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[UPDATED- 2021] Facebook Ads Call-To-Action Buttons Complete Setupuh my name is pranit i just wanted

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

[UPDATED- 2021] Facebook Ads Call-To-Action Buttons Complete Setup

uh my name is pranit i just wanted to,quickly show you,how to add ctas which are call to action,buttons,on the facebook organic listings,so when you create a listing a post,facebook doesn't give you option to add,a call to action button,it just gives you send message button,that's what the option is,so we'll manually need to add a button,and also add,add a link which will take users to the,website,so i'm going to do this from scratch for,you all to know,how to do this previously,we could do it under page posts,so when you go to page posts and when,you create,a post from here that's where,you were able to do it but now facebook,has completely changed its interface,and we cannot really do from here,so what we need to do is,do it from the campaign setup i'll show,you in a while,so the most importantly we need to have,a traffic campaign to at the bottom,uh just selecting traffic campaign,and just keeping the campaign name,as it is,and just getting into the new campaign,you can leave the other settings,it doesn't matter what kind of settings,you have because,we'll be just pausing this campaign,anyway,i'm just selecting my page i'm at the ad,level this is how we create an ad so i'm,selecting my page make sure you have the,right page selected,and i'm also uh when you're at the ad,setup level just click on using,existing post select post,this is where you can see all your posts,so i'm selecting this post,which i have so once i select the post,there you go this is the option which,we'll get,so you can see this post doesn't have,any kind of buttons,so i'm going to quickly add a button,here,i'll add sign up and i'll also add,some kind of my website here,just for for the sake of it,so once i click on update post,i don't even need to you know publish it,it will be already,updated on my facebook profile,on my facebook page so yeah there you go,youtube best purpose,signup button,and you can just ignore ignore this you,don't even need to,publish this campaign because it's just,for us to update the,facebook listings so,just one important thing to remember is,to,select the right button and write call,to action,uh because few times facebook doesn't,let you,change again for some reason but,always make sure you select the right,link and right call to action and,just give it a go all right guys,if you like the content just subscribe,and like,this video and we'll talk again take,care,bye

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How to add call to action button on facebook post 2023 - facebook cta button options

How to add call to action button on facebook post 2023 - facebook cta button options

hello guys welcome to five minute solution  ,in to this video i will show you how to you  can add a call to action on your facebook  ,so further ado let's jump into tutorial so  first of all open up a browser from your pc  ,so i just want to open google chrome so click on  that and then go to and hit enter,and then type your email and type your,password,and then click on login,after logging your account you need to open a new  tab on your browser so click on this plus icon  ,and then type a url like, slash ads,slash manager slash accounts,i will include the link in description so  ,so you need to just click the link on the  description that i included so click enter,and then you can see a interface like this  ,after that on left corner you can see a  three dot icon so you need to click on this  ,and then here you can see various kind of  option for manage your facebook pages so  ,scroll your mouse and then here is option under  engage customers and then click on page post,after that here is option that's called  create a post just click on create a post  ,and you can see five option in this interface  first one is link carousel photo video and status  ,you can see photo video and status has no call  to action option facebook does not allow a call  ,to action on these three option you can allow  call to action on just link and carousel option  ,and also remember that if you have not a single  post you cannot see this interface like this  ,so first of all create some of post on your  facebook page and then if you apply this  ,method you can see call to action on your  facebook pages so now i want to put url and  ,post text so now i will put a url and post on this  link option i want to post my youtube channel link  ,so just copy this link and then i  just paste on this and then right here  ,some of your post description i have already  created some of description and i just paste  ,this and after that you can see a call to action  on here and click on this up down arrow and then  ,here is various kind of option that you  can use so i just want to use watch more  ,and then if you click on create post it  will create a call to action on this post  ,and then click on create post and here is  two option that is one if you check this one  ,it will only use this post for an ad not will be  published on your facebook page later so you can  ,choose the second one for publishing this post and  then click on create post and after that you need  ,to go your ads tab so click on ads and then you  can see you create a post with a call to action  ,so for publish this post you can need to check  this item and then here will be you can see a  ,option that is action so click on this down  arrow and then if you click this publish  ,you can see this post on your facebook pages  if you create a post it does not mean that it  ,will publish on your facebook pages so you need  to publish this page to check by post and then  ,by clicking action and then click on publish and  then hit publish and you can see this post on your  ,facebook page so i just want to go my facebook  page so click on this tab go to your facebook page,and then here is your post and here is  your call to action it's very simple  ,i think you get it so i think  this tutorial will help you a lot  ,so if you like this video please hit the thumbs  up button and don't forget to subscribe thank you

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