how to change a facebook ads credit card

How to add or replace a payment method for an ad account in Facebook Business Managerhi there juan h

Juan Colicchio

Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to add or replace a payment method for an ad account in Facebook Business Manager

hi there juan here with lg media and,this is video number three of the,facebook advertisement series,uh to get you from,a to zed,get you to set up an account on facebook,so you can start advertisement by the,end of the series,uh so in this video i'm going to be,covering the ad account payment methods,i was i was cut short on the previous,video uh so i wanted to touch base with,that again it's very important that,you refer to this video if you ever need,to add a new payment method to the ad,account or if you want to add an,or if you made a mistake and you just,want to fix the mistake or if you want,to add the billing or corporate,information,so whenever facebook gives you the,invoices you can access all this,information directly so,uh,go to the business manager click on your,business manager here,once you're in there go to accounts go,to ad accounts,select the ad account that you're,running ads from and uh on the top right,corner here,where it says open in ads manager,click on the drop down menu click on,view payment methods,when you open this up,what's going to happen is it's going to,prompt us to,add a payment method and select which,payment method we want to add right how,much so it's going to show you how much,you owe to facebook,here the the payment methods that are,going to be used to pay for the ads,so the options i have available here in,canada at least are,credit card paypal or ad credit uh or if,you already have a,payment method a tied to the entire,business manager you can use that too,but,i always recommend you have a payment,method directly associated to the ad,account that's a different entity,so,if you want to add the paypal you can do,so here credit card fairly,straightforward what it asks for,so yeah,do that if you ever need to upgrade your,card or if you want to change your,paypal account in the future or i know,in the america in the united states of,america they also allow you to pay for,ads directly with your bank account so,if you have a corporation just,connect that directly um,so yeah if uh if you want we want to set,a spending limit you can do so here,uh and then your business information,you can do so as well in here,as far as payment activity goes you can,click on this here,and it will show you every single,instance of a payment you've made to,facebook,and you can download all the invoices in,pdf format,from the beginning of time,in my case you can't see anything here,but yeah,once you see the invoices you can click,on the right hand side and it will allow,you to download the pdf files which one,so you can send that to the accountant,directly so that's uh i think what's,payment settings here let me check,no that takes you back to the other okay,now we're back to the score one here so,anyway so remember uh to summarize,go to the business manager access the ad,account,click on the payment method,here,you're on the screen add the payment,method or replace the payment method and,then access your invoices by clicking on,view payment activity okay,that is it let me know if you have any,questions,put them underneath in the comments,section and if you don't i'll see you on,the next video bye guys

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How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Billing

How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Billing

welcome to ps academy i'm your host,istvan,digital marketer and marketing,automation specialist and today,i'll be showing you how to set up your,facebook ads account with proper billing,now this is really important for every,business but especially in the european,union,you need to properly introduce your,business information,into your ad account in order to get the,correct invoices,which you can ulteriorly run through,your business,if you don't do this setup then the,invoices that facebook generates,won't be usable by a business that is in,the european union,so pay close attention this is really,really important,whether you're a small business or your,business running the ads for yourself,or even if you're an advertising agency,you'll need to do this procedure in,order to get the correct,bills if you're new to digital marketing,or you're just brushing up on your,skills keep watching,currently we're running a video series,on facebook marketing,but later on we'll be talking about,everything that's digital marketing,i'll be showing you tips and tricks and,sharing my own experiences with you,if you've enjoyed today's content make,sure you give us a thumbs up you click,on that subscribe button and you ring,the notification bell,it helps us a lot so let's talk a little,bit about how,billing works on the facebook,advertising platform,so once you're running your ads of,course facebook will start charging your,payment method,your payment method could be a couple of,things such as paypal,a credit card or maybe even your bank,account directly,and of course these charges they will,generate invoices,now if you're a business and you're,running these uh,invoices through your accounting mo in,most countries the invoices also need to,contain,your business information this is,especially true about businesses,in the european union so in order to,have your business information,on these invoices you'll of course need,to tell,facebook about your business and give it,the business information,so let's actually jump into our facebook,ads account and see how we can do this,so over here i have my facebook business,manager open,this is what the one we created for ps,academy,and i'll go to ad account,settings right over here all right,and once i'm over here in ad account,setup i will go to,open payment settings,now this is where you set up everything,that's related to payments,here you'll see your current balance,which is,zero lay for us at the moment you can,set up an account spending limit,which means that if you set this limit,up,once you're running ads at the moment,the ads have accumulated the total cost,or total spend,of the limit you set up they will,automatically stop,until you increase this limit,we have payment methods over here and of,course this is where you can add your,payment method,you just simply click over here,and you choose what kind of payment,method you want to,add and as you can see over here is,already telling you about business and,tax,information it's talking about currency,as well,but before we get into that let me just,show you that we have this,business info box down here now,if you click on edit in this business,info box,it will take you to a screen where you,can actually set up,everything facebook needs to know about,your business,in order to give you the correct,invoices,so let's actually do that i'll be adding,the business information for pixel,solutions our advertising agency,into this ad account so over here,at business name we will go by our,business's,legal name which is,in this now we'll have to add the street,address,of our business,there's a second address line of course,city,stator province,the zip code,and the billing country or region now,this is default selected,in romania for me of course if you're,from a different country you might have,another default but of course you can,also select it,now i'll leave romania since our,business is based in romania,and now we have a question relating,advertising purpose,and if you look over here we have two,options yes i'm buying ads for business,purposes or no i'm not buying ads for,business purposes now of course most ads,will be,for business purposes so we'll have this,selected,if you're buying ads not for business,purposes then of course you can just,select,no and now here comes the important part,the eu vat number as i said,in the european union it is pretty much,obligatory to have,your vats number which is value-added,tax number on your invoices in order to,be able to add them to your accounting,so if you're from the eu you'll be you,need to select your country code,um so over here i'll be selecting row,and of course the vat number which is,this awesome and this is a pretty good,check over here,so if it gives you a green light you,probably added it correctly,of course also double check because this,is really really important because if,you don't have this,on your invoices you won't be able to,add them to your accounting,and another thing once your invoices are,already,uh out so maybe you forgot to add this,information in and you've ran some ads,facebook invoiced you well unfortunately,you can't change those invoices,anymore so make sure that you add this,business information,even before you start running your ads,because it might be too late once you've,already ran them for a day or two,and now also very important currency and,time zone,of course the currency is important,because you want to be billed,in the currency that your payment method,it is,in generally and the time zone is also,important of course for,the actual things that go on in the ad,account and not necessarily,payment but this is still the same it's,still set up over here in your business,information,so i'll just save this and as you can,see over here in this business info box,it gives me the the information that,will be displayed on my,invoice now let's actually add a payment,method,i'll click on add payment method now,location is correct business and tax,info correct because we just set it up,if we'd want to change this we can click,on edit over here,and of course the debit or credit card,is selected,this is the default payment method in,romania,in other countries you might have other,possibilities such as your,direct bank account for direct debit or,maybe even paypal,so i'll just select this click on next,and now,this is pretty basic if you've ever done,online shopping,it's the same over here you just enter,the details of your card,so as you can see over here i added the,card details off screen,and it appeared in my payment method,section over here,as my primary payment method so you,might be asking yourself,what is a primary payment method well,it's the payment method that is,the first to be charged whenever,facebook wants to take your money,so you can have a lot of payment methods,in your account but only one of these,methods will,be the actual primary payment method,that's the one that will be always,charged the first,whenever you're you get a charge from,facebook,now let's actually go and see what,invoices we have,so in order to do that i'll just revert,back to,my ad account or simply click on,business tool over here,and go to the billing section,and over here in the billing section,you'll see all your invoices,now this account doesn't actually have,any invoices,and there's an outstanding balance of,zeroway so i'll go to another ad account,over here,and in this one you see we have a whole,couple of invoices,so here you'll see the status you'll see,how,much was invoiced which payment method,was used to pay for the invoice,the date even a transaction id in case,you want to bring up,an invoice with facebook support you'll,be using this transaction id,and the vat invoice id and so on and so,forth and you of course you can download,your invoices here,now i already downloaded one of these,invoices,and this is what it looks like right so,it's an invoice for pixel solutions,it gives you the account id it gives you,the date of the invoice,which payment method was used to pay for,it of course the total,it even breaks it down for what kind of,ads,spent the budget for this invoice,and over here at the bottom on the left,hand side you'll see,facebook's uh business information and,on the right hand side you see your own,business information and if you have,this on the right hand side,it means correctly introduce your,business information,and you can use this invoice in your,accounting especially if you're an,eu business that's it for today guys,let me know in the comments down below,if this information was helpful,i hope i saved you a lot of trouble,regarding facebook invoices,if you like the content show us some,love and share this video with another,marketer,and i'll see you next time with more,tips and tricks,facebook marketing insights and,everything that is digital marketing

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