how to cancel in review facebook ads

Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]hey what's up guys this is Ali from my,social you calm and

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]

hey what's up guys this is Ali from my,social you calm and welcome back to my,youtube channel what do you do when your,facebook ads are stuck in under the view,or interview for a long period of time,I'm sure you've seen if you run Facebook,ads on a consistent basis sometimes we,place an ad everything looks good but it,stays in under the view or in process in,preview for a long long time and,actually guess what there's a way you,can contact Facebook and speed up the,review process so that's what we're,gonna talk about inside this video,Before we jump into the demo you know,what to do right yes make sure you,subscribe and hit the bell icon so you,get notifications of all of my future,videos alright let's jump in let me show,you what you can do if your facebook ads,are stuck in under review for a long,period of time basically what you are,gonna do is make sure you write down,this URL so slash business,slash help there you go so Facebook very,important that you maybe bookmark this,if you are gonna use this on consistent,basis again its backslash,business backlash help and then what you,will do is go down at the bottom,actually right here so the the chat,contact our support team and then the,chat option and basically they're gonna,the chats gonna open in your messenger,so if you click on that and then you're,gonna see a page like this chat with our,support team let's go through this so,make sure you have your name right put,your phone number in there pick your,Facebook email do put your ad account ID,so if your manage multiple ads you will,have to go back to the Facebook Ads,manager and look at the ad account ID,select your Facebook page from the,drop-down and then I believe,but you have to select from here right,here so my ad is pending in review this,option right here and then this is,optional more information I would say do,provide more information so maybe if,your ads are pending interview for 24,hours 48 hours so give them more details,here maybe if it's a video ad or image,ads whatever the details are do give,them more information here one thing I,would point out if your ads have been,stuck for less than 24 hours I would say,just wait if they're stuck for more than,24 hours then go and do this process and,then basically what's going to happen is,it will actually trigger a chat window,with Facebook advertisers support it'll,look something like this and they'll ask,you some more for more information,maybe confirm your account your IDs your,Facebook ad that that's in question and,then they will be able to look into it,in more detail and basically what they,do is the process is sometimes the,machine learning or algorithms it just,gets stuck so what they do is they do a,manual review and from what I've seen,like in couple of minutes or sometimes,in a couple of hours your ads does get,approved if everything is good so guys,this is how you can if your ads are,stuck in pending interview for Facebook,you can request you can contact them or,over the chat and then you can request a,manual review again the URL you want to,make sure you to write this down or,maybe bookmark this it's,slash business slash help that's the URL,and then hit on the the chat icon which,is right here I'm not sure if they're,open on weekends they might be I haven't,I don't remember but I know they're open,during the weekdays so super simple this,is how you can get your Facebook ads to,be reviewed and approved ASAP thank you,so much for watching before,go you know what to do make sure you,subscribe and it's a bell icon and I,will see you in the next video thanks

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Facebook Ad account disabled How to RECOVER it - FREE review request template

Facebook Ad account disabled How to RECOVER it - FREE review request template

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