they want to,tell the entire story on the ad itself,but sometimes it can be as easy as a,sentence or two with a compelling image,or even without you can do a Facebook ad,for the news feed without an image or a,headline in it with a link and getting,people clicking over to that landing,page or sales page,yeah you heard that right Amanda,actually recommends and teaches to her,paid students this crazy hack that uses,no image no video and even no headline,at all and the reason it works is,because it actually feels organic in a,way that no other AD ever feels and she,actually gets really good click-through,rates whenever she uses it yeah I really,like them I call them stealth ads where,you go to your Facebook page and you,create the ad right it's going to show,up organically the first time you put in,the body copy you put the link in it of,course you want that link to get them,over to the sales page or the landing,page but then you can go into ads,manager using any objective any,targeting and just say hey Facebook I,want to use this existing post from my,Facebook page as the ad and they'll just,pull it up with no image and and no,headline in it Blends right in it looks,like it looks like it's just coming from,a friend end in your news feed so for,any Facebook ad to be successful you,have to have the right offer the right,ad itself but you also need to put it in,front of the Right audience so let's,talk about how targeting works best in,2023 now Facebook used to want you to,get really specific with details of who,your most ideal customer would be but,their algorithm is so smart now that you,actually don't even want to restrict it,from doing what it does best so how big,are the audiences that you're targeting,these days 6 60 million plus you know,what we used to go very specific,and then we changed that to like one or,two million and then 10 million and now,we're like we're like the bigger the,better the broader the better it's broad,open targeting it's vague targeting so,for me that means I would run a list,building campaign to women between 25,and 65 in the US and I wouldn't specify,anything else just that but then in my,creative I would make sure that my ideal,customer sees that image and is,instantly attracted to it the hook in my,copy that first important line that that,calls them out speaks to their desires,speaks to their frustrations so that so,that the creative is doing the work to,connect with them so we call that ad,copy targeting so obviously you can do,the targeting by selecting the audience,that you want but then if we can dog,whistle call them out would say are you,this person do you have this problem,they'll naturally select themselves,which will help increase your Roi and,everything gets good and what's really,good is Facebook starts to take notice,of the kinds of people who are clicking,and engaging with the ad and they run,that against the thousands of data,points they have on all their users and,they start to put a profile together of,who they should be showing this ad to,for the best results you let the,algorithm find your people if you narrow,it down too much you could find yourself,in a situation where the algorithm,actually has difficulty finding your,people and there's one more type of ad,that you should be running right now,that's going to help every other AD you,run now or in the future perform way,more profitably so I learned this one,from you a couple years ago and I saw a,really big difference in the performance,of all my other ads within just a few,weeks of running it so what's this ad,and why does it make such a powerful,impact act on everything else so with,engagement being like the the love,language of Mark Zuckerberg what do we,do when a we are new to the platform so,maybe we don't have a large following,yet,or B when I worked solely in my agency I,was so busy working with clients I,didn't have time for social media so,there's a very simple solution to this,and that is to put five dollars a day on,running engagement ads and how that,works is you take your best social media,post the one that has gotten the most,engagement,and the content of that was you know it,can't be your cute cat or your cute dog,I mean that's gonna that's gonna get,engagement but that's not gonna build,your business has to be something that,showcases your brand that connects with,your audience that makes your audience,go oh this is my person right so you,take that ad that post and you just turn,it into an ad that you optimize for,engagement and what's gonna happen is,you're five dollars a day is going to do,that work for you it's going to put that,ad in front of people who already know,like and trust you but it's also going,to put that ad in front of new people,who you're gonna find through your five,dollars a day so that frees up so much,energy for you and what it does is now,you're finding them automatically,they're coming to your Instagram profile,or your your Facebook page and they're,liking things they're clicking on things,when they start clicking they start,finding your website they start finding,your YouTube channel they start,consuming your content and now you have,engagement,and then you can move them onto your,email list using your social media from,there so a simple five dollars a day can,really kick start that Snowball Effect,that engagement creates in your business,yeah and that's super important but,there's another reason why you'd want to,do this too right you know how do these,five dollar a day engagement ads help,Facebook find your ideal audiences,faster and more accurately when you,start running engagement ads it will,kick-start the activity on your pixel,and as soon as the pixel gets activity,it starts remembering that activity and,that's important for us when we're,running other ads like conversion ads,for list building because when the pixel,knows who our ideal customer is and the,pixel knows who is likely to be in our,warm audiences that it feeds that,information back to the algorithm and,then when you start running ads I.E your,ads are less expensive because you've,already started seasoning your pixel,and B in the long run you end up paying,less for your conversion ads and you,start building up that I call it account,Mojo,Mojo Mojo if you can build up positive,account Mojo from the beginning you'll,be so happy that you did that because it,it will just start to to create that,beautiful sweet spot where you just,start feeling like your ad account is,doing what it should be doing and that,is as a result of pixel seasoning which,comes from engagement and that's an ad,you should absolutely be running,alongside this bonus Pro tip which is my,proven Facebook ads funnel that's,perfect for you service businesses it's,a strategy that needs its own video to,properly lay it all out and I'll show,you the whole thing from start to finish,so click right here to discover the last,Facebook ad funnel you'll ever need,complete with guidance on what needs to,go into each ad the best targeting,options how much money you should be,spending and even examples for each I'll,see you there

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