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Asmongold Gets ROASTED By Reddit let's be real okay,i'm the best looking out of the forum,like i i i

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

Asmongold Gets ROASTED By Reddit

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Asmongold Gets ROASTED By Reddit

let's be real okay,i'm the best looking out of the forum,like i i it's it's clear,but everybody knows that oh really you,think this guy's looks better,he looks like count dracula this guy,right here,looks like he got high on weed for the,first time in all of the history of,humanity,and this guy here looks like he came out,of grimm's fairy tales and he eats,babies,so yeah actually i think i do look,pretty good,at least those two don't have mouths,yeah i guess so,what are they saying about me,asman gold already looked like one of,those weirdly drawn people from old,pictures though,yeah only living survivor from covid19,the bacteria in his room would infect,the covid19,all right let's see what's this here and,thanos is on point uh the literal,painting,why not uh can i have a link for the ai,art generator okay uh again looks the,most normal out of all of them,um wrathion is dutch again is prussian,nate is swedish asman gold is asmin gold,the generator has some bugs too much,hair on asthma and bald,asthma and chinless,like really chinless,like i don't think i have a chin,oh yeah i have a chin like what do you,mean,yeah i this is i look totally ,normal yeah i do have a chin,this guy's just full of who's this,let me pull up his account he,posts on political memes okay that's,done,all right guys an idiot made asthma look,a little bit more realistic,as mon i know what this is gonna be,okay okay,all right oh crap uh wow it makes asthma,gold look like a real person,all right that's fine for quite some,time looking at those pictures i only,thought the thanos evolved from azmin,gold,uh well look sylvanas is hot as so,i can't complain about that,really highlights asmingold's beta for,lack of a better word eyes,what i i have beta eyes,the what did i do to deserve that,i i have beta eyes that's the,so i don't have a chin i have beta eyes,and i'm bald all from this one ,this one thread i haven't really watched,asthma gold but i see him everywhere,almost daily and it makes you really,hate his face,jesus christ oh my god,refuse to watch this content oh you just,did,um now you are my content uh you just,used to be informed back when you made,guys now 13 year olds watch him,because he has a shitty personality yeah,i'm not the shitty personality,um to be honest there are nobody uh,there are almost no kids that watch my,stream like i i have,like pretty much no kids that watch my,stream uh i can maybe pull it up on,youtube and show you guys my analytics,but there are pretty much no kids to,watch my stream like any time,somebody comes up to me in public,they're always a boomer,every time like not actually, 60 plus,but like they're older they're older,gentlemen you know,they're always like dads or something,like that asmo is the face for,asperger's,uh yeah this is so i i i have asperger's,i'm bald i got beta eyes,and no chin,one thread dude god damn man,i'm just getting god all over the place,okay nadal's always,okay um,you said wow characters but that last,pick is of someone's ass,this guy dude he got me man he really,got me,oh my god he got him yeah,to me just wrathion been whitewashed,yeah yeah he should be a real dragon,i jesus i i'm not gonna i'm not gonna,make another joke about that,uh who gives a about a dude who,plays the game for people to watch,you do because you commented on it okay,so this is,this is actually pretty clever i i like,it uh do a poll for a.g or viewers i,don't need to uh i can actually because,everybody's gonna i'm 12.,how old are you i'm 12. i'm 12 and what,is this,you know like actually people don't,remember that mean that was like,10 years ago or something uh yeah no,that's not it let me show you guys,i'll pull up my analytics and uh and,i'll prove it right now,so this is my uh my youtube channel,most people aren't even ,subscribed to my channel,that's great i've been doing a really,good job with the female audience i'm at,3.3 percent,which to be honest with you guys is,literally,the highest number i've ever been at in,my entire life,i'm killing it with the ladies okay like,i'm ,i i'm pretty much uh you know hugh,hefner now,i got three point three percent and,ninety six percent is dudes,but let's be real the three point three,percent is probably people that are on,their mom's account,so here's my numbers here 13 to 17 year,old kids,point five percent point,five percent 18 to 24 years old,23 25 to 34,57 percent,that's what most of the people that,watch my are,are at 57,that's it boomers yeah pretty much,boomers like over,pretty much like ninety five percent of,my audience over ninety percent of my,audience say three percent whatever you,wanna call it is eighteen to forty four,price as many 65 year olds that's,probably p that's probably just like,people that are in like this bracket,that are using their parents account,uh that's what i'm assuming or they just,put random ages,uh let me see more what's this here,um female okay,thank god thank god,boy i want to say this right thank, god,i mean really,this is a number that i love to see,wait you guys can't see it oh it's 13 to,17 year old girls,zero percent zero percent,good job thank you guys i appreciate it

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