how to block soundcloud ads iphone

Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021) what's up guys musa here so today in,

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021)

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Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021)

what's up guys musa here so today in,this video i'm going to show you,how to block ads on your iphone and,thank god we find a way to block ads on,iphone so this method will block pretty,much every ad on every app like every,game every app which shows you ads so i,will show you before and after results,so let's dive right into it so if i,search for wall craft,this app is full of ads,for example if i open just this,wallpaper boom you will see an ad,and if we just close this and again if,we open an other wallpaper for example,this boom again another ad i just hate,these ads so,let's just close this and go into,another app,so now i will open a movie app and if,you don't know how to watch free movies,on your iphone,you can watch my video up in the cards,in that video i showed an app which,allows you to watch free movies on your,iphone and by the way you cannot,download it from from app store anymore,so you have to watch the video to see,how to download this app so it's a movie,app if we just open this loki series,and if i just play,here,and you can see the movie is playing so,if i just fast forward it,so if we just boom you can see that,there is an ad,so okay now let's see how to block these,ads you have to download an app which is,called luna vpn and you cannot download,it from app store so you have to follow,this method to download the app just,open safari you cannot use chrome for,this purpose and you have to open safari,and just go on and write luna,vpn download iphone so you will see this,link just open this link which says,amben networks,click on that you can see the luna vpn,and just scroll down,until you see this install luna just,click on that,now just scroll down again and write,your age for example anything,and now just click on add blocking vpn,profile,you will allow this i'm also going to,allow this so that you can see what to,do next now go into settings and here,you can see profile downloaded,and you can see luna vpn just click on,install,and you have to put in your password,and click install again,and here you can see your luna vpn,just click on that and you can see your,vpn here so if you just click on this,vpn,you can see your luna vpn and it says,connected and you can confirm it and now,let's go to the app again wall craft let,me see if it's open no it's closed so,now if we open wall craft again,if we just click on this wallpaper,you can see there is no ad and we will,go,down,and open another wallpaper you can see,there is no ad,for example this one there is no ad,whatsoever you can open any wallpaper,and it doesn't show any ad now let's go,to the movie app which i just,opened earlier,you can see the movie is playing and,there is no ad whatsoever if i just fast,forward it you can see there is no ad,and this method is legit so this was the,video thank you so much for watching,guys and please consider subscribing to,my channel so that i can grow this,channel and comment below if you find,this useful and tell me whether this,method blocks ad for you or not you can,watch my other videos by visiting my,youtube channel and again thank you so,much for watching and i will catch you,guys in the next one peace out

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