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Author Signature: Install and Setup for your Shopify Bloghi it's Russell from low fruit solutions,he

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Author Signature: Install and Setup for your Shopify Blog

hi it's Russell from low fruit solutions,here today I'm going to be talking about,a new app that we've released for,Shopify called author signature or if,the signature provides the ability to,have a customized signature and social,links for your blog authors why is this,important,signatures are extensions of our persona,our persona is what makes us both human,and authentic your readers are more,likely to trust and engage with you if,you are authentic as an example if I,have a pet store that sells veterinary,products and I have articles on my store,that talk about for instance treatment,for fleas with dogs it's more likely,that my readers will believe me and,actually the products that I'm,recommending if I have an authority in,that space eg that I am a veterinary,doctor or I have significant historical,background as opposed to none and the,signatures allow you to outline what,that is and let's also be honest having,a cool signature on your blog just looks,really stylish and a lot better than,without now the added bonus of author,signature it is it allows you to have,multiple guest authors right without,being constrained by the Shopify account,system so you saving money as well as,well as being able to just like to say,it taking contributions from all over,the place and give credit where credit,is due by providing backlinks to those,particular authors to their own you know,potentially website email systems and,etc so let's have a look and see what a,blog article without a signature looks,like so I'm on the musing the debut,theme here and it is a free theme out of,Shopify and it's going to click on a,blog article here one of written before,and you can see it's a pretty minimal,article it's a it doesn't have too much,going on in it what we have is just a,little bit of you know towards the,author here telling you that it was,written by low for its solutions but,that's it right there's no there's,nothing else to it so now let's have a,look at the app and how easy it is,to add a signature so first of all,here's I'm just got the number of tabs,already set up so what we have here is,just the the standard app page I'm going,to not worry too much about what's setup,here just yet,we'll come back to it but I will mention,that when you install the app it'll load,all the existing blog authors into the,lists already so you actually see them,in the drop-down I only have the one,author here and so that you can then,begin adding their details but just to,show you how quickly this this all works,I'm just going to click on the setup tab,here and I'm just going to copy this,little line of code you can read all the,instructions at your leisure,this is how simple it is it's a single,code line and code line of code,installation I have another tab here,just for expediency and this is the the,themes page within my admin dashboard,I'm just see the debut I'm just gonna,click actions edit code right now for,all the themes you're going to want to,edit the article the liquid but for new,themes you have they'll be in sections,how do you know if you need to edit in,the section well if you go into article,that liquid and it has a reference it,says section in this case section,article - template it's telling me that,the actual control or etc belongs in,underneath sections and in article -,template so I'm just going to go there,and what I'm looking for is the article,content area where you want to put your,signature if you'll go back to the blog,article is we really want to put it,between where the content sits and where,the social links are right so it sits,nicely here so when I go back to the,code and look at that what you'll see is,here is the section series include,social sharing and here is the article,content so I can put it straight,underneath or straight underneath the,article that content in this case,because I wanted to sit with the article,body I'm just going to put it here and,I'm gonna click Save,and we go back to my blog and I'm gonna,hit refresh and there I have a signature,already now that's what it's done is its,read the existing it's read the app,configuration out read that the the,existing author and then it's applied,all the details that we've added in the,app so we're gonna go back to that and,talk about these details now so on the,authors tab what we have for every,author in this case I said anyone there,the ability to add a bio this is your,backstory your ability to give a little,bit of background about yourself,qualifications or even just some funny,anecdotes write anything that again,provides that human allure that,authenticity that allows people to,engage with you and believe what you say,and we have the ability to add a profile,image now this is an image of your,choosing that'll either you know create,like a effectively a profile image or,background image depending on the layout,you choose and we then have all the,major social links here email Facebook,Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest snapchat,Twitter website YouTube it'll show for,whichever ones that you filled in a,valid value right an icon will be,represented so if you only put Facebook,and then you'd only see the Facebook,icon and you'll see that in a little,minute and then the big part comes,around styling now really styling here,we have so many options available to us,now the the combinations are near,endless on what you choose firstly we,have what we call templates these are,predefined layouts available to you to,quickly change the look and feel of your,signature without changing any of the,color schemes so at the moment the,default is horizontal box which is if,you look at this it's just a rounded,corner box with the author name bio and,then social links below,it's a read left to right nothing very,you know intriguing about it but you,know it looks okay we could choose,another option let's choose one I quite,like horizontal sites social as an,example just click Save,go back refresh and then we and there we,go,now our little links are in the side and,we've got our author name a detail to,the right another example another very,straightforward example if you wanted to,just use an image only right so the one,that means is just use the the profile,image here this is a good option if you,already have an existing for instance,image file like signature file where,you've got like a cursive representation,of your name instead of adding it to,every blog that you've got you would,just put it into your profile settings,here and then it would then show on,every article for that particular author,so you can see in my profile image is,just this and it's not a name in it per,se it's just a picture of an apple I'll,show you how that looks in if we use,something quite you know again quite,clean and straightforward which is a,vertical line in image very cool just,means everything's top top to bottom,centered so it's a very very clean,looking signature as an example you can,see very simple to move between these,different styles and then if you get,into the color scheming right so we can,change the outline thickness I'm gonna,make this a slightly thicker outline I'm,gonna change it to a dotted line I'm,gonna change my outline color to match,you know maybe match something in my,theme in this case I'm gonna make it,kind of like a red option just as an,example I want to change the author name,these are inherited from your theme,setting so I want to give the author,name and larger and look you want to,change it to H - hit it - I want to,change the bio color again this is just,a purely a demonstration of of really,the level of customization which is,available to you which is you know quite,a huge amount really you can the the,this the the options are nearly endless,and I'm gonna change my icon shape,two medium two square I'm gonna change,the icon size to medium a bit bigger and,in this case I'm gonna change the color,scheme from color to dark right just as,a quick example and hit save and refresh,and there you go very very very very,quickly very simple way to customize,just your signature according to how you,want it to look and feel and fit in,within your theme now and I've only made,their change in one place and that,change will be replicated across all the,articles that this author has and now,how do we use this for guest author,collaboration very simple right what we,would do is we would create a new author,in this case I'm gonna go guest author,just go add new already author here,remember existing authors that you,already have will in the be in the list,already right so you only need to do,this if this author does not have an,account or any blog articles so I'm just,gonna go add there we go now we're,creating a little bio I'm a guest author,not gonna worry about image I'm just,gonna put a some random links in here,just so that we can see what happens if,you only put a few in,guests gonna have a website which is,gonna be guest calm as an example we,could choose an individual layout so you,can actually style your authors,completely differently if you wish or,you just make them look the same it's,it's entirely up to you in this case I'm,just going to leave it as the horizontal,box as now by default settings I'm just,going to hit save alright update was,successful now I'm going to add that,author to the that article that I just,had so I'm going to change it right so,if we look at the that this this article,we can see that you know the author name,is up here that was a signature reflects,that name down here and if we went to,the actual blog which shows you know,your your,view of your all the articles we would,actually see that you know it's,currently you know as it should be by,low freed solutions right so I'm just,going to go back in there when I go back,to the app so first it's just a refresh,if you load the app it you won't need to,do the refresh it with no straightaway,so that,guess author is now on the drop down and,it just choose guest author click Save,update successful go back to the the,blog article hit refresh and there we go,you can see the author name has changed,over here and we didn't have to change,any code to do that and there we go the,author signature has also changed and,wherever you add guest author to to,whatever article you you add it it'll,now reflect the same signature and also,change if we go back to the the blog,what we'll see is it it now shows that,the author name in the correct location,and all with one line of code that's how,straightforward using author signature,is it's a great way to manage all your,all your collaboration and for many if,you have many contributors it's a great,way to to show off who you are to create,that authentic layer of trust around,your articles and ultimately make it,more engaging to your readers and make,your blog just a whole lot better,looking so that's me,Russell from leverage solutions I hope,you enjoyed this if your any questions,please post below in or you know contact,us via our website thanks very much for,watching

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How to hide/show blog post author, image or time stamp in Shopify

How to hide/show blog post author, image or time stamp in Shopify

hello store owners and welcome to this,week video I want to show you how to do,a few changes to your blog and articles,so I just want to show you how to,quickly show or remove your your name,from it the date and also the featured,picture that you have in your blog post,so let's go right away and this is my my,current website it is just the demo it's,just an example so if we go directly to,the blog you see I have only a test here,so basically I have I have the day I,have the title I have the day to have,the image and then the text so this is,the blog section and if you go inside,your post this will be the article,section and that's how it's gonna be in,the code as well so let's go back in the,admin this is my post so you have your,title your content you have your,featured image and then the other,information so if you notice on the blog,post it doesn't show my name or or any,other name on the blog itself it only,shows the date and the title so what I,wanna do is go back in the code and,change change this to add my my name so,go back in your in your admin go to,online store you get your team's what I,do recommend you to do is always create,a backup or just a copy of your of your,current team so you can work on it or at,least have it as a backup so what I'm,gonna do is I'm gonna duplicate it,it's gonna create a copy right here you,can go right away and rename it I will,call it just dev and you can always give,it a date something like this so you,know when you created it and it'll be,useful in the future if you have a few,of them so what I'm gonna do is actually,work on this one so I don't change what,I have on on the current one so let's go,here and click on the three dots edit,HTML CSS in the templates we're gonna,open blog and we're gonna open article,so let's go for the article and an easy,way to find out where it is it's always,to just select something right click and,do inspect so you can do inspect and,then Firefox and in Chrome and in Safari,all of the browsers gonna be able to do,it so what I'm looking here is just for,for a class so this will do section,header so you can copy this go back in,your code to a control F or command F if,you're on a Mac and you're gonna be able,to do a search and it's right here,so I know I have here my title then I'm,gonna have my my time so I have time,settings blog or enable okay so the,issue right here is I should have looked,before but I didn't so in the settings,in this theme I have I have an option to,to turn on and off the author name so,let me go ahead and activate that lets,open customize,so block page show blog post utter so,let me save it and just refresh to see,if we see it here,and I won't say it because I need I was,working on a different one so let me you,should click preview here and then you,will be able to see it let's go back to,blog so it will show it in the blog and,in the article also so let's assume,let's go back to my article let's assume,that you you do have it and you don't,have the option in in your settings to,turn it off or on let's just go back the,the the simple way the simple way to do,it is you just need to use this code so,article author and you can paste it,winner wherever you want so let's just,let's copy this and let's copy and,remove this and then let's add it just,above you can just use a simple,paragraph code this and we close it so,what I wanted to do is post it by and,then you put your author liquid comment,right here so let's save it and refresh,and we have it right here so that's how,you play with the author of the of the,blog obviously you will want to modify,it also in in the blog and in the main,blog where you have all the articles,because here is just say is the name so,depends what you want to do with that if,not you have all the room here to do it,let's just go back to how it was,just going back okay,so let's assume you still have you you,you have the option or for whatever,reason what I do recommend you to do is,if you want to hide something maybe just,comment it out so in the future if you,change your my mind if you want to know,what what you did which remove it would,be best if it's commented out so you can,reuse it so the proper way to comment is,like this comment I like also to give a,little bit of explanation of what I'm,doing so I'm Robert and removing okay,and then you need to close it so to,close it you just need to specify and,come in and and this should so let's,click Save and it's refreshing it okay,and the small issue is that we forgot,the dot here so it looks weird so let's,make sure we comment the dot also like,this save refreshes and now it's it's,gone let's assume now you want to to,hide the date let's do the same idea so,the date is right here before removing,it and why would you want to remove it,in my opinion is maybe you don't post,this that often so you don't want this,Lee to show the month the date all of,that know that you have the option to to,show maybe just the year or month and,year if you do choose to I'm gonna put a,link in the description that's gonna,refer you to this page where you have,additional filters,the date so in this case you can just,show and we're gonna try it out maybe,just want to show the month without the,date or maybe you wanna show just the,year so let's try this one you see it's,it's a percentage here and a capital B,so if we go back here let's let's remove,the date let's remove the date and here,I'm gonna remove it to show exactly as,it is over here and what I want to do,actually is I want to write it with just,add the month the complete month name,and then and then the year so let's save,it and see if this works,yes so you have month of September which,but it could be for for today or for,past few days of what everybody's gonna,show you the month and the year then you,can also go a step further and remove,the month so we can just show that the,year so in 2016 or hide it completely,and then we're gonna do the same thing,as we did before way with the comment so,just copy this,sorry just copy the comment and we're,gonna cut we're gonna we need to close,it so let's copy the end of comment also,let's save it and see how it looks so,this is what we wanted no date no name,obviously make sure you do it on,everywhere on the blog or even on the,home page you can see here on the side I,still have the date and in the blog,section itself because this is with,doing only the article section you're,still gonna have the date and the name,so you're gonna need to go in here and,do exactly the same thing again we're,modifying here the article liquid file,you will need to do the same for blog,liquid or even on the home page or even,on as you can see here I even have it on,the footer so maybe it in your case you,have it in the footer also but it's the,same logic as the same coding you you,need to do exactly the same thing and,the last thing I want to do on on the,article itself because we have a,featured image in in my blog post let me,just show you so I did set a featured,image and the same way that it's shown,the featured image in the footer or on,the blog page itself I want to show it,just before the content so let's go back,to our article and what I wanna do is,where you're looking for content so we,had we had here the the date we had our,author we also have some meta tags here,some tags from the from the article if,the article was was tagged and then,after that we have the content so,content is what,is inside your your description here,your contact so we want to put the,featured image right before that and the,code for that give me two seconds so,let's take a look at in an in blog,section because I know we have it there,so you have here you have your title you,have the time author tags same thing and,then you have right here just before the,content or or the excerpt we have the,image so let's take exactly the same,thing escape okay so yes we can copy,exactly this basically what it's doing,is if the article has an image it's,gonna show an image so what we wanna do,we want to post it just before or,article content it's also assigning an,image alt which is the title so that's,that's great and the only thing I'm,concerned here is that maybe the image,will be too too big and the linkage to,the article URL so that's good okay,sounds good so let's save it and see,what it looks like okay so this is what,it looks like it's good for now and you,can you can live it like this you can,Center it you can make it bigger you can,make it smaller you can you can play,with it so that's really up to you the,link it's useless because we are ready,on on the page we are ready on the,article so in this case it doesn't it,doesn't change much for us so we can,just remove this,and there's no link anymore because,that's it we're really on the article,but if you do put it in and in the,footer or on the home page or in the,product then yes live live that the link,so basically all you have to do is is,use this code here I'm gonna post it in,the description just to make sure you,you do have it so if you have any,questions please let me know in the,comments below,you also have their my information my,email Skype LinkedIn Twitter Instagram,everything it's there so don't be shy,ask me your questions also please,subscribe to the channel I'm releasing,videos like this one each week so like,that you will be sure to not miss any of,them also take a look I have how-to,class for you to learn CSS and learn how,to design your your store and if you,also need my help for full website,analyze please let me know I offer this,service that's it again for this week,hope you enjoyed it and see you next,week

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