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Which Facebook ATTRIBUTION SETTING Should You Use? 7 Day, 1 Day, Etc.hi guys it's ben heath from lea

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Which Facebook ATTRIBUTION SETTING Should You Use? 7 Day, 1 Day, Etc.

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to talk,about facebook ads attribution setting,and the options that you want to be,using in your facebook ad campaigns now,attribution setting is something i've,had tons of questions about it's,something that's changed a lot recently,and there was a first round of changes,on the 19th of january when facebook was,making changes to attribution in,preparation for the ios 14,update then when actually ios 14.5 was,released at the end of april um it,changed again so there's been tons of,changes to attribution we've done a lot,of testing as a facebook ads agency,we've tested this in our clients,accounts a whole ton and i think we're,pretty confident now in the best,approach and that's why i'm now creating,a video on it so i want to share with,you guys what we've done what's worked,and what i think you should be doing to,get the best results possible which is,of course what my uh my content is all,about now before i get into it you want,to very quickly ask you to smash that,like button and of course subscribe to,my channel if you're new and haven't,done so already i release facebook,advertising related content all the time,facebook ads is changing so much right,now that if you want to stay up to date,and know the latest things and the best,approaches as they change being,subscribed to my channel um is really,gonna help you do that so something i,would strongly recommend okay so,attribution settings let's um let's,demonstrate this i'm going to talk,through the options what you want to do,so i'm in an example facebook ad account,here i've got a uh i've created just an,example campaign and i've just jumped,into the ad set level because the ad set,level is now where we set our,attribution setting so if you click edit,on on on your ad set and you scroll down,don't worry about all this other stuff,as i said it's just an example for,demonstration purposes and you come down,to attribution setting and you have um,these options if you don't have the,window already up you might need to,click a little edit button and it'll,bring this these options up so you can,see that we have one day click seven day,click one day click or view and seven,day click or view,now to explain,which one you should go for i need to,first explain what attribution setting,governs and,where it comes from,so before we used to have we didn't have,attribution setting we had two things,instead of attribution setting we had,the attribution window and we had the,conversion window in facebook ads now,the attribution window the default used,to be 28 days click one day view and,what that meant is that if someone say,clicked on an ad of yours if they then,went on to purchase on your website or,take the action you want them to take,within 28 days,that person would be registered as a,conversion and it would be attributed,back to the ad ad set campaign that that,person interacted with before they then,went to take the action so basically,provided they took that action within 28,days after they clicked on an ad or,within 24 hours after viewing an ad that,would then appear in your ad account um,so that's what attribution window was,referring to that's now been shortened,as i'll explain in a minute we also had,this other thing called conversion,window now conversion window instead of,being,where the attribution comes from,it was more around the data facebook,used to optimize your campaign so you,could set for example seven day click,conversion window and facebook is saying,after someone clicks on an ad,and then converts within seven days,we're going to use those people as the,data set to optimize the campaign for so,if someone say clicked on an ad and then,converted 21 days after clicking,previously that would still show up in,your ad account if you had the 28 day,click attribution window selected but,facebook wouldn't use that person as,someone who goes into the data set that,they optimize around it was two separate,things i know that can better get better,get a bit confusing but hopefully that,makes sense facebook have combined them,to one so attribution setting now,governs both your conversion window and,your attribution window so not only are,we saying to facebook this is the data,that i want to show up within my ad,account you're also saying to facebook,this is the data i want you to use,facebook to optimize my campaigns and if,you you know,one of the the truths and one of the,fantastic parts of facebook advertising,is that facebook's machine learning,process helps you get much better,results so telling facebook this is the,data i want to use has a much larger,impact than you than you may think,so if i jump over to facebook support,talk about this because there's some,interesting information here,and i want to clarify the time the,timeline,so you can see right at the top here,facebook say attribution setting has,replaced conversion window and they've,got more um,information about that you can obviously,go through this support doc um by,yourself if you want and they come up,with the,with the four options i just showed you,in a conversion campaign i should,quickly mention that's not gonna be,available in every campaign type so if,you've got app install campaigns for,example as they say here you're not,going to have the seven days you're,gonna have to limit that that time frame,so,when facebook made the changes on,january 19th away from a 28-day,attribution window they went to a seven,day click or one day view,which if we go back into our ad set,level,that would be this option here seven day,click or one day view that was their,default,and out of all these four options that,sounds like it gives you the most data,which would normally be the best option,as i've already said facebook wants data,to be able to optimize your campaigns,often the more data you can give,facebook the better results you get so,facebook defaulted to this on january,19th in preparation for ios 14.5 being,released however if we go back you can,see they say here we initially defaulted,for a seven day click or one day view,attribution setting ahead of the att,which is the prompt you've almost,certainly seen by now in facebook,instagram a whole bunch of other,apps then here we go apple has started,to enforce new requirements including,limitations around view through,attribution so apple was like yeah we're,not really happy about the view through,attribution as a result the default,attribution setting changed to seven day,click only however they're still making,it available so you think okay will they,change the default perhaps to be a bit,more friendly with apple but surely we,still want to go with seven day click or,one day view because that's going to,have the most amount of people in it,that's more data,not necessarily the case okay it's not,as simple as that right so that's the,first point i want to make and i'm going,to explain more about that in a minute,then we get into this section here where,it says,modeled versus partial data in the,context of attribution settings if you,want to read through this you absolutely,can but the important parts i'm going to,try and distill for you are,if you select,one day click,your data will be,more heavily modeled than if you select,seven-day click,what does that mean well facebook,haven't told us exactly what their,modeling means but,what i think we can interpret it to be,is that facebook,doesn't have the real-time data that it,used to have so,a year ago if someone clicks on that,goes through a purchase that's going to,show up in your ad account basically in,real time facebook does not have access,to that data,in real time there's a reporting delay,been implemented and i've got other,videos about that,and they just simply don't have all the,data because if an ios user hasn't opted,into tracking they can't see it for the,most part,so,facebook is modeling that data they're,basically making calculations like we,know that for an e-commerce store like,yours on average it converts at three,percent,we know that we've just sent 100 people,to your website therefore we would model,we would assume there are going to be,three purchases three percent of those,people bought,so if you go with a one day click you,will often see you will see a lot more,model data so you will see,okay i generated 100 clicks facebook is,telling me there's three purchases,and then perhaps you go into shopify or,whatever the website thing you're using,and you see hang on a minute um,i don't have three purchases i have nine,purchases or i have no purchases because,of course they're modeling based on,averages and your results might differ,from that massively,so the one day click option will provide,almost instantaneous data in your ad,account,but the accuracy,is not that good now i should say i do,expect facebook's model data to get more,and more accurate the more time they go,and the more data that they have so they,may be able to bring in other factors,that get them more accurate in terms of,um your website specifically,so that's that's one day click,seven day click on the other hand has,less model data not no model data but,less moderate it started with no model,data at all you can see that facebook,say here starting on june 30th 2021,we're also gradually expanding our use,of conversion modeling to include it in,our seven day click default attribution,setting so it's not um,yeah it used to be no modelled now we've,got some model data in there but what,you will see with seven day click is a,greater level of accuracy around the,data so when you're looking at say,purchasing your ad account it's going to,correspond more closely,to,the actual number that you would see on,your back end,and the actual physical number of say,purchases or leads generated,but with the seven day click,you have the reporting delay so you may,see no data for,two or three days facebook are,addressing that they're starting to,bring in model data so when you're,choosing between say seven one day click,i'm gonna come back to the view stuff in,a minute i parked that a second ago but,when you're choosing between the one day,click and the seven day click what,you're getting with one day click is,faster data,but less accuracy with seven day click,you are getting,more accurate data but it's on a delay,and that means you're going to have to,take longer to make adjustments to your,facebook ad campaigns because if you,takes you 48 hours to even get you know,it takes you two or three days to get,data through from there and you would,normally take say seven days to assess,ad performance or you need to add two or,three days on to that and it takes,longer to be able to optimize that's the,the downside,out of these two options i would still,recommend seven day clip which is,facebook's default personally i'm not in,the needing to know everything,immediately game i don't think any,facebook advertisers should i completely,understand why they do and why they get,wrapped up in that and they check their,ad account four times a day and they,make adjustments,but i never i don't think that's been a,good way to approach facebook instagram,ads for a long time and it certainly,isn't,anymore you absolutely in my opinion,want higher accuracy around your data,make take longer,to make your decisions but make them,make better decisions as a result i,think that's certainly the way to go so,out of those two even though you get a,reporting delay the more accurate data,is going to come through from a,seven-day click and what i've heard a,lot of people do is they will recommend,one day click because of course if you,were running seven-day click and no date,you ran that for two or three days and,almost no data came through and then you,switch over to one day click and,immediately you start seeing data coming,in what you may not realize is the one,day is modeled it doesn't necessarily,mean that's really what's happening and,the seven day data would have come in,you just didn't give it long enough so i,can so see why if you run a test you,start liking one day click and we was,thinking that way for a little bit at,the beginning but,add those two it's one day click or,seven day click,so,then you bring up the question of seven,day click or one day view one day click,or or view so we're gonna discount the,one day click or view because again same,logic as applies to up here with the one,day click,now,i remember i've obviously had these,conversations with my team and my,account manager whole bunch and i'm like,right okay so why wouldn't we go for,seven day click or one day view why did,facebook um default away from that that,seems like the most data possible and,usually you want to give facebook the,most data possible um,to be able to improve a campaign so for,example,the difference between these two is that,if someone clicks on an ad,today and converts within seven days,both seven day click and seven day click,or one day view will record that but,let's say someone sees an ad,this morning they recognize they don't,click on it but they recognize the brand,name they then go into google and google,it they then come through to your,website and purchase under one day click,in theory that,person should be attributed back into,your campaign,it's also then used that person's,included in the data set to optimize,your campaign all sounds good,it doesn't seem to hold up in practice,and i think going forward the view,through attribution is only going to get,worse,so,facebook basically it seems to me like,they've bowed down to apple's pressure,and defaulted away from one day view,uh including one day view in the in the,attribution setting,and from the testing that we've done it,basically seems to just send it a little,bit haywire,not exactly sure why,um,i think that facebook with the one day,view facebook's trying to track,something and provide that data in your,ad account that it can't really do,anymore so you get more inaccuracies,and,overall a worse performing campaign i,can't exactly say why,but in our testing because we've we,started out testing the click work that,out right let's take test click versus,seven let's test seven day click versus,seven day click or one day view seven,day clickers perform better and i think,it's because there's just not actually,as much data coming through on the one,day click as facebook would like it's,confusing things and,that's the case right now,there's only this is only going one way,attribution is not going attribution,capabilities are not being expanded,they're being contracted so i wouldn't,want you to go and set up campaigns,based on seven day click or one day view,for facebook to remove the one day view,option in three months time and then all,your campaigns have got to go back,through learning phases probably have to,be recreated all that sort of stuff,so,i think facebook kind of realized this,was going to happen,when apple put their foot down a little,bit more and that's why they change the,default from seven day click or one day,view um,and that's why i'd also recommend going,with seven day click based on the,testing that we've done so it's actually,it's quite a long-winded answer um,and the result is go with facebook's,default um is what i'd recommend but,it's important to know these things,because sometimes we test stuff and you,absolutely don't want to go with,facebook's default and that can make a,huge difference to your campaigns and,that can make a huge difference to your,results and that can make a huge,difference your business and that can,make a huge difference to your life so,these things are very important to test,and know if facebook ad campaigns are,important to your business um so i think,this has been something we've tested so,much and talked so much about i'm really,glad i'm able to put this out there for,you guys now with a concrete uh,recommendation but that's what i'd go,with if you've got one day click and you,switch if you're currently running one,day click and you're switching over to,seven day click be prepared for your,data to not look very good for a while,because it's gonna have to play catch,um so don't switch over and then two,days be like oh ben was,talking nonsense this isn't as good it,won't look as good for a while,it's gonna be a lag so give it a good,seven days maybe even longer,but i do think you're most likely going,to see the best results with with seven,day click one thing i should quickly,mention if you are using a different,attribution window and your campaigns,are performing really well don't change,it just because it's kind of rule 101,with facebook ads if if,it ain't broke don't fix it like if,things are working don't change the,setting now you may want to when you,create a new campaign in the future go,with a better setup option but don't,change things if it's working really,well okay hopefully that has been useful,hopefully you now know what you're doing,attribution setting wise and couple,things i want to quickly mention before,you go the first is our facebook,advertising services so my company lead,guru we provide done for you facebook,and instagram advertising services which,is what we specialize in and we create,manage optimized campaigns for our,clients and we work out things like,attribution settings and which option,you want to go for and all that sort of,stuff and by doing so help improve our,clients campaigns we have a minimum,budget requirement of 3k per month if,you meet that you can book a call free,call with one of my team members link is,in the video description below and you,can just book it directly into their,calendar they can let you know exactly,about our service how it works costs,associated um we can find out more about,your business we good chance we've,worked with business like yours in the,past and have experience that we can can,uh can help you with um so yeah that,sounds interesting then hopefully you go,ahead and do that maybe we'll get a,chance to uh to work together in the,future if this video has been useful,please give it a thumbs up that really,helps me out when you hit that like,button makes me very happy subscribe for,facebook advertising related content,updates all that sort of stuff i'm very,committed to keeping my audience up to,date and comment below comment below if,you've got questions comment below if,you enjoyed this i answer most comments,on videos particularly new ones so make,sure you get those uh those comments in,and yeah best of luck with your facebook,ad campaigns guys and i'll talk to you,soon bye for now

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Which Facebook Attribution Setting to Choose For Best Performance

Which Facebook Attribution Setting to Choose For Best Performance

it's andrew welcome back to the channel,in this video we're going to talk about,which attribution setting you should,choose to get the best performance out,of your facebook ads now most people,when they're setting up their ads they,just kind of go through and skip over,the attribution setting and leave it on,whatever the default is now that can,actually be a huge mistake because this,setting can have a massive impact on the,overall performance of the ads and the,results that you get so in this video,i'm going to walk you through which,attribution setting is best for you in,your situation and why let's dive in so,the first thing to talk about is what,attribution settings actually do so the,attribution setting determines the,amount of time in which facebook will,take conversion events and attribute,them back to your ads and ad sets it,also determines the time window or time,period in which it will attribute those,conversions and use them to further,optimize the performance of your ads so,basically what that means is facebook's,algorithm will learn from the conversion,events that occur,within the attribution setting that you,choose for example if you choose a seven,day click attribution that means that,any conversions that occur within seven,days of somebody clicking on your ad,will then feedback to facebook those,conversions will be attributed to that,particular ad and ad set and those,conversions that happen within seven,days will also be fed into facebook's,algorithm and used to continue to,optimize your ads any conversions that,occur outside of that seven day click,window will not be used in the,optimization process for your ad set and,your ads now if we look at an example,with a one day click attribution setting,that means that only conversions that,occur within one day of somebody,clicking on your ad will actually be,used to further optimize that particular,ad set so it's a much shorter window in,this case which means facebook is going,to be getting less data and then we also,have the view option so you'll notice,that you've got a one day click and one,day view option and you've also got a,seven day click and one day view option,that means that facebook will also,attribute conversions where somebody saw,an ad in the news feed didn't,necessarily click it but they saw it,within one day of then completing a,conversion event that data will also,feed back and be attributed to your ads,if they convert and it will also be used,in the optimization process so now that,we know what these attribution settings,actually mean and what they do which one,should you actually choose well the,answer is it depends but i'm going to,help you figure out which is best for,you in your particular situation rather,than just giving you the answer that i,use because that might suit you first,let's talk about one day click this is,what i used to use basically all of the,time when i ran conversion campaigns,particularly for when i was generating,leads because in that scenario usually,what i was doing was i was sending,traffic to a landing page where they,could opt in to my email list and become,a lead it wasn't very common or it's,still not very common for somebody to,click an ad go to a landing page and,then maybe come back two or three days,later enter their name and email and,submit it usually it happens within a,day but what i've noticed since ios 14.5,rolled out and app tracking transparency,or att is that the one day click option,has become very expensive and the,results from it haven't been good either,now my theory here is that there just,isn't enough conversion data or there,isn't enough volume getting back to,facebook in order for it to really,optimize well because that one day,window is so short and facebook as we,know is only using the conversions that,happen within one day of them clicking,this ad when we choose this option,it means that the amount of conversion,data being fed to the algorithm is super,limited and i think that really is,affecting facebook's ability to optimize,when we choose the one day window maybe,if you're generating hundreds of leads,or sales each and every day this would,be different but in most cases i think,you're going to run into this same,problem now the reason i say hundreds,per day is because with ios 14.5 and att,facebook actually isn't tracking as many,conversions as it used to it loses a lot,of that data because people are opting,out for privacy reasons and facebook,can't track them and so that loss of,data plus the short conversion window,just leaves a huge gap now facebook are,working to fill that gap and to do that,they've created something they call,conversion modeling with conversion,modeling what they do is they're using,data from multiple other sources to try,and measure and track conversions where,they can't do it directly and when you,choose the one day click attribution,window facebook is actually using their,conversion modeling to fill the gap but,what i find is that this conversion,modeling isn't super accurate you either,get over-reporting or under-reporting,the numbers just aren't matching up to,what we're actually seeing on our,back-end in terms of the number of leads,and sales that we're actually generating,and i think this messy data and this,conversion modeling isn't quite where it,needs to be in order to really help and,add value so in this case it just isn't,working i think it will improve but it's,not there yet all right all of that said,let's move on and talk about the seven,day click attribution window now now the,seven day click attribution window is,something that they actually made the,default when ios 14.5 rolled out so,facebook went and said okay we realize,that we're going to lose a lot of data,here and one day click conversion,windows maybe won't work as well so,we'll make the default seven day click,now i was actually going with seven day,click for the last few months,particularly after ios 14.5 rolled out,and noticed significantly better results,and again you've probably guessed that's,because of the longer conversion window,meaning we have more conversion data,available and going back to facebook and,then being used to continually optimize,our ad sets so seven day click does seem,to be performing for me better than one,day click the only situation where i,really use one day click at the moment,now is if you have something where you,only ever get conversions happening it's,only possible to convert within one day,of them clicking on your ad that's,really rare so for most people i would,say seven day click is probably a better,situation right now as of recording this,than one day click but for me that's,actually changing again at the moment as,of september 23rd 2021 facebook actually,moved to make seven day click or one day,view the default attribution setting so,that means whenever you create a new ad,set now that is going to be the default,setting unless you change it you are,going to be using seven day click or one,day view now i've been testing this and,comparing seven day click to seven day,click or one day view and i am finding,that using seven day click or one day,view as my attribution setting is,actually giving me better performance,now when i say better performance what i,mean is that the quality of the leads,that i'm getting from that is actually,better the cost is actually slightly,higher when i compare it to just seven,day click but because the lead quality,is so much better i am tending to use,seven day click or one day view so for,most situations that is what i recommend,you use right now seven day click or one,day view and if you do want to run a,test compare that to just seven day,click and see how it works for you but,what i am going to say to you is that it,is really important that you continually,test these things for yourself test them,and see what works for you and then,remember to keep testing this regularly,because what i will say to you right now,is i do expect this to change again i've,just described to you a situation where,i used to use one day click then i move,to seven day click and now i'm actually,using seven day click or one day view,and as facebook evolves and as they,improve their reporting post ios 14.5 i,do expect this to shift once again so it,is important that once you find what's,working you don't just lock that in and,use that forever more moving forward you,continually on a regular basis test,different attribution settings and see,what the results are like for you that's,what i'll be doing and i'll be sharing,my results on the channel obviously but,that is what i recommend you do as well,the other thing that i think is really,important to mention right now is that,it is important for you to get as much,data back to facebook to feed that,algorithm and to feed the optimization,process,as you possibly can and we know that,with things like safari browsers,starting to block more and more cookies,and tracking we know that people are,using ad blockers and we know there are,all these different privacy changes,coming out that are restricting the use,of cookies and really affecting the,pixel so it's extremely important that,you're using the facebook pixel,alongside the facebook conversion api to,push as much data as possible back to,facebook to go ahead and improve the,performance of your ad now if you,haven't set up the conversion api i,recommend you do that as soon as,possible i've got a video on that right,here that you can check out that will,show you the easiest fastest way to set,up the conversions api for anyone even,if you're not tech savvy so make sure,you go ahead and check that out hope,you've enjoyed this video and i'll talk,to you soon bye,you

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