how to calculate leads facebook ads

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaignin this video we are going to see,how to c

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaign

in this video we are going to see,how to collect facebook leads,from a campaign which is running on,facebook,what i am going to do is i am taking you,to a,facebook ad which is already running,and it has collected few leads now we,will see,how do we go and download those,leads first you need to go to, slash ad manager,now um select the campaign and,account so here it is important to,select which ad account you want to,go click on that,select the appropriate ad account,now what it does is it will show,all the ads which is connected to that,particular ad account,one thing you need to check here is this,is that active,gate campaign which is running,here um if you just scroll down,we can see that five,leads are generated already but there is,no,option to download it so this is where,people get confused,what you need to do is you have to,go to ad set,then add,or even you can directly go to the ad,then you will see the option to,download this leads so then only,hyperlink will be available so basically,by default you will be landing into the,campaign tab,you have to go to that corresponding ad,then you can download it,another option is just keep clicking on,this hyperlink,it will take you to its corresponding ad,set,see this tab is selected so the problem,with facebook is this ad is not,very much evident and will not we there,are chances to,miss out this particular part then again,click on that particular ad set,it will take you to that corresponding,ad here you can,click the result,and then it will open up uh the download,option so if you want to,download by range or download in their,leads you can just click and then,it obviously downloads that's how you,download,results from facebook lead ads,thank you for watching

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How To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads in 2023 (Low-Cost)

How To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads in 2023 (Low-Cost)

in this video i'm going to show you how,to generate leads with facebook ads in,fact i'm going to provide a step-by-step,walkthrough of exactly how you set up a,campaign that's designed to generate a,lot of leads with facebook ads very,inexpensively so i'm in an example,facebook ad account here and i'm in ads,manager that's where i'd like you to,come there's nothing in there right now,because it's for demonstration purposes,but what i want you to do is go ahead,and click on this green plus create,button now you'll see that in this,example ad account i have the relatively,new odax campaign objective menu with,these six options you may well have the,older version just about most facebook,ad accounts still do if you do i want,you to go ahead and select lead,generation for this if you've got the,odex menu like i've got we're going to,go ahead and select leads it's different,ways different formats to do the exact,same thing you're not missing out on any,features or anything like that if you've,got the old setup it's just that,facebook have updated this for some,users and not for others okay so we're,gonna go ahead and select leads and,click continue then we get taken to the,campaign level which is where we are,right now with our new lead or lead,generation,campaign now there's a bunch of things,that you can change here it's the,simplest of the three levels of a of a,facebook ad campaign first thing is,special ad categories if you operate,within a special ad category if i just,click the little drop down you'll see,the options here credit employment,housing social issues etc and then you,absolutely need to declare that and,that's going to change what you can and,can't do later on through the campaign,creation process if you're not sure,about special ad categories then i check,out my video on that you can find that,on my channel gives more information,about what you need to do and whether or,not you actually fit into one very,important moving down i don't want you,to change anything in the campaign,details section buying type etc we're,not going to be using any a b test,there's something you can do it's not,something i typically do a lot of,ever when i'm creating facebook ad,campaigns it's not something that that,we typically use we do a lot of testing,we just don't often use the a b testing,tool then we get down to advantage,campaign budget now you might still see,this as its previous name which is,campaign budget optimization and i'd,like you to go ahead and turn that on,that means you now need to set a budget,there's two different budget options,there's either daily budget or lifetime,budget i'd recommend going with daily,budget i'm not a big fan of setting a,campaign for say seven days and letting,it run facebook just seemed to eat the,last say 15 of your budget that last day,and a half you don't really seem to get,anything for don't know why but i want,to avoid that that's one of the reasons,why i use daily budgets also want to use,daily budgets because that gives us more,flexibility and consistency if we want,it we can keep this campaign running for,much longer we can um you have more,control more options for learning to,accrue within the one campaign as,opposed to it's being spread out over,lots of different campaigns if you've,been involved in facebook advertising,for any length of time you'll realize,that learning machine learning all that,building up within your ad account,within specific campaigns is really,important specifically when we're using,a conversion style objective like we are,here with our lead or lead generation,campaigns so set a daily budget i've got,videos on budget amounts if you want to,check those out you can find them on my,channel my usual recommendation for a,starting point is to not spend so much,that if you lose all of it and don't see,anything for it it's an issue but that,you will care it's not going to put you,in any financial difficulty but if you,lose it don't get anything back it's,going to annoy you you don't want it so,small that you can just set it and,forget about it and you'll check it in,two months time and not care likewise,you absolutely don't want to spend money,to the point where you're going that's,what i pay my staff with that's what i,pay the you know the the rent with,whatever don't do that keep it nice and,small you can always scale up in terms,of um campaign bid strategy we can leave,that as is um facebook meta have,recently updated the options but i have,a video about that that you can find as,well and there'll be loads of links to,other videos by the way in the video,description things like,um campaign budget optimization setting,budgets and all that sort of stuff what,i want you to do now is jump over to the,ad set level so at the answer level what,you see here may be slightly different,depending on which campaign objective,menu you use but interesting we've got,the new odac's campaign menu in this,example ad account we've selected leads,and you can see the default is instant,form so generate leads by asking people,to fill out a form if you select the,lead generation objective using the old,campaign objective menu the default is,obviously going to be in some forms,that's what that campaign objective is,all about but it's it is interesting,that there's always been this debate for,many years should you generate leads via,your website or should you generate,leads within facebook and instagram via,an instant form what used to be called a,lead form there's been many different,names for this type of campaign lead ads,lead generation campaigns now it seems,the new setup is just going to be it's a,lead campaign that uses an instant form,or a lead instant form campaign and it's,interesting that meta are now pushing,that,more than they are the send people to,your website we know obviously that if,we generate leads via,instant forms within facebook instagram,people aren't leaving the app therefore,we don't run into the same tracking,issues that you might get with,after the ios 14 and changes that you,might get sending people to your website,particularly if they're on ios devices,so it's certainly a good way to go this,setup it definitely produces the lowest,cost per lead i'm going to talk about,that a little bit more later on some of,the pros and cons of this setup um but,well worth the test if you are at all,wanting to generate leads via facebook,ads for your business okay so we're,gonna leave that as instant forms,and scroll down obviously make sure,you've got the right facebook page,selected we're not gonna use anything,dynamic and creative wise and we're not,gonna use a catalog either what i want,you to do is come down to this audience,section i should just quickly mention of,course you can set a schedule different,day,from to now is when it could be started,you can set an end date i typically,don't do that i don't recommend that,because i like the idea that either,myself or one of my account managers is,in the ad account frequently enough that,we're really on top of things we know,what's going on if we want to turn a,campaign off because results have,dropped or make adjustments we can just,do it there and then we're not setting,an end date obviously if you're after,more of a seted and forgetted type setup,you may want to go ahead and add that in,now i've got lots of tutorials on,targeting you can find those on my,channel so i'm not going to go through,all the various different targeting,options that you could use here we're,just going to come up with a simple,example let's assume for example that i,was advertising my business a facebook,and instagram advertising agency we're,looking to generate leads for our,facebook and instagram ad services how,we might have said and let's assume,we're doing so in the uk well the age of,18 to 65 is that's going to be on the,the lower end our customers are,typically going to start at around 30,sometimes a little bit longer but,typically around 30 they can go all the,way up all genders absolutely fine and,then we're going to add in a detailed,targeting option something fairly um,simple like digital marketing maybe we,could use social media marketing lots of,different options that we could,potentially use as i said if you want,more information around,targeting options whether it comes to,customer audiences and look like,audiences up here or more info on this,detailed targeting section that is,absolutely fine you can find that stuff,on my channel for now though we're going,to scroll down we're going to leave all,languages as is and we're not going to,mess around with the more options when,it gets to placements i would recommend,that you go with advantage plus,placements which is also what meta,recommending again this is a fairly new,um name change advantage plus this is,what used to be called automatic,placements i think it's part of meta's,push to convince people to use automatic,placements and providers you are using a,conversion based objective a conversion,based optimization which leads or lead,generation absolutely is it's fine to go,with advantage plus placements that,allows meta to work out where to put,your ads across facebook and instagram,to get you the best possible results if,you were running with a traffic,objective or optimization or something,like that you would want to go with,manual placements and be more selective,and just go with the facebook instagram,feeds and stories usually something,along those lines and that's because you,can get very cheap clicks for example on,the audience network but that's not very,good quality traffic however when we're,optimizing for,leads,instant form submissions like we are,here,only the placements that generate,instant form submissions generate leads,are going to be used and and that may be,adjusted as our campaign runs and data,is accrued within the campaign so it's,absolutely fine to go with this option,if you really feel strongly that you,don't want your ads to appear in certain,locations across facebook and instagram,it's 19 in total and then you can do,that that's fine it's not the end of the,world but for most businesses i'd go,with the advantage plus what used to be,called automatic optimization for ad,delivery is certainly leads if i click,edit and we take a look at the menu,we've only got leads or conversion leads,with the lead campaign objective menu,you may have a few other different,options if you're using the odd setup,and lead generation is the campaign,objective that you that you used i would,go with leads um don't if if anything,comes up and it will vary between ad,accounts if anything comes up like,landing page views etc don't go with,those a lot of facebook reps are,actually recommending that people run,traffic campaigns or they optimize for,landing page views from within a,conversions campaign or something like,that that's not a good idea facebook is,very very good at getting you what you,want if you say i want landing page,views they will find the people that,will click on your ad load the landing,page and then leave,how exactly they do it is,i know to some extent but it's still,shocking as to how accurate it is you,get what you ask for if you want leads,optimize for leads that's very very,important then we're not going to do,anything at the show more options what i,want to do now is jump over to the ad,level okay so the ad level let's go,ahead and make sure obviously you've got,the right facebook page right um,instagram account selected and we're,going to go ahead and create an ad if,you're just getting started with,facebook ads i recommend going something,really simple like a single image ad,i've got lots of videos around different,ad creative things like video content,using multiple images turning them into,slideshows using carousels you can find,all that stuff on my channel if you're,just getting started let's go with a,single image ad you come down to this ad,creative section and you simply want to,go ahead and click add media and then,either obviously add image or video for,now we're going to go ahead and add,image now what i'm going to do here,before i do this is just change up the,example i want to give a few different,examples as we go through this campaign,creation process because different,people going through this video will,have different businesses different,setups we're going to do now is take a,shutter company so a company that,installs shutters and so obviously the,image and text and all that sort of,stuff is now going to look quite,different so if we click on add media,and add image and i've just grabbed an,example image that is an example of what,this company can do the sort of stuff,they can do for their prospects and,these sorts of shutters and obviously if,you use it if you're advertising and for,a portfolio-based company which a lot of,the companies are looking to generate,leads five facebook instagram ads are,where you can demonstrate the work that,you do the product that you create etc,uh portfolio style images obviously work,really well so once you've selected your,image you may need to upload it um i,didn't show on the previous screen but,it's pretty self-explanatory you then,need to make sure that your image is,going to look good in various different,placement options so here we've got the,original which is what's been,recommended you always get a recommended,um option and what you can do is you can,see okay well maybe this image therefore,isn't going to work quite as well in the,storage placement because we are wasting,space up top and down below so you can,just click replace and obviously put in,a different image that has better aspect,ratios and it's going to work better and,this sort of third option where ads are,going to appear you know search results,and articles et cetera far less,impressions come through those placement,options your ads are far more likely to,be seen in the feeds or in stories and,associated placements so,i'm worried about this one too much but,again you can customize your creative to,make it look good i've just grabbed an,image for demonstration purposes okay,then what you want to go ahead and once,you've worked that out either crop them,differently or replaced for the various,categories you want to go ahead and,click done so we've added in our image,and we're starting to see a bit of a,preview over on the right hand side if i,scroll down we've obviously got primary,text to add in headline and a few other,things let's start with the headline,businesses that are advertising using,lead generation ads instant forms are,often,ones that are going to be offering,something like a free consultation free,call free quote free survey something,that's really easy for your prospects to,go ahead and say yes to to sign up for,and then obviously you want to progress,them onto customers from there those,sorts of offers tend to work really well,with um generating leads on facebook so,with a company like this for example we,could have book your um free,shutter,survey today i don't know exactly how,the sales funnel works for a shutter,company but if i imagine,someone from the company has to go,around people's properties and assess,whether they're you know windows and,walls and whatever are suitable for,shutters and which ones would work best,and all that sort of stuff okay you,could have free consultation for my,business for example going back to that,example as a facebook ads agency we,offer free strategy sessions where we,can talk through with a prospect and say,look we think your facebook ad campaigns,have worked well this way we've worked,with businesses like yours before et,cetera et cetera so lots of different,options here something like that is a,good title option then the primary tax,we just obviously want to help sell um,what's being offered here so you could,have something like ever thought,about,um getting shutters you know a bit of a,call out method,they let in the light,whilst i don't know done you know the,sort of thing i'm talking about again,this tutorial is not meant to be a ad,copy writing tutorial this is more about,getting the leads creating the lead,campaigns so i'm gonna,sort of skip past the rest of that but,you'd want to add in normally three or,four lines to really help sell the,service or the thing that you're selling,description is optional that's gonna,display in some instances beneath the,headline and you could just re-emphasize,the action you want people to take so,you could have something like click here,to book your,free,shutter survey something really simple,like that,and then of course the call to action,here you just want to go with the option,that is the most accurate that's most,representative of the action you want,people to take so we've got sign up as,the default that's not bad for this,option we could have something like get,quote um there's not as anywhere near as,many options once you're just using the,lead campaign objective,book now maybe would be an option those,are probably the the best ones here i'm,happy to go with sign up then we get,down to the instant form section and,this is where this type of campaign and,this strategy is very different to other,ways of generating leads using facebook,and instagram ads as i said instead of,someone clicking on your ad coming,through to your website and inquiring,there they are instead going to be,presented with an instant form,that's going to keep them in app within,facebook within instagram that makes it,much easier for people to sign up they,don't have to go anywhere else load,up a page if they've got bad signal,whatever that might take a while et,cetera et cetera,and of course we have the added benefits,of being able to track people really,really well so you want to go ahead and,click create form and then there's a,number of different settings and things,like that that we need to go through,that we need to,adjust and add information in in order,to get this working well and looking,right so as we go through this we can,see that we've got a preview on the,right hand side which is fantastic and,makes this all really helpful first,thing obviously is i would give it a,name i wouldn't leave it as untitled,form so we could call this for example,shutter survey form something really,simple like that next thing we decide is,the form type so what are you after here,do you want as many leads as you can,possibly get or are you finding that you,or your sales team is reaching out to,leads and they're not as high quality as,you want them to be so you'd rather,filter out some of the people that are,less interested less engaged if we go,with more volume that's the default,that's what we look like if we click on,higher intent you can see that we just,added in a review screen i would,recommend that most people go with more,volume at least to begin with if you,find like i mentioned the quality is not,good enough then you can go ahead and,click on higher intent and you'll just,see if i quickly show you the review,gives people a chance to look over their,info before they submit it it's,basically like a little something that,says are you sure you want to to give,this information and those people that,are actually like ah actually i'm not,that interested often will click off,then and they'll leave but as i said i'd,recommend that most people go with more,volume and we get rid of the review,screen then we go ahead and take a look,at the intro so the background image and,the default is the image from your ad,you can see that that's the image we're,using to add of the shutters and that's,going to appear behind there you can of,course use different images and because,of the layout,you,can use a different image aspect ratio,so you can see the recommended size is,1200 by 628 pixels which you know it's,fine it's also fine absolutely to go,with the image from your ad and often we,find that this performs best going for,another triad because there's that,continuity where people click on the,image on the ad itself if they feel like,they're in the right place they're more,like stick around the worst thing you,want whenever you're doing any digital,marketing is if someone clicks on an ad,and comes through to something that,looks completely different from where,they just were and then they're like oh,hang on is this even right did i click,on the right link that's that's an issue,so using the african image is absolutely,fine then we've got a greeting option,which is as you can see recommended and,it says here let people know why they,should complete your form and any,relevant details so here just because,they've clicked on your ad does not mean,they're going to go ahead and fill out,the form information particularly if,you're asking for quite a lot of,information we need to sell why they,need to do that so if we've got a,headline here we could say something,like sign up,for,your free,shutter,survey just something that once again,like i mentioned with the image,affirmative action they've already,started taking and shows them they're in,the right place and this is what this is,all about we could include additional,details in here if we want to so we can,have information like um,you know enter your,info,and one of our team members will be in,touch shortly to arrange,your,survey,something very simple like that this is,not needs to be something that's overly,complicated you can change the paragraph,um to a list if you've got like bullet,points it really depends on what you're,offering it doesn't work as well for,this sort of example now of course you,can remove the greeting and again it's a,similar discussion,around which form type you want to use,if you have a greeting in place you're,probably going to have slightly lower,volumes slightly more expensive leads,but the quality might be better,whether you want to do that or not,really depends on what you're seeing and,what's a priority for your business how,expensive is your product or service,relatively is it high end in which case,you really want to,filter out the lower low quality leads,you can do that or not it's up to you,but let's assume we do leave one in i've,already written it out and let's move on,to the questions so we can see here that,from the intro people click on next in,the preview and then when they do that,they go come through to the questions,okay so now we can add in the,information that we require as a,business in order to properly follow up,with them or maybe even assess whether,or not they're a good prospect because,this is the first stage of your sales,process i would usually recommend that,what you ask for is only what you need,i'm sure there's lots of information you,might need if we're using the shutter,example they're going to need things,like your address your postcode um when,you're free in the day to book an,appointment in what your but there's all,sorts of things that you might want at,need maybe the age of your property for,example don't get that at this point,get that information once you've gone a,step further and you're talking to these,people over the phone or perhaps you're,communicating via email when you follow,up after the become a lead at the,beginning i think it's best to go with,only what you need now the default,entered in is email and full name one,other thing they would absolutely,recommend just about everyone looking to,generate leads via facebook particularly,if it's for a service you're not just,providing a lead magnet for example that,you add in is a contact field and a,phone number i think a phone number is,really really important what you'll find,is if you just ask for email a name and,then you try and follow up with these,people via email it's very very likely,that the vast majority of people will,ignore it your emails may well hit spam,filters we know that's a big issue for,tons of businesses if you've got a phone,number from your prospect and you can go,ahead and give these people a call,straight away that's really going to,help you progress them to the next stage,sometimes it's not straight away i,understand there's limitations around,that sometimes it might be later that,day or the next morning the faster the,better for sure a lot of people will say,to me things like we're just not getting,in touch with our prospects that are,generated and via facebook we're really,struggling and they just poor quality,and i'll say okay well how quickly,you're following up with those leads,when they come in and you hear someone,say well we follow up with the leads,every,tuesday and every friday you think okay,so someone could become a lead tuesday,evening and they've got to wait almost,three days before they receive a call,that's not a good look that's that's,part of your issue so whether it's,someone's on top of this and they're,calling them straight away or perhaps,it's checked three times a day and,there's batches done you know first,thing from anyone that came out in last,evening and during the morning and then,maybe around lunch time and then maybe,just before the end of the work day,something like that is really really,important another thing to be aware of,is that,meta will auto fill a lot of this,information if it can so obviously,people have email addresses and names,associated with their facebook account,their facebook profile or their,instagram account and whether they're,opening up this lead form on one of,those that information will be,automatically put in there and one thing,that we are seeing and this is becoming,more and more of an issue the longer the,facebook and instagram exists is that,people's emails are often outdated,many people have got facebook accounts,they signed up for over a decade ago um,is that email still in use,maybe,maybe not um,so,just be aware that the phone number is,far more likely to be current people,don't really change phone numbers,anywhere near as much as they do email,addresses and it's just a much better,way to reach people and you also don't,want a scenario where you're contacting,your prospects and they go what,what was this i can't and they can't,remember that they've signed up became a,lead you want to get them quickly and,via the phone and be like oh yeah it was,this um shutter business you said you,were interested in shutters we could,book that free survey and they go oh,yeah yeah i remember you can have a bit,more of a conversation and explain a,little bit more up here you can provide,some more information and descriptions,so you could just reiterate something,like enter your info,below and,we'll be in touch within,24 hours something like that don't have,to overthink this it's not super,complicated,but yeah if we have a look at some of,the other pieces of information that you,might want to include um there's all,sorts and you can really have a look and,go through this for example,a business like this shutters the,address,what city you're in might be really,really important you might be like we're,generating lots of leads from people,that aren't within our target area now,of course you can,adjust that and affect things along,those lines at the targeting level,within your facebook ad account but,perhaps you would rather filter them out,at this stage if you're getting lots,come through even with that,in place obviously we've got user,information we've got the full name in,there already um demographic questions,you could ask this stuff if that's,important again i would strongly,recommend you don't if you don't need it,work information for some business,that's going to be a lot more important,than others again not something i would,typically recommend adding in and then,national idea moving that's going to,completely depend on where you are and,whether or not that applies for most,businesses it's not going to so i'd say,the majority of you watching this are,going to want to go with an email full,name phone number type setup and of,course if you wanted to you can change,the order etc etc okay,then we get on to the privacy now,because you are,getting people's information from their,facebook instagram account or whatever,they enter in manually themselves within,your instant form,there has to be,a source a place where those people can,go and see how is this company going to,use my personal information,a privacy policy,so,can you run facebook ads without a,website yes you can use lead generation,lead campaigns or lead generation,campaigns and a few different other,campaign types can you generate leads,with facebook using this strategy,without a privacy policy no you don't,need to have a full website you could,just literally have a privacy policy,page up but you do need um to provide,you'll see here because you'll be,collecting customer information you will,need to include a link to your company's,privacy policy your link will appear,with facebook's default privacy,disclaimer when i've done older videos,about instant forms and lead generation,videos it's one of the most common,questions i get is do i actually need a,privacy policy can i get around this yes,you you sorry no you cannot get around,this yes you do need privacy policy as i,said if you don't have a website that's,the obvious place to put it right on,your website and there you go you don't,have a website there's other ways you,can find a way you could have a little,website that is just for a privacy,policy you could host it somewhere that,you can provide a link just so that,people can check it out okay but you do,need that and then obviously you need to,pop in the link in here so for example,my uh if i just do this so that it,allows us to continue,um,the lead guru privacy policy,oh and you can see actually there look,you can't your privacy obviously can't,go directly to pdf file jpeg image or,download okay so i said you could host,it somewhere in your very website and,have it up publicly available but you,can't have one of those and then link,that link text so this could be for,example um we could go with my company,name like lead gurus,privacy uh if i can spell correctly,privacy policy we go with ben he's,privacy policy you could leave that as,the default and you can see this is how,it's going to look these little bits of,information and this is displayed after,they've entered in their information the,question stage etc etc now,some businesses will need to use this,custom disclaimer option there are lots,of businesses often ones that operate,within special ad categories where you,need to say things like um we won't do,this we won't do that,um you'll know that if you operate,within one of those industries not all,habits so you can always add in a custom,disclaimer if you want then we get down,to the completion,stage so that's after someone's click,submit they've sent their information,they've become a lead and then you want,to,confirm that that's taken place and also,set these people up and for to expect,what's about to happen so the default is,thanks for all sir that's fine for most,people that's going to be absolutely,fine description you can visit our,website or exit the form now,that's not as good i would typically,have something here like,we'll be in touch shortly to book your,free,shutter survey and you might even say,something like please keep your,phone,to hand,or something like that please keep an,eye on your phone we've used a few,different options um along those lines,just respect yeah we are we are actually,going to call you so be aware that,that's going to happen,then beneath this section here where,we're confirming um there is an option,for people to go on and do something,else so the default is view website here,you put in a link to your website so you,could pop in,our website link there and people can,click on that and come through to the,site depending on what it is you are,advertising with your,um lead campaign that may or may not be,appropriate perhaps it'd be useful for,those people to go through to your,website and check out more information,that might help you convert when you do,get um in front of those people but,there are some other options you could,call business which is obviously,self-explanatory you could also download,if you're using this campaign structure,for more of a lead magnet type strategy,and then of course you can change the,text you know you could have something,like instead of usa you could be like,check out our portfolio which might be,work really well if you are a shutter,company one of the examples that we've,been using and going through then we,want to go ahead and click publish and,you can see that it says here your form,has been added and that's all set with,the instant form so when someone clicks,on the ad they will be presented with,the instant form either within facebook,or instagram wherever they saw the ad,they can submit their information and,then you can go ahead and get in touch,with those people something that's as,i've already mentioned important that,you do pretty quickly okay so before i,mention a couple other things i just,want to quickly mention my company lead,guru our facebook and instagram,advertising services if you're,interested in finding more about that,you can click on the link in the,description below that'll take you to a,page on our website where you can book a,call a free strategy session like the,example we've been going through how our,service works if we've worked for the,business like yours before how we might,go to help find out about our fees all,that sort of stuff we'd love to speak,with you and hopefully get to work with,you as well now once you've got your,very basic version of your lead campaign,set up like we have here where we've,only got the one campaign one asset one,ad you then want to go through and,populate other elements of this campaign,so i'd strongly recommend that you add,in other ad sets to test different,targeting options and that you add in,other ads to test things like different,images perhaps different headlines,that's a really important part of,getting the best possible results with,your facebook and instagram campaigns is,testing working out what works for your,market for your offers and you do that,by creating multiple elements one really,easy way to do that is to say go to the,ad set level we would take this new ad,set we would click duplicate we would,duplicate it into the original campaign,if i go ahead and click duplicate and we,can see we've now got new ad set new,leads ad set newly done set copy we'd,name these so for example if we go back,to the previous one where i talked about,my company advertising on facebook ad,services we could have one ad set that,would say digital marketing uk,30 to 65,um,something like that,pop a comma in there to make sense and,then we could have say a different one,that was social media marketing,uk 30 to 65 and then so on and so forth,wouldn't recommend you go with more than,five lav live ad sets in any one,campaign and then,ads within ad sets maybe three or four,ads in each answer now it could be the,same three or four ads across all the ad,sets you don't need for example what,that'd be almost 20 different ads um but,that allows a lot of testing right,allows us to test okay what performs,better the digital marketing targeting,option or the social media marketing,targeting option we can find out which,and performs better this image that,image this video etc etc once you've got,your campaign up and running you can,always make adjustments you can always,add in and,put in some more complex elements like,um different ad formats etc cetera,another thing i want to mention that's,really really important is what to,expect with a lead campaign or a lead,generation campaign depending on which,campaign objective menu you have when,you use,a leads campaign like we've got here you,can expect a very high volume of leads,relatively inexpensive leads depending,on what you offer there's a big range,but even for a service business like the,shutter example we could see leads,generated for less than ten dollars,easily sometimes a good chunk less than,that so very inexpensive given the,potential average customer value which,is great but sometimes the quality isn't,as good as sending people to your,website,which is the alternative option,which one should you go with almost any,business that can either generate leads,via their website or can use the lead,instant form or the lead generation,campaign option should test both it's,very easy particularly if you've been,running lead um conversion campaigns,sending people to your website it's very,very easy to test this option just,replicate whatever you've got use an,instant form we've just been through it,takes 10 minutes to create one and then,off you go but just be aware that that,is the trade-off i think,a couple of years ago pre-ios 14 i'd be,more leaning towards the conversions via,your lead sorry the leads fire your,website option,now i'm much more in favor of the leads,on facebook and instagram i think that,the added tracking functionality is so,so important and yeah you definitely,want to give this a go and once you've,got your lead campaign up and running,and you're generating leads with,facebook ads you absolutely want to be,making sure that you're retargeting the,people that do become leads to help them,become customers and you can also,re-target the people that clicked on,your ad opened your lead form but didn't,submit the first time round you want to,put your ads in front of those people,again to make sure that they do take,that action i show you exactly how to do,that exactly how to retarget the best,way in this video here it's not very,long it's very very useful very,important to help you get better as,possible strongly recommend you check it,out

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