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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)there are three things that you need to,know i

Adam Erhart

Updated on Jan 16,2023

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to,know if you want to create effective,high converting and profitable facebook,ads first you need to nail message,market match get this wrong and it,doesn't matter how smart or funny or,creative your ads are they're not gonna,work next is something called the 40 40,20 rule every great direct response,marketer and advertising legend lives,and dies by this rule but don't worry if,you've never heard of it before most,people haven't and i'm going to walk you,through exactly how to use this with,your facebook ads and third you need to,use something called the marketing rule,of seven and not just with your facebook,ads either but with all of your,advertising and marketing and everything,you do from this day forward use it and,profit don't use it and don't profit,that is a terrible catchphrase so let me,show you how it's done starting with the,ever important message market match want,to know the single biggest reason that,most facebook ads don't work i can't see,it right now but i'm going to assume,you're nodding your head yes well my,friend the biggest reason that most,facebook ads don't work is not because,they chose the wrong campaign objective,or wrong placement or wrong budget or,anything related to the actual setup of,the facebook ad campaign nope the reason,that most ads don't work is because,they're saying the wrong things to the,wrong people or in other words the offer,that they're making is either unrelated,or unappealing an unrelated message,means that they're making an offer that,people just don't really care about,trying to sell something in a way that,just doesn't resonate with the pains and,problems and fears and frustrations of,the market this is often the result of,spending too much time on the features,and the actual tangible things that,they're going to be getting rather than,on the benefits and the outcomes and all,of the results and how their life's,going to be better after they make a,purchase an unappealing message is,simply a message that's packaged wrong,or in other words it's boring it doesn't,do anything to try to catch someone's,attention and so they don't stop to read,it and if they do stop well they just,don't care what's that sound oh that's,the sound of your ad dollars getting,flushed down the toilet and so money is,wasted putting these boring and,uninteresting and irrelevant messages in,front of people and then wondering why,nobody's buying sounds harsh i know i,don't like to be the bad guy here but,fortunately there is a solution that,comes in the form of message market,match and message market match is,exactly what it sounds like it means,matching your message to your market but,obviously there's a little more to it,than that essentially message market,match also commonly known as message to,market match is really just a way of,making sure that you've done your,homework and you've researched your,target audience you've figured out what,their pains and their problems and their,fears and their frustrations are and how,whatever it is that you're selling is,well positioned to help solve that for,them get it right and people buy get it,wrong and they don't buy and this is one,of my favorite things about marketing,and about advertising in that it's a,literal case study of human behavior,after all people can say all of the,things about how they think they are or,how they would like to be but at the end,of the day money talks and what people,choose to buy and how they spend their,time are two of the most powerful,indicators that really show what someone,values so if your ads aren't working and,people aren't clicking on them or,signing up or buying or anything like,that well it's simply because they don't,see the value in what you're offering so,it's your job as the marketer as the,advertiser to try to show them that,value and the best way to do this isn't,by shoving it down their throats but,rather to show them that you understand,where they're coming from you understand,their problems and you possibly have a,solution they may be interested in i,wish i could remember who told me this,quote so i could give them due credit,but one of my favorite sayings is that,customers don't buy when they understand,they buy when they feel understood okay,next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce,and those special ingredients that,really separates the amateurs from the,pros when it comes to creating high,converting and profitable facebook ads,but first a real quick message from this,video's sponsor metrocool over the years,i've had the chance to work with a lot,of different companies and software but,metricool has quickly become my number,one secret weapon when it comes to,creating better and more effective,social media marketing campaigns and i,use it every single day not only does it,allow you to take care of everything all,in one place it also integrates,seamlessly with facebook and instagram,and twitter and tick tock and linkedin,and google business and pinterest and,youtube and twitch as well as facebook,ads and google ads and tick tock ads and,data center it's also incredibly easy to,use and gives you a ton of powerful,features for both organic social media,and paid media like facebook ads one of,my favorite things about it is how i can,watch and monitor my ads performance and,get a side-by-side comparison of my ad,campaigns on google and facebook which,are two of my biggest ad platforms right,now and i can see how they're doing and,compare different metrics against each,other like how many impressions they got,what's my cpm which is how much it cost,me to show these to a thousand people,what's my cpc or cost per click my ctr,which is my click-through rate and even,the number of conversions each campaign,is delivering because again remember,it's not just about getting likes and,shares it's about making money from your,social media and your ads so make sure,to check out metricool by clicking the,link in the description below this video,and when you use the code atom you can,try out any paid plan for 30 days for,free okay next the 40 40 20 rule the 40,40 20 rule shows the breakdown of the,three main elements that are responsible,for your ad success 40 to your market 40,to your offer and 20 to your copy so let,me unpack those for you now 40 of the,success of your advertising campaign is,going to come down to your market your,understanding of them and your ability,to identify and locate them and make,sure that you're putting the right,message directly in front of them,fortunately facebook's targeting options,are pretty amazing so the ability to,find them and get right in front of them,is well easier than ever as for coming,up with the right message the right hook,the right angle and the right,irresistible offer and how those all fit,together well that's where you're gonna,need to do a little bit of heavy lifting,the next 40 of this equation comes down,to your offer so what are you offering,and is it irresistible enough to get,them to pay attention is it relevant,enough that they're going to be,interested and want to click want to,read more ultimately want to buy and the,last 20 is your copy and your creative,this is essentially the words that you,use the images the video if you're,running a video ad all of the design and,the way that you structure things as,well as the words that you say as a,general rule the more competitive your,market is the more persuasive and,influential and more heavy-hitting your,copy's going to need to be the 40-40-20,rule is incredibly powerful because like,all things in marketing it gets to the,root of what's really important which is,your customers their problems and your,solutions to those problems and way too,many advertisers get this completely,backwards spending way too much time on,fancy words and pretty pictures rather,than getting to the core of their,audience's pains and how they're able to,best serve them there's even some,situations and with certain target,markets where an overly produced ad or,an overly polished message actually,turns people off and has the complete,opposite effect and will lose to an ad,that looks like it was made in ms paint,from 1985. that's uh that's some quality,design work right there but there is,another thing you can do no,must do if you want to turn your,campaigns into real winners and that is,to leverage the power of the marketing,rule of seven first some history the,marketing rule of seven was first,introduced by the movie industry back in,the 1930s when studio bosses discovered,that it took around seven touch points,or interactions with a potential,customer in order to get them to see a,movie this then became kind of a rule in,marketing that if you wanted a product,or service or business to succeed you,needed to make sure that your prospect,heard your advertising message at least,seven times before expecting them to,take any kind of action and i like this,rule for two reasons first because it,resets someone's expectations when it,comes to advertising after all one of,the most frustrating albeit completely,understandable parts of advertising is,when i hear a newbie advertiser complain,about the results they're getting or,rather the lack of results they're,getting from their campaigns but more,often than not and upon closer,inspection it's usually because they've,only been running these ads for a couple,days or only spent a few dollars on them,now do you know whose fault this is i'll,tell you it's all those internet,marketing hucksters from the early 2000s,who oversold people on these get rich,quick schemes and how they could make a,million dollars overnight with no work,required but that's not a real thing in,the real world think of one other,investment where you could put in a,dollar and get back 10 or 100 or a,thousand or more i mean people would,look at you like you're crazy but with,advertising these are possible not right,away not for everyone but they do happen,but when you're first getting started a,little bit of patience and a little bit,of understanding and maybe even a little,bit of humility are gonna go a long way,because advertising is a skill skill,that can be learned but a skill that's,going to take a little bit of training,and a little bit of time now don't get,me wrong the purpose of advertising of,running ads is 100 to make money,otherwise why you doing this but it's,also important to approach this with a,little bit of sensibility and common,sense those are probably the same things,the second reason that i like the,marketing rule of 7 so much is because,it gives me a benchmark and kind of a,guide that i can shoot for and plan for,and bake right into my marketing,strategy this is why the best way to do,facebook advertising today is to run,your ads and then follow up and follow,up and follow up and follow up follow up,and follow up and follow up and follow,and follow up and follow up and follow,up but do it in a way that doesn't break,the bank unfortunately you can do it now,easier than ever before the first way is,my absolute favorite which is to run a,facebook ad that takes someone off,facebook and puts them onto your email,list where you can follow up with them,again and again forever the next way is,still good though and it involves,running a facebook ad and then creating,a custom audience based on how somebody,engaged or interacted with your previous,ad for example you could create a video,ad and then create a couple of custom,audiences based on people that watch 25,or 50 or 75,of the aforementioned ad you can then,follow up with those people through a,second ad which is going to be more cost,effective because you're going to be,advertising to a smaller audience not to,mention a smaller audience means more,opportunities at repetitions and touch,points and building a deeper and more,human connection but to show up in front,of them even more and for free you,definitely want to be taking advantage,of all of the other tools that facebook,gives you access to and this is why the,next thing you're going to want to do is,check out the video that i've got linked,up right here on facebook marketing,strategy so make sure to check it out,now and i'll see in the next episode but,for them to refer you they need to know,what you do after all people can't buy,from you if they don't know that you,exist or in this case people can't buy,from you if they do know you exist but,don't know that you have a business

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Boost Facebook Posts (Step-by-step tutorial and best practices)

Boost Facebook Posts (Step-by-step tutorial and best practices)

before you hit that boost post button on,your facebook page let's take a minute,to talk about why it's actually,a waste of money in most cases and we'll,look at,what the better alternative is because,that's the good news there's a much,better way,to promote your facebook posts than by,pressing that boost,button and it's just as quick it's just,as easy but the good thing about it,is it's more cost effective it's going,to do a better job,of getting you the results that you're,actually looking for,when you spend money promoting your,facebook posts,so before we do that let's talk about,why the boost post button,isn't the best way to spend your,facebook ad dollars,and the main reason is because when you,set up a boosted post,it doesn't actually allow you to choose,from all of the available objectives,that the standard facebook ad manager,gives you so the objective is,really really important because the,objective is how you tell facebook,what you actually want to achieve with,your ad spend,you're spending money and you're telling,facebook in return for this money i'm,giving you,this is what i want that could be,something like website traffic it could,be,email subscribers it could be engagement,on the post,video views there's a whole list of,things that you can choose from for your,objectives but as we can see here,when we click the boost post button,it's going to say objective automatic,and that's going to be the default,option,meaning facebook will automatically,choose an objective for you,now how facebook could possibly know,what you want,from your ad spend i don't know but they,claim to,know that so most people when they click,boost,are going to leave the objective on,automatic and,i can tell you right now that's going to,waste money for most people,even if we click change and we try to,set the objective,manually ourselves if you look at this,post that i'm doing it on here,it only gives me two options get more,people to watch my video,or reach people likely to buy from you,and track sales and that's going to,be some kind of website purchase,conversion objective by the look of this,it's not even letting me,choose my conversion objective meaning i,can't tell it,well i don't want purchases i want email,subscribers or i want some other,objective,so it's super super limited what if i,just wanted website traffic so,this post that i've selected was,actually a youtube video that i shared,on my facebook page,if i wanted to drive clicks to my,youtube page and for people to watch the,youtube video,that's not an option here and so if,that's what i wanted and i chose boost,post,i wouldn't be able to actually tell,facebook what i wanted and therefore i,wouldn't be able to get,the results that i was actually looking,for,so that's the first and the main reason,why it's not as effective if we keep,scrolling down you can see we've got the,targeting section here,where i can choose my audience the,problem here is again it's,really limited it gives me a bunch of,suggested options here,but i can't do things like selecting,custom audiences and particular,look-alikes or create,those new custom audiences look-alikes,for example,if i wanted to target people who've,engaged with my facebook page or my,instagram account,or visited my website in the last six,months and exclude my customers,and create a nice little targeting setup,like that i just can't do it,from the boost post screen that's a,really common setup by the way that's,not something obscure and unique,if it's something i wanted to do however,i just can't do it from here,if we keep going down you can see we've,got automatic placements is selected but,if i only wanted to run on particular,placements again i can't,really do that here i can choose,facebook or messenger,but within those two massive,pieces of the facebook and instagram and,messenger,ecosystem there are lots of different,placements like right column,like desktop there's the instagram feed,that's not an option here,there are things like facebook search,and other other,different placement options in there i,can't choose that,i can just tick or in this case i can't,even uncheck facebook i can just,choose messenger or no messenger if we,keep going down,duration and budget the thing i can't,choose here is a daily budget i have to,choose a lifetime budget and set it over,a period of days,again you can do that using this other,method that i'm going to show you,shortly you can choose a daily budget,and if we keep going down here then it's,pretty basic the rest of the setup,so that's in a nutshell the problem with,the boost post button is it's extremely,limited if i want to set up an ad and i,want to choose my own objective which is,really important,and do everything else and customize it,all then you need to use the other,method which is the ad manager so,let's talk about how to do that really,quick and easy as i said,first thing we want to do is go over to,your facebook account just go,,you can see this is my facebook personal,account,in the menu on the left we've got ads,manager if you don't see it just click,see more that will expand the list and,you'll see ads manager make sure,you don't click add center that's not,what we want we want,ads manager click that and that's going,to open up the facebook ad manager for,you now,if this seems intimidating don't worry,it's really really simple just follow,along with my steps here and the good,thing is,if you've got a post on your facebook,page we can still,absolutely use that and set that up as a,boosted or promoted post,through the ad manager here so it's not,like you have to,recreate your ads or do anything crazy,just follow along,bear with me you'll see how simple this,is we're going to click over here,on create to create a campaign,here you can see we choose our objective,and you can see already,how many more objectives there are this,list is,huge compared to the options that we,were given in the boost post section,now i've got a video on choosing the,right objective so i'll put a link to,that at the top here somewhere now you,can click that,if you want to go and learn how to,choose the right objective but basically,the objective you want to choose here is,the thing that you want,so the thing that's mostly or most,closely related to what you're looking,for so,i'm going to use that post as my example,which is a link to a youtube video,so i want traffic i'm going to send,traffic to,youtube in this situation so i'm going,to choose traffic and click continue,now we're going to click on new ad set,from here,we simply choose website because we want,to send traffic to a website not to an,app or messenger or whatsapp,now we can simply go through and choose,our daily budget if we want to choose a,daily budget,or we can choose a lifetime budget if,you want to set it up with a start and,an end date and you simply choose your,start and end date,i'm going to choose daily budget and i'm,just going to spend two bucks a day,promoting this post i'm going to remove,the end date so it will just run until i,come in here and turn it off,ok now if we go down here to the,audiences section,you can see i can get really granular,with this i can set up exactly what i,want so,for the example that i mentioned earlier,i'm just going to show you here i might,choose,everyone who's engaged with my facebook,page or my instagram account,or visited my website and then i'm going,to go down here,and exclude all of my customers,now that gives me the exact audience i,want to target that i just couldn't do,using the boost post button and now here,i can just choose my locations,so again i can just remove that or set,whatever countries i want,age gender everything is right there,that you can select you can do,interest targeting if that's how you,want to set your ad up it's all,here now as you can see down here we've,got the option,to do manual placements if we want and,let's say we just choose facebook well,even within the facebook placement here,we can go and choose whether we want the,news feed the marketplace video feeds,right column,or whatever we want i'm going to leave,it on automatic placements for this,example,and then of course we can choose to,optimize for our ad delivery,because we chose link clicks as our,objective i can choose link clicks here,because that's exactly what i want and,that's the most important thing again i,couldn't do that,using the boosted post button boosted,post would have got me something that i,didn't even want,in this case however this way i get,exactly what i want i'm getting what i'm,paying for,i'm getting the value that i want from,my promoted post,okay let's go down here to new ad now to,the ad,level we're going to set up our actual,ad itself,going to choose my facebook page,and my instagram account now instead of,creating an ad here all i need to do is,click this drop down,choose use existing post and i just,choose the post,from my facebook page so i click select,post,and you can see the post right there i,select it and i click continue,and there it is you can see the actual,post is there itself,now i can choose my call to action which,is the learn more button,so i can change this if i want i,actually don't want to change it i want,to send people,to that url i can click here though and,change the button type,let's make it watch more and click,update post,and you can see that now is watch more,if i want to edit placements now i can,do that as well so i can customize this,so it looks different on different,placements so it would look like this in,the facebook news feed,but i can change how it looks let's say,in facebook marketplace or,in stories or wherever i want to change,it so this one,it's longer than 120 seconds this video,so it won't run on instagram,but i could if i really wanted to create,a short version of this video,that's less than two minutes long and i,could customize,the instagram placement and have a short,version that runs on instagram so,i'm not going to do that now but it's an,option that's available through this,method that's not available,via boosted post now i can just select,my conversion tracking,here if i wanted to turn that on and i'm,done so i've taken that,post that was on my facebook page and,instead of using boost post,i've come in here and turned that exact,post into an,ad or into a promoted post but i've done,it in a way that now i can choose the,objective that i want meaning i'm going,to get,the results that i want and i can,customize it customize the targeting,and customize the ad if i want to as,well it's a much more effective way to,do it i highly recommend,using this method instead of using the,boost post,method if you are going to set up and,promote your posts,much better way to do it if you've,enjoyed this video please just give it a,thumbs up and hit,hit the like button it helps with the,youtube algorithm plus it tells me that,you enjoy the video so i should create,more like this,if you want to hear more from me on,facebook advertising digital marketing,or growing an online course coaching,or consulting business make sure you hit,subscribe and click the little bell,to get notified whenever i release a new,video as,always i appreciate your time thanks for,watching and i will see you in the next,video,you

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