how to block someone on facebook from seeing ads in groups

How To Stop People From Adding You To Facebook Groupshey what's going on guys welcome back to,a new


Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Stop People From Adding You To Facebook Groups

hey what's going on guys welcome back to,a new geeks tutorial here in Rocco,Mediate calm in this video I will be,showing you how to stop people from,adding you to new groups or communities,in Facebook,you,finding yourself in hundreds of Facebook,groups which are irrelevant to your,interests in which you have no,interaction with its members makes you,annoyed or disturbed as the posts appear,and sometimes this posts have no,interest to you so what you want to do,is to leave these groups but there are,two major problems first there are too,many and it will take you too much time,to leave them one by one or if you leave,them all at once you will lose the ones,that you are interested in so today,we're going to show you a trick which is,available on Facebook options and how to,leave these groups and stop people from,adding you again and again so let's head,to work first of all we need to head,into home click on your home ok next you,need to head on to groups to your groups,in here,with few seconds until things appear,okay it's done,so as you can see here I has been added,to all these groups and some of them,they are irrelevant and I have no,interest in following them or being a,member of them a few notes that you have,been added from the notification and you,leave the group sometimes you are added,again and again and this make the,problem irritating so I will show you,how to live for good as you can see here,all these groups are irrelevant and I,want to get out of them the trick is,easy Facebook has added some cool,features which is this notifications,which are called pending invitations,this will make make it easier for you to,decide whether to confirm membership or,to decline the invitation and leave the,invitation but after declining sometimes,you notice that you have been added,again and again by other members so I,will show you how to stop this just,click on decline when you click on,decline so here we need to check this,box which is prevent other members from,adding new to this group again so this,will make sure this is the cool future,which will make sure that you will never,be added again to this group and it will,make it impossible for members or admins,to add you again and again and next we,just click on live group so if you do,not check this admins and members still,have the possibility at you again and,again so make sure you leave it make,sure you check the box in here and then,click on live group as you can see you,have left this group and you are no,longer member of it just you need to,refresh the page for the group to,disappear and do the same for all the,rest of other groups decline check the,books and click on live group ok do the,same with all this all these groups,listed or just select the ones you want,to get out of them hope this will help,you to get rid of this disturbance and,annoyance and CEO in coming video peace,thank you for watching if you like this,video do consider sharing it click on,the like button and go ahead and leave,us a comment below we'd love to hear,from you and don't forget to subscribe,to our Channel and the multiplications,to get the latest tutorials that will,inspire empower,bye for now see you next video

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How to Stop People Adding You to Facebook Groups (Not a 100% Solution)

How to Stop People Adding You to Facebook Groups (Not a 100% Solution)

hello my name is David ray Lee and,welcome to how to,toriel,jr. to stop people adding you to,Facebook groups,this video is one of the most requested,tutorials and by a large margin,the problem is face will not allow its,users an easy way to stop people adding,them to drips well doing research for,this video I came across many complaints,from Facebook users mostly I worried a,bit of privacy but others are also,concerned about their employment being,added to a very questionable grip could,cost someone that job sadly even this,tutorial is not a complete solution to,the problem first stop there are still,no way to stop people adding it to,groups however you can prevent members,adding you to the same group again this,can be done on a desktop or mobile,platform Facebook even has a grips app,for iOS and Android users this is why,Facebook's mobile app is very limited,they want you to download the grips app,for this tutorial I will be using the,desktop as is the easiest way to show,you,to start off sign into your Facebook,account from your home page scroll over,to the grips icon on the left hand side,of the page,click on the grip stacks you'll be taken,to the grips page,select a group you would like to leave,now scroll over to the deer icon on the,right hand side click it a small menu,will appear with the option to leave,group scroll down and click the text,a pop-up window will appear asking you,if you want to leave the group you can,also report the group if you're having,issues with it or think it has an,appropriate content to be a Facebook,group,there is also smoke tech box on the left,allowing you to prevent other members,adding you again click the box to,receive a tech now scroll over to the,Facebook blue lead group button and,click that you are no no longer a member,of that group and more importantly no,one can add you again without your,permission,you have been watching how-to tutorial,from David Raley if you liked this video,give it a thumbs up and don't forget to,hit that subscribe button remember don't,be afraid to leave a comment below your,ideas and suggestions are always welcome,I tell the next time take care everyone

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